Dr Ella Stack

Guide to manuscripts of Dr Ella Stack.

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11 - General Practioner1Familial male pseudohermaphroditism. Walker, A.C., Stack, E.M.,…et.al. MJA 1970, I: 156. (Reprint). Programme for conferring of Degrees at the University of Sydney. Faculty of Medicine, 1956. Chairman of the Health and Building Committee of the Darwin City Council. Correspondence with evidence regarding the Casuarina Hospital. Seven cases of lead poisoning at a northern territory drilling site. Stack,.E.M and Cleland, L.G. MJA. 1974, Jun 29,v. 1 n.6. p 1038 - 41. Correspondence with editors.1956 - 1974
  2Memorandum of transfer and sublease 1968 - 1970. 1968 - 1970
 2 - Local Government1Photocopy of excerpt from Public works representatives Committee Act, 1972. Construction of Road to East Alligator River Are, N.T. Northern Territory of Australia. Workmen's Compensation rules, regulations and ordinance. Travel notes prior to Cyclone Tracy. Election material. Newspaper clippings, how to vote pamphlets and Mayor's speeches.1972 -1974
  2Draft paper from the Mayor's room dated 4th Nov, 1975. Report of a visit to N.T. 17-23 June, 1976. Dr Frank Farrar & Dr Robert Harbison. Prepared for College Council, Royal Aust. College of Gereral Practitioners, and its Family Medicine Programme.1975 - 1976
  3Buchanan, George Sir (1925). Northern Territory development and administration : report. Victorian Govt. Printer, [Melbourne]. Australia. Northern Territory Investigation Committee (1937). Report of the Board of Inquiry appointed to inquire into the Land and Land Industries of the Northern Territory of Australia, dated 10 October 1937. Printed and published for the Govt. of the Commonwealth of Australia by J. F. Johnston, Commonwealth Govt. Printer, Canberra. Thomson, Donald F. (Donald Fergusson) (1938). Recommendations of policy in native affairs in the Northern Territory of Australia, Melbourne, December, 1937. L.F. Johnston, Commonwealth Govt. Printer, Canberra.1925 - 1938.
  4Minutes of Local Government Committee meeting 1962. Report on local government 1949.1949 & 1962
  5Election speech 14/10/68. Press clipping of Northern Territory News, Oct., 13 1969. Newpaper clipping of election campaign. Programme of the Official Opening of the Council Chambers, 23rd July, 1970.1968 - 1970
  6Chairman of Building and Health Committee. Papers and correspondence of the Ad Hoc Committee on Air Pollution. Booklets. Clean air act, 1954. Atmospheric contaminants. Canberra 1964. MJA article on air pollution.1958 - 1969
  7Journal Water pollution control federation, October 1970. Booklet. Summary and analysis of legislation before the Subcommittee on air and water pollution of the committee on public works. United States Senate. March 1971.1970 - 1971
  8Chairman of Building and Health Committee. Sewerage Disposal Plan. Water pollution control act: U.S. Dept. of the interior. Evidence and Minutes of evidence to Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works. Report relating to proposed augmentation of Sewerage Services: 3rd report 1969. Proposal for central zone sewerage scheme.1969 - 1971
  9Chairman of Building and Health Committee. Sewerage Disposal. Typed policy documents with handwritten notes.1971
  10Chairman of Building and Health Committee. Sewerage Disposal Plan. Newspaper clippings. Correspondence.1971
  11Chairman of Building and Health Committee. Lucas sewage disposal plant information and sales brouchures.1971
  12Northern Territory Newsletter Nov., 1974. Minutes of meetings. Role, powers and responsibilities. By laws. Local Government and Services Branch. Northern Territory Newsletter Jan., 1978.1974 - 1976
  13Submission on the future of local government in the N.T. 21st Sept. 1976. Seminar of Federalism 11th Feb. 1977. Photocopy of paper Devolution and Local Government. 2nd June 1979.1977 - 1979
23 - Northern Territory News. Post Cyclone Tracy1Northern Territory News. Pre and post Cyclone TracyDec 31 1974 - Jan 21 1975 (incomplete)
  2Northern Territory News. Pre and post Cyclone TracyJan 22 -  Feb 3 1975
  3Northern Territory News. Pre and post Cyclone TracyFeb 4 - Dec 24 1975
  4Northern Territory News. Pre and post Cyclone TracyJul 28 1976 - Apr 27 1977
  5Northern Territory News. Pre and post Cyclone TracyJan 8 - May 21 1980
  6Northern Territory News. Pre and post Cyclone TracyMay 22 - Jun 18 1980
 4 - Press reports. Cyclone Tracy.1Reports on Cyclone Tracy aftermath. The Australian, Woman's Day, Daily Telegraph, Sun Herald, Gladstone Observer, The Star, Ludmilla Newsletter, The National Times, The N.T. News. NT News, 8 August 1975, front page 'Cyclone trauma still here - Stack'.1975
  2Woman's Weekly (2 copies), 1975
3 3Reports on Cyclone Tracy aftermath.  Navy News, The Australian Woman's Weekly, The Australian,  Fannie Bay Whisper, Govt. newsletter.1975 - 1980
  4Woman's Weekly, Various newspaper clippings.1975 - 1976
  51976 - 1980 
 5 - Rebuilding Darwin after Cyclone Tracy.1Women of Darwin meeting. Notes. Recommendations on Federal Policy for the redevelopment of Darwin prepared by the Citizens Advisory Committee. Action taken at R.G.H. Concord during Darwin disaster. Correspondence on the volunteers of St John Ambulance. House of Representatives question no. 2214. Salute to Darwin Spirit of Australia - 1975. Newspaper clippings.1975
  2Information booklet. Forestry, Fisheries, Wildlife and National Parks Branch, Dept. of the Northern Territory. 12 May 19751975
  3Dept. of Northern Territory. Water resources branch. Air monitoring tests during 1974. Copy of speech delivered 10 June 1975 by Brian A. Carter. 1975 - 1976
  4Draft paper and correspondence: Government Compensation after Cyclone Tracy, Darwin Australia, 25th December 1974. Department of Repatriation and Compensation Forms and notes - Damage and Injury Survey. Copy of public notice 14 April 1975. 1975
  5The Australian and New Zealand College of Phsyciatrists and National Disasters. A report by Beverly Raphael. Lifton, R.J. and Olson, E.. The human meaning of total disaster. Psychiatry., Vol. 39, Feb 1976. Darwin Cyclone and exploration of disaster behaviour. D.L.Webber. Australia. Darwin cyclone damage compensation act 1975 (1975). Darwin damage compensation : report for the year ended 30 June 1975. AGPS, Canberra. Darwin Cyclone Damage Compensation Bill 1975: Second reading speech by Senator the Hon. J.M. Wheeldon. Background paper and article1975 - 1976
