Andrew McMillan

29 December 1957 to 28 January 2012

Andrew McMillan was an Australian writer, journalist and musician who based himself in Darwin from 1988. He was educated in Brisbane and in his final year of High School (1975) began freelance writing for Rock Australia Magazine (RAM). 

After finishing school he initially worked as a cadet journalist for RAM but then continued freelance writing for many newspapers and magazines such as The Australian, Sunday Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, NT News, Rolling Stone, Playboy, The Monthly, Griffith Review, Meanjin and Northern Perspective.

When RAM sent Andrew to Alice Springs in 1985 to write a cover story on the Warumpi Band, he was invited to join the band on their Big Name No Blankets tour visiting remote communities in the Northern Territory. 

This experience significantly changed his outlook and, a year later, Andrew returned to the Territory with the rock band Midnight Oil that became the basis of his first book ‘Strict Rules: The Blackfella-Whitefella Tour’ (1988).

Andrew moved permanently to Darwin in 1988 where he went on to write three more books: Death in Dili (1992), Catalina Dreaming (2002, 2010) and An Intruders Guide to East Arnhemland (2001, 2007). The latter book was awarded ‘Northern Territory Book of the Year’ in 2009. 

He also received a grant for established writers from the Australia Council for the Arts Literature Board (2004) and his short stories, 'Who Can Blame Us for That?' and 'First Lady' won the Arafura Short Story Award category of the Northern Territory Literary Awards in 2004 and 2003. 

In addition, Andrew wrote essays, poetry, lyrics, plays and radio specials. At the end of his life, he completed a 30,000 word anthology of his works.

As a musician and songwriter, Andrew was a member of the performance group Darwin's 4th Estate which included both journalists and musicians. The band featured typewriters as instruments with lyrics commenting on NT politics, journalism and the judiciary. 

They produced a CD Bleeding Fingers in 1999 and a DVD Mayor Culpa in 2007. Andrew also founded the band The Rattling Mudguards towards the end of his life and was in the process of producing a CD Last Ball Advantage when he passed away.

Guide to manuscripts of Andrew McMillan

Folder or item number

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Audio Tapes (reels)

1John Prior / Jeff Clayton (3pm, 25.06.84), John's, Steel St Surry Hills [+ hand written notes]
2Split Enz interview (December 1983)
3Brian Cadd / Sunny Boys (29.2.84) [+ hand written notes]
4Dragon, Marc and Todd (October 1983)
5INXS  (7 April 1984), Hordern Pavlova, The Swing Tour, Kirk Pengilly [+ hand written notes]
6INXS interview roll 1 (19.8.83), G. Stevens [engineer?]
7INXS interview roll 2 (19.8.83), G. Stevens [engineer?] [+ hand written notes]
8Charlie McMahon "Blackfella – whitefella"
9Jon English interview [+ hand written notes]
10"Serious Young Insects" – live FM broadcast (3.5.81)
11Dugites, Linda Nutter > cut the talking (3.5.84) [+ hand written notes]
12Sherbet, Garth Porter, Tail Out [+ hand written notes]
13Renee Geyer [+ hand written notes]
14The Church, Richard Ploog [+ hand written notes]
15The Reels (26.9.83) [+ hand written notes]
16Redgum [+ hand written notes]
17Broderick Smith, Church St, Tandberg [+ hand written notes]
18Ross Wilson, Mondo Rock [+ hand written notes]
19UFO Report, Jim Barnes (10 September 84), Mushroom Sydney
20The Shadows, Bruce Welch [+ hand written notes]
21Hand written notes for an interview with John Paul Young

