Ellen Kettle

Ellen Kettle (1922 -1999)

Nursing sister, author and historian, was born on 21 April 1922 in Colac, Victoria to Thomas Kettle and Mary Kettle, nee Bicket. She was second eldest of five children; her siblings were Mathew (1921) who died as a Prisoner of War in Burma 1944; Thomas (1923) farmer; David (1930) farmer and Rosemary (1937) housewife.

Ellen completed seven years of her primary education in a small country school and continued the next two years of her secondary education riding a horse eight miles each way to Colac High School.

Ellen Kettle commenced her general nursing training at the Geelong District Hospital and on completion of her training in 1945 she went to work at the Bairnsdale District Hospital in country Victoria for a few years. 

Ellen continued her studies finishing her Midwifery training and certificate in 1951 spending the next six months on Thursday Island caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. This experience reawakened a childhood ambition to work among aboriginal people which prompted her to write to the Director of Health in Canberra asking about the opportunities of employment as a nurse in the Northern Territory. A few weeks later she was interviewed and commenced nursing on a Government Aboriginal settlement about 185 miles from Alice Springs.

When Ellen Kettle first arrived in Alice Springs on 2 February 1952 to begin work at her first clinic she described her impression of Yuendumu as “there were about 400 desert people, few of whom knew any English and I didn’t their language. Both the hospital and my living quarters were of unlined war-time camouflaged iron with no electricity or reticulated water.”

In 1954 Nurse Kettle was appointed the Commonwealth Department of Health’s first Rural Survey Sister pioneering mobile health work in isolated areas of the Northern Territory. 

 Over the next five decades she almost single-handedly revolutionised Aboriginal health in the Northern Territory by creating medical records for thousands of patients and drawing attention to their plight, particularly in regard to high infant mortality.

Her approach and calls for change were usually met with indifference and even opposition. However the medical records that she gathered amounted to a body of evidence that the authorities could not deny. Gradually, Aboriginal health in the Northern Territory began to improve.

Her personal papers which include diaries kept from 1959 to 1997 and her autobiography, 'Gone Bush', provides a remarkable insight into the work of this dedicated and courageous woman. Sister Ellen Kettle died in Darwin on 2 August 1999, aged 77.

Sources : Northern Territory Library, Personal Papers Collection, Ellen Kettle Collection, Biographical Profile; National Treasures URL: http://nationaltreasures.nla.gov.au/%3E/Treasures/item/nla.int-ex10-s6 [accessed: 1 October 2008]; Kettte, Ellen S. Gone Bush, Sydney ; F.P. Leonard, 1967. NTC 610.73099 KETT

