Historical Society of the Northern Territory

The Historical Society of the Northern Territory Incorporated was founded in 1964. 

The Society is particularly concerned with Northern Territory history and has collected research materials and received donations of materials since its formation.

In late 2011, a decision was made to transfer its collections from the Society’s Archives Room to the Northern Territory Library for preservation and wider public access.

The Society continues to provide an active program and details of publications and events can be found on the Historical Society of the Northern Territory website.

Photo Index

This collection of over 3000 photos is currently held by the Northern Territory Archives Service. 

Contact the Northern Territory Archives Service for access to this collection.

HSNT Photo Index (427.4 kb) 

HSNT Photo Index (1.2 mb) (less detail)

Research Files A – Z

Research files covering a range of topics and listed alphabetically. Files include newspaper clippings, correspondence, newsletters, reports, occasional papers, government gazettes, brochures, programs, pamphlets, notes and photocopied information.

HSNT Research Files A-Z (262.8 kb)

Historical Society of the Northern Territory's research files below cover a range of topics and are listed alphabetically. Files include newspaper clippings, correspondence, newsletters, reports, occasional papers, government gazettes, brochures, programs, pamphlets, notes and photocopied information.



124 HR ArtCatalogues, newspaper clippings from 2002 to 2003   
2Aboriginal AffairsBackground notes
3Aboriginal BonesAboriginal bones return to SA Ngarrindijeri people, news paper clipping
4Aboriginal Land ClaimsCorrespondence from Northern Land Council, lists of applications, Occasional Paper: Three Wigs and Five Hatsby A.E. Woodward
5Aboriginal correspondenceCorrespondence regarding transfer of children, newspaper articles, copies of NAA folios, Darwin Research Centre papers
6Aboriginal newspaperNewspaper clippings
7Aboriginal communitiesNewspaper clippings, brochure, Index of NT Communities
8Adelaide RiverNewspaper clippings, HSNT field trip notes, HEM Submission, newsletter
9Administrators OfficeNorthern Territory Digest March 1981
10Admiralty HouseNewspaper clippings
11Admiralty MarkerNewspaper article, Report on Telegraphic Determination of Aust. Longitudes 1886 (photocopy)
12Adelaide River naming placeThe Northern Territory Government Gazette No G24 14th June 2006 (photocopy)
13AgricultureNewspaper clippings
14Alice Springs Newspaper clippings, historical guide notes, pamphlets, postcard prints, commemorative envelopes, photocopies of NT government gazette, correspondence
15Alice Springs street namesPhotocopies of NT Government Gazette
16AnulaNewspaper clipping
17ANZAC DayNewspaper clippings, programme 1920 (photocopy), correspondence
18ArchaeologyNewspaper clippings
19ArchitectureNewspaper clippings
20ArltungaParliamentary Question Paper
21ArmyPhotocopy of Doig's book, report on army farms in NT
22Arnhem Land clippingsNewspaper clippings
23Arnhem Land Historical Society Correspondence
24Art AboriginalNewspaper clippings, book chapter 'Making a Difference', promotional material, book chapter from 'Modern Frontier'
25Art PublicNewspaper clippings, awards programs, NT Artist Register 1993, Art, Dance
26ARC Post Doctoral FellowshipOral history Project - copy of faxed letter from Ian Henderson Humanities Department Murdoch University WA to Margaret Clinch President of the N Historical Society Inc dated 10 Feb 1997
27Asche, AustinMessage from Hon Steve Hatton MLA Minster for Lands, Housing and Local Government NT Library move to PH newsletter FOLI
28ATSICNewspaper clipping
29Auld's CompassData sheets with photos
30Australia DayNewspaper clippings
31Australia FloraGreen and Gold 
32Australia GeographicQueensland Outback - CD and book
33Australia PostCommemorative newspaper insert
34Australian SocietyConference flyer
35Australian Newspaper Historical Society Correspondence
36Australia WildernessNewspaper clippings
37Ayers, Hundred ofHundred of Ayers - extracts from Government Gazette


38BagotNewspaper clippings
39Bank of NSWPhotocopied historical notes
40Banka BankaCorrespondence, photocopied historical notes and written account
41BarungaNewspaper clippings
42BatchelorNewspaper clippings
43Bathurst IslandNewspaper clippings
44BayviewNewspaper clipping
45Beer can RegattaNewspaper clipping
46Bees CreekNewspaper clipping, government gazette extract
47Bennett, J.W.O.Newspaper clipping
48Birdum BlurbNewsletter
49BirdsvilleNewspaper clipping
50BlackmoreGovernment gazette extracts
51Bombing of DarwinNewspaper clippings, commemorative program, tour program, Hansard extract, written account
52Bs Unsorted (Browns Mart, Brunette Downs, Jim Bowditch)Browns Mart history, Brunette Downs clippings, 1898 report to Government, Jim Bowditch clippings
53BorroloolaNewspaper clippings
54Bougainvillea FestivalNT Digest
55BrayGovernment gazette extracts
56BrinkinNewspaper clipping
57Brock's CreekNewspaper clippings - calendar Down memory lane
58Box 2 MiscellaneousNewspaper clippings, correspondence
59Box 2A MiscellaneousNewspaper clippings, correspondence
60Brown, GeorgeGovernment Gazette extract, clippings, tributes, photocopied material, video cassettes
61Bullocky PointPamphlet
62BuffaloesNewspaper clippings
63Burra CharterCharter, correspondence and review
64Bus transport1990 timetable
65Bush tuckerNewspaper clippings
66Butterfly GorgePhotocopied information


67CamelsNewspaper clippings
68Canary cottagePhotographs
69Catholic ChurchPamphlets, newspaper clippings
70Cattle NTNewspaper clippings, brochure
71CavenaghPlace name extracts from government gazette
72Cavenagh theatreProgram
73CemeteryNewspaper clipping
74CensusNewspaper clippings, ABS brochures and fact sheets, ABS CD ROM,
75Centre for Appropriate TechnologyNewspaper Article
76Channel IslandChannel Island - Leprosy Hospital Preliminary Report 1983
77Charles Darwin UniversityNewspaper articles, photos, correspondence, extracts from parliamentary Debates
78ChineseNewspaper clippings, photocopied correspondence and naturalization certificate, Senate papers, 
79ChisholmNewspaper articles, photocopied photographs
80ChristchurchNewspaper articles, pamphlets, newsletter, photocopied information 
81Chung Wah SocietyArea of significance original portion of Hal and Temple
82ClimateNewspaper articles
83Cobourg PeninsularEmail -30/07/2003
84Coconut GroveNewspaper article
85Collins, Robert LindsayNewspaper articles
86ColtonExtracts from government gazette
87CommunicationsNewspaper article
88Conservation Commission NTBooklets
89CoomalieExtracts from government gazette
90CoombsCoombs, Nugget Dr H C - leaflet
91CopytimeNewspaper article
92CottonNewspaper articles
93Country Liberal PartyNewspaper articles
94Country Women's Association Records, correspondence, newspaper article
95Cox PeninsulaPhotocopied book extracts, newspaper articles, photocopied information
96Crafts CouncilCorrespondence
97Croker IslandNewspaper articles, correspondence
98Crossin, TrishNewspaper articles
99Cubillo FamilyNewspaper articles
100Cummings BrothersNewspaper article of the death of Clifford and Max Cummings
101Curtin SpringsNewspaper article
102Customary LawNewspaper articles
103Cyclone MonicaNewspaper articles
104Cyclones NTNewspaper articles, brochure, booklet
105Cyclone Tracy 1Newspapers and newsletters, draft manuscript, photocopied pamphlets, pamphlets, personal notes, NTL guides, reports
106Cyclone Tracy 2Newspapers and newsletters


107Daly RiverNewspaper articles - calendar down memory lane
108Darwin Botanic GardensNewspaper articles, booklets
109Darwin Camera ClubManuscript
110Darwin, CharlesNewspaper and magazine articles
111Darwin CityNewspaper articles, photocopied sketches, booklets
112Darwin City CouncilNewspaper articles
113Darwin Convention CentreNewspaper articles
114Darwin Entertainment CentreNewspaper articles
115Darwin FestivalNewspaper articles, brochure
116Darwin Garden ClubPhotos, newspaper article
117Darwin, generalBooklets, calendar
118Darwin HarbourNewspaper articles, Australian Fisheries journal, newsletters, correspondence
119Darwin High SchoolPrograms, photo, newspaper articles, correspondence, invitations
120Darwin Mobile ForcePhoto
121Darwin Rifle clubCorrespondence
122Darwin RiverExtract from government gazette
123Darwin SunNewspaper 1982
124Darwin Theatre CompanyNewspaper articles, program
125Darwin TownNewspaper articles, newsletter, photocopied information
126Darwin Turf ClubAnnual Report 2008
127Deckchair CinemaNewspaper articles
129Devil's MarblesNewspaper clipping
130Desert Rose Solar CarJournal article
131DhakiyarrDhakiyarr (Tuckiar) - NAA content, newspaper articles
132DiamondDiamonds - newspaper articles
133Dick WardInvitation to Dick Ward Memorial Oration - newspaper cuttings
134Don HotelNewspaper articles
135Douglas Hot SpringsPark notes, newspaper articles
136Drew, BurtPhotocopied book extract
137Duke of Edinburgh AwardNewspaper articles
138Dutch Dutch war graves in Indonesia - photocopied list of names
139DuyfkenPhotocopied correspondence, newspaper articles, briefing document


140Earhart, Amelia MaryNewspaper articles, correspondence, biography
141EarthquakeNewspaper articles
142East ArmExtracts from government gazette
143East PointNewspaper article, photos, negatives, magazine article
144Edith RiverExtracts from government gazette
145EducationNewspaper articles, programs, photo, pamphlets, manuscript
146Egan, TedPamphlets, newspaper articles
147ElectionsNewspaper articles
148Elizabeth RiverMiddle Arm map
149EllengowanCorrespondence, gazette extracts, application for heritage listing, talk transcript, report - Northern Territory Digest March 1981
150Elsey StationNewspaper articles - Northern Territory Digest March 1981 pg 13-18
151EmploymentNewspaper articles
152EnvironmentNewspaper articles
153Eric, ErlandsonEric Erlandson
154Escape CliffsNewspaper articles
155ExplorationNewspaper articles, pages from Annual Report, magazine article


