Edna Tambling

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Guide to manuscripts of Edna Tambling

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Box 111-42Members of the First Australian Royal Guard (9th Battalion A.I.F.) as at 4/7 December 1918 at Sebourg Chateau (near Avesnes) (Ernest Tambling's unit)
   10 sleeves of postcards written by Ernest Tambling to various recipients 1918-1919
   6 Teacher's reports for Ernest Tambling at Home Hill and Herberton State Schools
   1 sleeve photographs Home Hill, Ayr 1920
   2 sleeves photographs Cooktown 1922
   2 sleeves photographs Manila, Philippines Christmas 1926
   1 sleeve photographs Tasmania 1929
   2 copies of Christmas dinner Menu on board S.S. President Grant December 25, 1941
   Photocopy of Christmas Card given to Ernest and Edna Tambling by J. Constance Rice RN who was the Chief Stewardess and Matron on board S.S. President Grant
   Handwritten page by Edna Tambling listing Darwin residents (mainly females) in 1940 that were evacuated with her on the S.S. President Grant
   Letter from Acting Government Secretary, V.G. Carrington certifying the Tambling's travelling on the vessel "President Grant" as Welfare Officers dated 22 December 1941.
   1 sleeve photographs of bombing of Darwin 19 February 1942
   Copy of letter written by Mrs Enid Reid to her husband Robert Reid – Chief Administrator of Fanny (sic) Bay Gaol Darwin regarding the conditions experienced by the evacuees on the S.S. Zealandia December 1941. Original held by Mrs Hazel Southwell, 69 Mackenzie Street Hackett ACT. The elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Reid.
 243-99Letter from Australian Military Forces – 7 thMilitary District Katherine 29 March 1942, certifying that Mr. Tambling was acting as a Welfare Officer on the train, and was entitled to travel through to Melbourne.
   Letter from Captain E.A. Tambling VX111291 Headquarters, 1 Australian Corps. A.I.F, 7 December 1943 to "Cull & Lil" expressing his and Edna's deepest sympathy on the loss of their son Frank.
   Special Clothing Ration Book Service Issue belonging to E.A. Tambling (Capt.) 6 June 1944 in Cairns.
   Letter to Captain Tambling on termination of war service from Australian Military Forces (Military Secretary) (undated)
   2 letters of references dated October 1944 for Ernest Tambling
   Letter S193 from Acting Government Secretary (R.S. Leydin) date 14 April 1947 in regards to Ernest Tambling's employment and returning to Darwin in an administrative role until a teaching position became available.
   Letter from Ernest Tambling responding to Acting government Secretary's letter S193.
   Application for position 3 April 1950 by Ernest Tambling as Head Teacher School for aboriginal children, temporary position Northern Territory – Bagot School.
   Letter from Administrator Roger Nott of the Northern Territory, 8 June 1962, congratulating Ernest Tambling on his membership of the Order of the British Empire.
   7 Telegrams and letters to Ernest Tambling of congratulations on his OBE
   Letter from Acting Official Secretary to the Governor General , W. Heseltine, 11 May 1962 requesting acceptance or decline of his OBE.
   10 telegrams to Ernest Tambling of congratulations on his OBE
   2 letters to Ernest Tambling of congratulations on his OBE
   1 general correspondence letter to Edna and Ernie from Hilda Hutton 17 September 1962
   1 card to Ernest Tambling of congratulations on his OBE 9 June 1962
   3 general correspondence letters 1962 & 1963
   9 letters to Ernest Tambling of congratulations on his OBE
   1 letter to Ernest Tambling 22 November 1964 regarding his retirement from Education by Frank Howard
   Copy of letter by R. Reid (Chief Administrator of Fanny (sic) Bay Gaol Darwin) to Mr. (Douglas) Lockwood , 21 November 1964
   6 sleeves of various invitations to the Tambling family 1951-1964
 3100-115Letter from Official Secretary of the Administrator of N.T. 4 January 1963 to Ernest Tambling regarding the Investiture ceremony to be held on H.M.Y. Britannia held on 18 March 1963 in Darwin.
   Newspaper cutting 24 March 1970 re death of Ernest Tambling from N.T. News
   Invitation from North Australian Show Society Incorporated dated 8 March 1963 for Rodeo events held 18 March 1963 for the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh.
   Invitation from R.S.S & A.I.L.A. dated 8 September 1965 to be presented with Life Membership and Gold Badge to Ernest Tambling MBE.