Guide to manuscripts of Ellen Kettle

Guide to manuscripts of Ellen Kettle 1925 to 1997





1. Alice Springs regional1. Alice Springs pre-war1-19Letter from Dr P.I. Reilly dated 28 Feb 1982 re Mr and Mrs. Walter (Bill) Braitling and the AIM Hostel which was operating before his arrival in 1935, describing hospital, admin office building and various people and treatment of aboriginal patients; copies of papers relating to health in Alice Springs Gaol, including tuberculosis, influenza and Alice Springs Hospital.
 2. Alice Springs pre-war used material1-14Reports from Dr C. E. Cook, Chief Medical Officer dated in the 1930s relating to Alice Springs; correspondence relating to Alice Springs Hospital 1925-49 including plans.
 3. Alice Springs regional post-war1-51Reports on various stations in the area; correspondence and reports on various aspects of post war medical conditions in Alice Springs area.
 4. Child health problems, Alice Springs1-27Various reports and copies of newspaper articles on Alice Springs children's health post war, including surrounding Aboriginal communities.
 5. Aboriginal health1-19Copies of articles on Aboriginal health in Central Australia  from 1950s to 1980s and unpublished paper by J.M. Moore titled 'Some difficulties met within cross cultural nursing situation'.
2.Alyangula1. Alyangula1-32Correspondence between Sisters Drinkwater, Kettle and Wilson, mainly from the 1960s relating to Alyangula medical centre on Groote Eylandt; other correspondence, notes and invitations re Alyangula.
3. Angurugu1. Groote Eylandt post-war1-101Handwritten and typed notes and articles on Groote Eylandt Mission health issues, mainly post war, including 'Notes  on Angurugu Mission' by the Church Mission Society (c. 1972); includes various infant and child health records and summary reports for children and babies at Angurugu Mission, listing name and health details.
 2. CMS Sydney material (used material)1-89Various correspondence both post and pre war; letter from The Church Missionary Society (CMS) Mission at Roper on 30 Jan 1940 and notes on evacuation of women and children from Groote Eylandt Dec 1941; various reports, medical surveys and extracts relating to Groote Eylandt medical work.
4. Amoonguna1. Amoonguna and Bungalow post-war1-3Notes on Amoonguna and Bungalow settlements.
5. Areyonga1. Areyonga1-66Various reports and notes on the settlement, including copies  of medical surveys and sanitation reports.
6. Arnhem Land1. Arnhem Land1-72Various reports on Arnhem Land settlements and medical work mostly post war, including leprosy research and medical surveys; notes on individual Aboriginal people and their medical conditions some going back to the 1890s; several lists of 'Aboriginals who may not be on Welfare Register' and 'Babies - may not be registered'; notes on 'Barajuna's family of Muda-Muda'.
 2. History of Arnhem Land1-66Pre war notes on general history of Arnhem Land, including copy of ' Report on Expedition to Arnhem Land, 1936-37' by Dr Donald Thomson.
7. Miscellaneous A1. Adelaide River1-2Papers on 1970 Adelaide River visit and Adelaide River Rural Health Centre Annual Report 1972/73.
 2. Albino child at Rose River1-5Correspondence relating to albino child at Rose River, including 'Family Tree of Lorna Warnanggarri'.
 3. Aileron (cattle station)1-41952 medical survey of Aileron cattle station.
 4. Alexandria Station1-31956 medical report on Alexandria Station.
 5. Alroy Downs1-31956 Alroy Downs medical report and related correspondence.
 6. Anthony Lagoon1-71956 Anthony Lagoon report and related correspondence.
 7. Arltunga1-5Medical survey of Arltunga Catholic Mission November 1952, with appendix on Santa Theresa Mission.
 8. Auvergne Station1-2Reports and correspondence relating to Auvergne Station from 1957, 1962 & 1968.
 9. Avon Downs1-2Avon Downs report from 1956.
8. Bamyili - Beswick1.  Bamyili - Beswick1-52Letters, reports and handwritten research notes relating to Bamyili/Beswick settlements.
9. Bagot & Berrimah1.Bagot & Berrimah post war1-57Research notes and copies of correspondence and reports relating to Bagot and Berrimah, mainly post-war. Includes brief notes on Retta Dixon home.
 2. Bagot & Berrimah1-23Research notes, maps and copies of correspondence relating to Bagot and Berrimah communities.
10. Batchelor1. Batchelor1-10Material on Batchelor Clinic and township.
 2. Barkly Tablelands1-23Material on medical surveys of Barkly Tablelands 1965, with reports on each settlement and station. Also includes NT touring map 1963.
11. Bathurst Island1. Bathurst Island Pre-war H/C Japs.1-31Reports, notes and correspondence about Bathurst Island, including letter titled 'Contact between Japanese and Aboriginals - Melville Island'. Copy of Gilruth Report from 1915-17 and hand written research notes pre war period.
 2. [no title]1-85Research notes and correspondence relating to Bathurst Island.  Copy of oral history interview with Sister Marita, 1978. Various pre war, and a few post war, reports on the Mission.
12. Borroloola1. Borroloola1-42Original letter from Heather Boulden with attached copy of letter from Coral Edds. Copy of article on Joseph Scrutton from Northern Territory Digest, June 1980. Copy of article fromCitation 1967 on Sister Heathcock and Horace Foster. Various medical reports and leprosy surveys on the region, including Seven Emus Cattle Station.
13. Miscellaneous B1. Balbarini Station1-2Balbarini Station report, 1970.
 2. Ban Ban Springs1-2Ban Ban Springs report, 1971.
 3. Banka Banka1-4Report on stations in the area, 1959; Banka Banka medical report, 1966.
 4. Bauhinia Downs1Bauhinia Downs report, 1969.
 5. Beetaloo Station1-21Beetaloo Station and OT Downs reports, 1956, 1959, 1960 and 1970.
 6. Bradshaw1-3Bradshaw report, 1972.
 7. Brunette Downs1-5Brunette Downs report,1956 and 1963.
 8. Bullo River Station1Bullo River Station report, 1968.
 9. Bulman Station1-3Bulman Station report, 1973.
 10. Bungalow - Alice Springs1-11Bungalow report, 1952, 1955 and 1956; notes on The Bungalow.
14. Croker Is.1. Croker Island1-52Croker Island medical reports, 1951,1956, 1957,1962, 1964 and1967; information about the Croker Island Mission; several reports on history of the area; letter about transfer of children to mission; research notes.
15.Miscellaneous C1. Calvert Hills, Camfield, Conniston, Coolibah, Cresswell1-36Reports on Calvert Hills, Camfield, Conniston, Coolibah, and Creswell Down stations,1950s and 1960s; correspondence with Commonwealth Agency Home Affairs and Environment re access to Australian Archives records; research notes.
 2. Cancer register (NT)1-21997 correspondence relating to NT cancer register.
16.Daly River1. Daly River1-62Handwritten research notes; various reports, correspondence and articles re Daly River, 1950's - 1980's; copy of papers relating to Dr Holmes' (Chief Health Officer) visit to Daly River demonstration farm 1915; letter from Joan Mahan with attached personal accounts of her time as a rural health nurse, including 'Mable and the Jimarin quads', 'Lily' and 'Mary and the in-service'.
17. Delissaville and Docker River1. Delissaville1-53Handwritten research notes and copies of reports dealing with Delissaville Native Affairs Settlement 1950-1960's; copy of letter to Mr. Murray, Native Controller Cox Peninsular from Lieut. H. Chasling, I.O. Fortress Command giving instructions for the 'Black Watch'; copy of memo to Mr Murray regarding possible aircraft crash in the area.
 2. Docker River1-3Handwritten research notes on Docker River.
18. Elcho Island, Galiwinku1. Elcho Island1-135Handwritten research notes; copies of medical reports and letters, some relating to various epidemics; information about the mission station on Elcho Island correspondence with Roy and Ella Shepherdson; various list of names and medical details, including measurements, hearing assessments and 1965 measles epidemic data.
 2. Lake Evella - Gapuwiyak1-3+Handwritten research notes on Lake Evella - Gapuwiyak; copy of Galiwin'ku NewsSeptember 1983 (12 pages plus cover), including article on Shepherdson's visit.
19. Miscellaneous E and Finniss River1. Elliot1-13Research notes and copies of reports and correspondence relating to Elliot.
 2. Elsey1-17Copies of reports and correspondence regarding Elsey Station.
 3. Ephemera1-85Various original pamphlets, booklets, letters and maps including: Eve in ebony: The story of "Jedda"by Charles Chauvel, c1954 Columbia Pictures Pty. Ltd., Sydney;Australian Territoriesvol. 4, no. 5, September 1964, Department of Territories, Canberra; Foo Hsing School of Dramatic Arts, Republic of China promotional booklet: a Thai Fine Arts Department promotional booklet titledThai classical dances: Folk dances and music for foreign visitors; pamphlets from the Australian Atomic Energy Commission; material relating to Ingrid and David Drysdale;Praise and prayer bulletinof the Wycliffe Bible Translators Australian Aborigines Branch, May 1976; correspondence regarding acceptance and publication of articles by Ellen Kettle 1966; article titled 'BCG vaccination of children against leprosy: Preliminary findings of the WHO-controlled trial in Burma' by Bechelliet al.,Bulletin of World Health Orgainisation,1970, 42, pages 235-281; special supplement toThe Australian,April 13, 1970 titled 'The rock art of the lost Australians'; photocopy of special supplement toThe Medical Journal of Australia,August 9, 1975 titled'A recommended "Health care policy relating to children and their families'prepared by The Association for the Welfare of Children in Hospital; and Alba Petroleum world map "in wartime", approx. 1940 [map housed in NTL Map Collection, drawer 5, catalogue number 1-73].
 4. Ernabella1-2Report on Ernabella BCC campaign, 1952.
 5. Finniss River1-2Finniss River medical report, 1966.
20. Garden Point1. Garden Point1-13Handwritten research notes and medical reports, 1951 and 1955.
21. Goulburn Island - Warrawi1. Goulburn Island (Warrawi) Post-war1-122Various medical and mission reports from 1920s to 1950s; research notes; photocopy of Warrawi Jubilee: 1916-1966booklet on the mission 1916-1966.
 2. Goulburn Island Pre-war1-6Reports on Goulburn Island from 1930's.
 3. Edna Zampech (Mrs Kevin Arentz) Goulburn Islands etc.1-26Research notes; correspondence and newsletters, mainly from Mrs Edna Zampech who worked on Goulburn Island.
22. Miscellaneous G1. Glen Helen - Granites1-10Medical reports of Glen Helen Station and The Granites,1952.
23. Haasts Bluff up to 19751. Haasts Bluff1-44Various reports, articles, research notes and correspondence dealing with Haasts Bluff, 1940's and 1950's.
24. Hermannsburg1.Hermannsburg Post-war1-130Research notes and copies of reports, articles, correspondence and newsletters relating to Hermannsburg and Finke River Mission from 1920's - 1980's, including a booklet on history of Aranda hymnal, 1965; extract from Welfare Branch report, 1961; booklet on Carl Strehlow Memorial Hospital opening, 1960; Lutheran Heraldarticles; paper and reports from F. W. Albrecht, 1930's. 
 2. Hermannsburg drought and scurvy 1924-19341-26Research notes and copies of reports, articles and correspondence, some concerning various epidemics in Hermannsburg from 1918 onwards.
 3. Hermannsburg Used material1-51Research notes and copies of correspondence, papers and reports relating to Hermannsburg, including from Dr Cook, mainly 1930's.
 4. Hermannsburg Post-war 1945-1-60Research notes and copies of articles, correspondence, staff lists and reports concerning Hermannsburg and Finke River Mission mainly from 1950's to 1970's.
 5. Hermannsburg 1929 Scurvy1-78Research notes and copies of papers, correspondence and reports concerning Hermannsburg and Finke River Mission from the 1920's.
25. Hooker Creek1. Hooker Creek Post-war1-94Research notes and copies of reports, correspondence and articles relating to Hooker Creek and Catfish Native Settlement 1940's - 1970's, including a 13 page Department of Aboriginal Affairs 1977 publication Book of the community Lajamanu - Hooker Creek.
26. Miscellaneous H1. Heinz Travelling Scholarship1-38Correspondence and itineraries relating to Ellen Kettle's overseas visits as part of the H. J. Heinz Company (Australia) Pty. Ltd. Travelling Scholarship which commenced in February 1967.
 2. Hidden Valley, Hodson Downs, Humbert River1-12Reports from Hidden Valley, Hodson Downs, Humbert River stations, 1950's.
 3. 'Historical Records of Australia' notes on Port Dundas, Raffles Bay, Port Essington1-10Research notes taken from Historical records of Australia,including notes of Port Dundas, Raffles Bay and Port Essington.
27. Inverway1. Inverway1-14Inverway Station reports and correspondence, 1950's.
28. Jay Creek1. Jabiru1Research notes on Jabiru and Alligator River area.
 2. Jay Creek1-28Research notes and copies of correspondence and reports on Jay Creek, 1950's -1970's.
29. Kahlin Compound1. Kahlin Beach Compound Pre-war1-15Research notes and copies of correspondence and articles about Kahlin Beach compound, mainly 1930's, including map of the area, showing Myilly Point, Fannie Bay and Darwin area and 'existing' Aboriginal compound.
30. Miscellaneous K1. Katherine area (Pine Creek Manbulloo), Kildurk, Kirkimbie, Manbulloo1-19Copies of memos, correspondence and reports from these areas, 1930's - 1970's.
31. Miscellaneous L1. Lake Mackay Expedition, 19571-35Copies of 1965 article and 1950's reports on Lake Mackay area.
 2. Lake Nash RFDS, Legune, Limbunya1-24Research notes and copies of correspondence and reports on these areas, mainly 1950's.
 3. Language Materials1-59Various articles, including a paper by Ellen Kettle titled 'Overseas tour to study child health' and materials relating to Indigenous languages, including Pitjantjatjara and Gupapunyju.
32. Maningrida1. Maningrida1-134Research notes, reports and correspondence, including leprosy surveys and list of babies by name, relating to Maningrida and Liverpool River from 1940's onwards. Also, copy of Ingrid Drysdale diary and map of Maningrida outstations.
33. Maranboy1. Maranboy1-51956 report on Maranboy.
34. Milingimbi1. Milingimbi 1958-19701-70Research notes, articles, reports and correspondence relating to Milingimbi Mission and nearby settlements from 1950's - 1980's, including leprosy surveys, vaccination and other records, some by name.
 2. Milingimbi Pre-war1-78Copies of reports from 1920's and 1930's; copy of transcript of a lecture given by Rev T.T. Webb titled 'The Aborigines of East Arnhem Land Australia'.
 3. Milingimbi Sister Jess Smith Annual reports to mission1-57Research notes and copies of reports from Sister Smith, 1960's. Copy of article 'Milingimbi milestones' by Jess Smith, 1976 and 'Further progress and problems in a self-determining Aboriginal community' by Herbert Warwick, 1979. Folio 6 encloses folios 7-49.
 4. Milingimbi Jess Smith tapes (property of E. Kettle)1-193Various papers, mostly transcript from tapes of Jessie Smith and other material (research notes, correspondence, reports etc.) relating to her time in Milingimbi. Also included are: folder titled Assimilation of our Aboriginescontaining 12 sheets with photographs and text, 1958; pamphletAssimilation of Our Aborigines,n.d.; bookletChildren of Arnhem Land (North Australia),by W.S. Chaseling 1951(pp 27-38 missing); untitled photograph of unknown building; bookletAnswering your questions about Aborigines,4th ed. 1969.
 5. Milingimbi Post-war1-66Research notes, correspondence and copies of reports relating to Milingimbi from 1950's onwards, including a copy of The Missionary ReviewJuly, 1963 opened to page 6 with note in pencil 'Jessie Smith at Milingimbi'.
 6. Moore, Jill1-49Copies of correspondence and notes on Darwin, Numbulwar, Oenpelli, Roper River, Umbakumba, Alyangula, Galiwinku, Elcho Island, Milingimbi and Yirrkala, compiled by Jill Moore.
35. Miscellaneous M1.Mainoru, McArthur River, Mamangoora, Moroak, Mountain Valley, My. Allen, Mt. Dennison, Mt. Doreen, Munjinberri1-32Medical reports from the 1950's on Mainoru, McArthur River, Mamangoora, Moroak, Mountain Valley, My. Allen, Mt Dennison and Mt Doreen stations; letter from Peter Spillett, Museum and Art Gallery of the NT, about research into an Indonesian fisherman with leprosy in the 1820's, with a copy of diary entry of Captain Collet Barker.
36. Nhulunbuy1. Nhulunbuy and copies of Regional Director conference reports etc.1-143Research notes, correspondence and copies of reports on Nhulunbuy and Gove, mainly from 1970's; list of Nhulunbuy health workers; copy of Gove Gazettefrom 1980; 1972 map of Gove.
 2. Nhulunbuy Peninsular Development1-34Research notes, staff lists and copies of correspondence and reports on Nhulunbuy, Gove Peninsular and Nabalco from 1960's to 1980's; copies of Gove Gazettefrom 1970's.
37. Numbulwar1. Rose River Numbulwar Mission1-70Research notes, original and copies of reports and correspondence from 1950's onwards, including lists of children by name with medical details. 
38. Miscellaneous N1. Napperby, Newcastle Waters, Newry Stn., Nutwood Downs1-32Copies of reports from Napperby, Newcastle Waters, Newry and Nutwood Downs stations from the 1950's and 1960's.
39. Oenpelli1. Oenpelli Post-war1-155Research notes and copies of correspondence and reports about Oenpelli from 1900's to 1980's.
40. Papunya1. Papunya1-37Research notes and copies of reports for Papunya settlement from 1950's to 1980's.
41. Pine Creek and area1. Pine Creek1-14Research notes and Pine Creek brochure; copies of reports and articles about Pine Creek and surrounding area.
42. Port Keats1. Port Keats Post war1-93Research notes, copies of reports and correspondence about Port Keats Mission from 1930 to 1970.
43. Miscellaneous P1. Phillip Ck., Pungalena1-13Copies of reports from Phillip Creek settlement and Pungalena cattle station, 1950's.
44. Ramingining & Nangalala1. Ramingining & Nangalala1-6Research notes on Ramingining and Nangalala.
45. Roper River & Ngukurr1. Roper River Pre-war1-69Research notes, correspondence and reports relating to the Roper River and Ngukurr Missions from 1900's to 1940's.
 2. Roper River Post-war1-57Research notes and copies of reports, correspondence and newspaper articles about Roper River and Ngukurr Missions from 1950's to 1980's.
46. Miscellaneous R1. Reference material for research1-17Notes and correspondence relating to Ellen Kettle's visit to Timor Province, Indonesia in 1994, mostly about leprosy.
 2. Rockhampton Downs1-3Correspondence and report about Rockhampton Downs from 1950's.
 3. Roper Valley Station1-11Medical survey reports of Roper Valley Station  and area from 1950's - 1970's.
 4. Rosewood Station1-8Medical survey reports of Rosewood station and area from 1950's.
47. Santa Teresa & Arltunga1. Arltunga (Little Flower) & Santa Teresa1-52Research notes, correspondence and reports on Sante Teresa and Arltunga missions from 1940's to 1970's , including some names and medical information listed.
48. Snake Bay1. Snake Bay1-43Research notes and copies of reports on Snake Bay settlement from 1940's to 1970's.
49. Miscellaneous T1. Tanumbirini, Tea Tree, Tennant Creek & Timber Creek1-32Copies of medical reports on Tanumbirini Station, Tea Tree Cattle Station, Tennant Creek and Timber Creek, also correspondence from 1937 about leprosy at Newry Station listing names and medical details.
50. Umbakumba1. Umbakumba1-125Research notes, correspondence, newspaper articles and medical reports on Umbakumba, Groote Eylandt from 1950's to 1980's; some reports have names and medical information listed.
51. Miscellaneous U1. Urapunga & Utopia1-20Research notes and medical reports on Utopia and McDonald Downs, Roper Bar and Urapunga Station 1950's to 1970's.
52. Victoria River Downs1. Victoria River Downs1-21Research notes, correspondence and medical reports on Victoria River Downs, mainly from 1960's and 1970's.
53. Warrabri1. Warrabri 1-33Research notes, reports and correspondence relating to Warrabri Settlement, mostly 1950's and 1960's.
54. Wave Hill Station1. Wave Hill Station1-85Research notes, reports and correspondence on Wave Hill Station mainly from 1950's and 1960's with some information from 1920's on the Wave Hill radio station; two 1997 Department of Aboriginal Affairs publications Book of the community: Daguragu(12 pages) andBook of the community: Kalkaringi(14 pages).
55. Miscellaneous W1. Warburton, Waterloo Station & Wollogorang Station1-12Medical reports on Warburton, Waterloo Station and Wollogorang Cattle Station from the 1950's.
56. Yirrkala1. Yirrkala & Caledon Bay Pre-war and war period1-18Correspondence, reports and articles relating to Yirrkala and Caledon Bay mission stations from 1930's to 1940's.
 2. Yirrkala Post-war1-79Research notes, correspondence, reports and medical surveys for Yirrkala from late 1940's to 1960's.
 3.Yirrkala1-95Research notes, correspondence, articles and reports regarding Yirrkala Mission from the 1950's to 1970's, including measles and influenza epidemics, some with lists of children and medical condition. 
 4. Caledon Bay 19551-81955 and 1956 reports by Dr Raymond on Caledon Bay.
 5. Yirrkala Homes and Gardens Project1-36Information and correspondence about a homes and garden competition held in Yirrkala in 1968; report titled 'Visit to Fiji by Liyapindiny Marika and Bandiyal Maymuru'.
57. Yuendumu1. Yuendumu1-162Research notes, correspondence and medical reports on Yuendumu and surrounding area, mostly from 1930's to 1960's; copy of the 'Summary of the ecology of Aboriginal child health', by Francis, Middleton, Penny, Thompson and McConnochie, 1971.
58. Biographies for Dictionary1. Biographical Dictionary1-85Research notes, correspondence and biographical profiles on various people compiled for the 1988 Biographical Dictionary Project, including Ellen Kettle, Edith McQuade White, Ida Ashburner (married name Ida Edwards), Elsie Muriel Jones (nee King), Dr Cecil  Cook, Dr Clyde Fenton, Margaret (Peg) Downer, Dr Mervyn  Holmes, Dr William (Bruce) Kirkland and Gordon Sweeney.
 2. [no title]1-39Research notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings and biographical information on various people, including Lorraine Brennan, Jacqueline O'Brien, Lila McIntosh, Midge Morrison, Ruth Heathcock, Ellen Kettle, and Mercia Butler (nee Roberts); information on midwifery in NT; copy of Ellen Kettle's supporting statement for appeal against appointment of Miss L. Reynolds.
 3. Miscellaneous notes1-24Research notes, correspondence and biographical information on various people, including Ngairi Stichbury, Connie Bush, Dr Cecil Cook, Dr Mervyn Holmes, Ida Ashburner and Gordon Sweeney; Uniting Church Darwin Parish newsletterfrom 30 August 1981; pages 5 and 16 ofThe NT News, Saturday September 26, 1981 featuring an article titled 'High hopes, repeated failures'  by Peter Forrest.
59. Gordon Sweeney and Dr Clive Fenton1. Gordon Sweeney 1-115Research notes, correspondence and biographical information on Gordon Sweeney, including 1930's reports that he wrote
 2. Dr Clyde Fenton1-60Research notes, correspondence, articles and biographical information on Dr Clyde Fenton and the NT's Aerial Medical Service.
60. Schools medical and infant health1. Schools medical1-41Research notes, correspondence and 1960's reports relating to Schools Medical Service; biographical material on Dr Helen Phillipps; research notes on hearing and Acoustic Laboratory.
 2. Infant Health Alice Springs1-18Research notes, 1960's report and photocopies of 1950's newspaper articles on child welfare and infant health in Alice Springs.
 3. Infant Health Darwin1-29Research notes and copies of report from 1950's - 1970's on infant health in Darwin.
 4. Community health and home nursing1-16Research notes, biographical letter from Joy Porter (nee Fenwick) and copies of letters and memos about medical supplies to medical aid posts from the 1950's.
61. Medical reports & published material1. Medical papers, war and post-war1-116Copies of articles on variety of Aboriginal health issues in the NT, including yaws, leprosy, syphilis malaria, tuberculosis, ulcers, polyarthritis (Ross River fever), trachoma and encephalomyelitis. Authors include Cecil Hackett 1936, A. Breinl and Baldwin Spencer 1912, A. Breinl and M.J. Holmes 1915, Raymond Binns 1915, Horan, Johnston , Halliday, O'Brien and Hurst, 1944, John Halliday and John Horan 1943, Raymond Binns 1945, W.B. Kirkland 1939.
 2. Dr W.D. Walker 19281-33Three copies of letter/report on south, central and north Australia by Dr W.D. Walker, 1927/28.
 3. Medical publications1-82Correspondence, papers and articles on various health issues, including infant and child growth, indigenous mortality and morbidity, autism, Melville Island medical conditions, childbirth, diarrhoeal disease, malnourishment and leprosy. Various authors including Janet Bell and Patricia Lay 1968,  Ellen Kettle 1966, C.M. Crotty and R.C. Webb 1960, A.C. Walker 1969, P.M. Moody 1969, Edward Ford 1942, C.E. Cook 1966, J. de Vidas 1947, A.C. Walker 1972, Brubaker, Meyers and Bourland 1985.
 4. Medical papers1-80Leprosy, measles, tuberculosis, malaria, nutrition, congenital abnormalities, eye diseases, liver disease, syphilis and yaws. Authors include A.H. Humphrey 1952 and 1964, H.K. Fry 1949, Watsford, Welton, Brock and Langford 1956, W.B. Kirkland 1950, Robert Black 1950, Gracey, Murray, Hitchcock, Owles and Murphy 1983, Edward Ford 1941, Frank Flynn 1944, Cecil Cook 1927 and Cecil Hackett 1936.
 5. [no title]1-99Correspondence, papers and articles on a variety of health issues in including dengue fever, infant mortality, neurological disorders, tuberculosis, Aboriginal sociology and psychology. Authors include Walker, Meyers, Woodhill and McCulloch 1942, Herbert Basedow 1932, Helen Wagner 1981, R.C. Webb 1957, Kiloh, Lethlean, Morgan, Cawte and Harris 1980, Michael Schneider 1946 and paper titled 'Tuberculosis in the Northern Territory' by Ellen Kettle, 1987.
 6. Torula Histolytica (Toreolosis)1-5Copies of articles and reports relating to Torula Histolytica infectionsby Raymond Binns 1945 and David Lo 1976.
 7. Post-war publications1-211Published articles and research notes on a variety of health conditions and issues related to Australian Aborigines and the NT, including ear disease, malaria, clay eating, social issues, growth rates, meliodosis, mortality and morbidity, scurvy, pneumococcal vaccine, postpartum depression, child health, respiratory infections, typhoid, Murray Valley encephalitis, poliomyelitis, leprosy, skin ulcers, intraperitoneal transfusions, trachoma, bold pressure and health issues relating to Cyclone Tracy.
62. Dental1. Dental and dentists post-war1-173Research notes, reports, articles and correspondence about NT dentists and dental services, including the Army Dental Services, Darwin Dental Clinic and Mobile Dental Unit, mostly post war but some from 1930's-1945. Includes copies of: Records of the American-Australian scientific expedition to Arnhem Land,1960, pages 61-71 on anthropology and nutrition; and 'Dental Health Services and the Northern Territory of Australia' by Donald A. Anderson (n.d.)