  6Draft paper and correspondence: Government Compensation after Cyclone Tracy, Darwin Australia, 25th December 1974.Mar. 1976
  7Draft paper and correspondence: Government Compensation after Cyclone Tracy, Darwin Australia, 25th December 1974.Apr. 1976
  8Draft paper: Government Compensation after Cyclone Tracy, Darwin Australia, 25th December 1974. Photocopy of Darwin Cycone Damage Compensation Bill 1975Apr. 1976
  9Address on the occasion of the opening of the Holtze memorial plant display house, Darwin, Sept. 30, 1977. Mayor's speech at the Consecration of the Christ Church Cathedral 11.3.77 and at the opening of the new Salvation Army Buildings on 15.10.77. Invitation to a reception to be held in honour of the Jubilee visit of Her Majesty the Queen and His Highness the Duke of Edinburgh at the Civic Centre Darwin, 26th March 1977.1977
  10Northern Territory Newsletter Mar. 1977 & 1978 edition. Australian Information Service. Timperley, D. Woman Mayor pleased with Darwin's recovery. May 1977. 1977
  11Australia. Bureau of Meteorology & Mottram, J (1977). Report on Cyclone Tracy, December, 1974. Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra. Paper: The City of Darwin, by Dick Timperley, date 25/7/1977. Cyclone resistance of buildings in Darwin. Report for the DRC. British Airways news, 14 Sept. 1977. 1976 - 1977
  12Correspondence for the planning of Institution of Surveyors, Australia Congress of 1977. Construction and Reconstruction. Part two: Darwin. Correspondence. Newspaper article.1976
  12Papers regarding the Darwin Cultural Centre. Programme and papers presented to the Seminar on the Northern Territory Economy, May 8 1978. Territory Management Services, Pty Ltd. Letter from the Governor-General advising The Queen approved appointment of Mayor as a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, dated 18 Dec. 1978.1978
  13Letters of congratulations to Dr Stack on the New Year's Honour's list. Darwin Cultural Centre. Darwin Performing Arts Centre. Correspondence. Newspaper clipping. Photocopy of Queen's birthday honours list. Correspondence for recommendation for Order of Australia for Jess Horton.1979 - 1980
46 - Darwin Reconstruction Commission (DRC) and Darwin Disaster Welfare Council (DDWC)1Darwin Reconstruction Commission. 1975 Bill. Assessment papers. Correspondence. Press release. 1974 - 1975
  2Darwin Reconstruction Commission Annual reports. 1st and 2nd. Application for re-zoning from Redco Real Estate. April 27, 1976. Invitation to DRC function.1975 - 1976
  3Darwin Disaster Welfare Committee. Notice Agenda and Minutes of Meetings. Index to Constitution. Handwritten notes from meeting no. 5 : Women's Meeting. List of Evacuees. Reports.1974 - 1975
  4Final report of the Darwin Disaster Welfare Council. Recommendations, Sections I and II.1976
  5Final report of the Darwin Disaster Welfare Council. Sections III - VI. What you should know about storm surge. Darwin Reconstruction Commission. Darwin March 4th 1976.1976
  6Work plan: the reconstruction of Darwin, Australia: three years later. Professor H.C. Cochrane of the Department of Economics Colorado State University Fort collns, Colo. 12 July (1977)1977
  7Northern Territory Emergency Services Counter Disaster plan1979
 7 - Cyclone Tracy and storm analysis1Dept. of Science Bureau of Meteorology Technical report 14. 55p booklet. Correspondence.1975
  2Draft report to the DRC on Storm Surge at Darwin. No. 61. Papers on tidal surge. Preliminary report by Pr. D Hopley.1975
  3Health: Journal of the Australian Dept. of Health; Special Darwin edition / Australian Dept. of Health.  Articles from Medical Journal of Australia. Correspondence.1975 - 1976
  4King, Anthony. Thesis. The need, opportunity and will for urban renewal: Darwin after Cyclone Tracy.1977 - 1978
  5United States. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Project stormfury. Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration : for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off, Washington1977
  6Reid, Joan Innes & James Cook University of North Queensland. Department of Behavioural Sciences (1979). Planning for people in natural disaster: a collection of papers presented at three public seminars in Townsville - 1977; Mackay - 1978; Cairns -1978, North Queensland. Dept. of Behavioural Sciences, James Cook University, Townsville, Qld. Correspondence regarding Dr Stack addressing RAAF students on Cyclone Tracy, 1980. The Art of Survival speech delivered to the Woman of the Year luncheon, Novermber 10, 1980.1979 - 1980
  7Murphy, K. M. (Kevin M.) & Northern Territory. University Planning Authority (1984). Big blow up North : a history of tropical cyclones in Australia's Northern Territory (1st ed). University Planning Authority, Darwin1984
 8 - History of the Northern Territory1Photocopy of the Government Gazette no. 19B 13th May 1957. Northern Territory of Australia Welfare Ordinance 1953-1955. Schedule. Register of Wards.1957
5 2Australia. Department of External Territories (1913). Views of the Northern Territory of Australia. Dept. of External Affairs, Melbourne. Northern Territory: Welfare History. Report on patrol to Lake Mackay Area June/July 1957.  Kintore patrol report October/November 1957. Report on patrol to Lake Mackay Area July, 1960. Report on Preliminary Patrol West of Papunya June 11-17, 1962. General report on Field Trips West of Papunya June 23rd to July 21st, 1962. Proposal relating to the future of the Pintubi at Papanya July 1962. Fieldwork West of Papunya June/July, 1962. Report on Pintubi Patrols, August 1963. Report on patrol West of Papunya April , 1964. Acting Director of Social Welfare. Recent Immigrants to Papunya 1962 - 1966. (photocopies).1957 - 1966
  3Photocopies of correspondence from Miss Olive Pink.1958 - 1962
  4Northern Territory: History and Development 1963? (photocopy); Australian Territories, 1968; Brief history of Darwin, Northern Territory 1970?; N.T. chronological table; Historical dates in N.T. and derivations of names in N.T. Darwin Northern Territory [flipout postcard], 11 pictures. >1974.196? - 1970?
