Alan Powell

The files in this manuscript collection include correspondence, donated photographs, and hand-drawn maps and diagrams used in the pre-publication of 'Far Country' and 'The Shadow's Edge'.

Guide to the manuscripts of Alan Powell

Box 11
Alan Powell's selection of AWM photographs, for "The Shadow's Edge."
Envelope containing 11 x photographs relating to World War 1939-1945; 4 x slides relating to World War 1939-45; 2 x negatives of watercolour paintings of Darwin Town Hall and old Post Office; [1 x copy of email correspondence between John Richards and Alan Powell]
Envelope containing 49 x photographs from various Institutions: SLQ; NAA; NTAS; 4 prints of War Ships from CDU photograph Collection; 11 prints from NLA that were used in various chapters of "Far Country". 
Envelope containing 6 x photographs of aircraft from Bob Alford.  Also includes copies of email correspondence between John Richards and Bob Alford.
Envelope containing 5 x photographs taken in 1913 by Mrs J Austin. Subjects include China Town, Darwin; Gilruth's car and Daly River Farms.
Photograph of LAC Ray Bishop of 1st Royal Australian Regiment RAAF 1943 (specifically trained for jungle warfare in vicinity of Darwin).
18 x Photographs  of 21 DOMF taken by Colin Congdon 1941-1942 [Murray Bridge SA 5253].
2 x photographs relating to 1 Canadian Special Wireless Group in Darwin.
22 x photographs taken by Ed Crabtree, 380 Bomb Group; various location including Fenton Airfield.
Photograph of Peter Finch taken at Hughes Air Field by Flight-Lieutenant Keith Dalkin "DFC".
4 x photographs given to Alan Powell by Peter Dermoudy relating to 31 Squadron Coomalie Creek 1943-44.
Photograph of Lts. Dimond, Mitsuka, Morgan and Coconougher (USAF?) taken at RAAF Statin Daly Waters 1942 by H E Dimond Cincinatti Ohio USA
13 x Photographs from Jack Earlase, 380  Bomb Group.  Scenes of Darwin harbour from Doctor's Gully, Vestey's Meatworks, Government House and Wharf, and murals on B.24 fuselages.
Photograph of Larrakeyah Barracks under construction 1939 taken by Gunner Tom Ellendon, 2/3 Field Regiment AIF.
6 x photographs of RAF Spitfire Squadron at Richmond NSW and in Darwin 1943 supplied by Bob Foster (Wing Commander R. Foster RAF).
Photograph of Japanese Zero over Darwin 19 February 1942 taken by Lt. Bob Glenn US Army
3 x photographs of Gorrie Air Strip taken by Harold Gunton. [Wollongong NSW] + envelope
4 x photographs supplied by WG Haywood 54 Squadron RAF.  Includes a Burial at Adelaide River, and the Airmen's Quarters at the Civil Strip, Darwin.
4 x photographs supplied by Brian Hicks 54 Squadron RAF taken at Truscott Airstrip and Darwin 1944.
7 x photographs supplied by Col. Bruce Kemp, Commandant 7MD. Commandant's House Larrakeyah 1934; Anzac Day 1936; Japanese War Cemetery Berrimah; Coomalie Creek Farm; Army Aboriginal Settlement 4 Aug 1944; 6 Division Concert Party Adelaide River 29/10/1942; Bogged Vehicle on the Track
18 x photographs taken by Eric Lee DOMF taken between 1940 and 1943 in Alice Springs; Barrow Creek; Bonny's Well; Tennant Creek; Birdum; Elliott Camp; Banka Banka; Ti-Tree
6 x photographs supplied by Dennis Monger 54 Squadron RAF.  Includes Group photo Richmond 1942; Living  quarters Darwin 1943; SpitfiresMk.5s over Richmond NSW; photo of Spitfire with ground crew member and local Aborigines at Milingimbi 1943; 
17 x Photographs supplied by Robert S. Oersch 530th Squadron, 380 Bomb Group.  [Address: Albatross, San Diego, CA 92101]. 
6 x photographs supplied by Bill Pascalis 49 Fighter Group USAF.  Includes photographs of 34 Mile Camp; Group Photos and shot of Capt. James Selman next to Livingstone Field sign.
6 x photographs supplied by Major Charlie Sutcliffe. 1 x photograph Brig. NM Loutit;  Also includes views of DOMF Camp at Alice Springs and Alice Springs Township 1941
4 x Photographs supplied by Colin Tigwell.  Includes three photographs of "Beautiful Betsy", a Liberator Bomber USAF and one photograph of Miss E Roth taken May 1943, the wife of the aircraft's first pilot after whom the plane is named.