63. Red Cross1. Red Cross1-11Copies of newspaper articles from the 1940's and 1950's, research notes and correspondence about Red Cross activities in the NT.
64. Ear1. Ear1-11Two copies of article 'Middle ear problems in Australian Aboriginals' by ABN Rao, 1986; information about Mr EJ Tonkin, audiologist; and 1977 report on Bathurst Island health issues, particularly ear problems.
65. Mixed race children1. H/C children Darwin & Alice Springs 1-111Various reports, correspondence and research notes including: Kahlin Compound reports from 1927 onwards; correspondence relating to removal of children from Pine Creek to Melville Island in 1940's, the Melville Island Catholic Halfcaste Mission and the Methodist Church Mission at Croker Island; various correspondence and reports from CE Cook, Chief Protector of Aboriginals from 1930's; correspondence from Moy, Director of Native Affairs from 1950's; various research notes including Alice Springs, Darwin and Croker Is.; copy of Advertiserarticle 15/12/1909 and correspondence from WA Burton; extracts from Fletcher Payne and other reports re "The Aboriginal problem".
 2. H/C Alice Springs 1929-19341-51Research notes, copies of newspaper articles, reports and correspondence from 1914 - 1930's relating to "The Bungalow" at Alice Springs and the "Half-caste Home" at Jay Creek near Alice Springs where children were accommodated in the early 1900's.
 3. [no title]1-68Copies of Commonwealth  Department of External Affairs papers, 1910 -1911 re 'Establishment of Institution for adequate housing etc of Half castes' in the NT, including 'Aborigines Bill 1909 No 33' (Suggested Alterations); Copies of Commonwealth Department of Home and Territories papers re "Removal of half castes from Daly Waters to Roper River Mission Station" 1917 - 1918.
 4. H/C children Post-war1-11Research notes, two copies of 1947 report on Groote Island by Sgt F.H. Moy re "half caste settlement envisaged by the CMS" and letter from J.G. McGlashan re employment and training of Aborigines dated 1947.
66. Cyclone1. Cyclone Tracy Christmas 19741-55Material relating to Cyclone Tracy which hit Darwin on 25 December 1974, including a copy of a 64 page magazine titled 'Cyclone! Christmas in Darwin 1974' published by Sydney Morning Herald; article titled 'The health management of Cyclone Tracy' by C.H. Gurd, A Bromwich & J.V. Quinn, The Medical Journal of Australia,May 24, 1975; various correspondence relating to cyclone and health issues, including from C.H. Gurd, Director of Health, J.V. Quinn, Medical Superintendent and A.F. Bromwich, Senior Specialist (Surgery); report on Darwin Hospital and Cyclone Tracy; Health Department newsletters post-cyclone; personal recollections of Cyclone Tracy from Fran Wicks, Katherine Hospital Matron and David Shoobridge, Katherine Hospital Secretary; notes, articles and report on 1937 cyclone.
 2. Darwin Cyclone Tracy1-39Paper by Joseph Scanlon for presentation at World Congress of Sociology, Sweden 1978 titled 'Day One in Darwin: Once again the vital role of communications'.
67.Catholic Missions1. 1940 transfer children to missions1-70Various material relating to the movement of children to missions, including research notes and correspondence on Bathurst Island and Groote Eylandt Mission, summary of Half-caste Policy, a report by EW.P. Chinnery, Director of Native Affairs NT in 1940 and movement of children from Alice Springs and Pine Creek.
 2. [no title]1-49Research notes on the Jesuit missionaries, Jesuit mission at Daly River, Sister Marita and other subjects; list of Sisters who worked at Channel Island Leprosarium; copies of reports on various catholic missions from 1800's; correspondence relating to Medical Hut and Little Flower Mission at Alice Springs.
68. Anglican C.M.S.1. C.M.S. pre-war used material1-66Various documents related to the Anglican Church Missionary Society and their activities, including research notes and copies of pages from 'Sky pilot in Arnhem Land' by K. Langford Smith, published 1935; 1930's - 1950's correspondence relating to the missions at Oenpelli, Roper River and Groote Eylandt, many from Cecil Cook; 1927 letter re lepers at Roper River Mission and research notes on Roper River Mission.
 2. C.M.S post-war & wartime1-49Extensive research notes from C.M.S records,  1929 correspondence and article on Aboriginal matters and C.M.S. history, and 1940's correspondence re mission stations at Oenpelli, Roper River and Groote Eylandt.
 3. C.M.S local material1-18Research notes correspondence and newspaper clippings, mainly about C.M.S. mission staff, including a list of nurses who worker at C.M.S. missions.
69. Kapalgo/ Monassie mission1. Kapalgo1-59Documents relating to the Church of England's mission on the East Alligator River in the early 1900's, including correspondence, research notes, reports, maps and information on the history of the Alligator Rivers region.
70. Methodist1. Methodist/ United Church/ Uniting Church Pre-war1-37Various reports relating to Methodist Missionary Society's missions mainly from 1920's to 1940's, including Milingimbi, Goulburn Island and Elcho Island. It includes correspondence from Cook wanting to stop the mission work, comments on 1933 Caledon Bay killings, correspondence relating to Rev Kentish who was taken as a Japanese POW and then executed in 1943, and a paper by Miss B. Lowe on the history of the Methodist missions in North Australia titled 'Methodist Overseas Mission North Australia: story of the commencement'.
 2. Methodists post-war1-5A 31 page newsletter of Uniting Church Frontier services in booklet format titled The Inlander: Commemorative issue, No. 23, November 1986  and information on Rev Kentish.
71. Miscellaneous missions1. Australian Aborigines Mission & Aborigines Inland Mission1-13Research notes and correspondence regarding missions in northern and central Australia, including the Australian Aborigines Mission & Aborigines Inland Mission (AIM), and a copy of newspaper article about Miss Amelia Shankleton who was an AIM missionary.
 2. Dr Cook - control of missions1-31Research notes and documents from the 1920's to 1940's relating to the establishment, funding and control of missions, much of it relating to Dr Cook.
72. Health Department 1. Dept. of Health immediately post-war 1945-19461-64Papers relating to the 1945/1946 period immediately post war and the reversion from military to civil control on 28 February, 1946, including the names of many hospital staff members at that time
 2. Dept. of Health post-war staffing etc.1-59Copies of newspaper articles from the 1940's and 1950's about various issues including hospital staff strikes and medical charges; documents relating to the resumption of civil control; information on the history of NT Medical Services; research notes on Kahlin Hospital and staff and 1951 list of Health Department staff members. 
73. Newspapers1. Newspapers late 1940's1-31Copies of newspaper articles relating to various NT medical services and the Health Department from the 1940's and 1950's.
74. Health Department correspondence1. Health Department correspondence1-29bCorrespondence from the Department of Health and other agencies, mainly related to administration; copies of articles by Ellen Kettle titled 'Health education at village level', 1970 and 'Organisation, development and administration of nursing services in the Northern Territory', 1968.
75. Health staff pre-war1. Health staff pre-war1-67Various documents relating to NT health staff including dispensary staffing at Darwin in the 1930's, hospital staff in the late 1800's and early 1900's, staff at the "half cast home" in Darwin and Alice Springs in the 1930's, research notes on staff at East Arm Leprosy Hospital and Leprosarium at Channel Island, and a paper titled 'History of Channel Island' by Ellen Kettle 1981 with attached map.
76. Nurses1. Nursing staff College of Nursing 1-5Research notes and correspondence, mostly relating to Sister G. Hodge's theatre management course in 1956 and appointment of staff to Senior-Sister status in 1952.
 2. Post-war nursing staff1-49Various papers relating to nursing staff from the mid 1940's onwards; notes from interviews with nursing staff including Helen Wagner, Irene Mitchell (Hobster); correspondence from  Brenda Wilson (nee Divine), Mary Roche, Billie Williamson (nee Kemp) and Margaret Mocatto (McLoughlin); and documents relating to various nurses graduation ceremonies.
 3. Nurse training post-war 19461-51Documents relating to nurses training, registration and other related subjects mainly in late 1940's and 1950's, including newspaper clippings, research notes on various staff members including Brenda Wilson (nee Divine), Dr Fred Clements and staff lists for various hospitals and stations.
 4. Nurse training commencing 19291-44Papers relating to nursing staff and their training in the period from 1929 - 1946, including research notes, a list of pre-war medical personnel and correspondence from Violet (Bobby) Murray (nee Smith).
 5. Nurse training beginning1-28Documents relating to the establishment of training for nurses and the Nurses Boards in the NT, mostly from the late 1920's and 1930's
 6. Survey Sisters & AMS1-54Research notes on Ngaire Stichbury, clerical staff, regionalisation of Health Services and takeover of Rural Health Services; photocopies of various  1961-1971 annual reports relating to Survey Sisters, Medical Survey Section, Rural Health and Aerial Medical Service (AMS).
 7. Doreen Lawton1-41Correspondence and papers relating to Doreen Lawton who worked at the Yirrkala and Elcho Island missions in the 1960's and the Institute of Aboriginal Development in Alice Springs in the 1970's. 1982 Department of Health telephone directory included.
 8. Edna Brooker tapes1-30Draft transcript and notes on nursing in the Northern Territory by Sister Edna F. Brooker ' c1982, part of the NT's Oral History Project.
 9. Snake Bay staff1-38Correspondence from Lavinia (previously Hazel) Sinclair, minutes from Senior Sisters' meeting from 1977, letter re Nursing Aide Training School in Alice Springs and Nhulunbuy from 1977, Community Health Newsletter June/July 1977, Milikapiti AHW Newsletter  May 1977 and a paper prepared by Dr S. Linco titled 'Outstations in the East Arnhem Region' 1977.
77. Nurses pre-war1. Nurses pre-war1-70Research notes and correspondence from pre-war nursing staff, including Else Neilson, Gene Thompson (nee Ford), Sylvia Franklands, Alma Cox and Dorothy Powell (nee Black), correspondence from CE Cook re nursing staff, copies of 1940's newspaper articles re plane crash involving nursing staff and copies of photos of nursing staff in Darwin from the early 1940's.
78. Doctors & Health Inspectors1. Doctors1-88Newspaper clippings, articles, research  notes, correspondence and other documents relating to various medical practitioners in the NT, many of them in the pre-war period, including A.H. Humphry, Mervyn J. Holmes, R.C. Webb, H.K. Fry, David S. Thomson, Richard Brock, Thomas K.J. Fulton, W.B. Kirkland, C.E. Cook, Ronald (Richard) Webb, Frank Flynn, Frank McCallum, William V. Russell, Helen M. Phillips, Pauline Wilson and H.H. Fry (medical anthropologist).
 2. Post-war doctors1-123Documents relating to medical staff in the NT, mainly in the post-war period, including Rory Willis, Helen Mary Phillips, Dennis Stanbury, Stephen Watsford, Bertram Welton, L.W. (Bill) Alderman, Harvey Burton, Bruce Cumpston, Gordon Birks, A.H. Humphry, Peter Leslie, Geoffrey Ey, and others. Includes many original letters.
 3. Dr LW (Bill) Alderman1-56Photocopies of 1940's and 1950's newspaper clippings from Dr Lawrence William Alderman's personal collection on a variety of NT health related matters, many featuring or mentioning Dr Alderman and the Flying Doctor Service.
 4. Health Inspectors1-12Research notes and correspondence relating to health inspectors and their work in the NT.
79. St. John Ambulance1. St. John Ambulance Darwin & Alice Springs1-16Research notes and articles about St. John's Ambulance in the NT, including an article titled 'St. John Ambulance Service Northern Territory: A brief history' by Colin Burden published in Response, May 1984.
80. History dates1. Historical extracts1-9Documents relating to the establishment of missions and settlements in the NT, particularly dates; correspondence offering Ellen Kettle a position as author of Northern Territory Dictionary of Biography;and copy ofNT Annual Report1949-1953.
 2. General information1-24Miscellaneous material including: lists of staff who Ellen Kettle tried unsuccessfully to contact; Nungalinya College, Darwin newsletter March 1978; 1949 & 1952 correspondence relating to the Health Department's Larrakeyah office premises and staffing; copy of newsletter of the Australian Inland Mission Frontier Services Spotlight, 15 April 1978; Ellen Kettle's monthly report for June 1979; and copy of duty statement for community advisers.
81. Medical kits1. Medical kits1-46Documents relating to the acquisition and supply of medical chests/kits for the NT from 1911 onwards, including two photocopies of selected pages from The bushman's first aid: 'A short set of instructions for the prevention and treatment of disease in bush districts; for the guidance of those in charge of Government Medicine Chest'by Mervyn J Holmes 1913.
82. Outback radio1. Radio1-6Documents from 1925-1940 about wireless stations and services in the NT, particularly Bathurst Island, Wave Hill, Daly Waters and Alice Springs.
83. Joyce Inga Ellis1. Joyce Ellis1-76Original correspondence and personal recollections of events, mostly from the 1960's from Joyce Ellis who held various nursing positions in the NT, including with the Aerial Medical Service. Also includes sketches of Alice Springs Hospital from 1939, lists of photos sent to Ellen Kettle by Joyce, copies of various newspaper clippings on different events and many very descriptive pieces about her AMS/RFDS work in Central Australia.
84. Fred Clements1. Infant weights & graphs, Arnhem Land1-54Correspondence from FW Clements and copy of an article he co-authored with D.S. Jacobs titled 'Growth patterns of Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory' (no date); report on visit to Umbakumba in 1967 by D.S. Jacobs; letter from Campbell Miller to Ellen Kettle apologising for not returning her material on Aboriginal infant weights in Arnhem land, with the 1975 and 1979 documents attached including the paper 'East Arnhem Region weights of Aboriginal infants review: January 1979' by Ellen Kettle, 1979.
85. Nutrition1. Nutrition1-60Documents from the 1920's to 1950's about nutrition related topics in Aboriginal peoples, including diet, vitamin supplements, menu suggestions and ration scales. Includes various reports, articles and papers on nutrition by Winifred Wilson, M.W. (Margaret) Corden, E.H. Hipsley and C.E. Cook.
86. Archives 1. Commonwealth Archives, Darwin1-57Notes and lists made by Ellen Kettle on archival files to be accessed, copied or scanned from various agencies including NT Archives, SA Government Archives, Darwin and Canberra's Commonwealth Archives, NT Health Department and various newspapers.
 2. Metric conversions1-11Information on converting imperial measures to the metric system.
 3. Archives, Canberra1-79Australian Archives photocopying requests and notes made by Ellen Kettle on Australian Archives files to be accessed.
 4. Archives, South Australia1-10Research notes taken from SA Archives on the early history of medical services in the NT from 1878 - 1889.
87. RANF nursing report1. RANF report on NT nursing, 19671-93Correspondence relating to nurse training issues and various Royal Australian Nursing Federation (RANF) documents, including a 1967 report titled 'Report on nursing in the Northern Territory' compiled by Lorraine Jarrett of Royal Australian Nursing Federation and a copy of 'Report to Royal Australian Nursing Federation on student nurse education and the conditions under which student nurses receive such education in Northern Territory - July 1967' by Lorraine Jarrett 1967. 
88. PH nursing submissions1. PH nursing submissions 1975 & 19781-71Articles, papers and lectures written by Ellen Kettle, including a paper presented at the 3rd Australian Medical Congress in Sydney in 1968 titled 'Development of rural health services in the Northern Territory', 'Northern Territory Rural Health Service' 1965, 'History of the Northern Territory Health Services' 1985, 'Northern Territory Rural Health Nursing Service' 1965 and 'Organisation, development and administration of Nursing Services in the Northern Territory' 1968.
89. Channel Island1. Therese Puertelanocassette tape x1One 60 minute audio cassette. Side A: Rita. Side B: Therese Puertelano
 2. Channel Is. 1942-19441-52Material relating to leprosy and Channel Island mainly from the wartime period 1942-1944, including two pages from The Northern Territory NewsSaturday 7 February,1981 with article titled 'Leprosy: It is not a dirty word', copies of Australian Military Forces, Commonwealth Government and Health Department reports and correspondence concerning the Channel Island leprosarium/leper station, the release and evacuation of lepers in 1942 after Darwin was bombed. Notation on folder: "Have used this material in the Wartime Section".
 3. Channel Island papers1-54Copies of papers written by Ellen Kettle and research notes, correspondence and records relating to the papers. Papers are  titled 'A history of Channel Island in Darwin Harbour' written April 1982 and an appendix to this paper written in September 1982 titled 'The graves on Channel Island'. Included are lists of some of the deceased, copies of records listing inmates transferred from WA, copies of photographs showing damage from the 1937 cyclone and copy of a 1939 report referring to lepers in Mataranka. 
90. AAMWS Women's Medical Service1. AAMWS Sylvia Perry, Ruth & Ralph Donaldson1-11Correspondence from M.S. (May) Douglas who worked with the Australian Army Medical Women's Service (AAMWS) and Ruth Donaldson whose husband, Ralph Donaldson, was an officer stationed in NT during WWII. Includes personal recollection of the time, including the bombing of HMAS Manunda, the 119 Australian General Hospital (AGH) at Adelaide River and the 107 AGH at Darwin and Berrimah.
91. Highway construction1. Stuart Highway 1940 - 1941 & Allied Works Council, wartime1-47Material relating to Allied Works Council (AWC) and the construction of the North-South Road (Stuart Highway) from 1940 - 1944, including notes made by George Redmond, research notes, copies of documents about medical arrangements during the construction, selected pages from a 1942 - 1943 AWC report and a report on the housing situation in Darwin in 1940.
92. Darwin Hospital, wartime1. Darwin Hospital, wartime1-26Research notes, correspondence and copies of war diaries/intelligence summaries relating to hospitals in Darwin in the wartime period, including Darwin Hospital at Fortress Camp Hospital 1943 and Kahlin/Myilly Point 1945 and brief information about some medical staff including Clive James. Notation on front of folder: 'Darwin Hospital Old - Packard Street, New - Myilly Point - Kahlin etc., Fortress Camp Hosp, 125 AGH'
93. George RedmondGeorge Redmond ex Director of Works & Housing1-53Correspondence from the early 1980's between Ellen Kettle and George Redmond about his time as Director of Works and Housing, including construction of various hospitals and roads in the late 1930's - 1940's. Includes many personal recollections and copies of some photographs  Copies of selected pages of Over the years: An autobiographyby H.M. Rolland c1971 sent by Redmond.
94. Americans 1942-19451. Americans in War1-20Correspondence between Ellen Kettle and various US military and archives services re their records relating to US army activities in the NT during WWII; research notes on various activities, including American hospitals at Larrimah, Batchelor, Adelaide River, Fountain Head and Darwin; copy of map of American Army Hospital, Nightcliff site 1946 by Iris Fowlestone in 1982.
 2. American Army Hospitals1-6 Sketch maps of American Army Hospital, Nightcliff site 1946 by Iris Fowlestone in 1982 (including original) and Darwin Hospital block plan 1942.
95. Nurses: War1. Australian Army Medical Women's Service1-73Correspondence from Sylvia Perry who was Deputy Assistant Controller of AAMWS in NT during 1944-45 with personal reflections and attached 'Brief history of the AAMWS in the NT 1939-1945'; copy of transcript of oral history made by Jean Trafford on 10 December 1980 of an interview with Edith McQuade White, a nurse in the NT during WWII; correspondence from several nurses who were in Darwin during WWII describing their experiences, including Ruth Donaldson (referring to photographs which were not with letter), Eileen Elcock, L. Edwards, Hazel Lorking, Sadie Williams and Alma Cox; list of Darwin Hospital staff on 19/2/1942; notes on Sister Margaret de Mestre who was killed in the second attack on the hospital ship Manundain Darwin harbour in 1942.
 2. Eileen Elcock1-23Correspondence between Ellen Kettle and Eileen Elcock, including personal recollections of her time in Darwin during WWII and the bombing of Darwin.
96. Blood transfusions1. [no title]1-8Research notes in the use of blood products and blood transfusions during WWII, including copy of chapter 34 titled 'Blood transfusion' from Clinical problems of warby Allan S Walker 1952, Halstead Press, Sydney.
97. Wartime medical papers1. Wartime medical papers1-37Photocopies of pages and chapters from various publications discussing health issues during wartime, including Darwin dramaby Owen Griffiths, n.d., Bloxham & Chambers Pty. Ltd, Sydney andClinical problems of warby Allan S. Walker 1952, Halstead Press, Sydney; correspondence relating to disposal of Commonwealth records at Alice Springs and transfer of NT records to Commonwealth Archives.
98. Bombing and Lowe Report1. Key papers Jan-Mar 19421-13Correspondence from The Australian War Memorial and NT Department of Health about Matron Sinclair-Wood and RH Nimmo; copies of documents from WWII era about hospital accommodation and medical arrangements.
 2. War, mainly Feb 1942 & some of Lowe Enquiry1-89Research notes and copies of army files, reports, war diary entries and correspondence from various authors, including W.B. Kirkland, V.J. McGovern, Sam Sewell, J.B. McElhone, R.B. Cameron and Clive James who were stationed in Darwin during WWII, about hospitals, health and medical issues. Many relate to the air raids on Darwin in 1942. Some material also relates to the Darwin Air Raid Enquiry 1942 and the Lowe Report.
 3. Darwin Hospital war1-122Photocopies of 1942 - 1945 military documents supplied by Australian War Memorial, including 129 Australian General Hospital (AGH) quarterly, laboratory and post-mortem reports, 129 AGH and Fortress Camp Hospital War Diaries, and 129 AGH staffing documents.
99. Adelaide River 119/107 AGH 1. [no title]1-102Research notes, correspondence and copies of 1942/1943 military reports, war diary entries and unit rolls relating to 119 AGH in Adelaide River, which became 107 AGH in May 1943, and 42 Camp Hospital, AIF. Includes a document listing medical officers stationed in the NT 1942, many personal recollections and photocopies of photographs and sketch maps.
100. Konrad Hirschfeld1. Hirschfeld tapes1-5 + 6 audio tapesOrder of service from the funeral of Dr Konrad Hirschfeld and six audio cassettes taped by Dr Hirschfeld.
 2. Dr (Major) Konrad Hirschfeld diary (copies) & letters1-81Correspondence from Hirschfeld to Ellen Kettle from the 1980's and copies various documents relating to his time with 119 AGH as an army surgeon in the NT during WWII, including 1942/43 diary entries, register of operation performed and lists of medical supplies and equipment.
 3. [no title]1-224Transcripts of the tape recording made by Konrad Hirschfeld (including recount of diary contents), research notes, 1980's correspondence between Konrad Hirschfeld and Ellen Kettle, sketch maps drawn by Hirschfeld in 1983 of Darwin Hospital 19/2/42 showing sites where bombs landed and copies of various photographs and documents, including 1942 diary entries (including 19 Feb 1942 when Darwin was first bombed). Also included is letter from Elizabeth Sowerby (nee Kiernan) and her recollections of the bombing of Darwin.
101. War1. [no title]1-50Research notes and copies of documents relating to WWII, mainly concerning casualties and evacuation following the bombing of Darwin, including military reports and pages from 'Australia's frontier province' by C.L.A. Abbott, Angus & Robertson, Sydney 1950.
 2. 7 MD planning1-41Research notes and copies of reports and correspondence mainly relating to the Australian Military Forces 7th Military District, based in Darwin, including document detailing the movement of civilian nursing staff after the bombing, extract from Australian War Memorial Diary HQ NT Force and a 1939 army report titled 'Sub-committee on medical and dental services - Darwin, first report'. Includes a NT News clipping of an article titled 'Mindil skeletons 'not Aborigines': Lee' stating that recently found skeletal remains are casualties of the Japanese bombing.
 3. [no title]1-90Research notes and copies of reports and correspondence including a 1939 army report titled 'Sub-committee on medical and dental services - Darwin, second report', pages from Australia's pearl harbourby Douglas Lockwood, Cassell Australia, 1966, an article fromThe National  Geographic Magazine, 1942titled 'Life in dauntless Darwin', documents about the role of the Navy in providing medical services during the war, pages fromAustralia in the war of 1939 - 1945by Allan Walker, 1952 and pages from 2/12 Field Ambulance AIF War Diary February 1942.
 4. Wartime evacuees, overseas refugees1-2A document summarising evacuees from the SW Pacific admitted to and discharged from 119th AGH.
 5. NT wartime hospitals1-18Paper by Ellen Kettle titled 'Hospitals in the Northern Territory during the Second World War', 1990.
102. ManundaHospital Ship Feb. 1942 &Neptuna1. Manunda1-104Research notes, correspondence and copies of documents relating to the 2/1 Australian Hospital Ship Manunda, including: the ship's war diary from February 1942; 1980's correspondence and personal accounts from various people on board theManundaduring the air raids, including Eric Marchoni, Tom Minto, Marsden Hordern, Keith Bowden (surgeon); various articles and reports on the ship; copies of photographs; menu fromManundaMay 7, 1941 with autographs of quite a few of the crew; original souvenir card listing important dates inManunda's history; statutory declarations from various people on board the ship during the bombing on 19 February 1942 about the events that day, including Captain James Garden; handwritten notes of interviews relating to Manunda, including with Eric Marchoni; report by J Ralph Donaldson (CO of the ship) on the role of the Manunda and report by Sergeant Tom Minto on events.
