Frank Flynn

This page lists the biography and guide to the manuscripts of Frank Flynn. 

Frank Flynn biography

Francis Stanislaus Flynn (Frank) (1906 - 2000)

Catholic priest, ophthalmologist and author, Frank Flynn was born on 6 December 1906 in Sydney, one of nine children born to Dr John Flynn and Maud May, nee Witton. 

John Flynn had arrived in Australia from Ireland in 1888, where he had been House Surgeon in the Mater Misericordiae Hospital in Dublin. 

Frank Flynn commenced his education at the Brigidine Convent in Randwick, Sydney. Along with his five brothers he was then educated by Marist Brothers at Darlinghurst, Sydney. They all excelled at studies, and all went into medicine. In 1925 Frank Flynn started his medical studies at Sydney University. 

In 1933 he sailed to England on Jervis Bay as ship's surgeon. He studied and worked at the Royal Ophthalmic Hospital (Moorfields) in London, the world's oldest and most famous eye hospital. 

Not yet 30, he made several important contributions to the study of eye disease, including the introduction of a new drug which he named Mydriciane, and the design and patenting of a machine used in operating on detached retinas.

While still at Moorfields, Flynn wrote to his family informing them of his decision to become a priest. He returned to Australian in 1934, travelling as ship's surgeon on board the liner Automadon. 

He joined the Missionaries of the Sacred heart (MSC) in December 1935. 

It was while studying Philosophy at Kensington Monastery in New South Wales that Flynn first met Monsignor Francis Xavier Gsell who, was appointed as the first resident Catholic Bishop of Darwin in 1938, was to have a profound influence on the way Flynn approached his later ministry amongst the Aboriginal people of the north. Flynn was ordained as a priest in March 1942. 

In response to the many people who questioned why he gave up medicine for the Church, Flynn later wrote, 'I never did for any lengthy period divorce ophthalmic practice from my priesthood. 

I have been fortunate, indeed, in that wherever I have gone I have found a union of two interests, one aimed at healing the body and the other aimed at healing the spirit'.

After ordination Flynn was sent to the Northern Territory where he as attached to the Army as a Major, serving in the dual role of Chaplain and Ophthalmologist. Military life and discipline was not entirely new to Flynn as he had undergone, compulsory, military training at school as a Junior and Senior Cadet, and was later in the University Regiment. 

He was attached in succession to Australian General Hospital (AGH) units 113, 109, 117 and 129, and operated at the Darwin fortress Hospital on Myilly Point and new Army hospitals in Berrimah, Katherine and Alice Springs.

The first medical problem brought to his attention by the Army was with regard to the severe eye discomfort suffered by Army convoy drivers. 

Flynn's simple solution of the use of goggles by the drivers, rinsing the eyes, painting a green strip along the top of each windscreen and spacing convoy vehicles, proved effective. 

As Army Chaplain, Flynn quickly found a use of St Mary's (then St Joseph's) Convent and school, the Sisters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart having been evacuated to Alice Springs, by turning it into a Soldiers' Club. Between 1943 and 1946 he was able to travel widely throughout the Territory, and provided a lively and fascinating record of outback life at the time in his book Distant Horizons, published in 1947. 

These travels confirmed what Flynn as early as 1942 had identified and officially reported; that there was an appallingly high level of trachoma amongst the Aboriginal people, a find contrary to the official medical view that trachoma was not endemic in Australian. 

This lack of interest was highlighted in 1944 when Flynn, intending to speak to a conference of eye specialists in Sydney on the subject of trachoma in the Aboriginal population, was approached and asked to choose a subject of more interest to members from Melbourne and Sydney.

After the war ended Flynn conducted many studies on trachoma for the Commonwealth Department of Health and in 1957 made a full report on his findings in The Medical Journal of Australia. Flynn constantly urged a mass, practical programme, and in 1976 an official Australian-wide survey on trachoma amongst Australian Aboriginals was started under the direction of Professor Fred Hollows (qv). 

Flynn was appointed as advisor to Hollows, and arranged for Hollows to visit Bathurst and Melville Islands to study the level of trachoma there before he started working on the National Trachoma and Eye Health Program. Hollows regarded Flynn as his mentor, and the 'the man behind his fight for sight'. The two men formed a friendship that was to last until Hollows' death in 1993.

Flynn was demobilised in 1946 and took up duties as Administrator or parish priest of St Mary's, Darwin, a parish covering 300 square miles. 

