Government publications

The Government Publications Collection includes a large range of federal, state and territory government publications, both current and historical. 

Online Northern Territory (NT) Government publications can be accessed via ParliamentNT, Territory Stories or you can search for titles using the Northern Territory Library catalogue.

The Government Publication Collection includes the collections listed below. Some of these are also available online.

NT Hansard

The NT Hansard collection includes all of the following records:

  • Northern Territory Legislative Council Debates from 6 February 1948 to 26 September 1974
  • Northern Territory Legislative Assembly Parliamentary Records from November 1974 to the present
  • Northern Territory Legislative Assembly Records from 4 December 1990 to the present are available in full text online.

NT Legislation

Before 1940, Territory ordinances, including those of the Australian Capital Territory and the NT, were published in full in the Commonwealth of Australia gazette. 

Since 1940 notification of the making of regulations, by-laws and statutory rules is published in each Territory’s official gazette. Subordinate legislation of the NT is published together with the Acts in the annual volumes of Laws of the Northern Territory of Australia. 

Print legislation is located in the Government Publication Collection Area.

NT Acts and Regulations are available in full on the websites of the Department of the Chief Minister or the Department of the Legislative Assembly.

NT reprinted ordinances from 1 January 1961 and NT reprinted regulations from 1 January 1967 are now available on Austlii.

NT Parliamentary Papers

There is no NT Parliamentary Paper series. 

A series started at the end of 1988 but ended in 1994. These are located in the Heritage Collection Room 1 and library staff can help you access them.

Copies of papers, such as annual and substantial government reports tabled in Parliament, are given to the Northern Territory Library for its collection. These can be found by searching the Northern Territory Library Catalogue

The library may be able to get other papers tabled in Parliament, such as petitions and letters, upon request.

NT Government Gazette

The North Australian and Northern Territory Government Gazette also known as Northern Territory Times and Gazette was published between 1873 and May 1890. 

It was incorporated into the Northern Territory Times in June 1927 and resumed separate publication in January 1916.

From May 1977 it was called the Northern Territory of Australia Government Gazette.

Print copies are located in the GP Collection Area:

  • ‘G’ series has general information, weekly from 2007 
  • 'M’ series is the Mining Gazette and includes notices under The Mining Act, these are irregular 
  • ‘R’ Series is the Registration Gazette and lists registered businesses, these are irregular

A range of NT Government Department Annual Reports are also held at the Northern Territory Library. 

Many NT Government agencies provide online access to their annual reports. Others may be found at department websites.

For more information read the Government Publication subject guide (496.9 kb).

Last updated: 28 November 2017