 2. Neptuna1-17Research notes and correspondence relating to the MV Neptuna which sank in the air raids of 19 February 1942, including correspondence and personal accounts from Brendan de Burca and J.H. Knight who were on board, with information about the ship's surgeon Dr John Hyde.
103. Evacuation1. Evacuees and evacuation1-33Documents mainly relating to the evacuation from Darwin, Pine Creek, Katherine, Melville Island, various missions and stations after the bombing in 1942, including research notes on the movement of "mixed-race children" from 1937 - 1942 and the Balaklava Welfare Institution, and copies of various official reports.
104. Search & Rescue RAAF1. Fenton & Slade No. 6 Communications Unit RAAF1-4Research notes on the RAAF's Air Ambulance and Search and Rescue Unit, with information about Captain John Slade and Dr CC Fenton.
105. Ambulance Train1. Lorna Laffer Ambulance Train1-37Material relating to the Ambulance/Hospital Train which began operation in June 1942, mostly supplied by Lorna Laffer who worked on it for part of the war, including correspondence detailing her memories of that time, a copy of "It's Your Story": I worked on a Hospital Trainby Lorna F Laffer and five original photographs of Laffer and EM Quinlan, as well as photocopies of other photos.
106. Alice Springs1. Wartime 109 AGH1-101Material relating to the 109th Australian General Hospital (AGH), 4th Military District, Alice Springs, including research notes and copies of correspondence, reports and pages for 109 AGH War Diary 1942 and 1943. Also includes research notes on the medical treatment of evacuees.
 2. Abbot's administration during war1-25Documents from 1942-1945 relating to medical and dental services in Alice Springs, Pine Creek, Tennant Creek and other areas, some by CLA Abbott was The Administrator based in Alice Springs, including research notes and copies of reports, correspondence.
107. Bagot and Berrimah 119 AGH1. Bagot 1941-19421-92Research notes, correspondence and copies of documents relating to Bagot, in particular the use of Bagot Aboriginal Compound as a military hospital by 119 AGH which was stationed there from 1941 and early 1942, including correspondence from staff who worked there at the time (Elizabeth Sowerby (nee Kiernan), May Douglas and Konrad Hirschfeld ) and copies of reports, War Diary entries and staff lists. Also includes documents from March 1942 relating to the 119 AGH when based at Adelaide River, including copies of war Diary entries, staff and duty lists. 
 2. Berrimah 1-16Research notes and copies of reports and War Diary entries concerning the 119 AGH whilst stationed at Berrimah.
108. Darwin Hospital pre-war Fortress Camp & 129 AGH1. Darwin Hospital (Fortress Camp & 129 Australian General Hospital)1-60Copies of 1930's correspondence and report titled 'Report relating to the proposed erection of a hospital in Darwin, Northern Territory' published by the Commonwealth Government 1937-1938 about building of a new hospital in Darwin; research notes and 1943/44 reports on the military controlled 129 Australian General Hospital (AGH) at the Darwin Civil Hospital with references to the use of penicillin; research notes on nutrition during the war.
109. Katherine 1. 121 AGH Katherine1-99Various documents relating to Katherine in during WW II, including research notes on 121 AGH at Katherine and 42 Camp Hospital at Adelaide River; details of Sr. Marion Watt's gravesite at Adelaide River war Cemetery; paper titled '121st Australian General Field Hospital' by Cedric Patterson, September 1981 which discussing the history of the site of the 121 AGH; copies of 1942/43 121 AGH reports, correspondence, staff lists and War Diary records (starting from April 1942); copies of No. 1 Camp Hospital War Diary records from March 1942
 2. 121 AGH Katherine 19431-24Copies of 121 AGH War Diary entries, reports and staff lists from 1943.
 3. Plan of Katherine Military Hospital1-7Copies of sketch maps of Katherine Military Hospital made 31 Oct 1942.
 4. 101 AGH Katherine 1-6Research notes on 101 AGH in Katherine from August 1943 - November 1944 and copy of extract of eulogy of Miss Rosa Huppatz, Matron of 101 AGH.
110. Camp Hospitals 1. Adelaide River/Mataranka & Larrimah1-11Research notes listing the various Camp Hospital in NT during WWII, including 42 Camp Hospital at Adelaide River and then later at Mataranka, with more detailed notes on 45 Camp Hospital at Larrimah; 1982 correspondence from Robert Black regarding wartime events and medical conditions.
 2. Pine Creek1-5Research notes on 65 Camp Hospital based at Pine Creek from November 1942 - April 1943 and copy of War Diary for June 1943.
 3. 111 Convalescent Depot, Annaburoo1-15Brief notes on 111 Convalescent Depot based at Annaburoo, Australian War Memorial photocopy request forms and copies of  1942 staffing documents from 121 and 109 AGH.
111. Tennant Creek1. Tennant Creek Hospital1-35Research notes on Tennant Creek Hospital, nurses quarters and 55 Camp Hospital; paper by Hilda Tuxworth titled 'Dr. Walter Ferguson Straede' February 1982; sketch maps of Tennant Creek Hospital ; photograph of Tennant Creek Hospital about 1940; and copies of various documents about Tennant Creek Hospital and medical issues, including 1939 and 1942 correspondence regarding adequacy of medical services, buildings (1941 and 1945) and staffing issues (1946/47).
112. End of war 1. End of war period1-241982 correspondence from Vi Kelly and Joy Anderson about their days nursing at Kahlin Hospital and copies of 1945/46 reports and correspondence regarding resumption of civil administration of medical services.
113. Book extracts1. Book extracts - used [1]1-219Material used by Kettle whilst researching her books, including research notes and/or photocopies (many with notations) of extracts from the following publications: The Northern Territory of South Australiaby J.G. Knight, Government Printers, SA, 1880;Historical geography of white settlement in part of Northern Australia: Part 2 The Katherine-Darwin Regionby FH Bauer, CSIRO, 1964;An untamed territoryby Elsie R Masson, 1915;A man is his friendsby Chris Goy, 1979;Thirty years in tropical Australiaby G. White, 1918;Far-North memoriesby J.S. Litchfield, 1930;Tell the white man: The life story of an Aboriginal lubraby H.E. Thonemann, 1949;Narrative of a voyage round the worldby T.B. Wilson, 1835;The native tribes of Central Australiaby Baldwin Spencer & F.J. Gillen, 1899;Buffaloes: Life and adventures in Arnhem landby Carl Warburton, 1934;Medicine Manby Dr Frank McCann, 1959 andIn Australian tropicsby Alfred Searcy, 1909. Also included are three newspaper clippings of the following articles: 'Barnstormer of the bush' The NT News, 28 Jan 1984 and 'Tribute to NT pioneer' The NT News, 30 Dec 1983 both about Eddie Connellan, and 'Robbery started a book' by Evan Hannah, Chadstone Progress, 21 Oct 1981 about Rev. Chris Goy.
 2. Book extracts - used [2]1-232Material used by Kettle whilst researching her books, including research notes and/or photocopies (many with notations) of extracts from the following publications: Essays on leprosyby J. Ashburton Thompson 1897;Die Eigeborenender Kolonie Sudaustralienby Erhard Eylmann, 1908;Alice on the lineby Doris Blackwell & Douglas Lockwood, 1965;Australia in the War of 1939-1945: Medical seriesby Allan S. Walker, 1953;An untamed Territory: The Northern Territory of Australiaby Elsie R. Masson, 1915;Digging, squatting and pioneeringby Mrs D.D. Daly, 1887;The surveyorsby Margaret Goyder Kerr, 1971;Discoveries in Australia: Voyage of HMS Beagle,1937-1843;Australasia and the Oceanic Regionby W.B. Wildey, 1876; article titled 'The health and nutritional status of the natives' by B.P. Billington, published inRecords of the American - Australian expedition to Arnhem Land, 1960.
 3. Book extracts1-99Material used by Kettle whilst researching her books, including research notes and/or photocopies (many with notations) of extracts from the following publications: The Northern Territory as it isby W.J. Snowden, 1882;Customs, rites, and superstitions of the aboriginal tribes of the Gulf of Carpentaria, with a vocabularyby W. G. Stretton, 1893;A history of leprosy in Western Australiaby W.S. Davidson, 1978;The surveyorsby Margaret Goyder Kerr, 1971;Enterprise in tropical Australiaby G. Windsor Earl, 1846. Also contains: pages 9 and 10 fromThe Star, Wednesday, October 28, 1981 with articles titled 'Fat John George, the Knight of Darwin' and 'Eye on the airport'; correspondence from Peter Spillett regarding a case of leprosy in 1829; and correspondence from the Ministry of Defence Whitehall Library about Colonel William Johnston, including photocopies of extracts fromHistorical record of the Thirty-Ninth of the Dorsetshire Regiment of Footcompiled by Richard Cannon, 1853 andThe Dorsetshire Regimentby C.T. Atkinson, 1947.
 4. Book extracts, includes Alice Springs1-16Photocopy of pages from Bibliography of the Northern Territory of South Australia, compiled by Thomas Gill; research notes fromAn Australian Adventureby Harry Griffiths, 1975, Sister Ruth by Victor C Hall, 1968 andWe helped to blaze the trackby Vanda Marshall, 1980; correspondence from Jean Liddle with clipping from unknown newspaper containing article titled 'Nurses aides graduate'; and 1978 correspondence to Ellen Kettle from "the Dowling family" with news of the Institute of Aboriginal Development activities and from Pat & Jan Fleming.
114. Maps, diagrams, hospital floor plans & layouts1. [no title]1-78Various maps of the Northern Territory and South Australia, some showing military hospitals during WWII; sketch maps, diagrams, floor plans and lay-outs of various hospitals in the NT, including Darwin (1942, 1977 & 1980), Katherine (1942), Alice Springs (1942) and Nightcliff.
 2. Hospital layouts, floor plans etc., E. Kettle, History of Health Services1-8Layouts and floor plans of Darwin Hospital 1942, the first Darwin hospital site [no date] and Katherine Military Hospital 1942 with notes about reproducing the maps for inclusion in Kettle's book Health Services in the Northern Territory: a history 1824-1970.
 3. Health Services in the Northern Territory a history 1824-19701-5Photocopies of photographs of the American 65th Station Hospital at Adelaide River March 1944, plans of new Alice Springs Hospital [c1939] and sketch layout of Alice Springs Hospital 1942.
 4. Darwin Hospital 1-29 + mapOriginal site plan of Darwin Hospital which was opened on Myilly Point - Kahlin site on 2 February 1942, research notes and photocopy of 'Report relating to the proposed erection of a hospital at Darwin, Northern Territory' 1938. Map details: Lands and Survey Branch, NT Administration 'Contour and detail plan Darwin Hospital', from an aerial photograph taken 21 May 1969, C&L 782/D, DFA 72/74A, Scale 1:480 [map rehoused in NTL Rare Map Collection in Heritage Room 3, Catalogue number Rare Map 153]
115. 1954 - 1957 diary1. [loose items found inside 1954-1957 diary]1-11Loose papers taken from 1954 diary which starts "Hooker Cr. Native Settlement 10..5..54" including, list of people for third injection of triple antigen at Waterloo, list of people for triple antigen at Newry Station, photocopy and original of "Eye chart key" detailing treatment of trachoma by Stephen Watsford 1954 and triple antigen product information 1953 [all found between cover and first page, trachoma treatment and triple antigen information found in pocket taped to photocopy of trachoma treatment]; sticky notes: "Borroloola" [found 7th line from bottom of page starting "Wave Hill Station 14..5..55"] and "Borroloola" [found at top of page starting "Borroloola 3..1..56", both left insitu]; document titled "School Children's weights 11..9..58", 1953 triple antigen and 1955 diphtheria immunisation product information [found at page starting "Wave Hill Station March - April 1957]; document listing 3 children, their ages and parentage [found in page starting "November 1955 Hermannsburg Mission - Trachoma Treatment December 1955]; and card listing weights of various children [found inside back cover].
116. 1957 - 1962 diary1. [loose items found inside 1957-1962 diary]1-3Loose papers taken from 1957 - 1962 diary which starts "Limbunya Station 28..6..57" including, brief notes relating to work at Maningrida found at page starting "Missions - Arnhem Land 8..9..59"; letter dated 15 July 1957about medical treatment of patients sent for treatment found at page starting "Mainoru malaria eradication 29..7..62"; pathology report slip dated 9 March 1959 found between blank pages in middle of the diary.
117. Ten thousand hours, Harry Moss1. [no title]1-2241986 letter from Harry Moss to Ellen Kettle and a 222 page manuscript titled 'Ten thousand hours' by Harry Moss, edited and annotated by Ellen Kettle. Manuscript has 7 chapters: Chapter 1 Early bird and war years 1930-46; Chapter 2 Charter flying from Darwin; Chapter 3 Aerial medical work for the Department of Health in Darwin; Chapter 4 Alice Springs: Aerial Medical Service; Chapter 5 Last years in Alice Springs; Chapter 6 A new air service for the Solomon Islands; Chapter 7 From air to sea. Appears to be an early draft of a book by Moss title Ten thousand hours in the life of a flying doctor pilotpublished in 1988. 
118. Surveys1. 180/4/1 Part 1 Kettle 1954-561-130Photocopies taken from Health records, file number 180/4/1, Survey reports by Sister Kettle from May 1954 to August 1956 on Hooker Creek, Wave Hill, Limbunya Station, Waterloo Station, Rosewood Station, Inverway Station, Victoria River Downs, Borroloola, Daly River, Phillip Creek, "The Bungalow" in Alice Springs, Hermannsburg Mission, McArthur River, Anthony Lagoon, Cresswell Downs Station, Mallapunyah Springs, Walhallow Station, Red Bank Mines, Wollogorang Station, Calvert Hills Station, Brunette Downs, Avon Downs Station, Soudan Station, Gallipoli Station, Alexandria Station and Alroy Downs. Some reports include names of patients and medical details. Also includes photocopies of related correspondence between Kettle and Health Department.
 2.180/4/1 Part 2 Kettle 1956-581-110Photocopies taken from Health records, file number 180/4/1, Survey reports by Sister Kettle from September 1956 to April 1958 on Rockhampton Downs Station, Delissaville Settlement, Yirrkala Mission, Wave Hill Station, Victoria River Downs Station, Hooker Creek Native Settlement, Inverway Station, Kirkimbie Station, Limbunya Station, Waterloo Station, Rosewood Station, Newry Station, Auvergne Station, Coolibah Station, Maningrida Station, Goulbourn Island, Oenpelli Mission, Kildurk Station, Humbert River Station and Elcho Island. Some reports include names of patients and medical details. Also includes photocopies of related correspondence between Kettle and Health Department.
 3. 60/637 Kettle 1958-621-128Photocopies taken from Health records, file number 60/637, medical and infant welfare survey reports by Sister Kettle from April 1958 to June 1962 on Yirrkala Mission, Elcho Island, Milingimbi Mission, Groote Eylandt, Croker Island, Umbakumba Mission, Goulbourn Island, Oenpelli Mission, Roper River Mission, Rose River Mission, Beswick Settlement, Daly River Mission, Port Keats Mission, Jay Creek Settlement, "The Bungalow" Settlement, Hermannsburg Mission, Areyonga Settlement, Little Flower Mission (Santa Teresa), Haast's Bluff Settlement, Papunya Settlement, Yuendumu Settlement, Warrabri Settlement, Bathurst Island, Snake Bay Settlement, Wave Hill Station, Hooker Creek Settlement, Delissaville Settlement, Victoria River Downs, Maningrida Settlement, Hodson Downs, Elsey Station, Hidden valley, Beetaloo Station, Newcastle Waters Station, Elliot, Mucketty Station, Banka-Banka Station, Helen Springs, Aileron Station, Ti Tree Station, Stirling Station, Murray Downs, Singleton Station, Barrow Creek, Neutral Junction, Wauchope Hotel, Epenarra Outstation, Kurundi Station, McLaren Station, Beswick Settlement, Leguna Station, Dorisvale Station, Timber Camp - Clareville, Douglas Station, Ooloo Station, Alexander's Peanut farm, Pine Creek, Goodparla Station, Nourlangie Safari Camp, Russ Jones' Timber Camp and Munmalary, Mudjinberri, Delmere, Willeroo, Manbulloo, Florina, Jindare, Dorisvale, Jimbat, Meneling, Newry, Auvergne and Clareville Stations. Also includes photocopies of related correspondence between Kettle and Health Department and a paper titled 'Aboriginal infant feeding - first fourteen days of life' by Ellen Kettle, 17 October, 1961.
119. In-service training course November 19651. [no title]1-35Program and course notes from the College of Nursing Australia's in-service training refresher course themed 'Maternal and child health' held at Darwin Hospital on November 15-19, 1965. Also contains program from the College of Nursing Australia's 1966 Annual School themed 'Children in the Northern Territory (accent on public health)' held at Darwin Hospital sister's quarters on November 14-18, 1966.
120. Welfare & cattle stn. sisters1.Welfare sisters1-47Copies of correspondence from 1953 to 1972 regarding the employment and organisation of nursing sisters by the Welfare Branch to work on settlements and missions in the NT, including a 1972 list of welfare subsidised nurses on missions.
 2. Sisters on stations & towns1-38Copies of correspondence from 1957 to 1964 regarding the employment and organisation of nursing sisters by the Welfare Branch to work on remote cattle stations and towns in the NT, including lists of nursing sisters located in remote areas.
121. Health Services in the Northern Territory - a history 1824-19701. Chapter 11-19Draft of chapter 1 of Ellen Kettle's 1991 publication Health Services in the Northern Territory - a history 1824-1970.
 2. Chapter 21-17Draft of chapter 2 of Ellen Kettle's 1991 publication Health Services in the Northern Territory: a history 1824-1970.
 3. Chapter 31-49Draft of chapter 3 of Ellen Kettle's 1991 publication Health Services in the Northern Territory: a history 1824-1970.
 4. Chapter 41-32Draft of chapter 4 of Ellen Kettle's 1991 publication Health Services in the Northern Territory: a history 1824-1970.
 5. Chapter 51-79Two draft of chapter 5 of Ellen Kettle's 1991 publication Health Services in the Northern Territory: a history 1824-1970.
122. History of Commonwealth Dept. of Health1. Commonwealth era begins1-14Research notes from Fifty years of health: A history of the Commonwealth Department of Health 1921-1971, 1973 and photocopies of correspondence from 1911-1920 about various health related issues, including from Herbert Basedow about his visit to the NT, from Norman Bell about Pine Creek medical services and others about the Palmerston Local Board of Health.
 2. Functions of the Commonwealth Department of Health1-30A 57 page document detailing the roles and responsibilities of the Commonwealth Department of Health under The National Health Act 1953-1965 [publication details unknown].
 3. Child endowment1Notes on child endowment.
 4. [no title]1-14Photocopy of 'History and functions of the Commonwealth Health Department 1921-1952' by P.D. Abbott & L.O. Goldsmith, Department of Health Canberra [publication details unknown]
123. Commonwealth Health Laboratory 1. Pathology Laboratories1-29Correspondence and copies of archival documents and newspaper clippings relating to the commencement of pathology services at Alice Springs in 1956 and at Darwin in 1936. 
124. Quarantine, pearlers etc.1. Flying boats - sites, quarantine etc.1-6Research notes and copies of archival documents relating to Darwin's quarantine station in the early 1900's, particularly the impact of flying boats.
 2. Pearlers in 1930's1-4Copies of archival documents about foreign pearl shellers in relation to quarantine issues.
125. Ordinances1. Nursing ordinance1-72Documents relating to nursing ordinance, including 'The Northern Territory of Australia Regulations 1976 No. 3 Regulations under the Nursing Ordinance' and copies of 'Nurses and Midwives Registration Ordinance 1928-1957', 'Northern Territory of Australia Nursing Act, 1980', 'The Northern Territory of Australia Nursing Ordinance' and 'The Northern Territory of Australia Nursing Regulations'. 
 2. Ordinances1-124Correspondence, research notes and legislation relating to various nursing, medical and public health regulations and ordinances, including 'Regulations under the Health Act, 1935-1972' (SA, 1974), 'Nursing Bill table of provisions' (NT, 1982), 'Nursing regulations' (ACT), 'Nurses registration Ordinance 1933-1960' (ACT) and photocopies of 'An Ordinance Relating to Medical Benefits and Hospital Administration' (NT, 1946), 'The Northern Territory Aboriginals Act, 1910' (SA, 1910), 'Medical Practitioners Registration Ordinance 1935-1957', 'Health Ordinance, 1915' and 'Health Ordinance, 1912 (Commonwealth). Also included is Northern Territory Nurses Board Annual Report, 1967.
126. Medical & nurses boards1. 1945 Medical Board & Nurses' Board1-3Copy of 1945 correspondence about re-establishment of the NT's Medical Board to register medical practitioners.
127. Chinese1. Chinese 19121-46Photocopies of reports and correspondence of archival material 'Removal of insanitary Chinese tenements - Darwin' 1913-1914.
128. Newspaper clippings1. [no title]1-136Newspaper clippings and photocopies of newspaper articles from the 1970's and 1980's, mainly about health related issues in the NT. Also included are research notes on Department of Health, a 1930's document detailing staff movements at Darwin Hospital and 1948 correspondence relating to medical supplies.
129. Health Dept. 1920-19391. 1939 medical services1-72Research notes on venereal disease, Groote Eylandt Mission and Port Keats Mission, and copies of archival documents relating to medical services in the NT in the1930's and early 1940's, including pathology services, the appointment of medical officers and nursing staff, including that of Ida Ashburner as matron of Darwin Hospital, the transfer of Dr Cook on 1939, staff lists, transfer of Northern Territory Medical Service to Commonwealth Department of Health in 1939 and Aboriginal health issues.
 2. Department of Health general & staffing 1920-19391-103Research notes and copies of 1922 to 1934 archival documents, mostly correspondence to/from the Commonwealth Department of Health about medical and hospital staffing issues including Darwin Hospital staffing, Medical Officer appointments, quarantine and Darwin Hospital staffing. Includes many letters from Dr Cook.
 3. Fletcher-Payne Report 19371-2Photocopy of Hansard 9 September, 1938 discussing the Payne-Fletcher Committee report and the decision to move control of NT medical services to The Commonwealth Department of Health and for the establishment of an Aerial Medical Service at Alice Springs.
 4. Medical Benefit Fund, Cook1-21Copies of 1928 to 1940 archival material relating to the Northern Territory Medical Benefits Fund and Aboriginal Medical Benefits Fund established by Dr Cook.
 5. Drug smuggling, opium1-2Research notes about the smuggling pf opium and other goods into the NT in the 1930's.
 6. Dept. of Health 1939-19441-19Research notes on various hospitals and hospital staff in the NT from 1930 to 1946. Photocopies of NT Administration Branch staff list (1941) and NT Medical Service staff (1938).
130. Health 19831. Health Dept. modern 19831-9Letter from Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, US Department of Defence to Ellen Kettle about leprosy research, and copies of minutes from NT Department of Health Divisional Heads meetings 18 April 1983 and 3 May 1983.
131. Health Workers1. Health Workers1-13Paper titled 'Aboriginal Health Workers Historical background' by Ellen Kettle 1982, research notes on Aborigines employed in NT hospitals from 1953 to 1959 notes on Phillip Roberts who worked with Dr Langsford, Dr Hargrave and later at the leprosy hospital, and 1982 correspondence from the NT Department of Health about Aboriginal Health Workers.
132. Rural health newsletters1. Rural health newsletters1-222Paper titled 'Development of rural health services in the Northern Territory' by Ellen Kettle (no date), report on 'Aboriginal Health Workers Conference held at A.H.W.T.C. Nhulunbuy for E.A R. workers 30/6/80 - 2/7/80', photocopy of article titled 'Aboriginal Health Workers compare notes in New Guinea' by Beryl Djakala and Janet Bilin, The Australian Nurses Journal, vol. 11, no. 9, April 1982 and the following newsletters:Rural Health Newsletter(no. 18 October 1973, no. 21 March 1974 (two copies), no. 26 September 1974, no. 27 October 1974),Community Health Services Newsletter(March 1975 vol. 2, October 1975 vol. 2, January 1976),Community Health Newsletter(March 1976, April 1976, May & June 1976, July 1976, August, 1976, April 1977, May 1977, June/July 1977, August 1977 and September/October 1977) andCommunity Health Newsletter Northern Region(September 1976, October 1976, November 1976, December 1976 and March 1977). Many of the newsletter marked with 'Mr. Tom Rogers Registry'.
133. Aboriginal affairs1. Aboriginal affairs, Dr Cook 1936 policy, Chinnery Reports, Sweeney 19391-51Research  notes and photocopies of archival material relating to Aboriginal welfare and affairs from the 1920's to 1940's, including mission grants and T. Strehlow and Xavier Herbert who were Patrol Officers.
 2. Missions-Administration Conference 19531-14Research notes on various conferences about the administration of NT missions, photocopy of article titled 'Mission Conference at Darwin', Lutheran Herald,December 26, 1953 and 1953 Missions-Administration Conference paper titled 'Health problems in relation to full bloods in the Northern Territory' by Dr S.T. Watsford.
 3. Assistance to missions1-3Photocopies of archival documents about financial assistance to NT missions in the late 1940's.
 4. Policy on missions, 1930's1-2Research notes on proposed legislation to control mission stations in the NT in the 1930's and copy of 1938 memo regarding subsidies to missions.
 5. Ministerial visits, 1930's1Research notes on Mr McEwen's ministerial visit to the NT in 1938.
 6. Miscellaneous 1930's1-9Research notes on the Roman Catholic Mission Station at Tennant Creek, Donald Thompson, 1925 Legislation about Aboriginals and Cooks' 1930's Aboriginal policy, and photocopies of extracts from An Australian adventureby Harry Griffiths 1975 and 1942 correspondence about tobacco for Aborigines.
 7. Aborigines in war 19421-42Research notes on Patrol Officers W.E. Harney and Gordon Sweeney, and copies of archival documents including 'A race destined to disappear? Aboriginals of Australia' by Guiseppe Capra, 1936 (translation of a pamphlet containing an extract from Le Vie d'Italia e del Mondo -Monthly Review of Touring Club Italiano- no. 6, June 1936) and documents from 1942-1944 concerning Native Affairs Branch activities, Bathurst Island Mission, Snake Bay Settlement and wartime evacuees. 