156Fannie Bay Newspaper articles, photocopied aerial photo
157Fannie Bay GoalNewspaper articles
158Fannie Bay HistoryNewsletter
159FarrarNewspaper article
160FaunaNewspaper articles
161Federation of Australian Historical Societies Federation of Australian Historical Societies 1-2 - reports, pamphlets, statistics, booklets, correspondence, invoices, publications program, business plan, AGM documents, constitution
162FestivalsNewspaper articles, program
163Films, TV, VideoNewspaper articles, correspondence,
164FireNewspaper articles, photocopied notes
165FishingNewspaper articles, promotional booklets, guides, map, pamphlets, journal article,
166FlagsNewspaper articles, extract from NT Newsletter
167Flinders, MatthewNewspaper articles,
168Floods NTNewspaper articles
169FootballNewspaper articles
170FloraNewspaper articles, pamphlet
171Flynn, Fr FrankNewspaper article, correspondence, birthday card
172Foeslsche, PaulNewspaper articles, brochures
173Fong Lim FamilyNewspaper articles
174Fort WellingtonPhotocopied photos, expedition report, Occasional Papers
175Fourcroy, Count Antoine FrancoisCorrespondence, French journal text, photocopied French texts, photocopied maps and text
176Framed GalleryNewspaper articles
177Fred's PassNewspaper articles, 1997 program, Humpty Doo map
178FreemasonryNewspaper articles
179Friday ClubExtract from parliamentary debates


180GardensNewspaper clipping
181Garma FestivalNewspaper articles
182GeologyNewspaper article
183Giese, Harry ChristianCorrespondence
184GyldeExtracts from government gazette
185GoldNewspaper articles
186GoveNewspaper articles, correspondence
187Government Newspaper articles
188Government GazetteGovernment Gazette No. G43 29th October, 1997
189Government HouseNewspaper articles, handwritten invitation, postcards, handout and survey
190Grant, Rev. ArchCorrespondence,
191GrantsGrant applications and correspondence
192Greeks, Glenti2 files - newspaper articles, correspondence, Glenti magazines, booklet 
193Gregory National ParkNewspaper article
194Groote EylandtNewspaper articles
195Guinea AirwaysGuinea Airways article news letter
196GulnareNewspaper articles
197Gurindji peopleNewspaper articles
198GuyExtracts from government gazette


199Haeft, SylviaWWII black & white photos 
200Handbook of Instructions for the Guidance of Settlement Superintendents and Staff under their controlHandbook of Instructions for the Guidance of Settlement Superintendents and Staff under their control.
201Harney, BillNewspaper articles, aboriginal cultural tours brochure
202HartExtracts from government gazette
203HealthHospital history notes, newspaper articles, issues paper, photos of staff, photocopied photos, art of nursing exhibition program
204Hearn, RalphBlack & white photos of Westpac Bank (Bank of New South Wales) Darwin 1940-41, photocopy of Heritage Register, correspondence with donor
205Henry and WalkerNewspaper articles, 2002 AGM program
206Heritage, Herbert CalebCorrespondence from Jack Ryan
207Heritage Advisory CouncilNewspaper clipping, correspondence
208HermannsburgNewspaper articles, Historic Hermannsburg pamphlet, extract from Answers to Qs on Notice - calendar down memory lane
209Hickey, SusanCorrespondence with donor
210Historical Society of NTNewspaper clipping
211History, HeritageNewspaper clippings, NT chronological table, extract from Debates--Ministerial statement re History awards and grants, History Colloquium program 1995 & 2001 2003, Heritage Festival program and correspondence, Heritage calendar 2001,
212Holtze FamilyPhotocopied citation, black & white photos of Ludmilla Holtze
213Hosier, J.D.Black & white photos of Nat Buchanan's grave at Walcha cemetery, correspondence
214Hotel DarwinNewspaper clipping, correspondence from Minister for Lands, Planning and Environment
215Howard Springs Newspaper clipping
216Howard Springs naming place Naming of place NT Government Gazette No G49 13 Dec 2000 photocopy
217Humpty DooHumpty Doo document, background on the name Taminmin
218Humpty Doo Rice ProjectCorrespondence re setting up memorial, newspaper clipping
219HutchisonNaming of place NT Government Gazette No G2 11 Jan 2006 photo copy


220IconsNT Icons pamphlets 2004 &2005, newspaper clippings,
221Indigenous BibleNewspaper clipping
223ItaliansNewspaper clippings


224JabilukaNewspaper clipping
225JabiruNewspaper clipping
226James, BarbaraNewspaper clippings, correspondence, copy of eulogy, funeral program
227JapaneseNewspaper clippings John Nakashiba and family WWII POW
228Jawoyn peopleNewspaper clippings
229Jenkins, ChrisSeven photo's and a letter
230Jervois RoadPhotocopied images and metadata from Territory Images (PictureNT)
231JingiliNewspaper clippings, brochure-street names and their origins
232Johannsen, KurtNewspaper clippings
233John McDouall Stuart Society1998 memorial Address, newsletter May 1995, correspondence,  newspaper clippings
234Johnston Geodetic StationNotes, photo of Marshall & Jean Johnston, correspondence
235Johnston, SteveA Gulf Saga 
236Jolly, A.E. & CoFaded photos of Jolly's and staff
237Joseph PageLetter from FS Page 28th March 95 - reply from Historical Society of NT INC, photo copy
238Justices of the High CourtAppendix E - Justices of the High Court of Australia


239KakaduVarious newspaper clippings; Northern Territory News memorial notices May 2002 Bill Neidji OAM; Advertisements for Kakadu tours; Article: 'Tourism and rock art at Kakadu: a happy combination' by Judy Opitz 
240Karen Brown Gallery Newspaper clipping
241KatherineNaming of place the NT Government Gazette No G39 29 Sept 2004 photo copy - 1 page 1988 Down Memory Lane Calendar. Various newspaper clippings; Article: Parliamentary Record 27.08.1981 pg. 377 Questions without Notice 'Old Katherine Railway Station'; Letter from The Library Association of Australia dated 20.09.1982 re: Katherine Local History Workshop; Articles including photographs: '1914 Flood - NTL Photo' (photocopies)  'Flood 1931 - Fogarty and Campbell Photo' (photocopies)  'Flood 1940 - Several Fogarty photos' (photocopies) 1957 Flood - Several Fogarty Photos; Article on a speech by Pearl Ogden: 'Katherine's wartime years 1942 to 1947 The Historical Society of NT Thursday 29 March, Darwin RSL; Publication: 'Katherine during World War II' v. 1 June 2002  Publication: Katherine, Northern Territory  Publication: 'The Corporation of the Municipality of Katherine' ; Invitation to a formal dinner for the inauguration of the Corporation of the Katherine Municipal Council 22.06.1978

242Katherine Floods 1998Newspaper clippings
243KaramaNorthern Territory News article 14.05.2002 pg. 6 'Suburb is green with envy', 'Drawn from all over world'; 'Coming of age in the north', 'Bridging culture'
244Keep RiverCd-rom: Keep River HSNT August 2006 - 68 photos of trip to Keep River
245Kettle, EllenVarious letters; Memorial 'In loving memory Ellen Sarah Kettle 21.04.1922-2.8.1999
246Kilgariff, BVarious newspaper clippings; Senate Hansard dated 5.04.1978 'States Grants Amendment Bill' pg. 866-868
247Kilian FamilyVarious letters; Publication: 'Our Kilian family history in Australia 1854-1996' 
248KimberleyVarious newspaper clippings; Advertisement: 'Argyle Diamonds Ord Valley Muster Fri May 18-Mon June 4 2007; '2004 Northern Territory Historical Society Kimberley Expedition' (includes negatives)
249King, StephenJohn McDouall Stuart?
250Kirk, StellaVarious newspaper clippings; Memorial 'A celebration of the life of Stella Kirk 1916-2002'
251Kit, John AhVarious newspaper clippings; Speech: 'Darwin Premier of 'Rabbit proof fence" 17.02.2002  - Speech: 'Talking up for everybody Aboriginal Representatives in Mainstream Politics John Ah Kit MLA, Member for Arnhem, Sydney Hilton Hotel, 15 March 2002 ;Ministerial Statement: John Ah Kit MLA Minister assisting the Chief Minister on Indigenous Affairs 7 March 2002';Speech: 'Good news for once: fiscal relationships between governments and Aboriginal people John Ah Kit MLA Northern Territory Minister assisting the Chief Minister on Indigenous Affairs, Canberra 3-5 April 2002;Speech: 'A Chinaman in the woodpile - or a Blackfella in the House? John Ah Kit MLA Northern Territory Minister assisting the Chief Minister on Indigenous Affairs, Canberra 3-5 April 2002;Speech: 'Make no bones about it: Indigenous health is everyone's responsibility John Ah Kit Northern Territory Minister for Community Development Australia Orthopaedic Association Meeting 3-5 July, Darwin;Speech: 'Caring for country through changing the social landscape John Ah Kit MLA Minister for Community Development, Nungalinya College 31 July 2002;Speech: 'Land is life, water is life John Ah Kit MLA, Minister for Community Development, Alice Springs 28 August 2002;Speech: 'Investing in our regions - capitalising on Indigenous Knowledge Centres John Ah Kit MLA, Minister for Community Development, Ellery Room, Alice Springs Convention Centre, 28 August 2002;Speech: 'Book launch: the town grew up dancing' John Ah Kit MLA, Minister assisting the Chief Minister on Indigenous Affairs Araluen Centre, Alice Springs 3 November 2002;Speech: 'Home is where the heart is... not where the bureaucrats say it should be' John Ah Kit MLA, Northern Territory Minister for Community Development, Mandurah, Western Australia 4 February 2003;Speech: 'Sport: a gateway to Reconciliation' John Ah Kit, Minister for Sport and Recreation 7 February 2003 
252Knight, John GeorgeVarious letters; Publication: The real live resident the annotated letters of John George Knight 1889-1892' prepared by Helen J Wilson, Barbara James and David Carment ;Publication: Territorian the life and work of John George Knight' David Carment, Helen J Wilson and Barbara James 
253Knuckey Knuckey Lagoon - naming of place the NT Government Gazette No G43 29 Oct 1997 photo copy
254Knuckeys LagoonNorthern Territory News article 4.03.2003 'The city keeps coming closer', 'Tropical feel and a great location' and 'Miles away but minutes from everywhere'
255Kormilda CollegeNorthern Territory News article 6.09.2003 pg. 35 'Footloose and fancy-free'; Publication: 'Kormilda College year book 20th Birthday 1987' 
256KulalukNewspaper article 19.08.2008 pg. 16 'Local fought for Kulaluk'