  5Dateline Darwin June, 1977. Paper presented by Tom Lawler, Assistant Secretary, Lands. Dept. of the Northern Territory at the Town Plan and Ordinance Seminar on 14 March 1978. History of Winnellie Area. July/August 1978. Statement for the signing of the Uranium minining agreement and lease for the Kakadu National Park. 3 Nov. 1978. Darwin Visitor, June 76. Tourist brouchure.1977 - 1978
  6Papers and information fact sheets on the Northern Territory and Self Government.1978 - 1980
  7Darwin's Chinese community. Articles. Paper from the Mayor's Room.1978
  8Australian Council of Local Governement Associations. Proceedings of the 1979 Conference. 12-14 November 1979, Parmelia Hilton International Hotel Perth W.A.1979
 9 - Letters of requests1Letters of requests from organisations and members of the public. Mayor's responses.Jun - Dec 1975
  2Letters of requests from organisations and members of the public. Mayor's responses.Jan 1976 - Jun 1976
  3Letters of requests from organisations and members of the public. Mayor's responses.Jul 1976 - Dec 1977
 10 - Mayor of Darwin. Trust fund1Reports. Application for Lord Mayor's Flood Relief Fund. Handwritten speech to press. Documentation of set up of Fund. Newspaper clippings.Jan - Oct 1976
  2Correspondance (no receipts)Feb - Dec 1976
  3Correspondance, financial receipts, monthly reports.1975 - 1977
  4Financial receipts, statements, deposit slips, payment vouchers.1976 - 1977
  5Correspondance and statements for Donations to Corporation Trust Fund for Town Hall Complex.1975 - 1978
  6Legal opinion and new draft trust deed.1976 - 1980
  7Darwin Cyclone Tracy Relief Trust Fund. Reports November 1979 - 1980.1979 - 1980
  8Certificate of the Mayor of Darwin's Fund Incorporated. Trust deed. Statement of receipted donations. Distribution statement. Wind up of fund.1976 - 1983
611 - Mayor of Darwin and Federal Ministers1Correspondence with Federal Ministers1975
  2Correspondence with Federal Ministers1976
  3Correspondence with Federal Ministers1977
  4Correspondence with Federal Ministers1978
  5Correspondence with Federal Ministers1979
  6Correspondence with Federal Ministers1980
 12 - Mayor of Darwin and Northern Territory Ministers.1Correspondence with Northern Territory Ministers1977-1978
  2Correspondence with Northern Territory MinistersFeb - Aug 1979
  3Correspondence with Northern Territory MinistersSept - Dec 1979
  4Correspondence with Northern Territory MinistersJan - Mar 1980
  5Correspondence with Northern Territory MinistersApr - May 1980
 13 - Mayor of Darwin. Declined invitations.1Letters of inability to accept invitations.May 1975 - Dec 1976
  2Letters of inability to accept invitations.Mar - Dec 1977
  3Letters of inability to accept invitations.Jan - Aug 1978
  4Letters of inability to accept invitations.Oct - Dec 1978
7 5Letters of inability to accept invitations.Feb - Aug 1979
  6Letters of inability to accept invitations.Sept - Dec 1979
  7Letters of inability to accept invitations.Jan - Apr 1980
 14 - Mayor of Darwin. Letters of thanks.1Thank you letters.1977
  2Thank you letters. Congratulations of re-election.Jan - May 1978
  3Thank you letters.  Jun - Dec 1978
  4Thank you letters. Post June elections.1979 - 1980
 15 - Running and Developing Darwin.1Royal Commission on Human Relationships. Correspondence1975 - 1976
  2Youth Services Directory: Darwin. Visit to the Nothern Territory by Mr. A.E. Adermann, Minister for the N.T. and Mrs. Adermann - 5 - 10 Jan. 1976.1976
  3Recommendations to the Prime Minister, March 1977. Department of Aboriginal Affairs Media Releases. 1977. Mayor's speech to Joint select Committee on the Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) Act. April, 1977.Message for Dr Stack re: meeting time with Prime Minister at Kirribilli House. Visit of Dr. D.M. Myerson 14 June. 1977.1977
  4Commonwealth Dept. of Health, N.T. Division. Mosquito Breeding: Darwin January 1977.1977
  5Nomination of A. Lake for the Handicapped Person of the Year Award. Forms and correspondence.1978
  6Australian Broadcasting Tribunal supporting application for renewal of commercial broadcasting licence. 19791979
  7Vietnamese refugees. A controlled intake of Vietnamese required. Stack. Ella. AMA Gazette. May 24 1979. Polaroid photographs.1979
  8Vietnamese refugees. Copy from Statesman's Yearbook 1976-77. Section on Vietnam. Health Journal of the Commonwealth Department of Health Vol. 28, no. 1, 1978. 'Boat people' pose special health quarantine problems.1976 - 1978
  9Vietnamese refugees. Paper presented by E.M. Stack M.B.B.S., F.R.A.C.G.P., J.P. Mayor of Darwin at Darwin Hospital for the Neurosurgical Society of Australiasia "Jamieson Memorial Lecture" on Friday 25th August '78. Version of paper sent for printing in the Medical Journal. 1978
  10Vietnamese refugees. Original drafts, notes for paper on Immigrants or Refugees, presented by Dr Stack at the Australian Inst. Of International Affairs, University of Sydney on 19.8.78. Itinerary for Lord Mayor.1978
  11Vietnamese refugees. Final copy of paper on Immigrants or Refugees, presented by Dr Stack at the Australian Inst. Of International Affairs, University of Sydney on 19.8.78. Itinerary for Lord Mayor. Correspondence. Seminar programme. Copies of papers delivered at seminar by Mr Gilberto Rizzo UNHCR Representative, The Hon. M.J.R. MacKellar, Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs. Draft and final copy of address by Prof. Kenneth Rivett of the  Australian Institute of International Affairs. New South Wales Branch (1978). Economic aspects of the refugee problem. 1978
  12Letter from Prime Minister Malcom Fraser re: quarantine of refugee boats. Newspaper and journal articles. Memorandum regarding the scuttling and burning of boats. Correspondence. Polaroid photographs of boats x 81977 - 1979
  13Vietnamese refugees. Correspondence with Michael MacKellar, Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs. 