134. J.W. Bleakley 19281. J.W. Bleakley Report 19281-74Copy of 'The Aboriginals and half-castes of Central Australia and North Australia' by JW Bleakley, Chief Protector of Aboriginals, Queensland, 1928.
135. Annual reports 1978-19801. 1978-19791-8Community Health Newsletter Northern RegionDecember/January 1978/79.
 2. 1977-19781-21Copies of the following 1977-1978 reports: Preliminary annual report from Darwin Hospital - 1 June 1978, Southern Region, Oenpelli, Port Keats, Borroloola, Jabiru and district, Hooker Creek/Lajamanu, Wave Hill Settlement/Wattie Creek, Wave Hill mobile and Timber Creek mobile district.
 3. 1976-19771-11Copies of the following documents from Annual report 1976-77: Community Health Establishment summary 25 March 1977, senior medical staff - Darwin Hospital, Alice Springs staff, Katherine Hospital Annual Report, nursing report and extract from Dg's and NT Division Annual Reports.
136. Annual reports 1974-19761. 1975-19761-51Copies of the following 1975-76 reports: Darwin Hospital Director General & NTMS Annual Report 1975/76, Darwin Hospital medical staff list, Alice Springs Child Health Unit, East Arnhem Region, Dental Health Services, Alice Springs Hospital, Katherine Hospital, Community Health Nursing, Director-General and NTMS, Aerial Medical Service and Southern Region. Also included is paper titled 'The status and requirements of Aboriginal health in the Northern Territory' by C.H. Gurd, January 1977.
 2. 1974-19751-67Research notes, staff lists and copies of Department of Health documents, mainly 1974/75 annual reports, including; Aboriginal Health Worker reports, Civil Works Program reports, Tuberculosis Control Branch report, East Arnhem Region report, Community Health Services report, Southern Region, Darwin Hospital, Darwin Hospital Paediatric Department, Nursing Education Section, NT Division, 1975 leprosy statistics and a 1975 report on restructuring the Department titled 'Northern Territory Division Top Structure: A plan for regionalisation' by Alan Capp.
137. Annual reports 1973-19741. [no title]1-62BResearch notes, Australian Department of Health Annual Report Northern Territory Division 1973/74, a 24 page Northern Territory News'Aboriginal Affairs feature' 14 July, 1973 and copies of archival Health Department reports and other documents from 1973/74.
138. Annual reports 1969-19731. 1972-19731-49Research notes on Commonwealth Department of Health NT Division 1972-1973 annual report and copies of excerpts from this report and from Annual Report Southern Region Commonwealth Department of Health Northern Territory 1972/73.
 2. 1971-19721-48Research notes on unpublished Commonwealth Department of Health NT Division annual report 1971-1972 and copies of excerpts from the report.
 3. 1970-19711-46Research notes on Commonwealth Department of Health NT Division 1970-1971 annual report and copy of this report, copies of other related Health Department documents from 1970-1971 and Alice Springs Hospital annual report 1969/70.
 4. 1969-19701-33Research notes on Commonwealth Department of Health NT annual report 1969-1970, copies of this and other health related annual reports from 1969-1970.
139. Annual reports 1967-19691. 1968-19691-126Research notes on Commonwealth Department of Health NT annual report 1968-1969 and copies of this report and other health related annual reports from 1968-1969.
 2. 1967-19681-62Copies of various NT health annual reports, including draft Commonwealth Department of Health NT division annual report.
140. Annual reports 1963-19671. 1966-19671-48Research notes on Commonwealth Department of Health NT Medical Services annual report 1966-1967 and copies of related annual reports from various NT health sections.
 2. 1965-19661-29Research notes on Commonwealth Department of Health NT division annual report 1965-1966 and copies of related annual reports from various NT health sections including Darwin and Alice Springs Hospitals.
 3. 1964-19651-37Research notes on Commonwealth Department of Health NT division annual report 1964-1965 and copies of related annual reports from various NT health sections including Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs Hospitals.
 4. 1963-19641-47Research notes on unpublished Commonwealth Department of Health NT division brief resume of annual report 1963-1964 and copies of this and related annual reports from various NT health sections including Darwin and Alice Springs Hospitals.
141. Annual reports 1960-19631. 1962-19631-122Two copies of Commonwealth Department of Health NT Division annual report 1962-1963.
 2. 1961-19621-10Copy of Darwin Hospital annual report 1961-1962.
 3. 1960-19611-85Copies of Commonwealth  Department of Health NT Medical Service annual report 1960-1961 and other related reports.
142. Annual reports 1957-19601. 1959-19601-61Copies of Commonwealth  Department of Health NT Division annual report 1959-1960 and other related reports, including extracts from The Northern Territory Report for 1959-1960.
 2. 1958-19591-72Copies of Commonwealth  Department of Health NT Division annual report 1958-1959 and other related reports, including Darwin Hospital, Katherine Hospital and extracts from The Northern Territory Report for 1958-1959.
 3. 1957-19581-54Copy of Commonwealth  Department of Health NT Division annual report 1957-1958 and other related annual reports, including Darwin Hospital, Alice Springs Hospital and extracts from The Northern Territory Annual Report for 1957-1958.
 4. 1956-19571-81Copies of Commonwealth  Department of Health NT annual report 1956-1957and other related reports, including Darwin Hospital, Alice Springs Hospital, Katherine Hospital and extracts from The Northern Territory Annual Report for 1956-1957.
143. Annual reports 1954-19561. 1955-19561-65Copies of Commonwealth  Department of Health NT Annual Report 1955-1956 and other related reports, including Darwin Hospital and extracts from The Northern Territory Annual Report for 1955-1956.Also included is a paper titled 'Health problems' given at the Missions Administration Conference August 1955.
 2. 1954-19551-64Copies of Commonwealth  Department of Health NT Annual Report 1954-1955 and other related reports, including Darwin Hospital and Alice Springs Hospital annual reports.
144. Annual reports 1945-19541. 1953-19541-80Research notes and copies of Commonwealth  Department of Health NT Medical Services Annual Report 1953-1954 and other related reports, including Darwin Hospital, Alice Springs Hospital and Katherine Hospital annual reports and extracts from The Northern Territory Report 1953-1955. Also included is 1953 health department correspondence titled 'Native housing in the Northern Territory'.
 2. 1949-19531-17Copy of  extracts from The Northern Territory Report 1949-1953 and copy of article titled 'Huge health plan for natives' fromNorthern Territory News1952.
 3. 1939-19511-26Research notes, copy of extract from Report on the Northern Territory 1938-1939 and copy of paper titled 'Agendum 3 Commonwealth and States Native Welfare Conference: Health', August 1950.
145. Annual reports 1901-19381. 1935-19381-104Copies of extracts from the annual reports on the Administration of the Northern Territory for the years ending 30 June 1935, 1936, 1937 and 1938, and for the Northern Territory Medical Service 1938.
 2. 1931-19341-81Copies of extracts from the annual reports of the Administration of the Northern Territory for the years ending 30 June 1931, 1932, 1933 and 1934.
 3. Medical extracts from Administration reports 1901-19381-63Copies of medical and health related extracts from NT Administration annual reports from 1901-1938
146. Administrator's annual reports 1935-19571. 1950-19571-117Research notes on NT Department of Health annual reports from 1963-1974 and on Welfare Branch reports form 1959-1969, and copies of health related extracts from various Northern Territory annual reports from 1953-1971 and Welfare Branch annual reports from 1960-1967. Also included is a variety of material chronologically listing events in NT's history including Administrators, Residents and Ministers and a paper titled 'History of the Northern Territory in brief' with annotation made by Ellen Kettle: 'Distributed to school children by the Chief Minister's Department in July 1980 (2 years after self-government)'.
 2. 1940-19501-69Copies of extracts from Report on the Administration of the Northern Territory for 1948-1949, 1947-1948, 1946-1947, 1945-1946, 1944-1945, 1943-1944, 1941-1942 and 1940-1941.
147. Administrator's annual reports 1915-19301. 1925-19301-110Research notes and copies of extracts from: Report on the Administration of the Northern Territory for 1929-1930,1926-1927, 1925-1926 and 1924-1925; Report on the Administration of North Australia for 1929-1930, 1928-1929 and 1927-1928; Annual report on Administration of the Territory of Central Australia for 1929-1930, 1928-1929 and 1927-1928; and Report and evidence of the Commonwealth Royal Commission on Health in Australia, 1925.
 2. 1920-19251-47Research notes and copies of extracts from Annual Report on the Administration of the Northern Territory for the years ending 30th June 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923 and 1924.
 3. 1915-19201-81Copies of extracts from the NT Administrator's annual reports for the years ending 30th June 1915, 1916/1917, 1918, 1920 (no report was published 1919) and copy of NT Bulletin no. 6 Report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year ending 31st Dec 1912 by Mervyn J. Holmes.
148. Administrator's annual reports 1900-19151. 1910-19151-111Research notes on Administrator's annual reports 1902-1926, the Palmerston Local Board of Health 1899-1914 and Darwin hospital 1910-1920; copies of extracts from The Administrator's annual reports for 1911, 1912, 1913, and January 1914 - June 1915; and copy of newspaper article about the appointment of Baldwin Spencer to the position of Chief Commissioner of Aborigines in the NT, Herald,27 September, 1911.
 2. 1900-19101-55Copies of extracts from 'Government Resident's report on the Northern Territory' for 1901,1902, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909 and 1910.
 3. [no title]1-52Copy of 'Report on health and disease in the Northern Territory' by A. Breinl [circa 1911] and copy of report written by Government Resident Charles Herbert in 1905 regarding preparation of a Bill to protect aborigines in the NT.
149. Administrator's annual reports 1880-19001. 1890-19001-85Research notes and copies of  extracts from 'Government Resident's report on the Northern Territory' for 1889, 1890, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1898, 1899 and 1900. 
 2. 1880-18901-43Research notes on reports from 1886-1895 and copies of extracts from various Government Resident reports for 1880-1890.
 3. [no title]1-9Miscellaneous photocopies, including an article titled 'Extraordinary customs of the Aborigines of Central Australia' by John Creed, The Australasian Medical Gazette, February 1883 and a 1926 letter of complaint about Darwin hospital.
150. Aerial Medical Service1. AMS Darwin post-war1-83Research notes, correspondence and copies of newspaper clippings, annual reports other papers relating to the NT's Aerial Medical Service (AMS) from the mid 1940's, including notes taken from Jack and Meryl Slade's log books from 1946-1953, correspondence form Harry and Eleanor Moss, Marie Tapp and Howard Truran. 
 2. QANTAS 1946-19501-9Copies of correspondence from the 1940's and 1950's regarding the QANTAS Empire Airways Hospital based at Berrimah.
 3. Missionary Aviation Fellowship1-3Correspondence between Ellen Kettle and Joan from Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) regarding their activities.
 4. AMS Nhulunbuy1-3Personal recollection by Linda Cooke, an AMS Sister, of a mercy flight to Milingimbi on 14 April 1979 to attend a motor vehicle accident and article titled 'Flashback: "The Gove Gazette" - 25.6.1971 Aerial Medical Service at Gove' [unknown publication].
 5. Handover of new aircraft1-35Research notes on various aspects of AMS, including airstrips, and copies of correspondence from the 1950's and 1960's relating to the purchase and handover of various aircraft to the AMS.
151. Aerial Medical Service Alice Springs1. AMS Alice Springs post-war 1950's1-58Photocopies of archival documents from 1948-1970 relating to the Flying Doctor Service/Aerial Medical Service operating from Alice Springs, including some flight reports and aerial medical survey reports.
 2. [no title]1-34Material relating to the AMS at Alice Springs, including research notes on pilot Harry Moss and the establishment of the Alice Springs base, and copies of archival documents.
 3. RFDS Alice Springs beginnings1-75Material from the 1930's onwards relating to the establishment of a flying doctor service in the NT and more specifically to the establishment of a base at Alice Springs, including copies of archival documents detailing Dr Cook's opposition to the service, copies of newspaper articles, copy of paper by Rev John Flynn titled 'Aerial Medical Services for Australia' approx. 1933 and copy of  'Notes on the history of the Royal Flying Doctor Service'.
 4. RFDS pre-war1-14Research notes on Australian Aerial Medical Service (AAMS) in Wyndham and Alice Springs and copies of archival documents relating to this service before WWII.
152. Water supply Manton & Howard Springs1. Water supply1-25Research notes on Manton Dam, Howard Springs Dam and water supply and sewerage facilities at various hospitals, correspondence from RC Howartt about Manton Dam construction and information from the Water Division of the NT's Department of Transport & Works about Darwin River Dam, Manton River Dam and Vestey's water supply. 
153. Health centres post-war1. Urban1-10Copies of documents pertaining to various community medical services in the NT, including home nursing service, community health centres, infant health centres, school health services and mobile infant heath clinics.
 2. Settlements1-6Copies of archival documents relating to the provision of equipment for Delissaville and to native settlement dispensary buildings.
154. Pine Creek Hospital & Elsey Station1. Early health services1-13Research notes on Pine Creek Hospital, pamphlet titled 'Welcome to historic Pine Creek' and copies of archival documents and Sydney Morning Heraldarticle titled 'Overland to Darwin' by M. Ilma Woolnough 29/8/1935 about her trip from Alice Springs to Darwin.
155. Katherine Hospital & Mataranka1. Katherine Hospital & Mataranka1-61Research notes, correspondence and copies of archival documents relating to Katherine Hospital and medical services to the surrounding area, including correspondence from Anne Cox and Fay Cox about the evacuation of Katherine Hospital in 1942, and research notes on Katherine's aerial medical service and various hospital staff, including A. McShane and Daisy Angus.
 2. Katherine Hospital 1-51Research notes, correspondence and copies of archival documents relating to Darwin's Katherine Hospital (opened 1934) and related matters from the 1920's onwards, including establishment of the Hospital in the 1930's, staff lists and correspondence from Joan McKay (nee Emery), Vern O'Brien and Ruby Roney.
156. Tennant Creek Hospital1. Tennant Creek1-33Research notes and copies of archival documents from the 1950's and 1960's about Tennant Creek Hospital which was opened in 1978.
 2. Used material 1-66Research notes, correspondence and copies of newspaper articles and archival documents about Tennant Creek Hospital, including information about staff, brochure titled ' "Back to Tennant Creek" May 5th - 13th 1984', copies of The Tennant & District TimeCommemorative Issue, May 1984 which featured the Hospital, paper titled 'Outback Australia' by R.C. (Dick) Webb and correspondence from retired hospital staff members Dick Webb and Marie Meaney.
157. Alice Springs Hospital1. Mrs Braitling's material1-11Copies of correspondence from 1975 belonging to Mrs D.R. Braitling about her quest to access historical records for the compilation of a medical history of Alice Springs.
 2. Used material1-36Material pertaining to Alice Springs Hospital (opened in 1939) and related medical services, including copies of archival documents and newspaper articles, research notes and correspondence from Graeme Bucknell with attached copy of letter from Dr Shanahan dated 1903 about Alice Springs.
 3. General1-23Research notes on Alice Springs Hospital and copies of archival and Department of Health documents from 1930's and 1970's about medical services to Alice Springs.
 4. Post-war [1]1-23Copies of archival documents and newspaper articles from the 1940's and 1950's about Alice Springs medical services,  and research notes about Sister Marion Sterling, Olive O'Keefe, Ena Ryan and other staff.
 5.Post-war [2]1-95Research notes on various aspects of Alice Springs Hospital, including nurse-aide training, visits from Matron Peterson, and the  nurse's home, children's ward and 'Native ward', copies of archival documents and newspaper articles from 1940's to 1970's, sketch map of Alice Springs Hospital by Lois Johnson 1987, copy of letter from Rev Laurie Reece to Mrs Braitling about his memories of the Hospital and documents relating to the Tropical Medicine and Health Committee of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) May 1967 meeting about Aboriginal child health.
 6. ASH 50th anniversary1-27Research notes on the opening of Alice Springs Hospital in 1939 and copies of sketch maps of Alice Springs Hospital, archival documents from 1930's about early medical services to Alice Springs and statement from two of the nursing staff who worked at the Hospital in 1939.
 7. Alice Springs Hospital1-65Copies of maps, correspondence reports and speeches including: correspondence between Dr C.B. Sangster and Mrs. Braitling about Alice Springs during WWII and Pat Stewart (nee Foley) post-war, staffing at Alice Springs Hospital (1930's - 1950's), drawing of Alice Springs Hospital c1934, sketch maps of the Hospital 1942, various wartime correspondence and notes for the Minister's speech at the opening of Alice Springs Hospital  in 1939.
158. Aerial Medical Service Fenton era1. AMS wartime1-4Research notes on Roy Edwards and copies of 1943 and 1945 documents about Royal Flying Doctor Service in the NT.
 2. AMS pre-war1-132Research notes on various aspects of the NT's AMS including aerodromes and landing grounds, and copies of archival documents from the 1930's and 1940's regarding AMS activities.
159. Child Health1. Alice Springs Child Health Unit & infant mortality1-91Material related to the Alice Springs Child Health Unit (ASCHU)  (opened in 1972) and infant mortality, including NT Department of Health 'Road to health chart' used to record children's medical details, research notes taken from newspaper articles, interview with Dr Geoff Ey who worked at Katherine and David Kirke's thesis 'Aboriginal infant and toddler mortality and morbidity in Central Australia 1965-1969' and copies of numerous documents including newspaper clippings, journal articles, ASCHU and Alice Springs Hospital paediatric statistics from 1973, notes on administration of Alice Springs Nutritional Unit, reports and meeting minutes for ASCHU from 1970's, 
 2. Proposed Darwin mothercraft home/nutrition unit1-33Research notes and copies of newspaper articles, Health Department reports and correspondence from the 1960's and 1970's, many written by Ellen Kettle tried unsuccessfully to have a Babies/Mothercraft Home opened in Darwin and the Child Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit which was opened in 1972 instead.
160. Darwin Hospital1. Palmerston-Darwin Hospital Packard Street1-36Copy of Ellen Kettle's 1986 paper titled 'A brief history of Royal Darwin Hospital'; research notes and copies of archival documents relating to the Palmerston Hospital in Packard Street, Doctor's Gully and celebration of Darwin hospital services' centenary in 1974, including correspondence, newspaper clippings and maps of the original site; correspondence from Dorothy Powell re Myilly Point Hospital and the bombing of Darwin.
 2. Darwin Hospital Mitchell Street, Myilly Point (called Kahlin)1-11Research notes and copies of archival documents relating to Darwin Hospital at Myilly Point/Kahlin, nurse training and psychiatric services.
 3. News cuttings Health Department 1949-19551-5Copies of newspaper articles from 1951-1955 re NT health issues.
 4. Darwin Hospital 1939-19411-7Copies of 1941 correspondence about criticism of the Bagot Military Hospital and use of army doctors at Darwin Hospital.
 5. Darwin Hospital Handover 19461Research notes on Kahlin Hospital 1946-1951. 
 6. War time miscellaneous1-31981 NT Newsarticle titled 'Darwin at war' and copy of article titled 'Modern operating theatre facilities at Darwin Hospital'Health,volume 12, number 1,1962.
 7. Psychiatric services 1963+1-14Copy of Australian Department of Health news release about proposed grants for community mental health services (no date) and copies of archival documents from 1956-1970 re NT psychiatric services.
 8. Floor plans1-6Copies of Darwin Hospital block plans circa 1942 when opened & 1980 when closed.
 9. Darwin Hospital development 1938-19401-11Copies of correspondence from 1940 re the new Darwin Hospital  and friction with Army personnel.
 10. Kahlin-Cullen site1-231986 correspondence from B.T. O'Brien, Chairman of the Place Names Committee concerning the naming of Cullen/Kahlin Beach, including a report & maps.
 11. Miscellaneous1-24Paper titled 'History of the Northern Territory in Brief' (no publication details, paper titled 'History of nursing Darwin Hospital' by Cecilia Batterham (no date), research notes and photocopies of various Department of Health annual reports.
161. Casuarina Hospital1. [no title]1-101Copies of Ellen Kettle's 1986 paper titled 'A brief history of Royal Darwin Hospital'; October 1977 review of Darwin hospital services titled ' Darwin Hospital - future role 1980-1985'; material relating to the official opening of Casuarina Hospital on 19 September 1980 including Ellen Kettle's invitation and booklet; excerpts from various Darwin Hospital annual reports; 1987 correspondence relating to the Darwin Private Hospital development; research notes on the history of Hospitals in Darwin; newsletter titled Health and Community News,issue number 3, December 1987.
 2. Darwin Top End 1970's1-12Research notes and copies of newspaper articles on Darwin Hospital and Aboriginal Health Worker training
162.Hepatitis1. Hepatitis1Copy of 1970 press release from Commonwealth Director of Health about the increasing incidence of hepatitis, especially in Alice Springs area.
163. Typhoid1. Typhoid1-44Material relating to typhoid in the NT, mainly from 1960's outbreaks in Bagot, Oenpelli, Elcho Island and Yirrkala, including research notes, copies of newspaper articles, papers and medical reports.
164. Tetanus1. Tetanus1Research notes on a death from tetanus in 1982.
165. Encephalitis1. Encephalitis 1950's1-97Material relating to various forms of encephalitis in the NT, mainly from the 1950's-1970's, including correspondence relating to article on Murray Valley Encephalitis (MVE, also known as Australian X disease) and copies of Communicable Diseases Intelligence bulletins, newspaper articles, lists of people who contracted encephalitis, medical reports, 1950's correspondence about testing of poultry and eggs for MVE antibodies and various published articles on MVE.
166. Smallpox1. Smallpox1-23Copy of 'Smallpox in Aboriginal Australia 1829-31', Historical Studies, vol. 20, no. 81, October 1983 by Judy Campbell.
167. Leprosy1. Leprosy in NT Aborigines1-Ellen Kettles' copy of Leprosy in Northern Territory Aborigines: A short guide for nursing sisters in the diagnosis, treatment and management of leprosy in Australia,by Dr J.C. Hargrave, published in Darwin by Northern Territory Medical Service, 1968. This is the first edition of the publication with many colour plates. 
 2. Channel Is.1-69Photographs from the 1940's and 1950's of Channel Island buildings, East Arm Hospital, staff and patients, including Dr Hargrave, Jack & Elsie Jones, Lucy dela Cruz, Therese Puertellano and Sisters of the Order of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. Some images and negatives untitled. Also includes photographs taken by Dr R.C. Webb of 1956 Parliamentary visit to Alice Springs area, Governor General William Slim & Lady Slim at East Arm Hospital and Alderman Jenson (Sydney) and Jack White 1958. Also includes an envelope marked ''VERY CONFIDENTIAL' containing a list of 'people who died on Channel Island and most likely buried there' with birth and death dates listed.
 3. Channel Island Draft environmental impact statement1-Ellen Kettle's copy of Draft environmental impact statement for Channel Island Power Stationby Caldwell Connell Engineers, March 1983 with letter from NT Electricity Commission thanking Kettle for her input.
 4. Leprosy policy pre-war1-14Copies of archival documents from 1939 about establishing accommodation for people with leprosy, 1943/44 military reports about the administration of Channel Island and leprosy related excerpts from 1955-1960 NT Health Annual Reports.
 5. Medical papers etc.1-164Original and photocopied newsletters, articles, unpublished papers and reports about leprosy in the NT and overseas, including: 3 issues from 1986 of The star,an American periodical about leprosy; paper by Dr J.C. Hargrave titled 'Leprosy surveillance', NT Department of Health, Darwin, 1987; copies of East Arm Settlement/Leprosy Hospital reports 1955-1973; medical survey reports and leprosy reviews from 1964 and 1966; excerpts from 1956-1964 Health Annual Reports dealing with leprosy and leprosarium; copies of 1950/51 newspaper articles and correspondence about establishment of Channel Island Leprosarium; copy of excerpt relating to policy change on leprosy from proceedings and decisions from the Aboriginal Welfare Conference, Darwin, 1963; original leprosy statistics 1880-1963; copy of correspondence about Dr Cook's original 1925 leprosy survey and excerpts from his 1927 publicationThe epidemiology of leprosy in Australia. Also includes research notes on Channel Island/East Arm leprosy hospital and information from and about Therese Puertelano who worked at Derby Leprosarium and Channel Island .