257Lady OverlanderLady Overlander - A Remarkable Journey  - photo copy
258Labor PartyVarious newspaper clippings; Speech: 'Northern Territory Historical Society Patrons Dinner 17th September 2003 After Dinner Speaker: Brian T. Manning 'Labour History' 
259Land Plan DevelopmentNewspaper clipping
260Lake AlexanderVarious newspaper clippings
261Land RightsVarious newspaper clippings
262LanguageVarious newspaper clippings
263Larrakia PeopleVarious newspaper clippings
264Lasseter, Harold BellVarious newspaper clippings
265LawVarious newspaper clippings
266Lawrie FamilyVarious newspaper clippings
267LeanyerVarious newspaper clippings
268Legislative Assembly (2 files)Various newspaper clippings; Hansard: Debates Tuesday 2 June 1981 pg. 843-848 'Motion of condolence'; Hansard: Debates Thursday 3 June 1982 pg. 2557-2560 'Adjournment'. Letter from Tim Jones from the late Colin Adams collections of Historical photos 1956 Legislative Councillors - photo copies of Northern Territory Dictionary of Biography of Member of the Assembly.
269Lew-Fatt, TerryTerry Lew-Fatt 1937-2003 Memorial Service: 'The Uniting Church in Australia Darwin Memorial Uniting Church 5th September 2003 'The funeral service Terry Lew-Fatt, 1937-2003; Eulogy: 'Terry Lew-Fatt 1937-2003' by Keith Kemp and Family
270LighthousesArticle: 'Cape Don Lighthouse, Northern Territory, Australia' Herbert Alfred Jackson, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E. (Paper no. 4298)  
271Litchfield, JessieVarious newspaper clippings; Various letters; Article: Frederick H. Litchfield compiled by Mary Potter Historical Society of Northern Territory (Darwin Branch) Inc.  Paper: 'Darwin and the 1934 air race' by Jessie Litchfield;Paper: Historical Society of the Northern Territory 'Mrs. Jessie Litchfield's account of the 1934 air race...' 
272Litchfield naming placeThe NT Government Gazette No G1 13 Jan 99, G18 9 May 01, G16 21 April 04, 29 Jun3 05 photo copies, newspaper clipping
273Litchfield ParkConservation Commission NT guide to the park June 89
274Litchfield (Shire)Various newspaper clippings
275Literary AwardsNewspaper article 6.10.2008 pg. 4 'Territory historian takes out top literary prize'
276Long AirstripLetter from Bob Alford original on letterhead of Historical Society NT - photo copy maps - emails to and from Yvonne Forrest and Bob Alford - photo copy images of WWII and airstrips in the territory
277Looking back : the NT in 1888Photographs: 1877-1900's(?) Widdup and Peter Spillett collections 
278Lovegrove FamilyNorthern Territory News article 8.01.2002 'Disagree, for love's sake'; Various letters; Chapter: 'Jean Lovegrove (Adamson) Nanna Jean...Addy' by Creed Lovegrove; Photographs: Book launch 'Broga at large' by Creed Lovegrove 
279Lucas FamilyTwo cd-roms 'Albert Wesley Lucas' original photographs volume one and 'Albert Wesley Lucas' original photographs volume two;Various prints (photocopies) may be related to the cd-roms
280LudmillaNorthern Territory News article 29.10.2002 pg. 6 'Fast traffic disturbs homes', 'Security not an issue for Jon' and 'Fruit vendor Marty is counting on customers'
281Lyons (Suburb)Sunday Territorian article 14.05.2006 pg. 14 'Getting Lyons share of art'
282Lyons CottageNorthern Territory News article 11.06.2002 pg. 20 'Milestone'; Publication: 'Museums & Art Galleries of the Northern Territory Lyons Cottage Darwin Draft report by Mickey Dewar June 1994 ;Building details and specifications for Lot 5189 74 Esplanade Darwin Lyons Cottage/B.A.T. Residence


283MacDonald, Albert 1870-1924Article from 'NT dictionary of biography' v. 1 pp. 192-3
284MalakNT News article 20.08.2012 pg. 13 'Power to the people: Malak pride shines'
285ManbulloNaming of place The NT Government Gazette No G12 21 March 2007 photo copy
286MandorahNT News article 14.03.2003 '$30m resort, ferry plan for Mandorah'; NT News article 17.03.2003 'Port city on the making'; NT News article 23.02.2003 'Harbour water boom: Surprise discovery to fast-track development'
287Maningrida1949 draft copy - Director of Native Affairs - 'Report of Liverpool River project'; NT News article 31.05.2006 pg. 9 'Ballet puts community in a spin'; NT News article 19.03.2005 pg. 19 'Maningrida: Year 12 at community school'; NT News article 5.05.2005 'Indigenous rangers harvest sponges for community profit'
288Manton DamNT News article 8.02.2002 pg. 3 'New name for Catchment area'
289MapsMcMinns lagoon; Gunn Point/Vernon Islands; Darwin Harbour - West Arm/Darwin Harbour - Middle Arm; Darwin City - Darwin foreshore; Darwin Harbour - East Arm/Darwin Harbour - Central view; Cox Peninsula - Mandorah
290Maranboy - Historic SitesHeritage Advisory Council - Nomination Form - Northern Territory Heritage Register : Maranboy Precinct; Accompany letter regarding nomination from National Trust of Australia (Northern Territory) to Prof. David Carment (HSNT)
291MarrakaiNaming place
292MaritimeSunday Territorian article 25.08.1996 pg. 3 'Harbor wreck a riddle'; NT News article 13.01.2007 pg. 7 ' Knees turn to jelly over name fame'; NT News article 5.04.2006 pg. 5 'Aboriginal crab farm claws at own future'; NT News article 20.03.2006 pg. 7 'Crab farm cut in half'
293MarraraNT News article 30.04.2002 'Oval's upgrade heralds sports bonanza; NT News article 10.12.2002 'Home of sport and culture' and 'Community groups settle in Marrara'
294MatarankaNT News article 11.04.2002 pg. 35 'Outback festival'; NT News article 13.05.1997 pg. 23 'Mataranka: a town proud of heritage' and naming place