He continued to serve the military as part-time Chaplain and Ophthalmologist to the Royal Australian Air Force, with the rank of Wing Commander. 

One of Flynn's first tasks as Administrator was to ensure that the nuns were among the first women allowed to return to Darwin. 

The school was the first to re-open in Darwin after the Second World War and within a few months was functioning again with 230 pupils. 

Flynn also, to engender new bonds of friendship and community in the war-battered town, purchased three Sidney Williams hunts from the Army and had them erected around the tennis courts built to from a Catholic Tennis Club in 1928. 

The building, variously dubbed 'The Palais' or 'Flynn's Folly' quickly became the hub of the community, used and hired by people from all denominations until it was demolished in 1970. A major task facing Flynn and Bishop Gsell after the war was the building of a Catholic Cathedral to replace the old church which had been erected in the late 1880s by the Jesuits. 

A public meeting was held on 18 November 1946 to inaugurate a nation-wide appeal for the building of the cathedral. St Mary's Start of th3 Sea War Memorial Cathedral and Shrine of Thanksgiving was opened on Sunday 19 August 1962. Two thousand people of all denominations attended the blessing by Bishop JP O'Loughlin (qv), and the first Mass was celebrated by Father Flynn. From 1960 to 1965 Flynn was also Regional Superior of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in the Northern Territory.

In 1963 Flynn's second book on the Territory, Northern Gateway, was published. He was also a regular contribute to the magazine Walkabout. Apart from his priestly and medical duties, Flynn was an indefatigable worker when it came to supporting or forming groups that would enhance or benefit the community, at times attending two committee meetings or functions in an evening. 

He was a foundation member of the Bougainvillea Festival, the Museums and Arts galleries Board and the Darwin Auxiliary of the Guide Dogs for the blind, as well as lending his support to the first post war Darwin Show held in 1961.

In late 1967 Flynn was transferred to Port Moresby as Administrator of the Cathedral and Director of Catholic Health Services in Papua New Guinea. 

He was faced with the challenge of the construction of another cathedral, celebrating Mass in the old building on three times before it was demolished. On 10 August 1969 the new cathedral was blessed and opened. 

In 1970 an extraordinary meeting of the Medical Society, of which Flynn was President, was called which resulted in letters being sent to the Australian Prime Minister and other relevant ministers regarding the foundation of a Medical Faculty at the University of Papua New Guinea. 

Amongst the first to graduate from the Faculty of Medicine was Father Peter Flynn MSC, one of Flynn's nephews. 

The medical side of Flynn's work was far more time-consuming New Guinea than it had been the Territory. By 1972 he had transferred to the Bairiki district, where he had office facilities and assistance. 

He was also appointed part-time Research Scholar and Fellow in Tropical Medicine by the Director of Department of Ophthalmology Research and Eye Health at the University of Sydney, an appointment which allowed him to compare eye disease among the indigenous population. 

During this time he became a Foundation Member of the Australian College of Ophthalmologists, and designed automatic tear-feeding spectacles for sufferers of Sjogrens, or dry-eye syndrome, a condition from which Flynn himself later suffered.

Flynn returned to Australia and Darwin in 1977 and was one of the first residents of the newly erected living quarters for priests, 'The Ranch', on the Nightcliff foreshore. 

He resumed his missionary duties and in 1980s became a Funding Member of the International Society of Dakryologists and a member of the Advisory Committee. 

He also spent time in the United States of America as a visiting lecturer at Texas University. The first of the four-yearly international Dakryology conferences, which in layman's terms are concerned in world health problems related to lack of tears or 'dry eye' syndrome, was held in Texas in 1982. In 1993 Flynn was co-presider at the first session of the 3rd International Dakryology Conference in Madrid.

During Flynn's long life he took several degrees in different fields, and had honours heaped on him. At one stage his full list of titles read: MSC, AC, MB, BS (Syd), DOMS, RCP & S (Eng), Dip Relig Studies (Rome), Dip Anthrop, FACTM. (Townsville), MD (hc) (Syd), DSc (hc) (NTC), which led to a young friend writing, 'Mum is worried about the number of letters after your name". 

In the Bicentennial year 1988 Flynn was honoured with an Australian Achievers Award, and included in both the Heritage 200 list, The 200 People Who Made Australia Great, and the list of 200 Remarkable Territorians. Unfortunately a book published in that year made an extraordinary mistake in that a photograph placed after Flynn's biography was captioned 'Frank Flynn having a morning shave while on the track with Mrs. Flynn'. The picture was of the other Flynn, Presbyterian minister 'Flynn of the Inland' (qv, vol 1).

