Donating to the library

Much of the most interesting material in the Northern Territory Library's collection is donated. 

Records are generously donated by Territorians, as well as those who have left the Territory. These people take away memories, but also photographs, diaries, films and ephemera.

These documents can represent the history of an individual or family, or the records of an organisation.

Donating collections to the Northern Territory Library means they will be preserved in climate controlled conditions and made accessible to curious minds. 

They may be digitised, and end up in one of the library's exhibitions or illustrating someone’s book. 

By donating you will be contributing to preserving the Territory’s history and telling its story, now and into the future.

Donations might include boxes of old photos, or newer ones on a hard drive, historic footage, filing cabinets full of papers or old reports that have been sitting on a bookshelf.

Donations can be made under the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program, which provides tax incentives to encourage gifts of culturally significant items from private collections to public art galleries, libraries, museums and archives. 

If you are considering offering material to the library, contact the Northern Territory Library and read the following:

Last updated: 28 November 2017