File 295 doesn't exist
296May DayMay Day march 1996 or 1997? Two slides and 1 photo - featuring Dallas Elvery, Alice Shanahan, Janie Mason, Trish Crossin, Steve Shanahan, Tyrone Lynch; NT News article 3.05.2003 'Yothu Yindi in May Day bash';   May Day Magazine 1991 (two issues) and 1993 (checked already hold copies of these issues in NTC collection)
297Mayoral CandidatesNewspaper article 6.03.2002 pg. 9-12 '2002 Mayoral Candidates in Profile'; Socialist Alliance blurb regarding Mayoral candidates (2002?); Lord Mayor Candidate Joe Natasi (blurb); Lord Mayor Candidate Peter Adamson (blurb); Lord Mayor Candidate Carole Miller (blurb); Lord Mayor Candidate Dawn Lawrie (blurb); Lord Mayor Candidate Ian Fraser (blurb); Lord Mayor Candidate Bob Elix (blurb); Lord Mayor Candidate Garry Lambert (blurb); Lord Mayor Candidate Jan Collins (blurb); Lord Mayor Candidate John Bailey (blurb); Lord Mayor Candidate Gina Gamble (blurb); Lord Mayor Candidate Maisie Austin (blurb); Lord Mayor Candidate Russell Perry (blurb); The Sun article 27.02.2002 pg. 5-6 '2002 Mayoral Election Candidates'; NT News article 14.03.2002 pg. 19/20-29/30 'Lord Mayoral Election 2002'
298Max StuartNews paper clipping
299McArthur River MineNT News article 27.03.2002 pg. 2 'Mine challenge begins in court'; NT News article 14.10.2006 pg. 1/3 'Mine given green light'/'McArthur River mine gets the go-ahead'; NT News article 25.02.2006 pg. 20-21 'Mine push takes river too far'
300McLaren, GlennTerritory Aborigines revisited' by Glenn McLaren; various accompany letters dated 18.08. 1983 from The Royal Western Australian Historical Society (Inc.), 13.07.1999 from Curtin University of Technology Western Australia, 5.09.1999 from Curtin University of Technology Western Australia, 16.11.1999 from Curtin University of Technology Western Australia, 5.02.2000 from Dr. Suzanne Parry, General Editor - Historical Society of the Northern Territory, 6.02.2000 from Dr. Suzanne Parry, General Editor - Historical Society of the Northern Territory, 15.02.2000 from Peter Read, 7.08.2000 from Dr. Suzanne Parry, General Editor - Historical Society of the Northern Territory, 5.09.2000 from Curtin University of Technology Western Australia, 5.09.2000 from Dr. Suzanne Parry, General Editor - Historical Society of the Northern Territory 12.09.2000 from Curtin University of Technology Western Australia
301Melville Island, Fort Dundas150th Anniversary of British Settlement in North Australia 1824-1974' : report of meeting held at the Civic Centre, Darwin 8.00pm, May 22, 1974; '150th Anniversary Commemorations - minutes of meetings 19th June, 1974; Newspaper article 11.02.2006 pg. 7 'Logs ride in style'; NT News article 16.02.2006 'Tiwi leaders in pin hopes on school'
302MemorialsNT News article 25.10.2006 '42m winged tower war memorial planned for Darwin'; Newspaper article 2.10.2008 pg. 7 'Memorial to US war dead gets go ahead'
303Menzies School of HealthNewspaper article 20.06.2005 pg. 7 'Indigenous Health Saviours - Dedicated team studies indigenous births: first of a kind'
304Methodist ChurchNT News article 12.09.1995 'Mr Lo, 94 loved by NT'; Article (poor photocopy) building details for Methodist Church; Suburban article 13.08.1998 pg. 12 'Stands test of time'; NT News article 13.10.1998 'Church in limbo as owners brawl'; accompany letters dated 31.10.1996 from The Uniting Church in Australia, 6.11.1996 from David Carment - Honorary Secretary - Historical Society of the Northern Territory Incorporated'; 'The Centenary of the Wesleyan Church: information pamphlet on the history and preservation of the Wesleyan Church' (checked do not hold this information pamphlet on Virtua)
305Mickett CreekMicket Creek - naming place the NT Government Gazette No G43 29 Oct 1997
306Military ForcesPamphlets - 'Defence in the Northern Territory: 1824-1940', 'Defence in the Northern Territory: World War II', 'Defence in the Northern Territory: 1946 to the present day', 'Defence in the Northern Territory: Darwin Saviour's - the Defence Forces and Cyclone Tracy' (checked don't not hold any of these pamphlets on Virtua - not sure is held in Ephemera?)
307Miller, PatNT News article 8.10.2002 pg.36-37 'Pat leads the way to positive change'; NT News article 1.10.2002 pg. 28-29 'Famous family sires a famous daughter'
308MillnerNT News article 7.05.2002 pg. 6 'Quiet suburb just right for residents'; NT News article 2.02.2009 pg. 17 'Millner leads way with 'green' hall'
309Mills, Kathy and JuneSpeech by Kathy Mills on her acceptance for 'Senior Australian' award with accompany letter from Matthew Bonson MLA - Millner; Darwin Sun newspaper article 13.03.2002 'Your day - in reference to Chief Minister Claire Martin's tribute to Aboriginal matriarch, Lucy McGuinness featuring her granddaughter Kathy Mills; Northern Territory News article 30.07.1997 'Darwin mum aims for life in politics'
310MiningNT News article 17.02.2007 pg. 3 'New zinc, lead and silver mine to open in Territory'; Newspaper article 17.01.2007 pg. 19 'NT miners doing it for themselves on ASX'; Parliamentary record excerpt(?) - Answers to Questions on Notice - Answers Received 'Harts Range Gem Survey'; NT News photo 29.01.2007 pg. 28 'Merlin find: Rio Tinto's Merlin Mine produced this 105 carat diamond. The company will announce this week more than $9 billion profit'; NT News article 10.02.2007 pg. 26-27 'France Creek boom'; NT News article 1.12.2006 pg. 7 'Chinese want to dig up our dirt'; NT News article 27.04.2007 pg. 6 'Chinese metals giant inks deal'; NT News article 16.11.2006 'NTs mining future linked with China'; NT News article 4.11.2006 pg. 10 'NT land opened for prospecting'; NT News article 27.11.2006 pg. 3 'First iron ore since Tracy: Frances Creek shipment breaks 32-year export drought'; 'Northern Territory mineral industry: a Department of the Interior publication (checked don't hold title on Virtua)
311Missions, MissionariesArticle: 'Catholic Missions and missionaries in the Northern Territory'. Darwin U3A, Casuarina 19.06.2008 by Wendy Beresford-Manning; NT News article 15.04.2006 pg. 11 'Life of NT missionary unveiled' - Alf Wilson; NT News 23.08.2006 pg. 36 Memorial notice 'Memorial Service for Brigadier Vic Pedersen MBE, O.F. - Pioneer Top End aerial missionary 1945-1972'; NT News article 15.08.2006 pg. 4 'Territory's flying padre 'angel' dies'; NT News article 17.08.2006 'Brigadier was one tough rider'; NT News article 27.05.2006 pg. 30 'Missions call stirs memories'
312MoilNT News article 25.06.2002 'Moil now home to a second generation'; 'Darwin street names and their origins: Moil, town of Nightcliff' 
313Montgomery, Field Marshall (Lord Montgomery)Northern Standard news article 27.06.1947 pg. 1 'Parade for Monty'; Northern Standard news article 4.07.1947 pg. 1 'Montgomery declares faith in world peace'; Photo: 1946-1947? 'Visit of General Montgomery - Administration drive' - NTRS 292 no. 1 104-P14 - donated by Mrs Grahame 
314MontoroPhoto: 1923 'Montoro on reef just outside T. I.(?) on about 10 Oct. 1923' 
315Morey, EdwardArticle Northern Territory Digest August-September 1979 pg. 18-20 'The incredible years of Paddy "the Bull Tosser": more recollections of Ted Morey, mounted Territory policeman between 1927 and 1947'; Article Northern Territory Newsletter May 1978 pg. 18-23 'Who is Ted Morey'
316Morris, FredPhoto album (photocopied, not original) 'Photographs by F.R. Morris Katherine & Port Augusta, 1924-1928' - Please return to: Miss K.J. Morris, 222 Woodward St., Edge Hill, Q. 4879'; Article excerpt from Pearl Ogden - Women from Katherine pg. 21-22, 40 'The Resident Engineer for the project, Mr Fred R Morris and his wife arrived in Darwin onboard the Marella in April 1924. He was the son of Queensland Police Magistrate, CHM  Morris, and had had fifteen years experience with the Queensland Government...' 
317Muir, HildaContinuing the Journey of Hilda Joyce Muir' 26th January 1922-12 October 2008 memorial service; Northern Territory News article 25.10.2008 pg. 19, + 1 extra page 'Aunty Hilda's very big journey' and 'Farewell Aunty Hilda'; Northern Territory News article 24.10.2008 pg. 5 'Hundreds farewell their Aunty Hilda'; Northern Territory News article 18.10.2008 pg. 4 'Celebrating the life of 'Aunty' Hilda Muir'; Newspaper article 14.10.2008 pg. 2 'Aunty's journey ends: Condolences for family of remarkable Hilda Muir'; Newspaper article 22.10.2008 pg. 7 'Farewell to much love Aunty Hilda'; Various death and memorial notices included. 
318Murphy, SteveLetter from Historical Society NT dated 18/11/69
319Museums : MAGNTPamphlet: 'Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory : A history of Bullocky Point' (checked Virtua do not hold title); Northern Territory News article 28.02.2007 pg. 6 'Wonderful finish to curator's 13-years of artistry'; Northern Territory News article 20.03.2006 pg. 2 'Historic art visits'; Northern Territory News article 27.09.2008 pg. 3 'Telstra art under review'; Northern Territory News article 11.04.2006 pg. 29 'Legacy of man of vision: Colourful servant of people stands up for the good of art'; Northern Territory News article 3.04.2006 pg. 8 'Fitting honour for museum founder'; Northern Territory News article 30.04.2003 pg. 3 'Ski Club's beachfront for cultural precinct'; Northern Territory New article 18.10.2006 pg. 7 'Museum recruits soldiers to tidy-up'; Sunday Territorian newspaper article 19.11.2006 pg. 4 'Remains are bone of contention'; Northern Territory News article 13.12.2004 pg. 5 'Museum nets haul of war memorabilia'; Sunday Territorian newspaper article 10.09.2006 'Museum exhibits history'; Northern Territory News article 12.02.2009 pg. 3 'Prehistoric predator bares teeth for Darwin'; Northern Territory News article 7.02.2009 pg. 2 'Supercrocs' go on show'; Northern Territory News article 17.07.2003 'Sweetheart moved over to swish new home'; Northern Territory News article 15.09.2002 pg. 28-29 'A look back in celebration'; Advertising for MAGNT : 'The sound of the sky'; Calendar: 'Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory Education Calendar 2003 (checked Virtua do not hold title in collection); Publication: 'Northern Territory Museum of Arts and Sciences officially opened by his Excellency the right Honourable Sir Zelman Cowen, Governor-General of Australia, on Thursday, 10th September, 1981 (checked Virtua do not hold in collection); Various letters dated 13.09.1982 Historical Society of the N.T. Inc. (Darwin Branch), 9.02.1994 Historical Society of the Northern Territory Inc., 10.02.1994 Historical Society of the Northern Territory Incorporated, 19.09.1994 Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory, 7.12.1994 Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, 9.12.1994 Historical Society of the Northern Territory Incorporated, 28.8.1995 Historical Society of the N.T. Inc., 7.09.1995 Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, 7.11.1995 Fax - Northern Territory University, 20.08.1998 Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, 23.09.1998 Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, 12.10.1998 Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, 20.10.1998 Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
320Museums : NursingLetter from E.A (Janie) Mason Associate Dean School of Health Science to Professor David Carment Historical Society of NT dated 1.10.1997 re: Nursing museum; Letter in answer dated 13.03.1997(1998) to MS EA (Janie) Mason Associate Dean School of Health Services Northern Territory University from David Carment Honorary Secretary Historical Society of the Northern Territory Inc. re: Nursing Museum management committee; Newspaper article 9.02.2009 pg. 8 'Darwin hospital reunion planned'
321Music, N.T.Northern Territory News article 14.06.2002 pg. 23, 25 'Be seduced by divas: Territory singers to start at music festival' and 'Dash of Divas'; Newspaper advertisement 2002 'Midi presents Original Recipe: NTs contemporary music festival: 14th-23rd June/Darwin'; Northern Territory News article 23.02.2002 'Drumming up cash for gig of a lifetime in Manchester'; Northern Territory News article 18.06.2002 'Songs of old on new CD'; Northern Territory News article 19.06.2002 'Turning point for local artist'; Northern Territory News article 24.06.2002 'Band's artwork tipped to drum up $15,000'; Sunday Territorian newspaper article 8.09.2002 pg. 28-29 'And the beat goes on'; Northern Territory News article 9.09.2002 'Melody and mood at marina'; Northern Territory News article 13.09.2002 'Chorale on song for jazz'; Northern Territory News article 19.09.2002 'Music industry mourns singer'; Northern Territory News article 2.10.2002 'Outback crash man dies'; Northern Territory News article 2.10.2002 memorial notice 'Letterstick Band'; Northern Territory News article 27.09.2002 'Land band ARIA hope'; Northern Territory News article 5.10.2002 'Bach and bite over cello music'; Northern Territory News article 10.10.2002 'Celebration of music at markets'; Northern Territory News article 11.10.2002 'Mosaic of guitar music'; Northern Territory News article 30.09.2002 'In tune at East Point'; Northern Territory News article 25.10.2002 'Masters of classics to showcase golden age'; Northern Territory News 25.10.2002 'Students show off musical talents'; Northern Territory News article 19.12.2002 'Night of intimate melodies'; Northern Territory News article 16.11.2002 'Human voices in a festival of song'; Northern Territory News article 22.12.2002 'Hypnotic night of songs and stories'; Northern Territory News article 'Boy from Daly Waters back soon'; Darwin Sun newspaper article 30.04.2003 pg. 12-13 'Katherine Country Music Muster'; Northern Territory News article 2.05.2003 'Country music artists muster at Katherine'; Northern Territory News article 26.02.2002 
322Myilly PointPublic consultation advertisement: newspaper 31.01.2009 pg. 35 'Department of Planning and Infrastructure - Flagstaff Hill (Myilly Point) Park Public Consultation; Sunday Territorian newspaper article 23.02.2003 pg. 11 'Myilly is people's park'