In 1990 Flynn joined a small group of people to be honoured with a Papal Award. On 30 October 1990 in St John's College Chapel in Darwin, the Apostolic Diploma together with the Cross Pro Ecclesia et pontifice was conferred on Flynn during a Mass celebrated in Bishop EJP Collins, MSC. On Australia Day 1993 Flynn was appointed to the highest rank of the Order of Australia, Companion with the General Division (AC), a promotion from Officer of the Order (AO) bestowed in 1979.

Although approaching his 90th year, and with failing eyesight, Flynn has the charm, verve and stamina of a man half his age. He continues his medical work in Darwin, and in 1995 worked with Army medical eye service units which travelled to isolated Aboriginal communities in the Northern territory. 

Flynn was made a Fellow of the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine in 1994. In 1996 he is to be made an Honorary Life Member of the Royal Australian College of Ophthalmology.

Source: Gibson, Eve. Flynn, Francis Stanislaus (Frank). Northern Territory Dictionary of Biography, Volume 3. Casuarina, N.T. : NTU Press, 1992.

Guide to manuscripts of Frank Flynn, 1906 to 1996

This is a guide to the personal papers of Frank Flynn.

Box 1

File 1 

Diary, 21/1/1982 to 2/5/1982

Father Frank Flynn: a modern pioneer. (Text of a talk by Doris Allen to Randwick Historical Society, 17/3/1990.

The Fred Hollows Foundation. (Spiral bound booklet) May 1993.

International Tear Film Symposium, 7-10 Nov, 1984, Lubbock, Texas. Program, Abstracts and biographies of participants.

Text for poster about Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca.

List of professional publications by FF.

So we went to Croydon... Part 2, Winter 1939 by Patrick O'Carrigan MSC in MSC Newsletter, (?1993).

In honour of their services, in Catholic Weekly10/2/1993.

Doctor priest puts practice before preaching in Sydney Morning Herald, 24/4/1989.

University to honour Flynn in NT News5/5/1993.

Living with Sjogren's, day-to-day with a chronic disease, in Sjogren's Syndrome Symposium IV Part II, in The Moisture Seekers newsletter, vol 5, no 2, 26/9/1987.

Living with SS in the family. SSF Symposium Report, Part 3, 15/10/1988 in The Moisture Seekers Newsletter, vol 6, no 2, Feb 1989.

Trachoma among Aborigines in the Northern Territory of Australia by FF in International College of Tropical Medicine Newsletterno 9, July 1970.

Mydriatic Synergy, by FF Abstract of article in The British Journal of Ophthalmology, May 1933, p. 298. Published in theBritish Medical Journal19/9/1933.

Sicca complex and Myopathy by FF and C R P GeorgeinMedical Journal of Australia20/1/1973 (+ Manuscript)

An improved tear-conserving goggle attachment by FF and A. Schulmeister in Medical Journal of Australia27/7/1968.

Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca and new techniques for its management by FF and A Schulmeiste in Medical Journal of Australia, 14/1/1967

Trachoma among natives of the Northern Territory of Australia by FF in Medical Journal of Australia, 24/8/1957.

Moorfields Ophthalmic Diatherm designed by FF (Advertisement).

Excessive drying suggested as a factor in the causation of Conjunctival Hyperaemia by FF in Transactions of the Ophthalmological Society of Australiavol. IV 1944.

Copy of dedication to FF et al in book: Lacrimal gland, tear film and dry eye syndromes - basic science and clinical relevance,edited by David A. Sullivan.

Mydricaine for Sub-Conjunctival Injection by FF in Australasian Pharmaceutical Notes.

Mydricaine for Sub-Conjunctival Injection by FF in Australasian Pharmaceutical Notes and News10/9/1934 (reprinted from the British Journal of Ophthalmology, May 1933)

Demodex as an aetiological agent in Inflammation of the eyelids by FF (?1970) (Manuscript)

Survey no 1 - West of Alice Springs. 19-22 Dec 1944 by FF. MS report to General Medical Services, Army HQ, Melbourne 1944

Automatic tear-delivery spectacles - recent advances by FF in Australian Journal of Ophthalmologyvol. 3 no. 2 June 1975. (and associated correspondence)

File 2

NT Aboriginal Eye Health Committee - minutes of 32nd meeting, 8/12/1994.