168. Malaria1. Malaria1-167Photocopies of journal articles, Tropical Medicine and Health Committee - May 1967 (National Health and Medical Research Council) Agenda item papers, Notes from Darwin Archives, photocopies from various Annual Reports, Notes from Australian Archives, Canberra - CRS A1928, various newspaper articles on Malaria, photocopy of letter to Superintendent of Police, Darwin for forwarding to Chief Medical Officer, Darwin, from Constable H.C. Lullfitz on Malarial and Dengue fever at Maranboy, 27 August 1947, Memorandum from L. Tivendale, Health Inspector, Chief Medical Officer NT, Darwin 15 September 1947. Commonwealth of Australia, Dept. of Health memorandum - Malaria at Maranboy, N.T. 1948 TO Chief Medical Officer, Darwin, N.T., from Director General 12/168/1/100 Report of Lullfitz H.C. Constable Relative to Malaria Fever : Maranboy District about 1949. Commonwealth of Australia, Dept. of Health Darwin Hospital, Memorandum Malaria - Maranboy. D.G. Memo 269/59/4 from L. Tivendale (Health Inspector) Chief Medical Officer, Darwin - 17 March 1949.   Memorandum Malaria - Maranboy from L. Tivendale (Health Inspector) - 30 May 1949. Memorandum Sanitation - Mining fields to The Director of Mines, N.T. Administration, Alice Springs from E.B. Gunson, Chief Medical Officer, N.T.  Letter to Dr Gunson, from A.H. Baldwin, Professor of Tropical Medicine, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine - Commonwealth of Australia, University of Sydney - 13 September 1949.   Letter from L. Tivendale (Senior Health Inspector) Administrative Office, Dept. of Health, Darwin, N.T. to The Director of Health, Dept. of Health, Darwin, N.T. - Malaria - Katherine District, - 11 June 1956. Memorandum from L. Tivendale (Health Inspector) Commonwealth of Australia. Dept. of Health, Darwin Hospital Malarial Survey : Dr Black, Mr Bearup - 22 September, 1949.   Press Release to the Australian Broadcasting Commission, regarding the death of Larry Boy from D.B. Travers A/Commonwealth Director of Health - 22 December 1972.   Report on Natives at Wave Hill by J.M. Mack (Major) 121 A.G.H. Australian Military Forces - 7th Military District 11 December '42.  Telex Press Release to Dr Urban, Centralian Advocate, regarding Measles in Central Australian Aborigines, from Dr W.A. Langsford, 30/7/69.  Malarial Report - Roper River Mission from J.E. Dewey (Senior Health Inspector) to the Director of Health 29 March 1962.   Letter to Dr R.C. Webb on Urapunga Station Malarial Control from R.F. Humphreys (Health Inspector) - 14 June 1960.   Sanitation and Malaria report - Mainoru Station to Director of Health, Dept. of Health, Darwin from J.E. Dewey A/ Senior Health Inspector - 15 December, 1959.   Letter re Malaria - Ferguson River - Sept. 1957 from L.M. Tivendale - 5 September 1957.   Report on Malaria investigation at Katherine 3 and 11 June 1956 by D.G. Stanbury (Survey Medical Officer).   Letter to Director, Commonwealth Dept. Health on  Ross River Mission - Survey 11 -17 August 1960 - Malaria by E.N. Emmerson - Surveys Medical Officer - 21 September, 1960.   Survey of Malaria Outbreaks in Northern Territory March/April 43.   Memorandum Malaria Prophylaxis in the Northern Territory 28 October 31.  Letter from M.J. Holmes, Colonel to Dr Cumpston (Director General Health) on Malaria Control in Australia, dated 25 August 1943. Letter from Vincent McMovan (?) to Miss Ellen Kettle re 1941 two soldiers arrived in Darwin with malarial infection, dated 21 October 1982.  Letter from Dr Cook on Malaria Prophylaxis to Director General of Health, dated 24 August 1931.  
169. Tuberculosis1. Tuberculosis1-95Australia. Commonwealth Dept. of Health. The Tuberculin test : review and recommendations by the National Tuberculosis Advisory Council. Canberra, AGPS, 1972., The Northern Territory mass chest x-ray survey itinerary and timetable (August-December 1959), Various correspondence, including letters, press release x 1,  and photocopies of newspaper articles all clipped together under the title Tuberculosis in Central Australia with the note "all these have been copied for the J.C.H. Library".  Includes Aboriginals death from Tuberculosis (names) from 1951-1953 (12/169/1/23).  8 page letter 'Control of tuberculosis among natives in the Northern Territory' to Director General of Health, Canberra from S.D. Watsford, Deputy Director of Health, NT dated 26 February 1953.Letter Tuberculosis among natives in the Northern Territory by Watsford to D.G. Health dated 23 April 1954, Correspondence about the mobile survey x-ray of Tuberculosis.   Letter to Hon. E.P. Kinsella, President of the Anti-Tuberculosis Association of N.S.W. from W.J. Willmont (Medical Superintendent) 'Preliminary report of the Northern Territory mass chest radiography survey - 1964' dated 24 July 1964.
 2. Tuberculosis Conference Papers 1 book - Australian Tuberculosis Clinical Conference (11th : 1978 : Darwin, N.T.) & Australia. Dept. of Health 1979, Papers presented at eleventh Australian Tuberculosis Clinical Conference, Darwin, 11-14 July 1978 Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra
 3. Tuberculosis in the Northern Territory1-51bCorrespondence between Ellen Kettle and Dr A.J. Proust about Ellen writing a chapter/paper on Tuberculosis in the NT for Proust's book. List of references.  Letter from A.J. Proust to various colleagues - Progress report on "Tuberculosis in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea in a Global Perspective.   Tuberculosis in the Northern Territory by Ellen Kettle.
 4. Tuberculosis Pre-War and used material1-95Tuberculosis - Alice Springs area 1930's folios 3-15 includes letters from F.B. McCann, C.(Cecil) E. Cook.; Tuberculosis Control 1957-1965by Geoffrey Wilson (?);The North, its people, its problems and its prospectsby Geoffrey Wilson; Statistical appreciation by Geoffrey Wilson 8th Feb, 1967; 'The role of the nurse in Tuberculosis control in the Northern Territory' by Sister Sheila Summerton, paper presented at eleventh Australian Tuberculosis Clinical Conference Darwin 11-14 July 1978; Note Port Keats Dr Brock June [19]5, Mantoux under 20 years, No B.C.G. available; notes from Darwin archives, various newspaper and journal articles; Preliminary report of the Northern Territory mass chest radiography survey - 1964 by L.R. Anderson 24 July 1964.
170. V.D. Yaws Granuloma1. V.D. Yaws Granuloma Control & eradication Treatment  of - 1-55Correspondence from C.J. Hackett, to Dr Peter Daws 5 November 1963, From K.J. Wilson to Dr E. Emmerson 7 November 1963;From W.A. Langsford to Director of Health 12 Dec 1963; Correspondence from L.H.A. Giles to The Secretary, Department of the Interior, Canberra 2 March 1937on the prevalence of V.D., includes a report from the Chief Medical Officer.  31 May 1937; Notes from Australian Archives, Canberra; journal articles on Granuloma, YAWS and Chlamydia; note on Gonococcal eye infections at Alice Springs 1934;
 2. V.D. Treated at Quarantine Stn.1-2Notes from Australian Archives.
 3.  Book1-45Photocopy of Hackett, Cecil J.Boomerang leg and Yaws in Australian Aborigines.  London, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 1936.  
 4. Dr Holmes & Burston era (Venereal Diseases)1-34Two files from Commonwealth of Australia - Department of External Affairs copies provided by Australian Archives.  12/170/4/1-8 subject - Venereal diseases amongst natives Melville and Bathurst Islands, NT.  12/170/4/9-34 subject Venereal Diseases - railway construction camps and at Marranboy.
171. Measles1. Measles 1948 also see Bedford file and other outbreaks1-78Various correspondence/notes on measles outbreaks/epidemic Haasts Bluff, Channel Island, Central Reserve, Numbulwar, Oenpelli, Milingimbi; Measles epidemic - Central Australia letter from Administrator A. R. Driver to Department of Interior, Canberra dated 10 August 1948; History of measles epidemics in the Northern Territory as affecting Aborigines; Measles 1965 - Maningrida, Elcho Island, Yirrkala,  A review by Dr Fred Clements from School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Sydney University; Report on Bathurst Island measles 142/66.
172. Meningitis1. Meningitis1-10bEpidemic meningitis 1940-41- letter re Cerebra Spinal Meningitis from W.B. Kirkland dated 21 December 1940; letter from W.C. Sawers to Dr J.H.L. Cumpston on a progress report dated 4 January 1941.
173. Trachoma1. Dr G. Morlet's material1-64Morlet, G.C. (Ophthalmologist, Northern Territory Medical Service) Trachoma in the Northern Territory 1965-1966; letter re Survey of Conjunctival disease by Dr C. Morlet dated 22 March 1967; Letter to Father Frank Flynn on number of cases of Trachoma from Stephen D. Watson dated 11 May 1955 Includes tables - Details of findings of Trachoma Survey undertaken by Rev. Father Flynn and Dr S.D. Watsford during August 1952 and Dr W.A. Langsford during August, 1953 - at Auvergene Station, Booker's (?) Creek, Inverway Station, Limbunya Station, Newri Station, Waterloo Station, Victoria River Downs; letter to Commonwealth Director of Health from L.C. Rowan Senior Medical Officer, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, University of Sydney re: Survey of Conjunctival Disease by Dr C. Morlet dated 22 March 1967.
 2.  E. Kettle Trachoma - Dr Charles M. McLean, July 19581a-208 (in two folders, 1a-94 & 95-208)Notes from Darwin Archives; copies of correspondence from Australian Archives (eg. Memo - Trachoma in Australia by E.B. Gunson 16/9/49); Reports of Trachoma surveys at Millingimbi Mission, Oenpelli Mission and Roper River Mission and Groote Eylandt, plus other areas;  Correspondence on the treatment of Trachoma by C.E. Cook;  Various newspaper clippings, journal articles, conference papers;  Eye Chart Key; Hygiene school for Missioners and Settlement Superintendents, March 1955;correspondence from Dr G. Gault and Dr Cook on the treatment of Trachoma; Letter on Natives' eye disease from V.G. Carrington to DDMS HQ NT Force (AIF) dated 5 Februaryb 1945, includes summary Chaplain Frank Flynn's report on the incidence of Trachoma in the natives in the area west of Alice Springs (12/173/2/171);  Trachoma - 1940's reports correspondence by Flynn, Gunson, Metcalfe and Schneider; Native eye diseases report of ophthalmic survey of natives at Arltunga Mission, 1 March 1945 12/173/2/191.
174.  Poliomyelitis1.  Poliomyelitis1-55Letter to Sister Ellen Kettle from ? (34 Barton Tce. Nth Adelaide 31 October 1986) re Poliomyelitis Respirator Tap; Correspondence regarding research into Poliomyelitis in natives in the Northern Territory by A.J. Metcalfe, F.H. Moy, and J.A.R. Miles 12/174/1/10-13; Nursing staff - Northern Territory Medical Service - lists Sister's names; various notes from Australian Archives, Canberra and the Darwin Archives; Letter re the outbreak of poliomyelitis; letter re cases of suspected poliomyelitis in the Northern Territory; table of poliomyelitis from file 59/837 includes names, age, locality, admission date, discharge date and remarks; memo re polio investigations Darwin; memo (25 July 1952) on a report of ten cases of poliomyelitis admitted, Alice Springs during the recent epidemic, all cases considered proven and all of these cases were white people - contains names of patients 12/174/1/24-30; various photocopies of newspaper clippings; pages from Harry Moss manuscript.
175. Mycobacterium Ulcerans1.  Mycobacterium Ulcerans1-3Bromwich, A.F. Mycobacterium ulcerans in the Northern Territory - summary, includes table with year, locality, race, sex, age, site and remarks, references to publications also included.
176. Diarrhoea - Dysentery1. Infective Diarrhoea - Dysentery etc. 1-12Letter to Director General of Health, Canberra re: Report on faecal specimens from S.D. Watsford, Deputy Director of Health, NT dated 29 March 1954; press release on outbreak of Gastro Enteritis 11 May 1971; photocopy of a from MJA journal article; War diary/intelligence summary 30 January 1943 on food poisoning, Alice Springs.
 2.  Medical survey doctors & sisters Alice Springs.  A mixture of rural material in here.1-22Notes from Darwin Archives on nutrition, medical survey and survey sister Alice Springs, stichbury, memo re: programme of new works 1950/51 from A.R. Driver (Administrator) to Director of Northern Territory Affairs dated 28 February 1951; Memo from A.R. Driver to Secretary, Dept. of the Interior re: program of new works 1947/48 dated 4 June 1948; newspaper clippings on doctors, early 1950's.
 3. Diphtheria & Influenza1-7Notes from Darwin Archives on influenza, diphtheria and filariasis.
 4.  Ab. Health & notifications : pathology.1-21Various photocopied pages from (Health?) Annual Reports, 1959-60, 1970-71, 1962-63, 1968-69, 1969-70.
1771.   Hookworms1-29Hookworm campaign 1920-1928 Rockefellow involvement; Hookworm campaign memo from J.S.C. Elkington (Chief Quarantine Officer, General North Eastern Division) dated 19 May 1922 (12/177/1/12); memo from Mervyn J. Holmes to the Director General Health, Melbourne 18 November 1924 on Hookworm control in the Northern Territory; Memo to Dr J.H.L. Cumpston on the proposed budget for an investigation of Hookworm disease in the Northern Territory 1 June 1921 from W.A. Sawyer, Director of the Hookworm campaign; Letter to the Administrator from Cecil Cook, Chief Medical Officer re: Contact between Japanese and Aboriginals - Melville Island dated 11 November 1936.
178.Medical Papers1. Pre-war medical papers and reports.1-31Various photocopies from the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) on 'The medical care of Native in Central Australia' 1929-1932; Hermannsburg vital statistics 1879-1928, MJA July 19, 1930, Paper by F.W. Albrecht Report to the Chief Protector on the mortality of infants at Hermannsburg, covering the years from 1926-1930 - from the Lutheran Herald July 13, 1931.
179.  Poly-Arthritis/ Ross River Fever.  Dengue1. Poly-Arthritis (Ross River Fever)1-4Papers by Halloran + during the war (note on Manilla folder).  Note on file "These two papers appear to have come from Dr S.G. Anderson, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute. + sent to Darwin 15 Jan. 1959. 2nd paper is on encephalitis."
180. Leprosy Cook survey 1925 Mud Is.; Channel Is.: E.A.S.11-81Kettle, Ellen.  A history of Channel Island in Darwin Harbour.  April 1982; various journal articles and newspaper clippings on leprosy; Leprosy policy by Dr Ian Byrne, 1961; Sisters Leprosarium from 1946, includes names of Sisters on staff, salaries; Letter from Sister M. Damien to My dear Mother dated 26 October 1948 workings of the Communists, the death of Harry; extracts from letters re conditions at Channel Island from Fr. McDermott, Darwin; notes from Archives, Canberra - marked important - Leprosy hospital; Memo re: Leper Station - works 27 November 1947 from J.G. McGlashan to Director General Health (Canberra); History sheet from Katherine Hospital has name of child; notes from Darwin Archives; Memo to Commonwealth Director Health, Darwin re: East Arm Settlement - employment of patients from R.T. Kirkup.
 2. Leprosy in Dr Cook's era.  Leprosy completed. Cook era.1-19Leprosy completed - used for Channel Island story before they started work there; p/c 3 pages Annual Report on the Administration of North Australia year ended 30th June 1928;Folios 5-14 handwritten table deaths by year Eur/Asian, coloured or native, following pages detail table information by year, date, name, location and other various information also has folio and volume information from?; letter from J.W. Hutchison, NT Electricity Commission re NTEC preparing to undertake an Environmental Impact Study in connection with the proposed coal fired power station on Channel Island to Sister E. Kettle, dated 25th September 1981; Letter to Director, Native Affairs Branch, NT Administration from Angorogo, via Camooweal, Queensland dated 31st July 1947 "Please accept the following returns for this Mission for the month ended 31st July 1947" - Lists death, births, contagious disease and indiscipline- folio 18.
 3. Leprosy - used material.  Channel Island 1947-19551-40Leprosy used material; memo re Channel Island Leprosarium accommodation to Director General Health, Canberra from L.F. Ledger dated 20 October 1950;1946 Leprosy hospital post-war planning etc; various notes from Archives - Canberra and newspaper clippings; Letter from J.G. McGlashan, Chief Medical Officer, to Acting Government Secretary NT Administration - Inquiry re: Channel Island Leper Station dated 12 November 1946; Northern Territory Administration. Report on investigation of conditions at Channel Island; "Gazettal notices re: the site of quarantine station and hospital for leprosy 776 acres approx." Commonwealth of Australia 4 January 1934 and 12 January 1928.
 4. Channel Island review1-301939 return to W.A., letter to the Director General of Health from W.B. Kirkland re location of a site for the new Leper Hospital, dated 11 October 1939; memo re: Leper Hospital - Channel Island complaint by J. Carney dated 30 June 1939; Correspondence re: the transport of W.A. Lepers to W.A.; photocopy of a Site Plan of Channel Island scale 1:5000 12/180/4/18; Letter from Wayne M. Meyers Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, D.C. to Miss Ellen Kettle re a leprosy in infants survey dated 31 March 1983; memo to Dr K. Fleming from E. Kettle re: Channel Island dated 1 September 1982 attached is a appendix - Graves on Channel Island.  
 5. Channel Island 1946 Enquiry etc. 1-29Statement of patients at the Leper Hospital, Channel Island transferred from Western Australia, has names, identity disc no., period inmate and remarks; Aboriginal deaths Channel Is.; memo from Urquhart to the Government Secretary re building and repairs, Quarantine Station at Channel Island; memo re the escape of lepers from Lazaret and photocopies of newspaper clippings.
 6.Sisters - Channel Island - Leprosarium1-18Letter from Ellen Kettle (26 November 1986) to Sister Eucharia and a reply requesting help in identifying three photographs; Hargrave, Dr J.C. Disability and deformity in leprosy; notes from Darwin Archives - Leprosy 1929; Leprosy by C.E. Cook Leper Point, Channel Island 1927.
1811. Dr C.E. Cook1-153Report of visit to Dr Cook, Sydney dated 20 June 1975 by Judith Baddeley (historian); Dr C.E.A. Cook interview 19.9.[19]80 at opening of Casuarina Hospital; Medical Benefit Fund of the Northern Territory conditions by Cecil Cook 16/5/1938; letter to Judith  re: Filaria, medical surveys and Dengue by C.E. Cook; Handwritten letter to Ellen from Mick dated 22.10.[19]81 [sticky tape repair] [barely legible] Ellen has transcribed this letter it is at folio 26 & 27; Dr Cook questions; handwritten letters to Ellen from Mick 6/11/[19]81, 20/9/[19]81 [barely legible]; folio 30a & b Ellen has transcribed 20/9/[19]81 letter; letter to Ellen from Mick 19/4/[19]82  on Channel Island, transcribed by Ellen at folio 33; letter to Mick from Ellen 21/5/1982, on Army hospitals;  Missions administration conference, December 1953, paper by Dr C.E. Cook Educating natives in higher standards of living; latest pages from Dr Cook's manuscript, Kahlin Compound, employment,11/6/1982 given to Ellen by Helen; letter to Ellen from Mick handwritten, [barely legible], paragraph transcribed by Ellen, re: the war years.29/6/[19]82, handwritten to Ellen from Mick, [barely legible] transcribed by Ellen, Mick is asking Ellen for population figures of European females anywhere between 1926/27- 1938/39 North Australia a white Territory; Dr C.E. Cook's comments on reports issued by Dr Rayment on the Snake Bay and Garden Point settlements and on Sister Kettle's report on Phillip Creek, dated 1955.; Dr Cook on Hermannsburg 1929 also some dates on Alice Springs; Handwritten letter [barely legible] from Mick to Ellen, transcribed by Ellen 30/3/[19]81 various topics; letter by C.E. Cook on the siting of Katherine Hospital dated 21/8/[19]59; letter to Ellen from Mick 21/11/[19]80 various topics - leprosy treatment, Abbott, Malaria, Handwritten letter [barely legible] transcribed, typed by Ellen; typed papers on Malaria, 3 p., leprosy, papers by Cook to Director General on -  Malaria in the Northern Territory ,1954; Hygiene - Northern Territory, about 1949; Handwritten letter [barely legible] from Mick to Ellen, transcribed by Ellen on Land Inquiry 15/11/[19]80. 
182          Box 11.  Dr Clyde Fenton - Personal material sent from Katherine Hospital 19871-87Employment & allowance details for Fenton; various telegrams regarding Fenton's air travel and sick leave; correspondence regarding Fenton's application for enlistment in the RAAF; various correspondence re motor car insurance, reappointment Dr Fenton, sick leave, Dr Fenton's absence from Darwin sick leave etc., Fenton re carriage of passengers in his plane;  letter  to Acting Administrator re Fenton applying for medical expenses under Commonwealth Compensation Act dated 16/12/1936.
1831. Polio in 19271-32History of Hermannsburg 1925-1929 by Dr C.E. Cook; A.I.M. Hospital; Dr C.E. Cook on Hermannsburg drought 1929; Journal article by C.E.A. Cook - 'The Native problem - why is it unsolved', The Australian Quarterly,December 1950 p. 11- 23; Dr C.E. Cook papers - Employment of Aborigines.
Dr C.E. Cook papers2. A mixed bag of pre-war snippets.1-14Darwin Hospital , 1962 conference paper - Tropical diseases in Northern Australia.
Dr C.E. Cook papers3.  Post -War material 1-79Dr C.E. Cook refers to his era as the beginning of the N.T.M.S. - this is a review as he saw it in 1953; draft by Dr Cook , late 1938, refers to statistics for 1938; Northern Territory Medical Service, by Dr C.E. Cook about 1955 or 1957 when Dr Humphry was Director;  Tropical disease and the Australian Native, by Cook, C.E. Address to British Empire Medical Conference, Brisbane, 1950; Health and Navy administration by C.E. Cook, about 1951-1952 era; Population trends - Northern Territory; Dr C.E. Cook papers  historical value, written about 1951-52 as he mentions on "Drover" aircraft - post war.
Dr C.E. Cook papers4.   Dr cook's era 1927 onwards - 19301-44Abbott, Aubrey C.L.A.  From Lowe Enquiry, handwritten letter (almost illegible) to Ellen from Cook ? regarding references used in a talk, Ellen has transcribed the first page, second page in also almost illegible, Ellen has written in pencil "another pointless page on Missions"; letter to Ellen from Dr C.E. Cook re police, Hermannsburg, Missions, Leprosy; 1928 proposed Anthropologist and the course in Sydney, Carwood against it, Cook is for it; Katherine - Malaria & Influenza - personal notes of Dr C.E. Cook, Cooks beginnings, written by Cook; letter from Cook to the Government Resident re: Medical service - Barkley Tablelands dated 31st October 1930;  Dr Cook's bid to get Camooweal.
Dr C.E. Cook papers5.   Katherine Hospital1-8Katherine hospital and the service which preceded it; Dr Cook notes from visit to his unit November 1981, Channel Island, Cook era, Alice Springs, Darwin Hospital, Duplicate Cook papers - Clinic Sister 1929.
Dr C.E. Cook papers6.   Post War1-49Problems of medical service in Northern Australia; About 1934, he mentions 7 years period and he commenced in 1927; Cook's application for the position of Commissioner of Public Health, Western Australia, includes qualifications, professional appointments, military service, professional experience, publications; By C.E. Cook, May 1955 a public health paper with references to prevalence of hookworms and other diseases, Most likely drafted by Dr C.E. Cook for the signature of the Director-General of Health, possibly 1948 as he quotes that date, Housing suggests adobe & pisc on p. 3; By Dr C.E. Cook 1957 or later, Health administration and the Northern Territory Native.
Dr C.E. Cook papers7.   Dr Cook & Bleakley 19281-106Handwritten note and letter addressed to Ellen by Mick (?) includes MO reports, Kahlin B? Hospital; Dr Cook and Bleakley, 1928; Health problems in Northern Australia, report on a survey, June-July 1950; History of health administration NT written by Dr Cook?; correspondence to Ellen from Mick 14/4/81 mentions Dr J.H.L. Cumpston; Dr Cook's personal papers used in book, plan for Bagot; Pine Creek by Dr C.E. Cook; Profile prepared by Dr Cook; Northern Territory Medical Service 1956; Medical Service, 1932; Laboratory 1928.
Dr C.E. Cook papers8.   Post war, including a W.A. paper1-105Dr C.E. Cook report following a tour of inspection in 1950 - hookworm comments are of value; 1950 or later, Dr C.E. Cook, Proposed control standards; Native medical assistants; Dr Cook, about 1953 before the "Welfare Branch" was called by his name - Health and Native administration; Margaret Gorden, Nutrition 1956; Dr Cook about 1949 after a visit to the N.T.; Dr Cook written possibly about 1950;  Native Health and Medical Research Council conference on management of Leprosy, November 1950; Hygiene in North-West Australia by C.E. Cook; Native Administration and Public Health report to the committee on Tropical Physiology and Hygiene by C.E. Cook.
Dr C.E. Cook papers9.   Diphtheria, 1927, Army enquiry 1932 by C.E. Cook1-33Photocopy 4 pages Commonwealth Serum Laboratories 1982/83 Annual Report; Diphtheria 1927 - typed notes with additions by Ellen & Cook (?); Typed notes from a [draft book, pages are numbered 2, 10, 12 & 13?] re Traeger radio communication, medical services in small townships in the Gulf and the NTMS; Army enquiry 1932 by C.E. Cook; letter re sanitary conditions of Darwin; Pine Creek 1934 - he had to re-open the hospital he had closed in 1927; Pastoral properties, notes on aboriginal employment; Typhus 1937, Malaria 1929-31; Malaria Dr Cook's time -  from a paper he presented by Dr Cook in 1962, not a published paper.   
183. Dr C.E. Cook papers10. Duplicate set of papers1-74Director-General of Health, Hygiene - Northern Territory; Health Administration and the Northern Territory Native; Memorandum for The Secretary, Department of Territories - NT Native Hygiene Police by C.E. Cook, 1951; Letter to Colonel Williams from Chief Medical Officer - Sanitary Condition of Darwin; Letters to Director-General from C.E. Cook, Malaria in Northern Territory; Problems of Medical Services in Northern Australia by C.E. Cook; Report on visit to Western Australia for Director-General, 1951; Cook's resume; Health interest in Native Administration; Diet.
 11. Public Health Committee - Native Health1-29Public Health Committee - Native Health, 1955; Letter to Minister for National Development reporting on conference discussing health problems of northern Australia; Health Administration and the Northern Territory Native
 12. Northern Territory Medical Service1-79Northern Territory Medical Service; Letters re appointment of medical officer to Burketown, northern Queensland, 1930; memos re Commonwealth Medical Officer at Camooweal, 1932; 25th anniversary of Northern Territory Medical Service, 1953; history of medical service for Northern Territory with corrections; letter to The Government Resident reporting on Hermannsburg Lutheran Mission; inquiry into Finke River Lutheran Mission.
 13.Health problems in Northern Australia1-32Report on health and social problems in Northern Australia.
 14. Management of leprosy, hygiene reports1-61Loose papers, parts of reports on malaria outbreak, 1931 and Tennant Creek hospital, 1936; National Health and Medical Research Council Conference on Management of Leprosy, 1950; Proposed control standards for leprosy; letter to Dr Cumpston about Frontier Medical Service proposal, 1930; Director-General of Health, Hygiene - Northern Territory; telegram about Dr Cook's visit to Canberra from Darwin and study leave; Northern Territory Medical Service Malaria Control; reports on native policy and history of the native Australian; report on hygiene in north-west Australia by Dr C.E. Cook.