323NabalcoSupreme Court of NT of Aust. 1968 between Milirrpum and others plaintiff and Nabalco Pty Ltd and the Commonwealth of Aust 264-B268-B170-B171
324Nackeroos North Australian Observer UnitNackeroos North Australian Observer Unit - Newspaper clipping and photo copy
325NAIDOCNational Aborigines & Islander Week 6 to 13 September 1987 PROGRAMME - NADOC DARWIN A Brief History 1987 - news paper clipping
326Nakara Darwin street names and their origins Nakara Town of Nightcliff - news paper cutting
327NarrowsNewspaper clipping
328National Archives of AustraliaNational Archives of Aust. - paper clipping - Letter from Phyllis Williams, Assistant Director, original on National Archives Letter head, dated 5 June 1998 re the development of a Service Charter - Service Charter draft for discussion - email Bill Wilson from Kathleen Sullivan -flyer of Launch of the refurbished office of National Archives of Australia
329National ParksNational Parks - Parks and Reserves of the Top End, Conservation Commission Your Pre-Visit Information Flyer - Letters photo copies Parks and Wildlife Shelly Iles Strategic Planning a d Development 13 March 1997 to Historical Society re Butterfly George Nature park, Tree Point Conservation Reserve, reply written 2.4.97 signed M A Clinch Historical Society to Ms Iles 
330National Trust of Australia (Northern Territory)National Trust of Australia (Northern Territory) - Newspaper clippings, 3 letters from National Trust, Letter to David Carment, Letter from Herbert Crompton donation to National Trust - flyer Giese Residence (Audit House), national Trust Heritage Festival Souvenir Programme 2002 'Beyond the Big Smoke' - Flyer information guides National Trust properties you can visit in the Northern Territory - National Trust of Australia (Northern Territory) Annual Report 1988/89, 1986/87, 1985/86, 1984/85,1983/84, 1982/83
331NAWU National Australian Workers UnionNewspaper clipping
332NemarlukNewspaper clippings
333Newcastle WatersHistorical Society of the Northern Territory Field Trip 25 to 28 July 2002 to old Junction Hotel - Newcastle Waters and accompanying documents regarding Newcastle Waters
334NhulunbuyNewspaper clippings
335NightcliffNightcliff High School 1994 Presentation Evening Program - news paper clippings - Darwin City Council survey 
336NorforceSubject 4 May visit to Museum 98 from Paul Rosenzweig, Wildlife Management International - newspaper clippings
337Northern Australia Development Council10th Annual Conference October 23-25 1986 Theme Developing the North - Ideas to Reality, Kununurra, WA Program Book - 2 Newsletters - hand written notes on Custom Credit paper Quality of Life - Letter on The Country Women Association of Western Australia Incorporation Letter Head to Nancy from Jo White 2 pieces of paper - Copy of letter from Jo dated 5/9/86 from N.T. Fuchs Territorial Sec - hand written letter from Jo White to Nancy 18/9/86 - copy of letter to Coral from Nancy F dated 6/9/86
338Northern Territory (2 files)Northern Territory - The Northern Territory History and Development, published Feb 1964, by the Department of Territories, Commonwealth of Australia - Australia's Northern Territory, Barbara Mullins and Douglass Baglin 1969 - Arriving and Surviving in the Northern Territory edited by Leanne McGill and Roslyn West June 1988 - Top of Australia Northern Territory March 1989 - Northern Territory Report 1971-72 - The Governor General visits the Territory Sir Zelman - Profile Northern Territory Australia1990/91 - The Northern Territory - news paper clippings
339Northern Territory PoliceNewspaper clipping
340Northern Territory Police Museum & Historical Society IncInvitation Newsletter Issue 3 Jan 2001
341Northern Territory Police, Police WomenPolice Women  newspaper clipping
342Northern Territory Our History, Peter and Sheila Forrest Part 1&2Our History written by Sheila and Peter Forrest for the Northern Territory Government - Northern Territory News 100 years 1900-1924, 1974-1999, 1950-1973, 1925-1949, 1952-1963 - Northern Territory Travel Mag November 1996 - Arafura a magazine about the sea 1997
343NTAS History GrantsNewspaper clipping
344NT Dictionary of BiographyLetters from Northern Territory University Associate Professor David Carment to The Hon Shane Stone - The Hon Shane Stone to Associate Professor David Carment - Northern Territory Government Office of the Arts and Cultural Affairs Progress/Final Acquitance - Letter from Associated Professor David Carment to Territory Historian
345NT Cattleman's AssociationNewspaper clipping
346NT SchoolsClassmate newspaper clipping
347Northern Territory LibraryNewspaper clipping
348NumbulwarHansard debates 2 Sept 1982 Mr MacFarlene (Elsey)


349OenpelliMap Oenpelli by Surveyor CC Boulter; Article: Keith Cole, 1975, A history of Oenpelli Nungalinya Pubs., Darwin pg. 1-7 'Gunbalanya Excursion Saturday 23 September' (checked Virtua hold title in collection); Article: Oenpelli before 1925 pg. 14-17 'Commonwealth Administration and Paddy Cahill (1911-1925) (checked Virtua do not hold title in collection); Article: Keith Cole, 1985, From Mission to Church, K Cole Pubs., Melbourne pg. 121-139 'The Oenpelli Mission 1925-1974 
350Occasional papersOccasional paper - No 23 Part 1 Growing up in the Pastoral Frontier: Conception, Birth and Childhood on Cattle Station in the Northern Territory 1920-1960 by Lyn Riddett. - No 23 Part 2 recreation and Entertainment on Northern Territory Pastoral Station 1910-1950, Lyn Riddett. - Paper No 28 Sixth Eric Johnston Lecture 1981, Pioneers of Post War Recovery, By Sir Paul Hasluck - No 46 Ninth Eric Johnston Lecture 1994, Aboriginal Education by Miriam-Rose Baumann. - No 49, Tenth Erick Johnston Lecture 1995 Lost Conversations, Recovered Archives by Roslyn Poignant. - No 53 Fourteenth Eric Johnston Lecture 1999 Leaning in Lessons - Indigenous Education in Northern Territory by Bob Collins. - No 54 Fifteenth Erick Johnston Lecture 2000 A home away from Home - the Aegean of Australia - by His Honour Mr John Anictomatis OAM. -No 55 Sixteenth Eric Johnston Lecture 2001 Nowhere to somewhere by Terry Underwood. - No 56 Seventeenth Eric Johnston Lecture 2003 Under the Stars in Tropical Vienna by Associated Professor Martin WB Jarvis, DSO Artistic Director . - No 57 Eighteenth Eric Johnston Lecture 2004 Cyclone Tracy - An Ill Windby Bill Bunbury. - No 58 Nineteenth Eric Johnston Lecture 2005 Finding the Spirit of Darwin by Marilyn Paspaley.
351Ogden, PearlArticle 'My early travel' mentions it is restricted; 'So you want to self publish - the layout and publishing of your manuscript' (checked Virtua don't hold in collection); 'The hazards of flooding'; Ron Salis speech launching Pearl's book 'There off horse racing in in the North'; 'Federation of Australian Historical Societies (Inc.) Merit Award - 2006'; Blurb advertising 'The Historical Society of the NT invites you to join us and hear Pearl Ogden renowned Territory Researcher and Author will talk about the impact of the war on the Northern Territory...'; 'The Esplanade, a slice of Darwin life' includes 'Darwin Oval: field of dreams, battleground for Rights. Australian rules football in Darwin, 1916-1942' includes photocopy of prints 'Lameroo baths' and 'football match, Darwin oval'; 'Submission to the Federation of Australian Historical Societies Inc. from the Historical Society of the Northern Territory for consideration for a FAHS Fellowship, 2006'; Photocopies of photographs from Edna Nielson  Northern Territory News article (n.d..) 'On the money' and advertisement for Historical Society lecturers; The Sun newspaper article 26.06.2002 'Your day' advertising 'They're off: horseracing in the North'; Northern Territory News article 27.08.2005 pg. 16-17'Pioneering pastoralists captured'; Northern Territory News article 27.06.2006 pg. 27 'Community Diary' featuring Pearl Ogden and 'On the money'; Sunday Territorian newspaper article 22.04.2007 'Territory author Pearl Ogden was present with a Merit Award...'; Photocopies of photographs from Ron Campbell Collection 
352Oil and Gas (see also Wickham Pt.)Sunday Territorian newspaper article 31.03.2002 'Darwin prepares to become a hub bringing on the gas'; Northern Territory News article 23.04.2002 'Oil, gas rights up for tender'; Litchfield Times newspaper article 19.08.1999 'Glyde Pt LNG plant plans on  hold'; Northern Territory News article 20.03.2003 'Key gas pair could combine'; Northern Territory News 8.03.2003 government notice 'Timor Sea Treaty finalised'; Northern Territory News article 8.03.2003 'Clare's gas coup'; Northern Territory News article 14.03.2003 'Sunrise gas link back on track'; Northern Territory News article 27.03.2003 'Gas gets first green light'; Northern Territory News article 16.06.2003 'Gas plant work fires up at last'; Northern Territory News editorial 29.11.2002 'Gas blow not fatal'; Northern Territory News article 7.06.2003 'Gas pipeline a step closer'; Northern Territory News article 29.04.2003 pg. 13 'Taking a look at a Wickham Point LNG plant'; Northern Territory News article 3.02.2002 'Crunch time for Wickham plant'; Northern Territory News article 5.07.2003 'Damage to gas bushland blasted'; Northern Territory News article 20.04.2003 'First look at our gas giant'; Northern Territory News article 17.06.2003 'Gas deal opens door for Sunrise'; Northern Territory News article 15.06.2003 'LNG approval today: Plant construction to begin straight away'; Northern Territory News article 18.07.2003 'Academic says gas project a mistake'; Newspaper 'artist impression' 11.06.2003 'Artist's impression of the Wickham Point LNG plant with Darwin in the ground...'; Northern Territory News article 9.06.2002 'Gas a threat to Darwin Harbour'; Northern Territory News article 14.04.2003 'GAs work to start: Us-based CEO inspects Wickham site'; Northern Territory News article 9.03.2003 '$11m govt boost'; NT Business Review article Nov. 2006 'The rise and rise of Nexus Energy'; Sunday Territorian newspaper article 30.06.2002 'Don't let gas sail by'; Sunday Territorian newspaper article 14.07.2002 'Expo visitors let off steam about Wickham Point plan'; Northern Territory News article 5.12.2002 'More cops than protestors'; Northern Territory News editorial 7.03.2003 'Treaty spin-offs'; Northern Territory News article 28.11.2002 'Onshore gas line ruled out'; Northern Territory News article 16.12.2002 'What's the (Wickham) Point'; Northern Territory News 22.10.2002 'Martin in gas meet with PM'; Litchfield Times newspaper article 4.09.2002 'Harbour flotilla'; Sunday Territorian newspaper article 29.09.2002 'A gas plant in the middle of Darwin Harbour - it's an insult to our city'; Litchfield Times newspaper article 3.07.2002 'Environmental approval for Wickham Point gas'; Northern Territory News article 27.06.2002 'Gas plant start closer: First delivery from Timor Sea planned by early 2006'; Northern Territory New article 14.06.2002 'Gas plant danger'; Publication: 'Timor Sea gas onshore' (checked Virtua not in the collection); Publication: 'Timor Sea update' (checked Virtua hold issues in collection); Photographs: 1928-1929(?) Various photographs taken - petrol tanks - oil tanks (very sketchy details provided on photos) (checked TS no copies in the collection)
353Old Palmerston Town HallOld Palmerston Town Hall - newspaper clippings - Letter from Dr Mickey Dewar 3/3/00 - News Letter
354Old Territory FamiliesOld Territory Families - News paper clippings, Gabe and Heather Hazelbane, Sheila White, Xavier and Raphael Clarke, Benny Lew Fatt, Paddy Leverence  Ted Egan, Ted Cooper, Mitjili Napanangka, Spurge Nichols, Albert and Mary Chan, Brother John Pye MSC, Hugh and Zania Tilbrook, Rodney Bonson, Ian Mussgroave, Don Christophersen, Hannah and Peter Talbot Kathy Paterson, Jane Graham, Karmi Sceney, Laurel Parker, Christine Koulouriotis, Irene Musgrave, Irene Saib, Vic and Sadie Ludwig, Wu Sellars, Jane Christopherson, Keith and Irene Kemp, Eddie and Greta Quong and family, Andy McNiell, Nicky Pastrikos, Ian Watts, newspaper clippings - NT Digest March 1981 Anthony George Worsley Greatorex OBE. - Digger Wally Everett, Goldie Tybell, Connie Buss, Boyne and Betty Litchfield, Bill McKinnon, Bill Waudby, Eva Sack, Ginger Riley Munduwalawala, Joe Wurramara, Fred Stevens, Gilbert Williams, John Withnall
355Order of AustraliaPamphlet: 'Order of Australia' 
356OrphanageNewspaper clipping
357Ossie OsgoodNorthern Territory Affairs Vol 9 No 2 1975
358Outback HighwaysNewspaper clipping
359Overland Telegraph 1Omeo (1958-1905) photo copy - Business card, Western Australian Museum Department of Maritime Archaeology
360Overland Telegraph 2Northern Territory News article 18.06.2002 'Morse code fading away'; Down Memory Lane print of the Roper River Overland Telegraph Camp c1870; 'The Albury Telegraph Office - 1875 article by AJ (Andrew) Kelso and accompany reply letter from David Carment - Honorary Secretary