Curriculum Vitae, FF.

A Multi-pronged approach in alleviating dry-eye problems by FF (2 copies)

Australia in the war of 1939-1945 (Series 5 - Medical) Vol 1 - Clinical problems of the war by Alan S Walker. 1952.

First meeting with Fred Hollows - Manuscript notes relating to meetings and discussions between FF and Fred Hollows

Fred's friends...contributions about Fred Hollows by various people including FF in Daily Telegraph Mirror, 30/1/1993 pp 27-8

A Remarkable Territorian - review of booklaunch held at Missionaries of the Sacred Heart Centre in Darwin 9 July 1994, in Catholic Weekly17/8/1994.

Missionary priest opens eyes spiritually and physically by Janelle Downey in Townsville Bulletin5/4/1995.

Work must continue: Hollows' peer by Genevieve Butler in Canberra Times4/1/1995.

Frank Flynn MSC: a remarkable Territorian. Advertisement for a signing session at Mary Who? bookshop, Townsville, 10/4/1995.

Surgeon with a vision by Megan Doherty in Cairns Post20/4/1995 p.13.

Book review: Frank Flynn MSC: a remarkable Territorian in Ophthalmologists Exchangevol. 22 no. 3 Oct 1994.

Book review: Frank Flynn MSC: a remarkable Territorian by Margaret Clinch inFOLI Newsletter(Nov 1994).

Invitation to booklaunch, 9/7/1994, arranged by Quota Club of Darwin and held at The Ranch, 11 Banksia Street, Nightcliff.

Review: Carnival to launch book gala - remarkable Library Notes, NT News (?1994)

Dust jacket: Northern Gateway by FF with Keith Willey.

Correspondence with Iris Harvey, Arunta Art Gallery, Alice Springs.

Correspondence between Doris Allen and Jackie Healey, NT Museum, re portrait of FF by Fr Patrick O'Carrigan.

Message from Gabi Hollows to FF - congratulations on publication of biography.

New book tells of NT's famous Father inNT News6/7/1994.

The Wounded Angel - symbol of Darwin's survival by Rex Scambary in The Catholic Leader, 15/12/1991.

The weather wasa little inclement Bishop O'Loughlin inThe Southern Cross, 24/1/1975.

You can't keep a good town down by Jean Debelle in Australian Women's Weekly 22/1/1975.

Tragedy gives bishop new lease of Pastoral life by Richard Schmeiszl in The Advocate -- Catholic Paper 30/1/1975.

Adelaide-born bishop dies (O'Loughlin) (unidentified press cutting).

Darwin's cathedral will be repaired in The Southern Cross24/1/1975.

Darwin's new cathedral in The Annals of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Nov 1962.

File 3 

List of awards, honours etc gained by FF.

Doctorate of Medicine awarded by Sydney University, 1981.

Biographical details collected in Mudgee.

Ben Morris Correspondence .

St Mary's Cathedral, Port Moresby. Guide by FF.

Darwin War Memorial Cathedral - original edition compiled by FF for opening of Cathedral.

Catholic Medical Services in FF.

Sermon: Thanksgiving to God for the life of dear Flo Flynn (sister of FF).

Miltown Flynn/Kennedy story in pictures 1859-1988 (copies only; originals lodged at Kensington, 1990).

History of the Anderson Stuart Building, University of Sydney (Slides and compliments slip).

Sir Thomas Mitchell's country house : text of lecture by Paul J Power, 1987.

Australian Bicentennial Commemorative Medallion booklet.

Letter to FF from Fr J J Littleton MSC - congratulations on Vatican Award

Vatican Award - details by Doris Allen.

Inauguration of Fr Frank Flynn Fellowship at Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin, in Medical Journal of Australiavol. 152, 5/2/1990.

Family correspondence: letter to FF from nephew John M Flynn.

Birth Certificate for FF - born 6/12/1906 (Photographic copy and 2 photocopies).

Stained glass and stone: the gothic buildings of the University of Sydney.

Correspondence from Stephen Couts to FF with draft speech about Sydney University.

The Old Medical School is not what she used to be by Vivienne Skinner in The Gazette, Dec 1991 .

Revolutions in health in the Australian Colonies by Philip Woodruff in Medical Journal of Australiavol. 147, 7-21 December 1987.

Australia's first can boast 10,000 student graduates in Medical Practice, March 1983.

