Ephemera and posters

Ephemera is material produced for a specific and immediate purpose and usually intended to be thrown away by the originator of the material. 

Examples of ephemera include posters, brochures, flyers, programs, tickets, invitations, menus, catalogues, magnets and paper-based promotional items such as coasters and napkins, as well as pamphlets and leaflets, handbills, invitations, cards, menus and junk mail.

Material of an ephemeral nature include all kinds of material and can be derived from the personal collections of individuals or organisations associated with the Northern Territory. 

The Northern Territory Library is particularly interested in collecting electoral material.

The library collects ephemera because it:

  • is often the only documented record of an event, particularly of short lived organisations and reactive events
  • provides documentary evidence of business, community, social and cultural life
  • offers evidence of trends in communication, psychology of selling, consumerism, fashion, art and design
  • has a display value.

The value of this material is for researchers as it records the life of everyday Territorians, as well as reflecting the views on events of the day. 

Access the ephemera collection

Material in the ephemera collections are filed by subject. 

Ask Northern Territory Library staff for help to access the ephemera collection.

Last updated: 28 November 2017