8 14Developing Darwin. Paper and magazine clippings. Correspondence about Land and planning of community buildings, roads, etc. Report of the IYC Conference Follow-up Group for Senator the Hon. Margaret Guilfoyle. Invitations to functions attended by the Mayor.1978 - 1979
  15Mayor's speech: Zero population growth at Darwin Rotary Club, 30 Aug 1979. Paper presented to the Workshop Session of Nothern Territory Country Liberal Party Annual General Converence on Sat. 2nd June 1979. Devolution and local government. Lord mayor's commitments for 21st - 24th Mar, 1979; 1st - 8th Jul, 1979; 4th - 7th Aug, 1979; 14th - 17th Dec 1979. Resume as of May 1979.1979
  16Invitations to functions attended by the Mayor. Correspondence. Committee to investigate Mothers' Rights. Newspaper article. Lord Mayor's speech on City Council Dog Policy. Letters of thanks. Order of ceremony for the official opening of the St John Ambulance N.T. Headquarters. 4th May 1980. Draft for Darwin Plaza Development. Letter regarding East Point Road. 1983.1980 - 1983
  17Visit to Darwin by American 49th Fighter Squadron. Invitation to Civic Reception and R.S.L. event. Itinerary and programme. Ansette Airlines Journal article. Correspondence.1979 - 1980
 16 - Resignation from Lord Mayor of Darwin and other associations1Resignation. Correspondence, media release, special meeting agenda, newpaper clippings. Ode to council1980 - 1981.
 17 - Councils and Committees1Council of Darwin Community College. Newspaper clipping from the Northern Territory News: Invitation to apply for appointment to the Council of Darwin Community college. 29th Sep, 1973. Dr Stack's letter of application 1973. Katherine Rural College report of Seventh Planning Committee meeting, Oct 1975. Correspondence. 1975.1973 - 1975
  2Council of Darwin Community College. Background papers for special council meeting. 17 November 19751975
  3Council of Darwin Community College. Background papers for council meeting. 15 December 1975.1975
  4Council of Darwin Community College. Darwin Community College Library. Cash, E. D & Darwin Community College. Special collection of northern Australia : list of holdings. Darwin, 1977. 1977
  5Council of Darwin Community College. Correspondence with educational specification. 1978. Seminar on "Current Practice in Building in Cyclone Areas" 20th Sep. 1979.1978 - 1979
  6Letter from M Guilfoyle, Minister for Social Security, accepting nomination of Dr Stack to the Local Government Association of the Northern Territory Consultative Committee on Social Welfare, 12 Jan 1977. Press statement. Letter regarding continuation of appointment. Letter accepting Australian Population and Immigration Council appointment, 9th Jul 1979.1977 - 1979
  7National Australia Day Committee Member. Letter of appointment to the Committee. 1979. Australia Day 26 January no. 1, 1980, no. 6, 1982. Photograph of Committee members. Nomination form for Fr Frank Flynn for 1983 Australia Day. Souvenir programme for 1982. Citizenship ceremony programmes, 1978-1980.1978 - 1982
  8National Australia Day Committee Member. Memorandum and Agenda for the 1978 Northern Territory Australia Day Council Forum. 26 September 1987. Promotional material. Corresponencec and application of approved Association. Australia Day Update Vol. 8 no. 3. 1987?. Australia Day 1987 Annual report. Income and Expenditure report. National Australia Day Council Annual report, 1988. Letter of thanks from Chief Minister Marshall Perron. 3rd May 19891987 - 1989
  9The National Council of Women of the Northern Territory Inc. Correspondence. Programmes. Speeches delivered by Dr Stack at the Women of the Year Lunchon, National Council of Women.1979 - 1984
  10Letters of resignation.1989
 18 - North to South, Roads and Railways1Railways. Correspondence. November 1979, Crossing the boarder ceremony pack.1976 - 1979
9 2Railways. Correspondence. Territory Railway and Action Committee (TRAC) member papers. Darwin to Alice Springs papers. Canberra Times newspaper article.1980
  3Railways. Newspaper and magazine articles. Empire review, Sunday magazine, The Australian, Financial review. ABC News online printout. Bay Post.1982 - 2004
  4North to South Highway Committee. Minutes of meeting. Correspondence. Press releases. Maps.1973 - 1974
  5North to South Highway Committee. Minutes of meeting. Newspaper clippings. Evidence presented to Parliament Standing Committee on public works. Jan - May 1975
  6North to South Highway Committee. News release. Transcripts. Correspondence. Newspaper clippings.Jun - Nov 1975
  7North to South Highway Committee. Booklet. Commonwealth Bureau of Roads report. Stuart and Barkley Highways Environmental Aspect Statement.1976
  8North to South Highway Committee. News release. Comment on Report to Minister for Transport. Correspondence. Newspaper clippings.Jan - Dec 1976
  9Submission by the North to South Highway Committee. Correspondence. Newspaper clippings. 1977 - 1979
 19 - Self Government - June 19781Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives (1967). A short description of business and procedures (3rd ed., rev). Parliament, Canberra. Extract from 'Law and procedure at meetings" By P.E. Joske QC.MA.LIM. Northern Territory. Legislative Assembly (1974). Standing orders : adopted 20 November 1974. The Assembly, [Darwin]1967 - 1974.