Audio Cassettes

1MISSAO PAZ EM TIMOR Press Conference, Darwin.  5 March 1992
2Ana Marie and Frank Babo. Melbourne 5th October 1990
4Yirrkala 2 Yothu Yindi - Mandawuy
5Perth 16 August 1990 peace demonstration. Perth 1 September 1990 peace demonstration
6Timor Peace Mission 11-12 March 1992 Confrontation
717 April 1990 East Timor Radio National
8Abel Guterres Eugene (nito) Gusmao Melbourne 25 September 1990
9Laurie Ferguson (pet) 11 October 1990
10Timor Final Shipboard Meeting
11Gove 22-23 March 1992 Djapana Shoot Mandaway on Racism
128 August 1989 2 Field Hospital 
13Fernando Pires Alfredo Pires Melbourne 28 September 1990
14Timor Songs French Radio
15Alfredo and Fernando Pires #2 Melbourne 2 October 1990
16Joao (John) Boavida and Kirsty Sword timivjao-doc Melbourne 3 October 1990
18Lola Reis Sydney 19 October 1990
192 August 1989 Manbulloo Norforce 4/87 US 3 August 1989 5 Aviation
20Alfredo and Fernando Pires #3 Melbourne 2 October 1990
21Laurie Ferguson (pet) 11 October 1990
22Kids - Semau  Bill Zammit
23Jenny Groves 23 June 1990
24Military Brief 1.   2 August
25Timor Peace Mission 9, 10, 11 March 1992
26Mandawuy Hornsby Girls March 1992
27Dili Demo 17 January 1990
28Kaos August 1989
29Henry Pereira 23 July 1991 Darwin East Timor / East Arm LMS 1942/75
30Wyndham Timber Creek
31Spy v. Spy
32Star-Trax Original Demo (Rob Hughes)
33Malcolm Wood Demo
34Boyer Lectures 1986
35Todds Tape Swamp Jockeys Live at Shell Harbour 28 December 1985
36Ultravox Interview  Loverboy
37Gudinski Mushroom
381812 7minutes  2nd Mix
39Swamp Jockeys Rough Mix 28 May 1986
40Warumpi 244 #2 Master
41244 Demos
42Land Rights Brisbane 
43Moving Pictures Star-Trax Master
44Burnie Sounds
46Sydney Swans
47Swamp Jockeys Manly Hotel Sets 2/3/4         1 January 1986
48Star-Trax The Reels
50X at home with you
51John Courage Hitmen Interview Fleetwood Mac
52Choirboys Interview
53Misex Interview
54Vitabeats Cake Mix E.P.
55Thompson Twins UK Radio Interview
56The Clash Radio Interview
57Swamp Jockeys Lead Tape
58The Swamp Jockeys Mangodingo
59Radio Birdman New Race Radio Special
60National Top 40 1978
61Goldrush 21 April 1983
62Dave Mason Interview
63Andrew Duffield Interview October 1985
64Sunnyboys 1984
65The Clash JJJ Interview
66Coloured Stone L.P.
67Sunnyboys Interview 1984
68Motorhead Interview
69Neil Murry My Island Home
70Richard Clapton Star-Trax
71Swanes Interview
72Goldrush Side 1 Skatt Bros Side 2 Interviews 
73Star Trax Demo 2
74Den12 Tek
75The Swamp Jockeys Mangodingo
76Marc Hunter Ads.
771812 244 Master
78Bakamana / Witiyana
79Spirits - Camels/Cockatoo 'Turnover/Action'
80Joy Joy Joy Snap Crackle and Pop 21 July 1986
81Don Walker
82Swamp Jockeys
83Tom Waits LA Interview
84Herbie Flowers Interview Bob Hughes