 15. Impact of white settlement on Aboriginal population1-55Mixed blood problem;  Part III Native administration in the Northern Territory under Commonwealth Administration from January 1st, 1911 by Dr C.E. Cook; Paper prepared by Dr C.E. Cook in 1982 giving an historical account of white settlement on Aboriginal population, delivered in Darwin by H.C. Giese 18 February 1982.   
 16. Health and Native Administration1-109Section 3 - Health and nutritional status of natives by B.P. Billington; review of medical services in Alice Springs in 1933; history of Katherine hospital; General factors contributing to the problem of providing adequate health and medical services to Northern Australia; Population Trends - Northern Territory during period 1933-1947 (1951); overview of malaria, leprosy and diphtheria cases 1927-1933; recommendation to appoint infant health nurses; letter re: Native Welfare Conference; Health and Native Administration; Tropical Disease and the Australian Native by C.E. Cook; Tropical diseases in Northern Australia.
 17. The Northern Territory Chronicle1-2Book: The Northern Territory Chronicle, April 1982 compiled by Helen J. Wilson, History Unit, Department of Chief Minister.
 18. Medical Attention Darwin1-79Letter to Dr A.H. Humphry, Deputy Director of Health; Letter to Sir Neville Howse, Director-General, Department of Health and Prime Minister, S.M. Bruce re: Medical Attention Darwin and Australian Inland Mission; Commonwealth and States Native Welfare Conference, Health - agenda and resolutions, 1950; Aerial Medical Services for Australia by Rev John Flynn; memo re: appointment of additional medical officer, 1932; health report, 1927-1929 under North Australian Act; London School of Tropical Medicine - leprosy study in Australia; malaria; Australian Inland Aerial Medical Service. 
 19. Aboriginal Health Education1-71Aboriginal health education; History of measles epidemics in the Northern Territory as affecting aborigines; malaria control in Darwin; cost of Northern Territory Medical Service; Joint Committee on Hospitals, 1940 (NSW), evidence given by C.E. Cook; request for 3 medical officers, 1929; application of Lt Col C.E. Cook for the position of Commissioner of Public Health, WA; medical benefits fund; malaria cases.
 20. Reports by Dr Cook with Ellen Kettle's comments1-65Some post war material; leprosy in NT, 1949; Health Administration and the Northern Territory Native, report by Dr Cook with comments from Ellen Kettle; Native Medical Assistants, 1957 with a comment from Ellen Kettle; Malaria Control - Northern Territory with a comment from Ellen Kettle; Malaria in the Northern Territory; Native and Health Administration with comments from Ellen Kettle; C.E. Cook's visit to Western Australia, 1951.
 21. Dr Cook's recommendations with Ellen Kettle's comments1-28Ellen Kettle comments on: Dr Cook's recommendations, 1929; suggested medical services; Joint Committee on Hospitals, 1940; Medical Benefits Fund.  
 22. Duplicates1-26Duplicates: malaria, hygiene, letter to Dr Cumpston re medical service, Aboriginals' Ordinance.
1841. US Forces1-31Handwritten letter [barely legible] from Mick to Ellen, 22/2/[19]82; Unreadable material from the Judith Mackay research Archives - Canberra CRS A2671; Unreadable U.S.A. hospital at Nightcliff (?); Unreadable U.S.A. Army, Fountain Head, Adelaide River, Darwin. 
185.  American material1. Bombing of Darwin  hospital layouts & maps etc. 1- 80American material including maps, bombing  reports, Nightcliff hospital etc., photocopy of a pencil sketch small building, large roof overhang, with bomb flying in front [National Archives Washington, USA ?]; Plan of 86th Station hospital, Nightcliff, Darwin, NT; Plan 65th Station Hosp. U.S. Army; American 65th Camp Hospital at Adelaide River Aug [19]43 - April [19]44 flood, March 1944 photocopies of camp photos; 65th Station Hospital, US Army 1st Mobile Receiving Station, RAAF Nightcliff 1 April 1945 site plan, photocopy of sketch Surgeons Office and Dispensary; Memo from Headquarters re: History of the 65th Station Hospital Dental Clinic by Allen E Souders, dated 8 April 1944;Location of American Hospital at Nightcliff 1944-1945 copy from the U.S.A. Archives;  Plan of Katherine Military Hospital 31/10/[19]42; Location map of American Army Hospitals, 1944 National Archives Washington, U.S.A., chapter 13; Hospitals in the War (.NT.); Locality plan schedule of buildings 86th U.S.A. station hospital Fenton.  
American material2.  American material including maps, bombing reports, Nightcliff Hospital, etc. 1-108American - wartime 86th Station hospital - little of real value in this bundle apart from description of facilities at Nightcliff when they transferred there. Sanitary reports for months August 1943, September 1943 (at Fenton airfield), December 1943 (at Fenton airfield), March 1944 (at Fenton airfield), July 1944 (86th move to Nightcliff), October 1944 (86th at Nightcliff), February 1945 (86th Station hospital to Brisbane and then the Pacific area at end of war.)
American material3.   American material 1-119American 65th Station Hospital - Adelaide River, August 1943 - April 1944, Nightcliff to June 1945 (17 July departed).  Quarterly history of 65th Station hospital - 1 July - 30 September 1943 includes map/layout;  Detailed Quarterly history of 65th Station hospital -1 October 1943 - 31 December 1943 - also includes narrative type history from 1 January 1943 at New Orleans, Louisiana and relocation to Northern Territory, Australia via Queensland;  Quarterly history 1 January 1944 - 31 March 1944 includes narrative history, Quarterly history 1 April 1944 - 30 June 1944, moved from Adelaide River to Nightcliff, includes narrative history; Quarterly history 1 July - 30 September 1944, includes narrative history, in full operation at Nightcliff; Quarterly history 1 October 1944 - 31 December 1944, includes narrative history, photocopies of photos; Quarterly history - 1 January 1945 - 31 March 1945, Unit history 5 pages, includes diagram of hospital area in full operation at Nightcliff, NT; Quarterly history 1 April 1945 - 30 June 1945, in full operation at Nightcliff, NT until 7 June 1945; Quarterly history 1 July 1945 - 30 September 1945 "On 1 July 1945 the 65th Station Hospital...was staged at Nightcliff...awaiting transportation to Manila, Luzon, P.I."; Quarterly history 1 October 1945 - 1 January 1946 - ("Construction of hospital was progressing..."1 page only); Hospital history 65th Hospital, June 1946 - the time of inactivation - 9 December 1946; Quarterly dental historical report, 1 April 1944; 65th Station Hospital history by Commanding officer Major Roy F. Roberts, dated 11 September 1944.
American material4. American material including maps, bombing reports, Nightcliff Hospital etc.1-38American Hospital - Nightcliff, April 1944 - 65th Station Hospital (Joined later by the 86th in the new hospital).  This is the temporary hospital while they were constructing a 500 bed pre-fabricated hospital south of Aralia Street.  The temporary hospital used concrete slabs left by an Australian Army unit.  American War Archives, Washington, U.S.A. Also maps of the 500 bed hospital built by the Americans.  Allied Works Council erected the water tanks only [Ellen Kettle description from front of manila folder]; Paddy Byrne, Ravine Creek is Pop's, 65th American Hospital at Adelaide River, upstream from bridge; Fleet Air Wing Ten / Patrol Wing Ten photocopies from PatWingTen War Diary & FAW 10 War Diary 1941 - August 1944 8 pages; Timor Convey, Bombing of Darwin, photocopy Morison, Samuel E.  History of US Naval Operations in WWII. Volume III Boston, Little Brown  and Company 1948. p. 272-273, 314-321; Letter to Bud Waddell (Dean M.) from Jannelle Warren-Findley, Historical consultant, Washington, D.C. re: research at the Washington National Records Centre, 15 June 1984; [Ellen Kettle's] handwritten notes on Americans, Adelaide River from original documents, includes 65th, 68th & 86 Station hospitals.
American material5.   American material 1-74American Army Hospitals not relevant to N.T.  Quarterly report 1 April - 30 June 1945, includes 42nd General Hospital plus mention of other hospitals; Quarterly report 1 July - 30 September 1945, Office of the Surgeon, Australia Base Section, U.S. Army Forces Western Pacific located in corner of York and King Streets, Sydney, includes personnel; "American Hospital and medical services in Brisbane in 1945, page 1 is missing. Nothing about the N.T. in this but mentions missionaries of German origin from areas occupied by Japanese" [Ellen Kettle], Prophylactic treatments January 1944 - December 1944; Quarterly report of history of medical activities 1 January - 31 March 1945; Hand drawn sketch map of 86th Station hospital Novaliches staging area [Philippines].
American material6.  American material 2-62American 86th Station hospital - a duplicate set. Quarterly History 1943-1945. No maps with either set.
American material7. American material 2-97American 65th Station hospital -  duplicate papers. Quarterly History 1943-1945.
American material8. American material 2-92American 86th Station hospital -  Quarterly History 1943-1945; No maps; "Nightcliff Hospital was (Project No. MD-95A) 40 large buildings and 10 lesser ones" [Ellen Kettle]; Pearl Harbor, Pearl Harbor attack [dictionary].
American material9. American material 2-103American 65th Station hospital's monthly sanitary reports, 1943-1945; "nothing very relevant in these" [Ellen Kettle].
American material10. American material 2-15"American 86th Station hospital at Fenton Field 1943-1944 caring for 380 Bomb Group of 4 squadrons of bombers" [Ellen Kettle]; 'Bases in the Southwest Pacific' chapter 26 in Building the Navy's Bases, 1947; index cards for 43rd and 808th Engineer Battalions; maps.
186. Dr Herbert Basedow 1920-19221.Medical inspection of Aborigines in southern section of N.T.1-121Notes taken from 'The Australian Aboriginal', by Herbert Basedow; 'Welfare of the Aborigines, Dr Basedow's Mission'; correspondence files from Department of External Affairs.
187. Nurses aids1. Nurses assistants1-4Letter from L.M. Tivendale to Chief Medical Officer regarding Hygiene school - Native personnel 12th June 1952; Letter to Director of Health, regarding nursing assistants on missions from E.P. Milliken, Acting Director of Welfare, 12th December 1962.
 2. Aboriginal nursing assistants (folder 1) 1-93Welfare policies - Sisters, Missions & Settlements, Aboriginal staff - hygiene etc. - training of Aborigines as hygiene officers & nursing assistants. Hand written notes; pages from annual reports for Welfare Branch, 1957-59; details of 'Natives employed by Bagot and Darwin Hospital' 1958; Aboriginal Nursing Aide/Assistant Training Course notes.
 3. Aboriginal nursing assistants (folder 2)1-68Aboriginal Nursing Assistants Training Course - student names, student progress reports, course curriculum and reports; NT Departmental policy on Aboriginal persons in health services.
188. A.I.M. Hospitals 1. Australian Inland Mission1-46Establishing, subsidising and maintaining nursing homes in NT, 1922-25; Adequate medical aid for Australia's isolated pioneers, 1929; Aerial Medical Service first report 1928; request for Defence to provide RAAF aeroplanes to convey medical doctors to isolated areas; constitution of the Wimmera Home, Victoria River NT.
 2. Australian Inland Mission hospitals1-124A.I.M. Alice Springs, Maranboy, Victoria River Downs, Nursing homes Department of External Affairs papers, mostly Victoria River Downs - Wimmera Home, includes notes & lists of sisters; Establishment of Nursing homes NT, 1922-1925; newspaper articles on Sister Ruth, 1983/1986.
 3. Alice Springs 1930's 1-80Use in A.I.M. story. 'A mantle of Safety' by John Dwyer, history of the Royal Flying Doctor Service; AIM hostel Alice Springs sketch plan; Lists of staff in NT hospitals; newspaper article on Adelaide House in Alice Springs, 1980; hand written notes; Alice Springs hospital  nursing home [Australian Archives]; 'About our Aborigines' by John Flynn; Extracts from letters by Sisters written to Jean Baird, Flynn's secretary/later wife; brief history of Adelaide House; 'Frontier News' December 1972; 'Inland Saga' by Harry McAndrew; Letter from Graeme Bucknall to Kettle re: John Flynn and the Aborigines, 1982; Letter to Helen Wilson from Rev Fred MacKay re: biographies for NT Dictionary of Biography.
 4. Marranboy 1916-19311-61Maranboy - recommendation to close Maranboy hospital; letters to Chief Protector of Aborigines re: venereal disease at Maranboy tin field; Hospital at Maranboy, 1916-1931 [Australian Archives].
 5. Katherine Hospital Floods1-3Katherine Hospital flooded in March 1957, photo Katherine Hospital flooded [Dept. of Health Collection].
1891. History of Health Services in the NT documents for chapters 2 & 31-135Commonwealth of Australia. Dept. of External Affairs - Petition for nurse for Pine Creek. Australian Archives CRS A1 item 11/21073; Leave of absence - Register of appointments and leave for the NT Public Service 1892-1912 AA CRS A80; Dept. of External Affairs - Removal of insanitary Chinese tenements - Darwin 1913-1914 AA CRS A3 item NT14/4383; Palmerston Local Board of Health: minute book 1899-1915 AA CRS E36 vol. 1.
 2. History of Health Services in the NT documents for chapters 2 & 31-126Palmerston Local Board of Health correspondence from the SA Archives 1374; Lands Branch NT - original plans of the Palmerston Hospital Reserve and various correspondence; hospital statistics; South Australia (House of Assembly) Correspondence re: suspension &c. of Dr Morice in the Northern Territory, November 3rd 1886; Various letters from S.A. Archives -  accession 1374.
 3. History of Health Services in the NT documents for chapters 2 & 31-100Various letters from Government Resident's Office S.A. Archives -  accession 1374; Palmerston Hospital Board of Management; Report 'Hygiene in the Northern Territory' report to the Minister of Health by W. Ramsay Smith; 'Evolution of Public Health Administration in Australia' from Medical Journal of Australia 1932; leave of absence records.
1901.  Report of the Royal Commission on Health.1-123Australia. Royal Commission on Health & Syme, George A. Sir 1926, Report of the Royal Commission on Health : together with appendices, Printed and published for the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia by H.J. Green, Government Printer for the State of Victoria, Melbourne. Parliamentary Paper no. 3/1926.
191. History notes Territory and New Guinea.1. History notes Territory and New Guinea.1-106Newspaper article - 'Rabaul nurses graduate'; Letters and notes from students of Papuan Medical College reporting on pig consumption, which parts were used by different district; 'The Nursing Service of Papua New Guinea' by Ellen Kettle presented at District Health Officer's Conference, October 1973; Principal Matrons Tours of Duty of health centres, missions and hospitals in Lae, Venimo, Wewak, Maprik, Madang, Yagaum, Popondetta, Saiho, East New Britain, Bougainville, in 1972; 'Study of General Trained Nurses as at 31 July 1970' by Kettle.  
192. History Chapter 4 1911-19281. Folder 11-95Letters and memos from The Administrator to Dept of External Affairs (Australian Archives) re: health inspections, nursing staff resignations, vacancy of medical officer from 1911-1913; 'Miss Pink's Love Story' in NT Newsletter July 1975; 'Medical inspection of Natives of southern portion of NT, 1920-1922 by Dr Herbert Basedow (Australian Archives).
 2. Folder 21-127Medical inspection of Natives of southern portion of NT, 1920-1922' by Dr Herbert Basedow continued (Australian Archives); Dr Herbert Basedow's medical report upon the Aborigines of the lower Northern Territory of Australia, 1920; 'Establishment of nursing homes NT, 1922-1925' (Australian Archives).
193. [Contacts for research]1. [Contacts for research]1-90For 'History of Nursing in Papua New Guinea' - extensive lists of names for letters sent within Australia and overseas, including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands. The lists give addresses, date letter sent, date of reply and comments. Letters were sent to medical and military staff and missions between 1974-77; Handkerchief - hand printed and made in Australia by Ronald Gamack; Journal articles on growth in Aboriginal infants and children; list of names with information for possible inclusion in NT Dictionary of Biography, vol 3; List of names letters sent to in Nov 1990; Typed list of persons/organisations and their addresses; List of Aboriginal health workers; Summary of Nursing Sister Brenda Divine's work in AIM; Letters from the Archives; 'Development of Rural Health Services in the Northern Territory' by Kettle.
19411-139Dept. of External Affairs.  Dr Holmes visit to Daly River [demonstration farm], 1915 (from Australian Archives CRS A3, item N.T. 15/1939); Dept. of External Affairs.  Health Regulations, N.T. (CRS A3, item N.T. 14/6680); Dept. of External Affairs. Correspondence files NT series: Venereal diseases in railway construction camps and at Marranboy 1915-1916 Australian Archives CRS A3 item NT/6/608; Dept. of External Affairs. Correspondence files NT series Local Board of Health Darwin, 1914-1919 Australian Archives, CRS A3 item NT 19/2283.
195. [Papua and New Guinea]1.  [Papua and New Guinea]1-12Job advertisement for Principal Matron, Senior Matron New Guinea Sun 7/12/[19]68, Hospital nursing staff establishments required, November 1972 A3 size table 3 pages; Study tour Territory of Papua, New Guinea 1964 by Ellen S. Kettle includes itinerary.
 2 [Nurses training]1- 29Territory of Papua and New Guinea - possible alternatives for preparation of nurses; "B' Nursing statistics 1964-1970 Papuan Medical College compiled by M. Biddulph; Registered nurse students, Port Moresby Fed. 1974 intake - list of names; Recruitment of student nurses for registered nurse course home areas of applicants 1973 & 1974, also includes names, sub district, school, form, pass mark and gender; Port Moresby General Hospital trained nursing staff establishment - turnover of staff June 1973 - May 1974; Report to Dr W. D. Symes on curriculum guide for first year of the project by Mary A. Biddulph 5/3/1973; Letter to Dr W.D. Symes, Director of Public Health regarding study of the Committee of Inquiry into Higher Education 18 April 1972 from Mary Biddulph.
 3. Study block - PMC School of Nursing 19701-49Expected numbers of students in the Papuan Medical College after graduation, 1970; Planning and implementation of the "B" Nursing course by Sr. M. Biddulph; Brief history of introduction of Block system in the P.M.C. School of Nursing; The Block teaching system  and other matters; Excerpts from tutors meetings 1969; Meeting at School of Nursing, Papua Medical College to discuss block system 31 December 1969; Minutes of meeting of tutorial staff held at School of Nursing, Papuan Medical College, 13 March 1970; Putting yourself in another's place [small booklet has pictures and text 12 pages]
1961. Aboriginal Births infant mortality & morbidity1-115Kettle, Ellen S. Development of rural health services in the Northern Territory.  Paper presented at the third Medical Congress, Sydney, 1968; Moodie, P.M. Mortality and morbidity in Australian Aboriginal children, 18p.;  Work covered by N.T. Survey Sisters; Aboriginal births & child mortality, Alice Springs area, 1968; Aboriginal child mortality Top End Northern Territory 1960-1965 (Calendar); 3 individual health records up to 7-8 years of age and 2 growth charts; Barajuna's family of Muda-Muda, (1 photocopy of history notes card); Yirrkala Mission new born babies weight details; Milingimbi Mission, Weights of new born Aboriginal babies born mission hospitals or camps; Places in suggested order of visiting - Victoria River Downs - west, table includes approximate number of people, mileage to next station, road conditions and approximate travel time involved; hand drawn map of Victoria River district west; Borroloola Area - table-  places in order of visiting, no. of people, mileage to next place, road condition and approximate travel time, dates R.M.V., days Connellans, baby clinics, communications, hand drawn map Gulf district; Programme for rural public health sisters; Department of Health Aboriginal infant mortality rate 1968 & 1969; Percentiles for weight and length, birth to 5 years Department of Maternal and Child Health, Harvard School of Public Health (2, A3 handwritten pages).
 2. Infant mortality (articles, statistics, correspondence)1-42Department of Health, 'Darwin Aboriginal infant feeding first fourteen days of life' by E. Kettle, Survey Sister, 17 October 1961 2p.; Aboriginal births and child mortality 0-2 years "Top end" covered from Darwin 1960 - 1965; Aboriginal births and child mortality 0-2 years Alice Springs area 1965; Papunya welfare settlement Aboriginal births and child mortality, 0-2 years; 1966, 1967 statistics also for "Top end" and Alice Springs; Bathurst Island division 1.9.1958, 3.9.1958 & 10.12.1959 table with name, birth, mother, father 7p.
197.  Gone Bush - correspondence1.  Folder 1 - "Gone Bush" & F.P. Leonard.1-84Various correspondence regarding advertising  invoices, sales, manuscript with publishers, F.P. Leonard Advertising Pty Ltd. 
 2. Folder 2 - "Gone Bush" & F.P. Leonard.1-88Various correspondence regarding publication of "Gone Bush" with F.P. Leonard, including editing, the launch, invoices, sales, distribution, cataloguing information from the National Library of Australia, book reviews are mentioned in the correspondence, Public Lending Rights Payment advice for 1976-77, printing & publishing costs, colour photo of rough sketch only of Gone Bush, black & white photo of "Gone Bush".
198. Missionary Aviation Fellowship1. Missionary Aviation Fellowship1-14Historical background of MAF; Further accident report  by V.M. Ambrose, General Secretary 27 September 1976; 'MAF at work' brochure; 'Missionary Aviation Newsletter', August 1976; special issue of MAF newsletter with over 50 photos of staff and families.
199. Papua New Guinea1. Papua New Guinea1-81Stone Age Crisis, a psychiatric appraisal' by B.G. Burton-Bradley; leprosy reconstructive notes, 1952-1970; hospital and medical centres at June 1960 from annual , Department of Public Health; index cards with notes, contacts, staff lists, bibliographies of books, journals, archives and photo with page numbers for PNG hospitals, services, medical training, nurses, diseases, Papua 1921-41, war 1942-45.
200. Papua New Guinea Nurses1. Papua New Guinea Nurses1-61Employment cards for PNG medical staff including name, birth, village, district, next of kin, education, training, postings; photo of graduation class of nurses in 1964.
 2. Papua New Guinea Nurses1-43Employment cards for PNG medical staff including name, birth, village, district, next of kin, education, training, postings.
201. [Newspaper clippings]1. [Newspaper clippings]1-17Australian Territories', May 1962; 'Journal of the Commonwealth Department of Health', Dec 1966; newspaper articles featuring Ellen Kettle, including MBE received in 1967.  
202. [Papua New Guinea photographs]1. [Papua New Guinea photographs]1-33Photographs, negatives and proofs of hospitals, staff, patients, facilities and buildings in Papua New Guinea; overlay for aerial photograph for Ela Beach, 1947; Mitchell Library reader's slip, 1976.
 2. [Papua New Guinea photographs]1-15Photographs and a negative of medical staff and patients in Papua New Guinea, including first year students of Port Moresby School of Nursing, 1969, also a group of women with babies; 'Manual on the Research Process' printed by World Health Organisation, Manila, Philippines, 1970.
 3. [Papua New Guinea photographs]1-19Flyer promoting 'That they may live' by Kettle; photograph and correspondence re opening of Anguganak Hospital, PNG, 1962; photo captions and correspondence with Australian War Memorial; chapter 6 war photos for publisher.
 4. [Papua New Guinea photographs]1-28Photographs and negatives of hospitals, staff, patients, facilities and buildings in Papua New Guinea; flyer for Balimo Community Health Centre; captions for chapter 7 or 8.
203. PNG Material (not needed)1. PNG Material (not needed)1-35Management of diarrhoea in young children' by John Biddulph; minutes from emergency meeting of senior nursing staff expressing concerns over National Health Plan, 1974; nursing manpower comparison based on study compiled by Miss O. Manning WHO, 1968-1974; statistical tables listing trained nursing staff in districts of Papua New Guinea; minutes of the Planning Committee held at Para Medical College, PNG, 11 November 1974.
204. New Guinea personal papers1. New Guinea personal papers1-46Christmas Greeting from Alice Springs' [letter], December 1968 from Jim & Shirley Downing; 'The problem of heavy drinking amongst Aborigines in Alice Springs', 'Health education in central Australia' and 'Communication'  by Rev J.H. Downing; Annual report for the Congregational Union of Australia Aborigines and social welfare fund, 1967-8; 'The present problem of authority in the Aboriginal Community' by Paul G.E. Albrecht; 'Leprotic involvement of multiple peripheral nerves in the absence of skin lesions' by J.C. Hargrave and Rev Mother Marion, East Arm Leprosarium, Darwin; 'Leprosy in Papua and New Guinea' by D.A. Russell; membership card for International Leprosy Association; letter to Ellen from Tom re overseas tour; letter from St James Palace re replacement of OBE which was lost during Cyclone Tracy; 'PICA: a study in medical and anthropological explanation' by Gianna Hochstein; letter from WHO with information about Manila for 4-week stay.
 2. New Guinea personal papers1- 17Procedure to be adopted with regard to arrangement of domiciliary treatment of Hansen's disease, PNG circular 1961; 'The psychiatry of cargo cult' by B.G. Burton-Bradley; letter and contract for public service in PNG; Regulation 6 - appeal to public service board chairman, Australian Public Service.
205. PNG History of Nursing correspondence in Australia1. PNG History of Nursing correspondence in Australia1-92Statements, invoices, letters and telegrams from F.P. Leonard publisher and letters to the publisher from Kettle re proofs, corrections and edits for the book "That They May Live'; request for financial assistance from National Library; NLA CIP;  [book] 'Reviews in brief' newspaper clipping reviews books published on PNG. 
 2.PNG History of Nursing correspondence in Australia1-93Letters between publisher and Kettle re corrections, additions, edits design and layout for book proofs of 'That They May Live'; newspaper clipping reviews books published on PNG; statements of payment.