Foundation of the Medical School, University of Sydney, and progress in the 19th century by Moira ? of 2/21 Moruban Road Mosman. Correspondence and text dated 22/4/1993, with explanatory note by Doris Allen.

Top honours for eye-treatment pioneer by Jane Williams in Townsville Bulletin, 17/4/1993.

Father Flynn honoured in Sunday Territorian18/4/1993.

The Fred and Flynn Show by Karen Spresser (unidentified press cutting).

Flynn of the Territory in Sunday Territorian26/7/1987.

Father Flynn tops national honours list by Michael Wilson and AAP in NT News26/1/1993.

Father Flynn and 'the Treasure of God' by Barbara Meade in The Catholic Leader1/4/1992.

Correspondence: Lawrence W Hirst to FF 23/3/1995.

NT Honours Darwin Priest inThe Catholic Leader14/1/1990.

Mydricaine: assorted papers described as 'complete, very valuable, dates from 1933'.

File 4

Correspondence with the Vatican on Diocesan matters.

Trachoma (series of slides).

A humble priest armed with Bible and stethoscope by Debbie Grimwade in NT News26/11/1988.

Father Flynn gains recognition for work in Catholic Weekly, Nov 1990.

Old Boy guest at Canberra Marist Brothers Awards Presentation (unidentified and undated press cutting).

FF and others outside the National Library of Australia during the Australia Day Awards 26/1/1988 (photocopy of photograph) (2 copies).

Six doctor sons of the late Doctor John Flynn photocopy of photograph in Marist Brothers Darlinghurst1936 Annual.

Doctorate of NT University Letter from Peter Hearn and text of Malcolm Nairn's speech 6/5/1993.

Extracts from Doris Allen's biography of FF as sent to NT Museum.

Degree of Doctor of Medicine ...University of Sydney Vice Chancellor's presentation of FF 28/2/1981.

University Citation reprinted in Annals, June 1981 with Photograph.

Curriculum Vitae of FF 1930-1993.

Invitation from Historical Society of the NT Inc to speak at the Patron's Dinner, 17/9/1995.

Story of a Darwin legend, review of Doris Allen's biography by Ray Oven in Catholic Leader, 16/4/1995.

200 remarkable Territorians includes FF.

To Frank: 50 years - a tribute. Poem by Susan Bannister, March 1992.

The Schepens Eye Research Institute, (Bostom, Mass.) Correspondence with FF.

1993 Australia Day Honours in Australian Medicinevol. 5 no. 4, 1 March 1993.

Invitation from Australasia College of Tropical Medicine, Townsville, to accept Honorary Fellowship.

FF and the Administrator at Government House (Thermal copy of Still no 06154 from Picture NT).

St Mary's Cathedral, Darwin. (thermal copies of still nos. 19441, 19442 from Picture NT).

Text of Foreword by FF to book 'Tutankhamon's Impostor by Majorcan born Viviana of Nightcliff Primary School.

Medicine in the Territory: the early days- invitation to lecture given by FF for Katherine Medical Association, 22/9/1994.

III Congress of the International Society of Dakryology, Madrid, 25/26 June 1993. Programme.

Investiture, Government House ,Darwin 7/4/1993. FF appointed Companion in the Order of Australia by Governor General. Programme.

Remarkable Achievements - FF's award as Companion in the Order of Australia inOphthalmologists' Exchangevol. 21, no. 1, March 1993.

Honours list wide ranging. Photocopy of unidentified press cutting dated 26/1/1993.

Frontier Flynn; the man behind Fred's fight for sight by Karen Spresser in The Daily Telegraph Mirror, 30/1/1993.

Companion of the Order of Australia. Cutting from undated, unidentified newspaper.

The best of both worlds (Aboriginal Health then and now) by Dr John C Hargrave. Text of the Eric Johnston Lecture, Darwin, 9/11/1992.

Michael Richard Flynn. Obituary by Harry Daly in Medical Journal of Australia,25/1/1958.

Coomalie Creek Chapel - description and photograph of replica of wartime building.

Text of Blessing of Parliament House and NT Library by FF.

Three bells for the Bishop John O'Loughlin in Northern Territory Affairs,v.9., no. 1, 1975.

File 5

Age-related macular degeneration. 

Abstract of article by Neil M Bressler et al. Source unidentified.

Priest, doctor and a living legend in Irish IndependentUndated.

They made their mark in Sky Pilot, 1990.

Advertisement for books by FF on sale at the Museum Bookshop.