  2Sawer, Geoffrey (1975). The Australian constitution. Department of the Media, Canberra1975
  3Australian Constitutional Convention (1978 : Perth) (1979). Official record of debates of the Australian Constitutional Convention held at Parliament House, Perth, 26th - 28th July 1978. s.n, [S.l1978
  4Memorandum of understanding in respect of financial arrangements between the Commonwealth and a self-governing Northern Territory. >1978>1978
  5Bouganvillia Festival. Charicature. Correspondence. Newspaper clipping. Programmes.1978 - 1979
  6Telegram and letter on the election of Mayor. Newspaper clippings. Visit to Nhulunbuy by Dr. Ella Stack, Mayor of Darwin 11th and 12th August, 1978. 1978
  7Letter from St James's Palace, London. From Princess Alexandra's lady in waiting. 19th October, 1978.1978
  8Seminar on the Northern Territory Economy.8-9th May 1978. Program, papers presented and correspondence.1978
  9Northern Territory Information Service (1978). Who's what where in the Northern Territory? (9th ed). Northern Terrritory Information Service, Darwin. Australia. Constitutional Convention (1978). Northern Territory. Legislative Assembly & Northern Territory Information Service (1981). Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory. Northern Territory Information Service, [Darwin]1978 - 1981
10 10Address to the Commonwealth Association of Science and Mathematics Educators, Darwin 10 March 1980. Correspondence relating to Darwin's sister city Anchorage, Alaska. Aug 1980.1980
  11Northern Territory Information Service. Government House, Darwin. Northern Territory Information Service, [Darwin]. Autographed by administrator John England. Northern Territory Information Service (1980). Government House, Darwin (4th ed). Northern Territory Information Service, [Darwin]. Local Government. Bulletin 1981. Correspondence about speaking at Local Government Week Symposium, N.S.W. April 1981. Booklet of the Centenary of the Catholic Church in Darwin, St. Mary's Star of the Sea Cathedral 1882 - 1982.1980 - 1981
 20 - N.T. Dept. of Health. Bicentennial Projects.1Pharmacopoeia Bicentennial project. Two way medicine. 90 p. Cloth bound book. Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Pharmacopoeia. 1949. Paper prepared for the National Australia Day Committee, Darwin. 1980.1949
  2Pharmacopoeia Bicentennial project. Two way medicine. Notes from meeting. Submission of proposals for project. Application for endorsement.1980 - 83
  3Pharmacopoeia Bicentennial project. Two way medicine. Correspondence and supporting documents. Report to the Australia China Council. Papers and correspondence.1984 - 85
  4Pharmacopoeia Bicentennial project. Two way medicine. Applications for Manager of project. Newspaper clippings. Memo for Financial Arrangements.1986
  5Pharmacopoeia Bicentennial project. Two way medicine. Documents on continuation of project and publication of book. Newspaper clippings.Jan - Jun 1987
  6Pharmacopoeia Bicentennial project. Two way medicine. Documents on continuation of project and publication of book. Newspaper clippings.Jul - Dec 1987
  7Pharmacopoeia Bicentennial project.Eric Johnson Lecture. Two way medicine. Draft speech, draft schedule for royal visit and launch of Australian bush medicine and Aboriginal Pharmacopeia publication. Letter of thanks from Buckingham Palace. Royal visit Daily Brief 2nd Feb - 3rd Feb, 1988.1988
  8Pharmacopoeia Bicentennial project. Two way medicine. Press clippings. Draft papers (some dates n.k.) Correspondence from F. Rawdon Dalrymple Ambassador at the Embassy of Australia, Washington D.C. Traditional Bush Medicines Project Steering Committee Meeting 18 Au 1989. Agenda. Photographic slides. Draft papers.1988 - 1989
  9Excerpt from address, quoting Professor Geoffrey Blainey on 10 May 1977, The use of old aboriginal drugs from corkwood trees assisted Allied troops in the 1944 invasion of France. Date unknown
  10Memorandum. Skywest aerial medical contract.1988
  11Tom Lawler. Northern Territory, Department of Lands. Droving Australia Bicentennial project. Great cattle drive.1982 - 1988
1121 - N.T. Dept. of Health. Trachoma.1Trachoma erradication and eye health committee. Report. Trachoma among natives of the Northern Territory of Australia. By the Reverend Frank Flynn, M.B., B.S. 1957. (Reprint) .1957 - 1983
  2Parish, David & Northern Territory Aboriginal Eye Health Committee (1999). The eye mob comin' : a comprehensive report on the delivery of eye health services to Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory during the period 1982-1998. NTAEHC, Humpty Doo, N.T1982 - 1998
 22 - N.T. Dept. of Health. Malaria1Mosquito control in the N.T. Information on the world Malaria situation, 1978. Drafts of paper. Whelan, P. Medical entomology in the Northern Territory. Medical Entomology Section N.T. Health. 1980. Liehne, P. The ecology of the Australian encephalitis in North West Australia. W.A. Health Surveyor. Dec. 1980. Correspondence from John V. Quinn regarding visit from W.H.O. declarating Australia Malaria free. Jan 1980.  Whelan, P. The vulnerability and receptivity of the Northern Territory to mosquito borne disease. Mosquitoes and their Control. 1981.1978 - 1981
  2Mosquito control in the N.T. Comment on the use of Malathion in Vietnam. Dept. of Health, Canberra, March 1981. Whelan, P. Mosquito control in the N.T.: The current situation and specific problems. 1981. Principal disease vector mosquito suspects in the northern territory. [1981]. Whelan, P. Aedes Aegypti in the Northern Territory of Australia. [1981]. B. D. Reid, Letter to the editor of the N.T. News. 24th June 1981. News release. Use of Malathion in the control of disease vectors. Canberra Oct 1981.  Report and surveillance program documents. 1981.1981