85U2 October
86Thunderbugs (Blue) 4 Track Demo
87Star-Trax The Rock Special Richard Clapton (full hour)
88Sting / Lauper
891812 Anzus 244 Master
90Oils Intro    Swamps Intro
91Tom Waits Sydney 3 May 1979
92Star-Trax Redgum
93Ian Grace 25m 16 August 1983
94Alan Lancaster  Status Quo 27 June 1978
95Models Live (Desk) Brisbane 1 October 1982
96Reels Star-Trax Master
97Swamp Jockeys
98The Killing Times
99Models Interview Melbourne
100The Zoo
101Sydney Swans
102Boyer Lectures 1986
103Mi Sex Star-Trax
104Retro Rock Rarities  Demo
105Sex Pistols
106The Zoo (Live)
107Star -Trax Demo 2
108Swamp Jockeys Live
109Ray Columbus Interview / Nolans Interview
110Land Rights / Models Interview
112Star-Trax The Rock Special Updated Demo
113David Knaus Interview
1141812 Full Length
115Swamp Jockeys Humpty Doo
116Glenn Shorrock Interview
117Sharon O'Neill Interview
118Marc Hunter Studio 301 The Unexpurgated Tape
119Austentashus (2)
120Swamp Jockeys Knockemdown Mix 2 June 1986
121Defenders 1984
122Numbers Interview
123Skyhooks Interview Shirl Greg 1977
124Sydney Swans Carl Fail (Fitness) 17 December 1984
125Todd and Mark Hunter Interview
126244 Mixed Masters
127Ah-mmm Ovens Valley
129Not Fragile Bachman-Turner Overdrive
130Sydney Swans
131Star-Trax Hoodoo Gurus
132Star-Trax Mentals
133Land Rights Brisbane 
134Philippines ABC Radio 2bl 24 February 1986
135Sunnyboys Radio Special Interview / Go Go's Interview
136Article Demo
137Pat Wilson Interview
138The Jon English Radio Special 15 July 1981
139Mi Sex 5 - 9 June 1980 Melbourne Tour
140Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath
141Wilder The Teartrop Explodes
142FM Radio Tuner
143Bachman-Turner Overdrive
144Fragile Yes
145The Johnies (1)
146Hoodoo Gurus 1-Hour Special
147Star-Trax The Rock Special
148The Johnies (3)
14920:20 Musicworld
150The Reels Star-Trax
151INXS Special Star-Trax
152Star-Trax The Rock Special Updated Demo
153Split Enz
154Star-Trax INXS: The Swing
155Start This Side
156Star-Trax The Rock Special Full Hour / Australian Crawl
157Star Trax The Rock Special Demo Update
158Dragon Star-Trax Master
159244 Demos Original Recording
160Moving Pictures Star-Trax
161Star-Trax Mentals
162Stuart Hatchett 4222
163The Swamp Jockeys Mangodingo
164The Celibate Rifles. Happening Sounds For The Modern Degeneration
165Eurythmics Sweet Dreams Are Made of These
166Mascot - Air Traffic Control Kelly Demo 'Maralinga'
167Jon English Radio Special The Final Cut
168Woody Allen Live 137
169Deniz Tek  Rob Jounger
171Philippines ABC Radio 2bl 24 February 1986
172Philippines ABC Radio 2bl 24 February 1986
173Philippines ABC Radio 2bl 24-25 February 1986
174Philippines ABC Radio 2bl 25-26 February 1986
175Trilogy. Emerson, Lake and Palmer