Correspondence between FF and Johnson and Johnson.

Testimonial for Tanya Willey by FF. (includes some biographical information about the Willey family) 18/9/1995.

Correspondence from Fr P S Hardjasoemarta, MSC of Indonesia , to FF.

Correspondence between Mary Carey and FF.

Vatican Award to FF. (photocopy of certificate).

Correspondence between FF and Elizabeth Rose re. Nightcliff Library.

Correspondence between FF and Australian College of Ophthalmologists re Honorary Membership.

Congratulatory letter from the NT Trachoma Control and Eye Health Committee, 12/12/1989.

Royal Victorian Institute for the blind request permission to produce audio tape of FF's Northern Gateway.

Companion in the Order of Australia - notification from Governor General, 2/10/1992.

FF's success in 1st degree examination, Sydney University Faculty of Medicine Dec 1925.

Correspondence from Australia Remembers to FF 1995.

Correspondence from Ella Stack to FF.

Fr Frank joins up - at 89! by Lt Dave Munroin The Catholic Weekly2/7/95, p.5.

A Remarkable Territorian - review of biography in The Catholic Weekly17/8/94.

Darwin Blitzed: the ugly Aussies by Andrea Allen in NT News7/8/94.

Letter from Dr Brian Reid "Eye beg to differ" to NT News re review of biography of FF in NT News13/7/1994.

Aboriginal and Islander Alcohol Awareness and Family Recovery Association. Memo from Br Andy Howley MSC, Director. Undated. (Early 1990).

Multi-centre study of Diabetic Eye Disease in Aborigines - Proposal dated 16/12/1988 and Co-ordinator's Report (c1989).

Trachoma in the Northern Territory of Australia 1949-1986 by Suzanne J Meredith et al inMedical Journal of Australia, vol. 151, 21 August 1989.

Eye Diseases Register of the Northern Territory. Explanation of database.

NT Trachoma and Eye Health Committee Inc. Correspondence with FF.

Electron microscopic evidence of Acarine infestation of the eyelid margin by Frank P English et al inAmerican Journal of Ophthalmology, vol. 109 part 2, 1/2/1990, and associated correspondence.

Father Frank Flynn Fellowship in Health Research. Advert for applications inThe Medical Journal of Australia, 5/2/1990 and correspondence with FF re successful candidate, 16/10/1990

Letter from FF to Douglas J Coster, 19/10/1990

1989 Academic and Scientific Review of the Menzies School of Health Research and associated correspondence to FF.

Discharge the Jury. The Menzies School of Health 1989 Oration delivered by His Honour the Administrator, the Hon. James H Muirhead QC.

Menzies School of Health Research Correspondence with FF 1989-1990.

Menzies School of Health Research folder of correspondence re 1990 Oration.

Press Release re Hon. Life Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Ophthalmologists conferred on FF c1994.

NTU Certificate commemorating award of Doctor of Science. 6/5/93. (photocopy) (Original in frame also held in NTC).

Tribute to FF from Quota, 13/8/1993. 2 (photocopy) (Original in frame also held in NTC)

Ardent in history. Unidentified press cutting re reconstruction of Smith Point Beacon, 24/1/1979.

Christmas card from FF to Forrest family, 1993.

Australia and New Zealand Journal of Ophthalmology, vol. 18, no.3, August 1990.

Box 2

File 6

Anderson Stuart's Medical School: a plan for its conservation by James Semple Kerr. 1992

Vision by slit-light: Slit-monitored illumination for differential retinal stimulation in maculopothy by FF. Several drafts. Includes split-vision device to enable people to read 1 line at a time

Sydney Eye Hospital Literature, no. 159 select list of articles from journals received in the Library during January 1990.

Letter from Doris Allen to Sheila Forrest explaining various items in FF papers.

Greetings card with sketch by Elizabeth Durack from Northern Gateway by FF, of Gregory's Bottle Tree and associated explanatory note to FF from Audrey McShane.

Greetings card with untitled sketch by Elizabeth Durack from Northern Gateway by FF, of an aborigine in a dugout canoe.

IVth International congress of the International Society of Dacryology, Stockholm, Sweden, 9-12 June 1996. Congress Program.

Asia-Pacific Journal of Ophthalmology, vol 2, no 2 July 1990.

Medical systems in conflict: a study of power. Thesis...Diploma in Anthropology, University of Sydney. February 1979 by Barbara Joan Tynan. Copy presented to FF by the author.