361Palmerston Sunday Territorian - Palmerston Souvenir Edition 15.02.1998 pg. 1-20 'Palmerston towards 2000'; Northern Territory News article 10.10.1997 pg. 4 '1000 homes planned for $160m estate'; Northern Territory News article 30.03.2002 'Palmerston wins new $3.5m library'; Northern Territory News article 21.05.2002 'New idea for Palmerston water tower'; Northern Territory News article 21.10.2002 'Creative helpers needed'; Northern Territory News article 12.02.2002 'History buff'; Northern Territory News article 17.03.2003 'D--Day for Litchfield'; Northern Territory News article 15.03.2003 'Ex-pollie slams shire land grab'; Northern Territory News article 9.02.2003 'Town planner calls it quits after 35 years'; Northern Territory News article 30.05.2003 'Art blooms under the water tower'; Newspaper article 16.06.2009 pg. 8 'Traffic black spot to get a rework'; Newspaper article 13.06.2009 pg. 11 'Territory pioneer celebrates a milestone'
362Palmerston (Darwin), HistoricalPlan of Stockade and Palmerston' 1866(?) - photocopy
363Palmerston LibraryNewspaper clipping
364Palmerston Town HallOld Palmerston Town Hall article and newspaper clipping
365ParapLetters (n.d.) to N.T. Historical Society from David Taylor & Sasha Young (school children) requesting some historical information on 'Ross Smith airstrip' and answering letter from Margaret Clinch - Historical Society of the N.T. Inc. 26.10.1997; Northern Territory News article 6.03.1996 'Piece of Parap's history now dust'; Darwin Sun newspaper article 16.10.2002 '$300,00 facelift for Parap'; Northern Territory News article 8.09.2006 pg. 6 'Shopkeeper closes his doors on 50 years of history'; Northern Territory News Special feature 25.01.2007 pg. 35-37 '60 years on... still going strong.... Dowling's Parap Village Tavern 60th Anniversary'; Northern Territory News article 19.08.2008 pg. 14-15 'Darwin's fine food clan traced back to Cyprus'; Northern Territory News article 26.08.2008 pg. 14-15 'From taxis to tucker for Top End's culinary king'; Northern Territory News article 6.12.2008 pg. 29-31 'Parap has its icon - Striving to improve Top End tucker'
366ParliamentariansLitchfield Times newspaper article 4.09.1997 'Thank you for everything Noel'; Northern Territory News article 28.08.1997 pg. 3 'After 20 years, it's goodbye Noel'; Northern Territory News article 20.04.2002 'Territory dumps the roo symbol'; Northern Territory News article 17.08.2002 'Martin Govt wins fans in first year'; Darwin/Palmerston Sun newspaper excerpt 17.12.2003 'Play Dart'; Northern Territory News article 16.12.2003 'Health minister out in Martin reshuffle'; Sunday Territorian newspaper article 12.06.2005 'Lucky seven: six men and one woman'; Newspaper article 12.07.2005 pg. 2 'Two new ministers join NT Cabinet'; Sunday Territorian newspaper article 26.06.2005 pg. 18 '(Clare) not only won again but destroyed the CLP's base line vote'; Northern Territory News article pg. 26-28 'Fifty years of people power'; Northern Territory News article 28.04.2002 'Is Clare fair dinkum on FOI?'; Northern Territory News article (n.d..) 'Good-as-gold MPs create history'; Northern Territory News article 19.02.2002 'NT seat may be axed ... as population growth declines'; Northern Territory News article 6.06.2009 pg. 22-23 'The many faces of Marion Scrymgour'; Northern Territory News article 5.06.2009 pg. 4-5 'Labor teeters on the brink as Scrymgour jumps ship'; Publication: Northern Territory Parliament House Darwin Visitor Guide' (checked Virtua hold a copy in the collection); Christmas card from The Hon Steve Hatton, MLA - 'The new parliament house, Darwin' (checked Virtua don't hold in collection - Ephemera?);  Pamphlet: Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory - A Territory for a Nation - Our constitutional heritage (checked Virtua not in collection - Ephemera?); Northern Territory of Australia - Parliamentary Record - 16-18 October 2001 - Maiden speech 17.10.2001 for Chris Burns, Member for Johnston; 
367Parrott, CharlieNorthern Territory News article 22.04.1997 pg. 26-27 'The moral is to never, never give up : Brave Charlie in a POW hell' and 'Our Charlie's the spirit of ANZAC'; Northern Territory News article 25.08.1997 'A nobody who became a hero'; Northern Territory News article 26.03.2003 pg. 1-2 'Charlie's honour 60 years on' and 'Charlie's medal 60 years on'
368Paspaley FamilyNorthern Territory News article 10.10.2002 'Our priceless gem a real pearler'; Northern Territory News article 15.12.2002 'If only Nick could see this big beauty'; Sunday Territorian newspaper article 4.11.2001 pg. 21 'King of pearl'; Sunday Territorian newspaper article 18.08.2002 pg. 28-29 'The world is their oyster'; Memorial: Vivienne Paspaley April 26, 1913-September 21, 2003; Eulogy by Honourable Shane L. Stone Wednesday 24 September 2003, Vivienne Lavinia Paspaley (nee Barry): The Weekend Australian Magazine article October 5-6, 2002 pg. 18-21 'Family jewel'
369Pastoral (NT)N.T. Business Review newspaper article Feb. 2005 'Stations sell for $80million'; Northern Territory News article 27.05.2006 pg. 5 'NT cattle stations cost $97m'; NT Business Review article April 2002 pg. 9 'NT cattlemen look back on record year'; Northern Territory News article 20.04.2002 'Cattle king sells up for $25m or more'; Northern Territory News article 13.02.2002 'Territory's stations rope in 33pc more'; Northern Territory News article 5.04.2002 'Station up for auction'; Northern Territory News 1.05.2002 '2695 cattle sold in 10 minutes'; Northern Territory News article 13.06.2002 'Stock tracing standard set'; Northern Territory News article pg. 7 'Delamere gone for $15m'; Northern Territory News article '$2.1m Lost City cattle station up for sale'; Northern Territory News article 13.09.2002 'Station may become a park'; Northern Territory News article 12.11.2002 'Govt buys station feud road'; Northern Territory News article 15.12.2002 'Boom for NT cattle stations'; Northern Territory News article 10.05.1996 pg. 21 'Drover boss tamed outback cattle trails'; Northern Territory News article 7.10.2002 pg. 4 'Big dry scorches 70pc of Territory', 'Grass aplenty but no protein' and 'Drought forces 70,000 cattle to feed on Barkly'; Northern Territory News article 13.03.2004 pg. 12 'Land-use treaty a first'; Northern Territory News article 15.03.2004 pg. 8 'Land use deal lauded'; Northern Territory News article 20.07.2005 pg. 2 'Homestead opens window on past'; Northern Territory News article 9.02.2006 pg. 3 'Sultan sells off  his prized Territory farms'; Northern Territory News article 29.06.2002 'Cattle rounded up after six years'; Northern Territory News article 23.01.2006 pg. 5 'New boss to take stock pastoral success'; Northern Territory News article 13.07.2006 pg. 6 'Pastoral market sparks southern interest'; Newspaper article 19.03.2009 pg. 22 'Packers sell NT lands for $425m'; Northern Territory News article 20.02.2004 pg. 4 'Hunder drover Hill was legend'; Northern Territory News property advertisement 24.03.2007 pg. 7 'Maryfield Station 230 km South of Katherine, N.T '; Newspaper advertisement 'Elders Droving Australia - applications are invited from Territorians seeking financial assistance while undertaking study or research...Parliamentary Record entry (n.d..) pg. 575 Answers to Questions on Notice - Answers Received 'Failures of NT Stations'
370Pearce, Major HubertCollection of photographs taken by Major Hubert Pearce  1042-1944 around Alice Springs, Moffat Creek and Tennant Creek, Mataranka, Darwin, Banks, Churches and  Letters between the Historical Society of the Northern Territory & Macleay River Historical Society Incorporated who donated the photograph collection.
371Pearl of the North - 15 June 2002Contents in folder empty
372PearlingNorthern Territory News 8.04.2003 Death notice Bernadus 'Uncle Nadus' 'Benny' Senge 15.2.1914-2.4.2003 'One of the last few Broome pearl diving pioneers passes'; Various newspaper clippings regarding pearling; Letter: Northern Territory Archive Service 1.05.2003 from Francoise Barr to Yvonne Forest Historical Society of the Northern Territory re: Authorisation to publish Historical Society of the Northern Territory material
373Penhall, Leslie Newton (Les)Various newspaper clippings
374PeppimenartiPublication: Awa Yedi i Falmi Warrim Pek Durrimu: May 30 2003, Peppimenarti Community 
375Perez, Miguel Louis (Flying Officer)Killed in action 6.04.1945 in Belgium; Various letters regarding Miguel Perez from a researcher Martin Kerby from Nudgee College in Brisbane and Historical Society of the Northern Territory.
376Perreau FamilyVarious letters regarding the Perreau Family and the Pioneering Register of the NT; Letters regarding Land holding leases; Great deal of family genealogy information; Photographs: various prints from early 1900s-mid 1990's 
377Petrov (affair)
378Pine CreekVarious newspaper clippings; Article on the passing of and death notice for Maysie Young; Letter: Historical Society of the Northern Territory Incorporated 27.07.1996 re: Adelaide River and Pine Creek  field trip; Postcards: SEO40/PCRS3(NT) Pine Creek Railway Station NT 1889-1976 and PCRS4(NT) Pine Creek Railway Station NT 1889-1976 ;Calendar: 2002 'A sneaky peek of Pine Creek';Various Northern Territory Government Gazette entries for 'Naming of public place' 
379Pink, OliveNewspaper clipping
380Pitscheneder, Norma (B.E.M.) ('Auntie', 'Auntie Billie')Various newspaper clippings and articles including the passing of Auntie Billie; Northern Territory News Death notices 21.05.2002; Original Copy of birth certificate of Auntie Billie' Copy of 'Medical Certificate of Cause of Death - Form A' for Auntie Billie; 'A celebration of Auntie Billie - Norma Catherine Pitschender - Born on the 16th May 1916 Died on the 19th May 2002; Thank you letter 20.05.1996 and photograph Auntie Billie showing Auntie Billie being introduced to His Excellency Sir William Deane AC KBE, Governor General of Australia and Her Excellency Lady Deane ; Plaque: To 'Auntie' Billie Pitcheneder (B.E.M.) in appreciation of your work for N.T. charities from the Combined Lion and Lioness Clubs of Darwin 28.02.83
381Place NamesNewspaper clipping; Letters from Place Names Committee for the Northern Territory and reply from David Carment Honorary Secretary Historical Society of the Northern Territory; Various Northern Territory Government Gazette entries
382Plain English Speaking Award (PESA)Various newspaper clippings; Various letters and correspondence/papers in regards to PESA; Various advertisements for Sponsors; Various pamphlets ;Various photographs (photocopies) and accompanying document 'National finalists - Prepared speeches'; Various thank you notes and cards; Publication: Taking the initiative in the Northern Territory : Secondary School Debating & Public Speaking Competitions'; Publication: The Plain English Speaking Award 1999' 
383PLAN - The Planning Action NetworkPlan Newsletter various issues;Letter from PLAN to Convention Secretariat Statehood Convention dated 5.03.1998
384Poinciana WomanArticle: Weekend Australian Magazine Nov. 17-18 2001 'AAPA Library : stranger in paradise'
385Point CharlesHistorical plans and details for Northern Territory Pint Charles Lighthouse c1890 
386Police Historical SocietyVarious newspaper clippings; Northern Territory News Death notice 20.05.2004 pg. 7, 31 Senior Constable L R (Jack) Clifford Reg no. 765 - Joint NT Police 21st April 1975 (Squad 21) Passed away 16th May 2004; Northern Territory News Death notice 21.05.1997 Inspector Bill McKinnon 16.06.02-15.05.97 A member of the NT Police 1.06.31-16.62; Northern Territory News Death notice Gilroy, Michael Seamus Peter (Mick) 14 April 1996 - Former Chief Inspector of the Northern Territory Police Force; Letter dated 24.07.1995 from W. R. Wilson President Northern Territory Police Historical Society to Associate Professor D. Carment Honorary Secretary Historical Society of the NT, Inc.; Publication: 'International Association of Women Police 46th Annual Training Conference - Darwin Australia 6-11 September 2008 Conference Program
387Police Paddock, Stuart ParkNewspaper clipping; Historical information attached regarding Police Paddock by Gayle Carroll
388PopulationNewspaper clippings
389Port EssingtonLetter to Historical Society of Northern Territory dated 3.02.1995 from I. C(?) Hiley
390Port KeatsNewspaper clipping
391Porter, BasPhotographs (photocopies) 1941 collection by Bas Porter WWII - historical insight into life of soldiers, Bagot, Parap, Winnellie and Casuarina Beach 
392Power and WaterPower and Water list of videos
393Prawn FishingLitchfield Times newspaper article 1.03.2000 pg. 1, 3 'Shoal Bay protected' and  'Prawn farm to be relocated'
394Prime MinistersPaper copy listing historically Australian Prime Ministers Edmund Barton-John Howard 1901-1996