176Mi-Sex Live 21 May 1980 Musicians Club
177Swanee Special Star-Trax
178Emu (The Window Tapes)
179Richard Clapton Interview 1984
180Warumpi 244 #2 Master
181Neil Finn / Paul Hester Interview
182Land Rights Brisbane Foley
183Mi Sex Radio Special 
184Star-Trax Hoddo Gurus
185Richard Clapton Interview
186Austentayshus Interview October1985
187Chris Bailey - Saints 1985
188The Johnies (2)
189Altar Ego Radio Interview
190Thunderbugs Single I Can Feel A Beat
191Tom Waits LA/Sydney 
192Austentashus (3)
1931812 Anzus Mixes
194Sound Tape Queensland 1970's
195National Top 40 1978
197Clash - Gary Foley / Birthday Party
198The DB's
199American Pie Don McLean
200Stills - Stephen Stills
201Go-Betweens Send Me A Lullaby
203Dr Tim (Angurugu Groote) June 8 1990
204Yirrkala 1 
205Lindsay Denham, Don Hotel Darwin (43 SQN Dry 1944), June 1990
206H. Healy 20 Sqn pilot Cronulla, Arthur Stevenson 2/4 Independent Coy. 1990 
207Mandawuy and Trevor music, Djalingba Yunupingu, Gove May 1990
208Bill Underwood, Greenwood WA, 11/43 Sqn. 1990.
209Phillip Wurrawila, Umbakumba Groote, May 1990. 
210Raypirri tour, May 1993
211Warumpi radio special master 1985
212YY Demos? No label on cassette tape
213 Robert Tickner - Batchelor 1991, Trucker Dave McGrath. 1992 
214Weather over Darwin, Bureau of Meteorology 
215Boyer lectures 1993. Mandawuy Yunupingu, Dot West.
216Mandawuy Gove Oct 1992
217"Hal" Harold Healy #1 20 Sqn Pilot, Sydney, 1990.
218Bob Thompson (2) 112 ASR Doug Hughes - Groote Construction 
219Laurie Hill - Cessnock #2
220Ed Shedden 3 10 1990 
221Milkayngu Mununburr 12 Jan 1993, David Gulpilil (Gove) 13 Jan 1993 
222Yothu Yindi mixes 21 Jan 1996
223Yothu Yindi 'One blood' mixes rough March 29/98
224Fred Gray memorial service 
225Bailey Hull 01 Alyangula - Groote 8 June 1990 
226Laurie Hill - Cessnock 22 Oct 1990
227Bill Underwood, Greenwood WA, 11/43 Sqn. 1990.
228Nanga Bara, 1990, Little Paradise, Groote
229Bob and Lorna Thompson 112 ASR (Darwin/Gove) Clotarf Q 1990
230Stephen Johnson, Burundi Pictures 1995
231Colin Blues - Skipper M.V Arnhem Bay 1990
232Bunggul, post Roy Marika's passing, 1993
233Yothu Yindi demos 1995
234Jim "Bluey" Rogers 20 SQN Airframe fitter
235Mandawuy - Port Bradshaw 1995
236Mandawuy 1995
237Don Watson 20 SQN Pilot Groote, Bilton W.A 11 July 1990
238Nanga Bara, 1990, Little Paradise, Groote. 7.30 report Groote petrol sniffing, Carmel Budiardjo
239Alex Fleming Pilot, 20 SQN Groote, Subiaco W.A. 
240Phillip Wurrawila, Guy and George, Galka, Pygmies, Groote May/June 1990.
241Mandawuy 13 Jan 1993 Gove, Burundi
242The Clash, press conference, Museum - College sty, 1982
243Harold V. Adams, 1990.
244Notes - Catalina Essendon, Alec Emslie 20 SQN C.O. DWN 4 Oct 1990.
245Fred Gray 