File 7

Serovars of Chlamydia Trachomatis from the Northern Territory of Australia by Fiona P Douglas et al – draft.

Correspondence re reading aids from Peter (?Flynn) to FF.

Light and macular degeneration: a biophysical and clinical perspective by Martin A Mainster in Eye, vo.l 1, 1987.

Correspondence between Mrs Margaret Lawrence, Association for the blind, and FF.

Correspondence between the Royal Australian College of Ophthalmologists and FF re Honorary Fellowship.

Correspondence between FF and Dr Wilson J Heriot re Indigenous Australian/Developing Country Eye Care Meeting, 1995.

Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of the late Bishop John Patrick O'Loughlin, MSC DD OMG, 22/11/1985.

Coomalie News - details of service conducted by FF at the Bush Chapel, 5/11/199?

Quota club invitation to FF's 90th birthday party.

Parliament House Official Opening, and prayers by FF.

Menzies School of Health Research Oration, 1993, Programme.

File 8

Correspondence re slit-vision from Douglas J Coster to FF. 7/8/1990.

Report of Trachoma Survey of Roper River Mission and Groote Eylandt, 17/18 August 1956, by Dr R C Webb.

Australia & New Zealand Journal of Ophthalmology, vol 23, No 4, November 1995.

Poster for NT Library Exhibition about FF to celebrate his 90th birthday.

Pope acknowledges NT work inNT News, 31/10/1990.

The Inland of Frank Flynn, MSC. Poem, by R J Hillsdon, MSC.

Father Frank Flynn made Honorary Fellow inIntuition, 20/5/1996.

Brief History and accomplishments of the Dry Eye Institute, 1983-1990.

Mission Blacks in Khaki, by FF, in Annals of our Lady of the Sacred Heart, 1/5/1943.

National Australia Day Council Outstanding Achiever Medal presented to FF, 1987 (article).

Menzies School of health Research Annual Report 1993-1994

File 9

Sicca complex and Myopathy by FF and C R P George in Medical Journal of Australia 20/1/1973 (2 copies and Manuscript)

List of professional publications by FF.

Letter from Mrs. S. Lush

Prayer from Christmas Service in Coomalie chapel December 25 1943

Invitation from NTU re Architecture awards 1993

31 Squadron Service at Coomalie Chapel 5 November 1944

Frank Flynnn hits 91 in SuburbanDecember 11, 1997

Correspondence 25/6/1996 from Phyll

Presidents Report from English Speaking Union Vol. 14 April/May 1996

Ophthalmology v. 43 issue 4 1989

Medical Journal of Australia Vol. 154. no. 6 March 18 1991

Marist Brothers High School Darlinghurst Old Boys' Union May 1995

Ophthalmologists Exchange v. 23., no. 2 July 1995

Gazette The Univerity of Sydney Magazine vol. 23, no. 1. 1 April 1995

St Marys Cathedral Newsletters 25/26 June 1994, 9/10 July 1994, 16/17 July 1994

Arms to go into action in NT News 22/10/1985

Map Darwin to Alice Springs

Bishop with 100 wives Bishop Gsell

Big houses with big price tags in exclusive Centennial Park in Sydney Morning Herald 21/11/1985

Gazette The Univerity of Sydney Magazine vol. 17, no. 33. September 1990

News'n'Notes by F.O.S.L. 1994

The moisture seekers newsletter vol. 2, no. 2 February 1985

Preparing the banquet October 14 1990

Focus on sight week

Correspondence from FF to Doug

Correspondece to FF from Molly 7/6/1993

There may be several reasons for re-assessing your glaucoma patients on B-blocker monotherapy

Miscellaneous correspondence

Doris Alen's for a talk on FF 21/4/1990

Commemoration Kit "Australia Remebers 1995"

File 10 - miscellaneous correspondence

FF CV 1974

3 sleeves of colour photographs

Vision by slit-light: Slit-monitored illumination for differential retinal stimulation in maculopothy by FF.

The best of boths worlds by Dr. John Hargrave "Eric Johnston Lecture" x 2 9 November 1992

Correspondence to FF by Una Strickland

Australian Military Medicine Vol. 2 no. 2 June 1993

Who's Who In Australia copy sent 1994 for 1995 edition

File 11 

Correspondence to FF

Journal articles re eye health and notes re. FF

File 12 

Service sheets, invitations and so on found in manuscript backlog with note for them to go into Frank Flynn Collection. No provenance attached.