 3. [PNG history of nursing during the war]1-92Correspondence with Colonel C.S. Smith re photos & material for book; invitations to official events in PNG; licence to purchase or export game from Uganda (zebra); details for 6 army nurses captured at Rabaul; typed& hand written notes about 118 AGH & Rabaul; extract from unpublished manuscript 'In the glow of the lamp' by Lorna Laffer; history of RAAF nursing service in New Guinea; notes from readings, newspaper articles, book chapters on medical &nursing service during the war; list of nuns, sisters, priests killed or safe; missing men & civilians in New Guinea; list of missionaries who died or were rescued; list of sisters rescued at Ramale, 1945.
 4. 'That They May Live' correspondence1-105Statements, letters from/to F.P. Leonard publisher; negatives for early hospitals sent by University of Papa New Guinea; reviews of book, congratulatory letters; letters about book sales, promotion and transport; entry into NSW Premier's literary award.
 5. That They May Live' correspondence1-88Statements & letters from/to F.P. Leonard publisher; letters re proof checking, editing, printing errors, public lending rights, despatches, complimentary copies, book orders, poor sales, book brochure & promotion.  
206. Inquiry into Aboriginal Health1.  Inquiry into Aboriginal Health1-88Letters and newspaper advertisement concerning arrangements for public hearing before the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs Inquiry into Health Problems of Aboriginals; submission and supplementary submission by Kettle on the training of Aboriginal health personnel, 1978; draft syllabus for Aboriginal Community Health Nurse or community worker; 'Training of health personnel in Papua New Guinea' by Ellen Kettle; curriculum subjects; 'Report on aspects of Aboriginal health services in the Northern Territory' by Dr J.H. Hirshman.
207. [Nursing advisory services]1.  [Nursing advisory services]1-56Assignment report, April to June 1968 by Dr Rae Chittick, WHO short term consultant from Canada. Title of project: 'Nursing Advisory Services'. Purpose of the visit: to assess syllabus for proposed public health nursing course (NSW College of Nursing) and to participate in discussions about conduct and implementation of existing public health courses (Australian College).
208. Publications - Aboriginal babies1. Publications - Aboriginal babies1-42Weight and height curves for Australian Aboriginal infants and children' by Kettle, Medical Journal of Australia, 1966; published journal articles from medical journals on diseases of the eye, digestive and respiratory systems and of the tropics, malaria, leprosy; article on lead poisoning at an NT drilling site; Medical Journal of Australia, no. 22, 1968.
 2. Published papers - medical1-91Mortality and morbidity in Australian Aboriginal children' by P.M. Moodie; Overseas tour to study child health; 'The health of immigrant babies in an East Africa town' by F.J. Bennett & D.B. Jelliffe; Mission Review July/Sept 1980; 'Weight and height curves for Australian Aboriginal infants and children' by Kettle; 'Severe alimentary bleeding associated with hookworm  infestation in Aboriginal infants' by A.C. Walker et al.; 'Development of rural health services in the Northern Territory' by Kettle; 'Immunization with Sabin Vaccine in the Australian Capital Territory' by Allen Green et al.; 'Fingerprint studies on four Central Australian Aboriginal tribes' by M.K. Robson & P.A Parsons; newspaper clippings on Aboriginal health & infant deaths; 'Health education at village level' by Kettle; 'Family planning among Aborigines' by Allen F. Connon; 'The harmful effects of particles in intravenous fluids' by J.M. Garvan & B.W. Gunner.
209. PNG health1. PNG health1-76Study of child health methods' by Kettle; 'Attitudes towards family planning among the women of a Northern Australian Aboriginal community' by Janice Reid; 'Weight and height curves for Australian Aboriginal infants and children' by Kettle; Symposia: Aboriginal health; 'Health education at village level' by Kettle.
 2. PNG health1-68A nursing manpower study in Paua New Guinea' by Kettle; 'Nurse education in NSW' by Howard Sheath; 'Use of immunosuppressive agents in human nerve grafting' by R.S. Gyse et al.; 'Replanning Sydney hospital 3. an experiment in management' by L.E. Crawford et al.;  'Health education at village level' by Kettle. 
210. Bush Medicine1. Bush Medicine1-18Pages from 'The bushmen's first aid' by Mervyn J. Holmes, 1913; copy of 'Bush medicine' by Victor H. Webster.
211. School public health & tropical medicine1. School public health & tropical medicine1-43Correspondence with Medical Journal of Australia and School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, University of Sydney, including précis on mortality in Aboriginal children, submission of paper; letters & program for Third Australian Medical Congress, August 1968; Kettle presented paper on 'Development of rural health services in the Northern Territory'.
 2. Development of rural health services in the Northern Territory1-30'Development of rural health services in the Northern Territory' paper presented to Third Australian Medical Congress, August 12-16th, 1968 by Ellen S. Kettle; Queensland Nurses Journal, January 1969; infants weight chart; Table: mean weights, heights and standard deviations of Australian Aboriginal children from birth to 5 years of age; Chart: weight in pounds against age in months.
212. Health centres 1970s1. Health centres 1970s1- 81Newspaper clippings on NT centres; flyers & information sheets for cholera, smallpox, tetanus, diphtheria, typhoid, polio, tuberculosis, rubella, & measles vaccines & immunization; comments on community health nursing in Darwin by N. Stichbury, 1975-77; program for formation of districts in Darwin, 1974; address to Australian Hospice Association national conference by Bill Hayden; community health nursing services survey.
 2. Health centres 1970s1-98Community health nursing project 1975; 'Community development' presented at 1971 summer school NT state committee college of nursing by Rev Bernie Clarke; 'Hospitals and health services commission' by Sister Anable; Review of the community health program, 1976; Community health program for Australia, report from the National Health Services Commission, 1973; Community health nursing - staff questionnaire; Role of the community health nurse; 'A descriptive study of community health nursing in Australia, 1975-6' undertaken by Sarah Ellen Archer; customer questionnaire; 'A conceptual model for preventive health behaviour' by Nola J. Pender; 'A performance appraisal scheme for health visitors' by R.C. Mulholland; 'Strengthening a disorganised family' by Laura Bauernfeind; community health nursing approach, philosophy and duties.
 3. Health centres 1970s1-62School dental consent form; immunization record card; contents list of first aid kit for community college; guide to school screening N.T.M.S. (Northern region); drawing tests: Gessell, Bender visual-motor-gestalt, Goodenough "draw a person"; first aid kits for schools, 1978; recommended periods of exclusion from school of infectious disease cases & contacts; school medical record card; 'Evaluating growth & posture in school-age children' by Eleanor W. Brower; 'Posture problems, what to look for'.
 4. Health Centres 1970s1-47Joining up a jigsaw' [cervical cancer] by Wendy Cooper; smoking survey, 1979; standard manual alphabet [sign language]; percentile chart - weight (girls); school screening card & letters; N.T.M.S. immunization schedule for children; handout for teachers with children infested with nits or head lice; letters [templates] to parents re: vaccinations, sores, sunburns, eye problems.
213. History material collected by Judith MacKay1. History material collected by Judith Mackay1-92Enemy attack on Darwin on 19 February 1942' by Clive H.R. James, Surgeon Commander; 'A study of diseases of Australian natives in the Northern Territory' by Raymond T. Binn, 1945; report on medical services 7 M.D., 11 Apr 1942; D.D. coordination committee report no. 16 - medical, 21 Dec 1939; report on hospital accommodation, 19 December 1939; conditions under Medical Benefit Fund for the Northern Territory; Medical treatment of Defence Services Personnel, Darwin, 20 March 1940; Report on bombing in Darwin by Justice Lowe; Review of army dental services during the war period. 
213. History material collected by Judith MacKay2. History material collected by Judith MacKay1-105Medical and dental treatment NT, July 1947; 'A sociological study of the Aborigines in the Northern Territory and their eye disease' by Michael Schneider, 1946; memo re malaria control measures at Adelaide River, 1940; Posting of medical officers to units NT Force, 1942 [list of names]; Reserve of medical and surgical stores at Darwin, 1940; Medical and dental services - Darwin, first & second reports, 1939.  
214. Articles for health1. Articles for health1-43The health of Aboriginal children'. 1968; 'Nursing manpower study in Papua New Guinea'; Third Australian Medical Congress programme, 1968; Kettle's curriculum vitae; 'Where heroes only need apply' review of the month; 'Parasite counts in infections with Plasmodium Falciparum' by Robert H. Black; 'Trachoma and related disorders', 1972; 'Health education at village level' by Kettle; report from overseas tour to study child health. 
215. Newspaper articles1. Newspaper articles1-4Territory 'welfare' a myth?', Aboriginal Quarterly, 1968; 'Our land of dreams', NT News 1980; 'Territorians - Fr Frank Flynn' by Peter Forrest. 
216. Nursing history1.Nursing history1-18Key dates and lists of medical staff for Darwin Medical Society, 1954-1970; list of staff at Medical Receiving Station, 1940s; Medical Register, 1935-1971 with names listed.
217. [Medical services of the Northern Territory]1. [Medical services of the Northern Territory]1-23For cabinet - financial system of medical and hospital benefits review, 1940; ordinance relating to medical benefits and hospital administration, 1940; commonwealth medical services, 1946; agendum no. 965: Medical services in the Northern Territory, 1945.
218. War chapter part 1 & 21. War chapter part 1 & 21-29War 1939-1945', pages 1-27, includes references.
 2. War chapter part 1 & 21--30'War 1939-1945', pages 28-57, includes references.
219. Chapter 3, 1900-1911, and chapter 4, 1911-19281. Chapter 3, 1900-1911, and chapter 4, 1911-19281-25Letter from Medical Officer, Kensington Fulton, 1906; Hygiene in the Northern Territory, report, 1906; 'Minute book' Palmerston Local Board of Health, 1904-6 (SA Archives).
220. Chapter 4, 1911-19281. Chapter 4, 1911-19281-77Documents for chapter 4 of 'History of Health Services in the Northern Territory, including: NT health ordinance 1912, conditions for medical benefits fund; ordinance relating to medical benefits and hospital administration, 1940; Review of Army activities in NT - dental services, 1945; commonwealth medical services, 1946; history chapter 7, 1946-1950; notes compiled especially by Dr Humphrey on chapter 7, Jan 1976; medical supplies, 1948; 1950 onwards - photocopies taken from old NT Administration, Public Relations, news clippings at Darwin Public Library Nov/Dec 1974; maps for chapter 2 1869-1900.
 2. Chapter 4, 1911-19281-98SA Archives accession 1374 Letter 1873 - 1890, Government Resident's Office.
 3. Chapter 4, 1911-19281-96Dr M.J. Holmes visit to Daly River and report on health, 1915; Petition for nurses for Pine Creek, 1911 (Australian Archives CRS A1);   'Minute book' Palmerston Local Board of Health, 1899-1915 (Australian Archives); Health regulations NT, 1914-1915; hospital nursing staff and doctor, miscellaneous 1911-1912, also Olive Pink story from NT Newsletter July 1975.
221. History labelled 'chapter 6 1940-1945, 1942-1946'1. History labelled 'chapter 6 1940-1945, 1942-1946'1-99Report on hospital accommodation at Darwin, 1939; memorandums on medical treatment of defence personnel, 1940; reserve of medical and surgical stores, 1940; hospital accommodation at Bagot's Compound; 'Hospital accommodation Darwin, 1940-41' Australian Archives (CRS A2671); 'Enemy attack on Darwin on 19 February, 1942' RAN; report on bombing in Darwin; 'Survey of hospital accommodation of Australian and US Forces, 1944'; Kahlin hospital - general repairs and renovations, 1945; review of army dental service; 'Letters from Government Residence office, 1890 (SA Archives); List of Drugs in hand, Port Darwin, 1890; Duties of acting Medical Officer at Port Darwin, 1890; Quarantine regulations, 1899; Palmerston Hospital Board of Management, 1890.
 2. History labelled 'chapter 6 1940-1945, 1942-1946'1-125Venereal diseases in railway construction camps and at Marranboy, 1915-1916; Local Board of Health Darwin correspondence, 1914-1919 (Australian Archives CRS A3); Medical Officer's letters, 1890-99 (SA Archives); Quarantine regulations, 1899;  
222. Milingimbi records1. Growth records of Milingimbi school children1Growth records of Milingimbi school children, including name, sex, birth date, length, weight, height, captured monthly between 1944 and 1960.
 2. Weight Book, Milingimbi School children1Growth records for Milingimbi school children, including name, mother's name, date of birth, measurements by month and year, 1966-1973.
 3. Milingimbi weights, 2nd book1-13Growth records for Milingimbi children, including name, sex, date of birth, weight, length, HC, comments date, 1978-79.
223. Millingimbi - settlement patient record book1.  Millingimbi - settlement patient record book1-9Dental school notes; name list and age of boys and girls who have received diphtheria injections and a list of those children who still need the injection; patient record book for Milingimbi, 1954-69.
224. Milingimbi tapes by Jessie Smith1. Milingimbi tapes by Jessie Smith1-84Transcript of tapes by Jessie Smith before she left in August 1980. Jessie had kept log books over the years, since 1953. Letter to Jess Smith from Kettle asking 17 questions.
225. Yuendumu births and deaths1. Yuendumu births and deaths1-42Weight chart; list of age, height, weight, head, chest & abdomen figures produced by Sister R.H. Hannah, May 1955; lists of family names including husbands, wives, children and birth dates; birth and infant deaths: years, names, cause of death and figures showing births for a given year and the children from these births who subsequently dies, taken from the Yuendumu Missionary records June 1966.
226. [Infant welfare report]1. [Infant welfare reports]1-28Hand written letters from Kettle to the Director of Health, Health Department, Darwin, reporting on infant welfare at 51 communities in NT, Barkly Tablelands & Kimberley area, 1958.
227. Territorial medical services1. Territorial medical services1-67Territorial medical services from report on Commonwealth Health Department, 1932-1933; 'The Commonwealth Health laboratory, Darwin', 1935; extracts from Commonwealth Royal Commission on Health, 1925; 'Diseases of the Australian Aborigines' by Herbert Basedow.
228. Survey of hospital accommodation of Australian services1.  Survey of hospital accommodation of Australian services1-82 'Survey of hospital accommodation of Australian services and US Forces', 1944; 'Kahlin hospital, Darwin NT general repairs and renovations', 1945; 'Hospital accommodation Darwin', 1940-1941, Australian Archives (CRS A2671).
229. Post-war material - newsletters & various studies in 1970s1.  Post-war material - newsletters & various studies in 1970s1-74Community Health Services Newsletters: July 1975, August 1975, October 1973, August 1974. Articles include: ' The coast town project - Action research in Aboriginal community health', 'The Applicability of the AMS model for the provision of health services to traditional aboriginal communities', job descriptions of district medical officers, list of district health units, 'Tuberculin PPD', 'A report on traditional Aboriginal camp layout in relation to town planning, April 1974'.
 2.  Post-war material - newsletters & various studies in 1970s1-99Editorial: 'Nurses attitudes towards abortion: report of a survey carried out in the Northern Territory'; 'Sister Fong is back from "Alert" in Ethiopia'; 'Examination and assessment of the problems of juvenile deviant behaviour in Aboriginal communities in the north west of South Australia - 1971' by Rev J.H. Downing; 'A community approach to nutrition education amongst Pitjantjatjara people' by Sandra Stacy; 'Thank goodness for rural health staff' editorial.
 3.  Post-war material - newsletters & various studies in 1970s1-83Rural Health Newsletter  February, March, June, July, October & November 1973; Rural Health Newsletter, January 1974
230. Rural health nursing service1. Rural health nursing service1-31List of place, population and subsidised nurse for Kimberley cattle stations, Roper area, Borroloola area, down the track, Daly River area, buffalo country, odds & sods; 'Development of rural health services in the Northern Territory' by Ellen Kettle.
231. Report by Protector of Aborigines, 19081. Report by Protector of Aborigines, 19081-47Special report on the condition of the Aborigines in the Northern Territory' from the Office of the Protector of Aborigines, Government's Resident Office, 1908.
232. Nursing manpower study in PNG1. Nursing manpower study in PNG1-79A nursing manpower study in Papua New Guinea' by Kettle (1971); 'Health education across cultural barriers' by Rev Jim Downing from research seminar: Aboriginal health services in May 1972; copy of letter re: role of heath workers in hospitals; Report of committee appointed by the Minister for Health to inquire into the education of nurses, June 1970; 'Development of rural health services in the Northern Territory' by Ellen Kettle; infant health reports 1958; 'Rural health nursing service in the N.T.' by Kettle, 1968.
233. Various articles and reports1. Various articles and reports1-87Papua New Guinea Medical Journal, September 1971; NT News Rural Focus 26 Feb 1981; 'The first ten years' by J.P. Baxter, Australian Atomic Energy Commission; Instructions to Government Resident, Northern Territory, 1873; 'Narrative of the voyage of HMS Rattlesnake'; 'Early settlement in Northern Australia' by A.M. McIntosh, Medical Journal of Australia, 1958; 'Where heroes only need apply', review of 'That they might live', Australian Nurses Journal, 1982; Territorians - Ellen Kettle by Peter Forrest, Star Feature; 'The "bird people" of Arnhem Land: a neurological problem for anthropological medicine' by John Cawte
234. Treponematoses in Northern Territory 1. Treponematoses in Northern Territory 1-18Treponematoses in Northern Territory Aborigines, abbreviated report of a survey in 1968.
235. Photographs1. Photographs1-14Sister Judith Brockhurst compiling medical records of people at Mirrngaytja, 1963; Donkey team at Wave Hill, 1954; West Bains River. Photographs used in 'Gone Bush': Pet dingo, Murwangi; The Bungalow, the original overland telegraph station, A.S.; site of old leprosy camp, Maningrida. Alec of Hooker Creek, 1954; women washing baby.
 2. Photographs1-14Three views from the hills behind Napperby Station, June 1952; Milly with baby Pat, Yuendumu, July 1953; Ellen Kettle with baby Barbara, Yuendumu, February 1953; Children in water hole, Yuendumu, 1952; Brian Greenfield and Juggler with eagle on Yuendumu Rd, 1952; Betty Ashworth, Jens Bjerre [author and adventurer] and Ellen Kettle, Yuendumu, July 1953; Stockman at Wave Hill, July 1954; Judy Granites, Mary & Enid, Yuendumu, July 1953; Ellen Kettle at Yuendumu January 1953; Doreen Homestead, June 1952; Bundy with orphan foal 'Wave Hill', Waterloo Station, September 1954.
 3. Photographs1-15Health Department plane on Yuendumu aerodrome, 30 June 1962, including Dr Brock, Mrs Brock, Dr Eye & Richard Langdon; Judy, Roonie & Elizabeth at Yuendumu, April 1952; Sending a child, Muriel, to hospital from Yuendumu via a canella aircraft, Yuendumu, May 1952; Alec & Lydia with children Edward, Elizabeth & Susan, Hooker Creek, May 1954; Edward & Lawrence, Hooker Creek, early 1954; Mrs Brett, Ada Griffiths, Edward, Ruby, Maisie, Lydia & Berryl, Yuendumu, March 1952; Women: Uni, Maggie, Sarah, Mary  & babies: Eric, Noel, Cameron, Robert, Barbara, James, Neville, Yuendumu, February 1953.
 4. Photographs1-5The hospital at Yuendumu, May 1952; Children: Cameron, Angeline & Barbara at Yuendumu, May 1952; Nursing staff of Yuendumu hospital: Biddy, Bertha & Lucy, September 1953; Edward, son of Liddy, in the porridge pot, April 1952.
 5. Photographs1-6Sister Grace Jarrick with patients at Hermannsburg medical clinic, 1955; Pilot Frank Savage with Drover aircraft near Yirrkala, October 1954 [incl. negatives]; Original Sisters' home & Matron's flat built in 1941 at Darwin Hospital taken late 1950s.
236. Diaries1. Diary, 1954 - 1957 Diary entries list places visited, dates, treatment schedules, diseases, patient symptoms, names and numbers. Also includes extensive lists of names, parents, spouses and ages of children and adults examined and treated for hookworm, trachoma, and Hb estimations at the following stations and settlements between 1954 and 1957: Hooker Creek, Wave Hill, Limbunya, Waterloo, Rosewood, Inverway, Victoria River Downs, Borroloola, Daly River, Phillip Creek, The Bungalow, Hermannsburg Mission, Anthony Lagoon, Nallapunyah Springs, Creswell Downs, Walhallow, Calvert Hills, Red Bank Mine, Wollogorang, Brunette Downs, Alexandria, Gallipoli, Soudan, Avon Downs, Alroy Downs, Rockhampton Downs, Delissaville. Inventory of medical equipment.
 2. Diary, 1957 - 1962 Diary entries list places visited, dates, treatment schedules, diseases, patient symptoms, names and numbers. Extensive lists of names, parents, spouses and ages of children and adults examined and treated for hookworm, trachoma, Hb estimations and triple antigen injections at the following stations and settlements between 1957 and 1962 : Inverway, Limbunya, Waterloo, Rosewood, Kirkimbie, Humbert River, Newry, Auvergne, Coolibah, Kildurk, Oenpelli Mission, Liverpool River, Maningrida, Goulburn Island, Beswick, Delissaville, Elsey, Hodgson Downs, Hidden Valley, Newcastle Waters, Beetaloo, Renner Springs, Elliot, Helen Springs, Banka Banka, Brunchilly, McLaren, Kurundi, Epenarra, Neutral Junction, Stirling, Aileron, Mainoru (malaria treatment in 1962). 
 3. Diary, 1959 - 1962 Duty diary while working for Health Department
 4. Diary, 1962 - 1965 Travel diary (brief); Rural Health meeting notes, 15/4/1965.
 5. Diary, 1969 Work diary, Principal Matron
 6. Diary, 1971 Work diary
 7. Diary, 1972 Work diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 8. Diary, 1973 Work diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 9. Diary, 1974 Work diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 10. Diary, 1975 - 1976 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes (in Canberra)
 11. Diary, 1978  Work diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 12. Diary, 1979 Work diary, includes contacts, additional notes (Regional Matron)
 13. Diary, 1980 Work diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 14. Diary, 1981 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 15. Diary, 1982 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 16. Diary, 1983 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes, 'historical recall of my own movements', comments on current affairs, research undertaken.
 17. Diary, 1984 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes, comments on current affairs, contact with family & friends.
 18. Diary, 1985 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 19. Diary, 1986 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 20. Diary, 1987 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes, card.
 21. Diary, 1988 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 22. Diary, 1989 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 23. Diary, 1990 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 24. Diary, 1991 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 25. Diary, 1992 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 26. Diary, 1993 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 27. Diary,1994 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 28. Diary, 1995 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 29. Diary, 1996 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes
 30. Diary, 1997 Diary, includes contacts, additional notes
237. Leprosy notepad1. Leprosy notepad Notepad listing names, ages and family members of Yolngu at Sheppie's drome and Yurrku djarrak who were checked for leprosy in 1962.
238. Births Register1. Births register Register (1955-1966) recording location, names, sex, date of birth, mother & father, if deceased. Includes index to 86 stations, locations and hospitals.
239. [Federation medal & metal plate]1.  [Federation medal & metal plate] Federation medal presented to Thomas and Rosa Kettle in 1901 to commemorate the opening of the first Commonwealth Parliament of Australia in Melbourne. Includes box, note from Kettle and plaque that accompanied medal when it was on display in NT Parliament House (library foyer).
240. Journals1 The Australian Nurses Journal, February 1975. Includes article 'Santa didn't make it into Darwin' (pp 8-16, 17)
 2 The Australian Nurses Journal, April 1974. Includes articles 'Doctors rooms in Darwin' (p 26) and 'Poor black health, bad white attitudes' (pp 29-31)
 3 The Australian Nurses Journal, July 1971
 4 The Australian Nurses Journal, January 1969
 5 Health: Journal of the Commonwealth Department of Health, volume 28 number 1, 1978
 6 Health: Journal of the Commonwealth Department of Health, volume 27 number 3, 1977. Includes article 'NT medical service receiving six new aircraft' (pp 1-3)
 7 Health: Journal of the Commonwealth Department of Health, volume 16 number 2, June 1966. Includes article 'Retirement of Clyde Fenton' (p 27)
 8 Health: Journal of the Commonwealth Department of Health, volume 13 number 2, June 1963. Includes article 'Dramatic rescue mission by N.T. Aerial Medical Service' (p 60)
 9 Mission Aviation, Autumn 1985. Includes article 'MAF in northern Australia' (pp 4-19)
 101-2 (2 copies)News of the Month (Commonwealth Department of Health), November 1966. Includes articles 'Travel scholarship to survey Sister' (pp 3-5)
 11 News of the Month (Commonwealth Department of Health), April 1966.
 12 News of the Month (Commonwealth Department of Health), February 1966. Includes article 'Teamwork checked measles epidemic' (p 15)
 131-3Frederic Wood Jones' by Barry E. Christophers. The Medical Journal of Australia, August 5, 1972, pp 325-9.
 14 The Medical Journal of Australia, February 1, 1969
 15 The Medical Journal of Australia, June 4, 1966. Includes articles 'Weight and height curves for Australian Aboriginal infants and children' (pp 972-977) and 'Medical services in the Northern Territory' (pp 983-984)

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