 23 - N.T. Dept of Health. Leprosy.1Leprosy. Jawir's story, Galiwingku 1972. Boughton, C. R. Leprosy in Sydney: a brief account. Med. J. Aust., no 2, 1977.  Leprosy book for health workers . Department of Health. Northern Territory, [1982]. Region workshop on leprosy control overview of Monday 26th June 1989. Leprosy control: southern division, Northern Territory.1972 - 1989
 24 - N.T. Dept of Health. Alcoholism.1Alcoholism. Wilson, G. C. Alcoholism: Diagnosis and management in general practice. Bulletin May, 1974. Correspondence. Minutes of the third meeting of the Northern Territory Advisory Council for Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. Darwin 19 November 1976.  A Plan for Services in the N.T. The M.J.A Vol. 2 no. 14, 1978.1974 - 1978
 25 - N.T. Dept of Health. 1Various articles written by Eric Bateson of the Darwin Hospital. M.J.A. Vol. 2, no.14, 1978. Recommendation from Dr Stack.  Speech on child abuse by Dr. E. M. Stack at Nungalinya College, Aug 1981. Northern Territory Cancer Registry, Darwin. Cancer in the Northern Terrritory 1981. Press release on proposed closure of Casualty Department at Darwin Hospital 31st Jan 1980. Minutes of meeting - Impact of Uranium Mining and Milling on Diet - Jabiru East, 29 April 1982.1978 - 1981
  2Chair of R.A.C.P. Meeting Darwin 23rd - 25th Jul. 1982. Telex to Aboriginal Health, Northern Land Council, Gagudju Association from Charles Perkins. Photocopy of section of Darwin Life 1870 - 1940. A Social History of the Northern Territory. Memo. Correspondence. Minutes of meeting - Jabiru East, 29th Apr, 1982. Impact of uranium mining and milling on diet. 1982 - 1983
  3Dr Stack's sign-on (ATMS). Working notes for preparation of address for 'Living in the North" session of the NAD seminar - October 1984. Correspondence with Professor Geoffrey Blainey.  Gerritsen, Rolf & Australian National University. (1981). Blackfellas and whitefellas : the politics of service delivery to remote Aboriginal communities in the Katherine Region, N.T. Report on patrol to Lake Mackay Area June/July 1957. Medical survey of the nomadic natives in the Lake McKay Area. Evans, E.C. and Long, J. P. M. Long. The Aborigines of Western Central Australian. The geographical journal. Vol. 131 no. 3 Sept 1965.1984
  4Documents about the Pintubi.1984
 26 - N.T. Dept. of Health. Secretary.1Northern Territory. Dept. of Health. Annual report for financial year 1984/85.Northern Territory Department of Health and Community Services Annual Report 1986/1987.  The Dept, Darwin. Aboriginal Tribal lists April, 1984. Tuberculosis: new views of and old disease. N.E.J. of Med. Jun 6 1985. Divisional Heads Meeting Agenda Item 13: Weekly report on notifiable diseases report in the N. T.1984 - 1987.
  2Hepatitis B. Journal articles. Draft proposal from one state concerning hepatitis B screening and vaccination of Aboriginals. Correspondance. Meeting notes.1985
  3Correspondence and history of the Bagot Settlement. Obituary of Dr Cecil Evelyn Aufrere Cook. Extract from Hansard: Debates - Tuesday 12 November, 1985.1985
  4Programme of the visit of Ian Tuxworth to Indonesia. Correspondence(1986) with Jeremy Long, Commisioner for Community Relations: and copy of report. Warburton Range expedition 1931. H.C. Barclay. Financial Review Special Survey on the Northern Territory by Mike Taylor. May 27, 1985.1986
 26 - N.T. Dept. of Health. Secretary. Cont.5Dr Stack's working notes on speech given at the Australian Studies Centre, the Pannsylvania State Uni. Conference on Health Policy Formulation and Implications for Patient Care in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Northern Territory Health. Diana Horvath. Report of the Hospital Consultant concerning the implications of the Development of a private hospital in Darwin. May 1986. Newspaper clipping.1986
12 6Stack, E.M. Implications of policy and management decisions on services for Australian Aborigines. I.J. of H.P. and M Vol. 2 Special 1987. Department of Health, N.T. documents on Organisational structure, role of branches within department, positon profiles, policy and planning working party meeting, press release. Papers on Groote Eylandt Syndrome. Correspondence. The Australian Institute of Health, briefing paper no: 301.1987
  7Department of Health, N.T. Staffing.1987
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 27 - Menzies School of Health Research1Letter to the Rt. Hon. Malcolm Fraser seeking endorsement of establishment of a university. Programme and booklet for official opening of the Menzies School of Health Research. Darwin, Sat. 23 June, 1984. Report on the first two years July 1984 - June 1986. Report on discussions about forthcoming Menzies Seminar. Dated Friday 16th July, 198?.1980 - 1984
  2Menzies School of Health Research (1987-88) (1988-89). Annual report. The School, Darwin. 1987 - 1989
  3Menzies School of Health Research (1989-99). Original recommendation of the Father Frank Flynn Fellowship, for approval to the Cabinet. Photocopy of article on Fr Flynn in The Gazette. March 1989.1989 - 1999
  4Menzies School of Health Research (1991-92) (1992-93). Annual report. The School, Darwin. 1991 - 1993
  5Menzies School of Health Research (1993-94) (1994-95). Annual report. The School, Darwin. 1993 - 1995
  6Menzies School of Health Research (1995-96) (1996-97). Annual report. The School, Darwin. Invitation to Dr Stack to the opening of the new Combined Health Building, 1996. Newsletters Jan. 1996. July 1996.1995 - 1997
 28 - Studies at Sydney University 1International Labour Organisation (1977). Constitution of the International Labour Organisation and standing orders of the International Labour Conference = Constitution de l'Organisation internationale du Travail et règlement de la Conférence internationale du Travail. I.L.O, Geneva. International Labour Organisation (1970). The Role and Influence of International Labour Standards : proceedings of I.L.O. 50th anniversary seminar, Melbourne, October 1969. Dept. of Labour and National Service.1969. 1977.