Box 3

File 13

4 b&W photographs

File 14

Original drawings by Mary Durack including captions for illustrations in 'Northern Gateway'

File 15

Copy of 'Northern Gateway'

File 16

Galley proof of 'Northern Gateway'

File 17

Medical reports for FF from 1970 to 1983.

File 18

Repair of retinal detachment: personal experience of one of the earliest successful cases by C Neville Banks in Australian and New Zealand Journal of Ophthalmology, 1986, vol 14, pp 385-386

The History of Photocoagulation by Gerhard R E Meyer-Schwickerath inThe Australian and New Zealand Journal of Ophthalmology 1989, vol 17, no 4

Pharmacological approaches to treatment of Dry Mouth by M M Ferguson et al Manuscript text

Visual Optics and Refraction: a clinical approach by David D Michaels, 3rd edition, pp 625-630 (photocopy)

Inherited macular dystrophies: a clinical overview by Gerald A Fishman inAustralian and New Zealand Journal of Ophthalmology 1990, vol 18, no 2

Age-related macular degeneration by Robert P Murphy inOphthalmology, July 1986, vol 93, no 7

Contrast sensitivity: the visual rehabilitation of the patient with Macular Degeneration by Davis S Loshin and Janis White, pp1303-1307

Eccentric viewing training and low vision aids: current practice and Implications of peripheral retinal research by Gregory L Goodrich and Edwin B Mehr inAmerican Journal of Optometry and Physiological optics, 1986, vol 63, no 2, pp119-126

Management of the patient with subnormal vision, by Gerald Fonda, 2nd ed , chapter 6

Blinking and the mechanics of the Lacrimal Drainage System by Marshall G DoaneinOphthalmology, vol 88, no 8, August 1981

Multi-purpose low vision aid by Aran Safir et al inAmerican Journal of Ophthalmology, vol 95 pp. 243-245, 1983

Hospital rental system for low vision aids by G F Sanderson et alinAustralian and New Zealand Journal of Ophthalmology, 1986, vol 14, pp 359-363

File 19

Karl (Carl) Sergei Johansson 'A seaman & builder from the Aland Islands'. Sent to Father Flynn by Warner Johansson. Correspondence included in the folder

File 20

Rev. Frank Flynn: scrapbook compiled by Biddy Tuxworth in blue ring binder

Box 4

Dr F Hollows. Videorecording VHS

7.30 Report. Videorecording VHS

Launch of the book A Remarkable Territorian, Darwin, 9 July 1994. Audiotape of proceedings

Electric tie-pin microphone in original box with Owner's manual

Medallion inscribed International Congress of Ophthalmologists, May 4-10, 1986, Rome. In blue plastic case

National Australia Day Council Outstanding Achiever Medal presented to FF, 1987

Menzies School of Health Research Annual Report, 1994-1995

Royal Australian College of Ophthalmologists: 27th Annual Scientific Congress, 5-9 November 1995

Ophthalmologists' Exchange, vol 21, no 2, July 1993

Australian Bicentennial Commemorative Medallion Series. (Set of 6 silver medals in presentation box awarded to FF as one of the 200 Great Australians

Lacrimal gland, tear film, and dry eye syndromes - basic science and clinical relevance edited by David A Sullivan containing dedication to Frank Flynn

Sky Pilot : a history of chaplaincy in the RAAF 1926-1990 / Peter A. Davidson

Centenary book of the University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine ed by John Atherton Young and inscribed by him to FF

Box 5

The Preocular tear film in health, disease and contact lens wear, ed. Frank J Holly. Published by the Dry Eye Institute Inc, Lubbock Texas, 1986. (2 copies)

Acta XXV Concilium Ophthalmologicum: proceedings of the XXVth International Congress of Ophthalmologists held in Rome 4-10 May 1986. 2 vols

NT University logo mounted on wooden frame and fitted for wall mounting. Presented to FF on the occasion of award of Honorary Doctorate, 5/5/1994

The Opening of the Northern Territory's Parliament House , 1994. Videorecording VHS

Sony microphone and lead

Box 6

Certificate to FF from Australia Remembers 1945.

Certificate to FF from Pope John Paul 'Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice' in

Original Sketch Portrait of FF by Fr Patrick O'Carrigan, dated Oct 1989, plus two photocopies, in cardboard tube

Fabric mounted display to accompany lectures by FF

Ophthalmoscope used by FF 1930-1990, in black travelling case. Gifted to NTL 1/7/1996

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