395Q2Photograph: 'Bridge over water' no further information 
396QANTASQANTAS - newspaper clipping


397RAAF Base DarwinRAAF Base Darwin pamphlet - history of RAAF Base 
398Radio 8DRRadio 8DR - interview with a Mrs Stevens of Darwin on 27t March and 15 may 1965 photo copy
399Raffles BayHistorical articles and letters regarding Raffles Bay
400Railway (2 files)Railway - Australia's Northern Territory Port Rail Link July 2000 - Australasia Railway Adelaide to Darwin FIRT TRAIN CELEBRATIONS 15th -17th January 2004 - newspaper clippings - 
401Rapid CreekVarious newspaper clippings
402Retta Dixon HomeHistorical information regarding the children who lived in the home 1949(?). Refers to a publication held in NT Library collection 'Darwin drama' 
403RoadsVarious newspaper clippings and articles; Publication: 'Northern Territory auto news' v. 17 no. 4 May 1995 
404Roberts, William Crawford and McLean, Elizabeth (nee Roberts)Historical information included. Photograph: William Crawford Roberts 
405Rocksitters ClubNewspaper clipping
406Roper RiverNewspaper clipping and historical articles; Letters to Historical Society of the Northern Territory from Anthea Hartley (English researcher); Historical maps and layouts of proposed town of Roper River dated 1872; Publication: 'A report on a study of historic sites in the Lower Roper River District, Northern Territory' undertaken by Troppo Architects Darwin with research and report documentation by Peter Forrest Heritage Consultant Darwin for the National Trust of Australia (Northern Territory) 1990 ;Publication: 'The history and archaeology of the Roper River overland telegraph construction depot' prepared for The Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory prepared by Scott Mitchell 5/9 Airlie Circuit Brinkin NT 0811, 1993
407Roper River Gulf AreaRoper River Gulf Area - Notes from Field Trip to the Roper River Gulf Area 22-24 July, 2005
408Rose, Colonel LionelArticle: Northern Territory Digest May 1980 v. 2 no. 3 pg. 6 'Colonel Rose dies at 82 Flags at half-mast' 
409RoseburyCopies Northern Territory Government Gazette 'Naming of public place'
410Royal Australian Artillery Association (NT)Publication: 'Royal Australian Artillery Association (NT INC) 1995 St Barbara's annual dinner short address by his honour the Administrator of the Northern Territory the Honourable Austin Asche AC QC Saturday 2 December 1995 RSL Clubrooms, Cavenagh Street, Darwin' 
411Royal Darwin ShowRoyal Darwin Show newspaper clipping -  Publication: '1997 Royal Darwin Show Schedule of Prizes' 
412RoyalsNewspaper clippings; Article: List of 'Regal years of English Sovereigns'; Memorial: 'Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, Darwin A memorial service to remember and celebrate the life of HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother 1900-2002', Tuesday 9 April 2002, 5.00pm
413RSL DarwinNewspaper clippings; Northern Territory News 7.02.1995 Death notice Lee, Henry 
414Ruddick, Daisy Ruddick, Daisy Florence (nee Cusack) Nawala 15.08.1915-23.04.2002 Newspaper articles, death and memorial notices in regards to the passing of Daisy Ruddick
415Rum Jungle Uranium MinePhotographs: collection of aerial photographs and work in progress in Rum Jungle 
416RussiansLetters addressed to Margaret Clinch dated 8.03.1995 from Elena Govor regarding an article attached (in Russian) by a Russian visitor (historical) 'Port Darwin - the Northern Territory of Australia' published in Kronshtadtskii Vestnik (near St Petersburg) 28 April 1871 pp. 187-189
417Rural Health TeamRural Health Team - Notes from meeting 14/3/89 on environmental issues for Aboriginal Communities written by Jack Little
418Ryrie, Bruce StirlingLetter from Margaret Clinch Historical Society of the NT Inc. Dated 28.10.1997 to Mr N Hayes re: the voyage of Bruce Stirling Ryrie in an open boat between Ceylon and Darwin between the wars.