   Letter (31 July 1972) and copy of Gazette (2 August 1972) from Commonwealth of Australia Welfare Division approving Children's Home at 2 Kahlin Avenue, Myilly Point to be known as Tambling House.
   Handwritten diary by Edna Tambling re her trip departing Darwin 21 December 1974 to Singapore, Bangkok, Nepal, India, Ceylon, Singapore and then to Brisbane for 5 months because of Cyclone Tracy.
   Copy of Official Investiture held at Government House 1 October 1979
   Copy of Darwin Visitors July 28-30 1979 book of Return visit of the United States Army Air Corps Darwin Defenders 1942
   Letter from Place Names Committee, 6 July 1983 re: the naming of Abala Road and Tambling Terrace and giving brief history.
   Newspaper article printed in "The Heart of Darwin magazine" 1987 "The Picnic"
   Telegram to Edna Tambling advising death of Ivy (Ernest's sister) 14 August 1987
   Original and copy of extract from the letter (her evacuation from Darwin, 22 December 1941) by Mrs Rhoda Walker, 8 December 1991.
   Copy of Evacuees Reunion 15 February 1942 held at The Green Room Hotel Darwin
   Personal correspondence from Edna Tambling to Edith (written approx. 1992)
 4116-164Happynings v. 3 no. 1 Regarding Tambling House
   2 x Personal correspondence
   Demobilisation of the A.I.F. London Day School Scheme
   Christmas Card from Ernest to Jean (during WWI)
   3 pages of hand-drawn family tree
   16 sleeves of b & w & colour photographs
 5165-23617 sleeves of b & w photographs
   5 sleeves of newspaper cuttings
   Card of thanks from Jim Ah Toy
   Invitation to War Service Memorial Year closing reception 12/11/1992
   Battle of Australia Memorial Certificate 1992
 6237-2591 sleeve of b & w photographs
   Coronation Bible marking QEII coronation 22/6/1953
   1 sleeve of b & w photographs
   2 x personal corespondence
   4 sleeves of newspaper cuttings
   1 x Regional column by NT CLP Senator Grant Tambling 9/12/1991
   12p. Of photocopy From A.I.F. in France by C.E.W. Bean re Ernest Tamblings' brother Dick
   1 x personal correspondence
   2 x brochures
   1 x newsletter from Senator Grant Tambling December 1991
 71-243 x pre-war education in Darwin from High School Magazine 1959
   15 pages of handwritten history of education in Darwin (Palmerston) from 1874-1930 including references to Ernestine Hills book "The Territory" and "The shackle" by D.E. Kelsey
   8 pages of newspaper cuttings re education in Darwin and Ernest Tambling
 825-405 pagers of newspaper cutting re education in Darwin andEernest Tambling
   1 x handwritten correspondence to Ernest Tambling from Jacky Milirrpim (sic)
   8 foolscap typed pages of Ernest Tamblings' memoirs after retirement in 1964
   Telegram dated 27/3/1942 to Ernest Tambling at Katherine to arrange closure of both schools
   2 typed foolscap pages of broadcast of "News for the inland and the islands" on 8/3/1948 on ABC 6:30pm news. Regarding education in N.T. by Ernest Tambling Acting Chief clerk (Administrative)
   2 x 2 typed foolscap pages of history of Bagot School 1949-1967 by Ernest Tambling
   2 x 2 copies typed "Back to Darwin Primary School August 14th 1971" programme.
   1 x newspaper cutting referring to Darwin Primary School programme.
   1 x newpaper clipping Darwin Starr 13/1/1984 regarding future of Darwin Primary School
   1 x book of "A history of Wheatvale and District" produced to commemorate 100 years of state school education in Queensland 1875-1975 includes handwritten page of students of teachers of Pratten School 1917 (placed on p. 27)
   1 page handdrawn plan of Darwin Primary School showing dates of relevant buildings
  411 x album of "Territory teacher Ernest Tambling" includes newspaper articles and typed biography and includes "draft" copy of "There was not the opportunities that there is now" by Jeff Catchlove" includes article "The Bombing of Darwin 19/2/42 by M. Nordsvan"
Box 2 42Scrapbook of condolence cards and mylar sleeve of telegrams and condolence cards and letters
Box 3 433 x scrapbooks of 1977 Northern Territory election campaign
Box 4 441 x scrapbooks of 1977 Northern Territory election campaign & 1 x scrapbook of 1977-1978 Federal election campaign
Box 5 452 x scrapbooks of 1980 Northern Territory election campaign
Box 6 462 x scrapbooks of 1980 Federal election campaign
Box 7 471 x scrapbook of 1983 Northern Territory election campaign
Box 8 481 x scrapbook of 1987 Northern Territory election campaign
Box 9 491 x scrapbook of 1987 Federal election campaign

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