Mini Disc

1Cooinda Mary River
2Build-Up Frogs, Thunder 2005
3A8 Mataranka, Heartbreak, Hi-Way Inn, Daly Waters
4Kate Mungar
5A12 Tilmouth Well, Tanami Track, Kulgera, Curtin Springs
7A3 Mary River, Emerald Springs, Pine Creek
8A10 Barkly, Wauchope
9A17 Larrimah, Hayes Creek, Adelaide River
10A4 Pine Creek 2, Grove Hill 1
11A15 Aileron, Wycliffe
13A13 Curtin Springs, Mt Ebenezer
14Larrimah May 2005
15Catalina, Air Raid Siren, Last Post, Nakeroos
16A16 3 Ways, Larrimah
17A14 Mt Ebenezer, Stuart Well, Glen Helen, Alice, Liz Martin, Russell Guy, Neil Price, Pam Lofts, Toly Sanenico, Aileron
18A6 Grove Hill, Vic River, Timber Creek
19A9 Daly Waters, Renner Springs
20Noonamah, Bark Hut, Cooinda
21A7 Top Springs, Mataranka
22A11 Wauchope, Ti-Tree, Tilmouth Well
26A5 Grove Hill 2
27Nacker005 3 July 2004
28Clash PC 1982

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Compact Disc

1Hard Drive 24 April 2006
2E Mail 10 February 2007
4McMillan October 2003
5Roper River June 2005 by Stephen Cherry
6Books 24 April 2006
7McMillan October 2003 1 Mac
82006 Jobs 24 April 2006
9Eve of Destruction
10In Lieu of Mr Herr
11Global Warning, Beyond Nuclear
12John Leon, Steam
13John Leon, Tiny Town
14John Leon, Spirits & Men
15John Leon, crack down
16The Rattling Mudguards and the Loose Screws
Live @ Happy Yess 22 October 2011
17Rattling Mudguards at the Railway Club 8 September 2011
Aust Broadcasting Corporation
18RM 01.01.2012 H
19RM 01.01.2012 J
20ABC Radio National, Asia Cities, Darwin, October 2005
21ABC Local Radio, Guest Room 23 May 2008
22Yothu Yindi, Ghost Spirits
23MINT (Music In the Northern Territory) 2 CD pack
24Island, Peter Mumme
25Hollow Log, Corrugations to Highway
26DVD Rattling Mudguards "Live" at the Railway Club 8 September 2011
Footage by Todd Williams iPhone
27Loa Tzu's Café
28Paul Kelly , Stolen Apples, 2007
29Dipsticks Postcard Motorcar
30Another Nos Product, Stay Close Sit Tight,
Imperial Bedroom Records Dec 2008
31Another Nos Product, Reverie
32Lounge, Sleaze & Cheese
33Darwin's 4th Estate, Mayor Culpa
35RM 01.02.2012 I
36The Rattling Mudguards, Happy Yess 2011
37The Rattling Mudguards, Live at H.Y.
38The Chapel of Ease, Owen, Poulson, Redhead,
Somewhere in Tasmania 2006
39Leonard Cohen, New Skin for Old Ceremony, 1974
40Jane Kitto, over-sensitive
41Kitto, 2007, (for Andrew)
42R L Burnside
43Last Bunker Party 29.12.06
by Alison Bevege for Andrew McMillan
44Colin Holt, April 2011, Paintings, Edited Jpegs 
45MS Word, Clementine Lyrics
46Nokturnal, Calling & other demos
47Nokturnal, 4 Clips
48Words First Just Add Music
49Kitto, Oversensitive
50Walaku-Rain, Djalu & Alfred, Listening copy 72 tracks
51Matt Moffitt, "Last Demos"
524 Estate, CDU April 2011, Rehearsal
53Swamp Jockeys Live! Railway Club
54Bunker 31.05.11, Steve Cavanagh, ABC
554th Estate  DVD
56Rattling Mudguards & Loose Screws, October 2011,
Happy Yess pix
58Intruders, June 20 2011
59Bad Monkey, Black Banana
60Andrew Back-up October 2002
61John Leon, Steam train
62"Life in the Buddha Fields…"
63Dinah's Beach, The Dreamtime Brothers
642001 Andrew Birthday CD
654th Estate Media Awards 2006 Mixer Fucks up!!
66Railway Crossing, Dipsticks at Dusk (DVD)
67On the Roadhouse, Disc 2
68Yothu Yindi, Djapana, Sunset Dreaming
69Yothu Yindi, Dots on the Shells
70Kiss of Peace, Gambirra
71Kiss of Peace, Gambirra
72Back Shed Project Volume 1 (2 CD set)
73Back Shed Project Volume 1 (2 CD set)
74Back Shed Project Volume 2
75Back Shed Project Volume 2
76Back Shed Project Volume 2
77Territory Stateline Writers Awards 6.2.09  (DVD)
78Territory Stateline Writers Awards 6.2.09  (DVD)
79Territory Stateline Writers Awards 6.2.09  (DVD)
80Intruders #1
81Intruders #2
82Intruders Symph 1
83Intruders Symph 1 MP4
84Kitto, Catalina Dreaming
85Kitto, Catalina Dreaming
86Kitto, Catalina Dreaming
87McMillan and Kitto  Words First, Just Add Water
88McMillan and Kitto  Words First, Just Add Water
89Bark, music from the centre of Australia
90Art at the Heart, Regional Arts Australia Conference
Alice Springs 2008
91History, Kulumindini Band
92Art at the Heart, Alice Springs 2008
93Kitto Demo Tracks 4 precious Junk, June 2003
94McMillan/Kitto Compilation 2009 (Apra)
95McMillan/Kitto Compilation 2009 (Apra)
96Words First Just Add Music
97Words First Just Add Music
9822 copies of 'Words First Just Add Music' (with covers)
999 copies of '4th Estate: Bleeding Fingers' (with covers)

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