  2Handbook 1980. Commonwealth Institute of Health in the University of Sydney. Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra, A.C.T., 19801980
  3Occupational Epidemiology for MPH Students. Course outline and reading list. Articles on reading list.1981
  4Occupational Epidemiology for MPH Students. Handwritten notes with formula. Articles on reading list.1981
  5Analytical and Chronic Disease. Epidemiology for MPH Students. Handwritten notes. Articles.1981
13 6Analytical and Chronic Disease. Epidemiology for MPH Students. Handwritten notes. Articles.1981
  7Thesis. Review of selected international labour organisation conventions pertaining to protection and promotion of women at work. MPH 1982. Correspondence. 19831982 - 1983
 29 - Dr Stack's Book1Notes and drafts for Dr Ella Stack's book 'Is there anyone alive in there'? Correspondence detail desire to write the book.1975 - 1986
  2Notes and drafts for Dr Ella Stack's book 'Is there anyone alive in there'? Tom's Lawler's poems. Photograph of Dr Stack sitting on second level of damaged house after Cyclone Tracy.1975 - 1986
  3Dr Stack's CV and profile.1980 - 
 30 - Moruya1Tom Lawler. Speech to Moruya High School Students and Teachers. 25th Apr 1995. Biography.  Local radio programme. Articles. Correspondence. Dr Stack's address to CLW of Ulludulla. Tribute to Alan Walker for 25 years of Paediatric service in NT at 'Excellence in Isolation' conference, 1992. 1995
 31 - Photographs1Photographs (7) of Capt H Wrigley and Sgt A W Murphy. First Transcontinental flight across Australia. Arrival at Darwin, 16 Nov., 1919.1919
  2Portrait of unknown lady. W.J. Wilkins on photograph card. Group photograph. 12 men 1 woman.unknown.
  3Photograph of Cavanagh Street, Darwin. Date stamp and handwritting on back.1941
  4Photographs (5) of Dr Stack at the unveiling of building plaques. Photograph of Dr Stack planting sapling.1974 <
  5Photographs (2) Large Portraits of Dr Stack197?
  6Photographs (3) of Publicity Trip. Letter from TAA.1976
  7Photographs (2) of Dr Stack in Mayors robes.(197?)
  8Photographs (11) of Dr Stack at various events and functions.197? - 198?
  10Railway slide pack. Photographs (2) of Lord Mayor Stack and Alec fong Lim discussing continuation of the railway from Alice Springs to Darwin. Photos of Barrow Creek Station and grave of Linesman.(198?)
  11Photographs and negatives of Aboriginal Traditional Medicine; Pituri - A Psychotropic Drug of Australian Aboriginals. Letter regarding China Trip.1984
  12Messages Diary 1987.1984
1432 - Publications - Northern Territory1Who's What Where in the Northern Territory, Ceremonial Hospitality and Public Relations Unit Dept Chief Minister 19851985
  2 History of the Northern Territory in Brief (8 pages) n.d. c.1979. Arms of the Northern Territory The Coat of Arms (heading page only). Printed black and white photographs of Territory industry and government (8 pages). Insignia in the Northern Territory folder containing explanatory sheets about the iconography of the Territory Coast of Arms Oct 1980. Northern Territory Tourism Commission map.1979-1980
  3Program Darwin 6th Annual Beer Can Regatta with Introduction by Lord Mayor 17 June 19791979
 33 - Lord Mayor and community life1Copy of Reference by Dr Stack Lord Mayor 15 May 19801980
  2Memo Corporation of the City of Darwin monthly program 1/3/78 (2 pages). Letter to The Australia n.d. Copy of article The Star "Mayor has own vision splendid' 4 May 1978 (2 pages)1978
  3Copy of article The Sun 7 March 2007 'Lady becomes first Lord Mayor' and on reverse 'Mall meets city's growing needs' 14 March 2007. Print out from NTL Territory Images website Ella Stack (2 pages) 27 April 2007. Print out National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame website 'Exhibitions First in Their Field' 27 April 2007 (3 pages). Print out Darwin City Council 'Council to meet with Darwin's first Lord Mayor' n.d. + 7 page printout NTL guide to papers of Frank Flynn. Print out Darwin City Council website Anchorage, Alaska Sister City 27 April 2007.2007
  4Clipping NT News 'Thanks' from Dr Ella Stack 18 June 1980. Photocopy Daily Telegraph 'A loss to the Territory' 12 June 1980. Photocopy NT News? 'Ella's now our Lord Mayor' n.d.1980
 34 - Political life1Promotional card for Ella Stack to stand for the Seat of Fannie Bay [1980]. Self Government What does it Mean/Know Your Members. Clipping from You & Yours magazine December 1978 'Pen to Paper Why I enjoy' with comment by Mayor of Darwin Ella Stack. Letter to the Editory [NT News?] 18 August 1979 from Jo Read Secretary Australian Democrats, in support of Ella Stack running for Territory elections. Bumper sticker 'Ella Stack clp Fannie Bay'. How to Vote card 'Keep the flag flying vote CLP Electorate of Fannie Bay' Ella Stack. Clipping from Local Government advertisements for election of alderman and Lord Mayor The Start 9 May, 1981. How to vote card, Election of Mayor showing candidates including Ella Stack and original Focus  NT issue 17 July August 1979. Photocopy of CLP biography Ella Stack. Photocopy of Darwin May Ella Stack 'in conference' with Bob Hawke.1980-1981