5 x photographs supplied by W P Wiltshire RAF: 2 x photographs of planes flown by Wiltshire during the 1930s in New Guinea. 1 x photograph in uniform; 1 x photograph with pipe; and 1 x photograph men's ablutions block possible in NT. [Mr W P Wiltshire. Pool. B4137DR UK].
3 x photographs of 21 Squadron Personnel; 1 x photograph Larrakia baths; 1 x photograph of Surf Carniva inl Darwin; 1 x photograph of the Great North Road [donor unknown]
4 x photographs of 13 Squadron Venturas circa 1944 presented to Alan Powell at 13 Squadron Reunion Nov. 1984 by unknown donor
12 x photos donor unknown.  Includes photograph of Larrakeeya Barracks under construction in 1939.  Has Gunner Tom Ellendon 2/3 Field Regt. AIF written on reverse; 8 photographs of Kahlin Compound with details on reverse- one image has "photos by Lancaster, 1936 on reverse.
11 x photographs that were for inclusion in "The Shadow's Edge."
2 x photographs attributed to the 380th Bomb Group USAF of bombs exploding in Darwin Harbour and subsequent bomb damge in Darwin
6 x photographs for compositor for mockup prior to publication
Copy of manuscript "Diggers of Darwin of 1942" Composed by Jack Fisher (32 pages).
2 x B.24 Bomber Sketches by Bob Oesch: 380 B.G. 
large Photograph of 9th Fighter Squadron, 49th F.G. taken at Reunion in Duluth, Minnesota July 1985 (with Alan Powell (ring-in in back row)
5 x Photographs (Stokes Hill Wharf date unknown; Chinatown Darwin 1942 Source Unknown; Victoria Hotel Smith Street 1942 Source Unknown; Aboriginal House on Kahlin Beach Source Unknown; Rum Jungle open cut uranium mine 1957 from NTA Annual Report 1956-57.
Photographs relating to "Bound For North Australia". Includes 12 small photographs of Gorrie; Elsey Stetion; Rankins Spring c.1942 from H G Gunton, 20 Baringa Cres Malua Bay NSW 2536. [includes envelope]; 2 x photographs of Catalinas: one in flames (marked on reverse 46 and 47 with co-ordinates and date 14 Jan '45 on bottom); 1 x photograph of a Patrol Boat [unreferenced]; 1 x Photograph Cookhouse Calamity Bay Feb 1942; 1 x Photograph of bombed oil tank Darwin; 1 x Photograph Boom Houses Accommodation ashore Darwin 1942.; 1 x Photograph ARD Admin Building near Darwin. 1 x photocopy of aircraft wreckage taken from prints supplied by Raymond Streeter.
1 x NTL postcard Port Essington; 1 x photograph of Chinatown Darwin from Australian Archives: A3 15/608.  ; 15 x pages of photocopied photographs and lists from various archival and museum collections; 9 x photocopies of miscellaneous images and descriptions from NTL photographic database [in 19 archival sleeves]
7 x Archival sleeves of photocopied images from MAGNT [Gammell Collection; TG Jones Collection; Foelsche Collection; Middleton Collection; and Frank Sutton Collection].
7 Archival sleeves of miscellaneous items: 1 x Royal Australian Air Force "news Summary" for Christmas 1940 (6 humourous cartoons) pages 40-41 ""The Shadow's Edge". ; 1 x photocopy of a Commemoration Plaque: No.13 (Lockheed Hudson) Squadron 1940-1946.; 1 x list of items needed for Chapter 9 ; 4 x photocopies of accession file photographs  from unidentified archive.
1 x photograph of Indigenous woman and 3 soldiers holding a Crocodile.  'Snake Bay Special. See Terry Horner letter 11/2/94 for personnel' written on reverse. ; 1 x photograph of airman in a kayak or liferaft. ; 1 x photograph of Major Bill Jenkins SRD Agent, given to Alan Powell 1992
35 x A4 Archival sleeves: 1 x letter of correspondence between  A Powell and David McGoldrick; 1 x letter of correspondence between Tim Warren and David McGoldrick; 30 x A4 photocopies of photographs taken in Darwin; Rum Jungle; Adelaide River; 53 Mile and Katherine provided by Tim Warren while serving with the 1st Aust. Field Regiment in 1943; 3 x photocopies of Army News articles 30 June 1943 and 31 July 1943.
Box 21
12 x Archival sleeves containing hand drawn maps and diagrams used in the pre-publication of Far Country" and "The Shadow's Edge". 1 x large photocopied page containing photogaphs of 4 WW2 pilots preparing for take off.

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