 35 - Biographical clippings1Photocopy Letter to the Editor NT News 29 March 1993 by Peter Short 'Dr Moo Remembered'. Speaking notes and official program for the funeral of Alderman Jim Creber, Anglican, n.d. Letter to the editor NT News n.d. hand annotated 'morale booster' by former Darwin Mayor Alec Fong Lim in support of Ella Stack concerning the Bougainvillea Festival. NT News article by the Forrests giving details of some of the people responsible for setting up the Quota Club in Darwin 2 December 2003 [Lucy Entner, Father Frank Flynn, Coral Reichimeier, Lila Noteley, Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann, Pat Williams, Ella Stack, Toshi Marcelis photographs]. A With compliments from St John's College [not attached to any article]. News supplement The Katherine Advertiser Katherine Hospital 50 Anniversary historical feature 6 December 1984.1984-1993
  2News August October 2002 Obituary on NT Parks & Wildlife botanist, Carrie Michell. Your Stories section of the NT News 23 March 1993 photocopy S Gittins of Winnellie, B Whitmore of Tindal and Paul Lukitsche of Nightcliff.1993-2002
 36 - Articles about health issues1Fred Hollows 'Aborigines must learn modern attitudes' News Weekly 3 March 1990, p. 20. Greg Roberts 'Paradise lost in a haze of violence' The Age 11 August 1990. Norman Swan 'Think about it' Inside & out' n.d. RMA Repatriation Medical Authority, Statement of Principles concerning Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, instrument no. 35 of 1994. A. Hugh Pontifex & Arun K. Garg, 'Lead poisoning from an Asian Indian folk remedy', Can Med Assoc J, vol 133, December 15, 1985. E. Stack 'A controlled intake of Vietnamese required', AMA Gazette, 24 May 1979, no. 222. R.L. Erdelyi, 'Burned Out Endemic Sphilis (Bejel): Facial Deformities and Defects in Saudi Arabia, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Nov 1984,  vol 74, no. 5. Immunologists share new clinical opinions, Modern Medicine of Australia, September 1984. Sundry Medical Journal of Australia 29 June 1974. Contents Medical Journal of Australia vol 140, no. 12. Bill Hughes 'Female Genital Mutilation: The Complementary Roles of Education and Legislation in Combating the Practice in Australia, Journal of Law and Medicine, vol. 3. Anna Funder, 'Culture - A lethal Cloak' The Crossexaminer, vol 3 no. 1. Council on Scientific Affairs, The Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, JAMA Oct 19 1984. Selected Summaries, Current Therapeutics December 1984. David Lo, Cryptococcosis in the Northern Territory, Med J Aust, 1976, 2. Rebecca L Cann, Mark Stoneking & Allan C Wilson, 'Mitochondrial DNA and human evolution' Nature vol 325, 1 January 1987.1984-1987
  2Typescript 'Dr Stack's Sign on' with list of documents titles on various health topics. Photocopy of notes taken from book Island of Bali by Niguel Couarrubias, 1965, pp. 59-60. 
 37 - Drugs and the community1Nicholas Rothwell, 'Cannabis takes a hold in Top End' Australian 3 March 2004.Jenny Smithers, 'The argument for marijuana', The Star, 26 July, 1979. Jim Bowditch, 'Ted Evans moved on Aboriginals and Alcohol', The Advertiser, 25 January, 1984. Barbara James, 'Grog Laws Sparked Darwin's First Major Rebellion', The Star, 2 August, 1979.1979-2004
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 39 - Defense clippings1Lance Barnard, 'Flexible efficient forces aim of government' Financial Review 15 October 1973. 'The Army's Giant Stride in the Heat' Financial Review 17 October 1973. 'Runway for Island' Daily Telegraph 9 January 1974. R Brain 'Logistics - the name of the game' Pacific Defence Reporter, March 1975. 
 40 - Records Territory1Records Territory the NTAS newsletter, no. 9 September 1995, 32 August 2007, 33 August 20081995-2008
 41 - Publications various Appropriate technology in Central Australia, Occasional Publication no. 2 August, 1984.
Current Affairs Bulletin vol 53 no 9 February 1977
Northern Territory newsletter June 1975
Northern Territory Government Gazette, 19 March 1987
Time 'Northern Territory: Trekking into the future', 10 July 1978
Territory Digest, vol 3, no 3, April 1981
The Northern Territory, Foreword by Roger Steel
The Top End Northern Territory Australia, Wayne Zerbe
Territory Digest, December 1988
1542 - Cyclone Tracy retrospective1Clippings, 'The Night Tracy Came Twenty Years on' News Weekly, 30 December 1994. Peter Jean 'Memories of Tracy' n.d. 'Vicious circles' Sydney Morning Herald 3 February 2011.  'Cyclone Tracy Twenty Years Later' Weekend Australia, 24-25 December 1994. Photocopy Sunday Territorian, 22 November 2013, 'The one that got away' Bushranger. Women's Weekly, Darwin Tragedy: Nine pages of graphic colour pictures, stories. Lindsay Murdoch 'Winds of Change', Sydney Morning Herald, 18-19 December 2004.1994-2011
  2Northern Territory News, December 2004. 30th Cyclone Tracy Anniversary Part one, The day old Darwin died.
Northern Territory News, December 2004, 30th Cyclone Tracy Anniversary Part two, Territory's blackest Christmas.
Northern Territory News, December 2004, 30th Cyclone Tracy Anniversary Part three, Darwin's Big Fightback
Northern Territory News, 30th Cyclone Tracy Anniversary Part four, Road to Recovery.
  3Copy of a plaque, unveiled 3 December 2014 by Dr Stack at Darwin High School, to mark the 40th Anniversary of Cyclone Tracy2014
 43 - Tracy contemporary responsesCorrespondence from Helen Ives to Dr Stack 21 May 1980 with a manuscript of the music and song, 'I'm a Darwin Man' written as a fundraiser for the Darwin effort after Tracy.1975-1980
  2Political cartoon of Gough Whitlam speaking on Radio Darwin, Collins N Darwin. 19751975

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