419SA History WeekSA History Week - information and book
420Sacred SitesVarious newspaper clippings
421Salvation Army (Air Service)Newspaper clipping
422Savage, Arthur WilliamLetters from Yvonne Forest Territory Historical Society of the Northern Territory Inc to Peter Jeans (Researcher) inquiring about some Territory information on Arthur William Savage
423Savage, MattArticle: Matt Savage and his daughter Sheila
424Schulz, CharlieNorthern Territory News article 19.04.2002 'Charlie, a true pioneer' - tribute to the passing of Charlie Schulz
425Sea RightsSea Rights - news paper clippings
426See-Kee, CharlesSee-Kee, Charles - Occasional Papers No 3 Northern Territory Library Service Darwin 1987 - photo copy photo PH136/0123 - newspaper clippings
427Self GovernmentSelf Government - news paper clippings
428Smith, Ross and KeithVarious newspaper clippings; Various articles; Publication: 'Vimy 19/94 England to Australia 75th Anniversary'; Publication: 'We play where they once flew' (Parap Primary students) 
429Solomon, Vaiban LouisArticle: David Tollner at large in the community pg.2-3 'Solomon: an electorate profile'; Historical and bibliography information regarding Vaiban Louis Solomon from Margot Bailey (Great great great grand-daughter)
430South AmericaSunday Territorian news article 20.04.1997 'Farewell for Abraham'
431Spillett, PeterSpillett, Peter - news paper clippings: Newspaper clipping; Various letters including letters from Clare Martin MLA regarding the passing of Peter Spillett; Obituary; MAF flight ticket from Peter Spillett for a trip he made to Elcho Island and Yirrkala to research Makassan/Yulngu families
432SportSport - newspaper clipping Various newspaper clippings including an article regarding the passing of Terrence (Terry) Lew Fatt; Northern Territory News Death notices for Terrence (Terry) Lew Fatt 1937-2003
433Sports, FootballVarious newspaper clippings; Article: Oral History Association of Australia Journal no. 29 2007 pp.1-10 'Darwin Oval: Field of Dreams, Battleground for Rights. Australian Rules Football in Darwin, 1916-1942' by Matthew Stephen; Article: 'The history of St Mary's football club' by Andrew Ross
434Sports Horse racing etc.Sports Horseracing etc., - news paper clippings Northern Territory News 15.07.2008 pg. 14-15 'The thunder of hooves etched in NT folklore'
435St Mary's CathedralHistorical information in form of articles including plan and building details
436Star TheatreLot 2349 32 The Mall, Darwin - Private Commercial - Star Arcade - property details
437State Library of the NTVarious letters about collection details and pamphlets advertising services; Publication: Foliage : Friends of the Library Inc. 'On the move with Northern Territory Library' edition
438State Library of VictoriaState Library of Victoria - Invitation 
439Statehood, NT (2 files)Various newspaper clippings; Letter from Margaret Clinch to David Carment Secretary, Historical Society of the NT thanking David for allowing Margaret to be delegate on behalf of HSNT at the Territory Statehood Convention, 29.03.-2.04.1998; Publication: 'Together towards statehood'; Publication: 'Summary of key issues: constitutional paths to statehood'; Publication: 'Northern Territory Statehood Steering Committee: it's your place to talk about statehood' 
440StatisticsStats - newspaper clipping
441Steele, RogerNewspaper clippings
442Stockman's Hall of FameVarious articles including information on 'Unsung Heroes Project' 2002?
443Stolen GenerationVarious newspaper clippings
444Stott, Jimmie (Jimmy)Map of Limilngan-Wulna Land Claim; Photographs: Buffalo hunting n.d.. 
445StrangwaysVarious Northern Territory Government Gazette 'Naming of Public Place' 
446Stuart, John McDouallVarious newspaper clippings; Letters and articles of a historical note; Pamphlet: John McDouall Stuart Surveyor-Explorer ; Publication:'The 2008 John McDouall Stuart Memorial Address 150 years on - a look back at Stuart's incredible 1858 explorations' by Philip Gee;Publication: 'The 2003 John McDouall Stuart Memorial Address Heath Nash 1838-1913' by Margaret Blacker;5 slides: Five colour slides of John McDouall Stuart's grave at Kensal Green Cemetery, 1972 


447Tambling, GrantLetter and attachments listing papers that have are kept in NT Archives in regards to Grant Tambling's personal papers; CV for Grant Tambling; Publication: 'Commonwealth of Australia Senate Valedictory Senator Grant Tambling the following are extracts from Hansard of 26 and 27 September 2001' ;Publication: 'The Tambling Report Farewell Edition 2001' 
448TaminminNorthern Territory News article 7.01.2003 pg. 27 'Historic papers'; Invitation from Taminmin Community Library 'Preserving our past' Wednesday 12th May 1999
449Telstra Art AwardsNewspaper clippings - 19 Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award 10 August - 27th October 2002 program
450Tennant CreekVarious Northern Territory Government Gazette 'Naming of public place'; Newspaper clipping and article
451Territorian ClubArticle: 'The Territorian Club: the first ten years' by Lauris Suiter
452Territory Craft, Craft Council of the NTPamphlet advertisement: 'Earth bound' 2 August-18 August 2002
453Territory Naming PlaceNewspaper clippings
454Territorian of the YearNewspaper clipping
455Territory WomenNewspaper clipping
456Thompson, KeithLetter from David Carment to the family, and tribute letter from Eleanor Graves
457TheatreVarious newspaper clippings
458Timber CreekNaming place NT Government Gazette No G17 24 April 1996 photo copy: Newspaper clippings
459TimorVarious newspaper clippings
460TindalNaming place NT Government Gazette No G13 2 April 2003 photo copy
461Tipperary StationNewspaper clipping
462Ti TreeNaming place NT Government Gazette No G24 17 Jun3 2009 photo copy - newspaper clippings
463TiwiNewspaper clippings - photo copies of The Tiwi and British: an ill-fated outpost John Morries comes from Aboriginal History volume 25 2001 and Aboriginal History Volume 24 2000 - Darwin Street names and their origins Tiwi :The mapping and information division Dept of Land and Housing NT :  Newspaper article 29.03.2004 pg 4 "Visitors soak up Tiwi footy, art,  Northern Territory News advertisement 4.02.2009 pg 7 ' Tiwi Land council-submission invited - Tiwi Islands regional estuarine and coastal waters management planning' Paper ; "Historical Society of the Northern Territory of Australia - A brief study of Tiwi- Larrakia feuds by John Morris
464Todd RiverNewspaper clipping
465Toupein, RobertPhotographs: 1919 
466Tourism Northern Territory News article 23.03.2004 pg. 28-29 'Stan a mover and shaker in tourism'
467TransportNorthern Territory News article 27.06.2008 pg. 9 'It's tram or bust, says Lord Mayor'
468Tuxworth FamilyNorthern Territory News article 28.12.1999 pg. 15 'Tuxworth becomes Chief Minister'; Invitation regarding Hilda Tuxworth's book launch 'Helen Springs Station'; Letters from Historical Society of the Northern Territory


469UFONewspaper clipping
470Uluru-Kata Tjuta Ayres RockNewspaper clipping - Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park Visitor guide
471Uniting Church, Wesleyan ChurchLetter dated 20.09.1996 from The Uniting Church in Australia Northern Synod; Invitation and historical information on the Wesleyan Church celebrating 100 years; Building details for Uniting Church Lot 3316 76 Smith Street Darwin
472United States Army Air CorpsUnited States Army Air Corps Darwin Defenders 1942 - Darwin Visitors July 28-30 1979 return visit booklet 49th Fighter 7th, 8th & 9th Squadron
473UraniumVarious newspaper clippings
474UrapungaPhoto copy fax from Dept of Land Planning and Environment, Aboriginal Land Branch to Prof David Carment - Letter from Department of Lands, Planning and Environment from Wayne Morries Aboriginal land Branch to Mr Bob Alford Director, national Trust of Australia - Urapunga Township - Native Title Determination application - Yutpundji-Djindiwirritj Aboriginal Land Trust Native Title Clam of Town of Urapunga - news paper clipping


475VesteysNewspaper clipping
476VietnamNewspaper clipping
477Victoria RiverVarious newspaper clippings; Pamphlets: Gregory National Park;Article: 'The far Territory: the Victoria River District' by David Carment


478WA Newspaper clipping
479WadeyeNaming place NT Government Gazette No G20 21 may 2008 photo copy
480WagamanNewspaper clipping - Darwin Street names and their origins Wagaman The Mapping and Information Division Dept of Land and Housing 
481WagamanVarious newspaper clippings
482WanguriDarwin Street names and their origins Mapping and Information division Dept of Land and Housing - news paper clippings
483Warham, MichaelLetter too Historical Society from Eileen Moroney
484Wave HillWave Hill also known as Kalkanringi news paper clipping
485Webster, RuthLetters regarding the passing of Ruth Emma Webster and also from Public Trustee for the Northern Territory regarding a legacy in Ruth Webster's will made out to the Historical Society of the Northern Territory - Darwin Branch; Paper: Talk from Ruth Webster to U3A Darwin
486WeedsNewspaper clippings, photo copy journal pages
487Wesleyan Church2 letters one The Uniting Church in Australia letterhead original from Richard A Wallace Moderator and reply the Historical Society NT Professor David Carment, Honorary Secretary - newspaper clippings
488West MacDonaldNaming place NT Government Gazette No G15, 13 April 2005 photo copy
489WhalesNewspaper clipping
490Whitton, BerylPhotographs: Various historic sites n.d.. 
491WinnellieNewspaper clippings
492Wilson, CliffPhotographs: Various sites taken in the 1800s and 1970s (most are water damaged and there is server deterioration of the photos) 
493Women, NTVarious newspaper clippings including memorial entries for Rose Gurupatham OAM; Various articles and historical information including invitation from WAC: Women's Advisory Council
494Wood, R. D.Wood, R date of birth 25.04.1880 died 3.10.1953 joined Police Force 21.06.1913; Photographs: 1937-1938, donated by R.D. Wood 9.07.1993;Negatives: Darwin, Tennant Creek - Goldfields Hotel, Pine Creek, Katherine 
495Woods St. GalleryVarious newspaper clippings
496WorkshopsDarwin - more than Bombs and Cyclones'; '1998 History Colloquium'; 'Friends of the Northern Territory Library Historical Society Workshop 7.09.1996; 'Fourth Annual History Colloquium Friday 25 July 1997'; 'Piecing together the past - a workshop on researching and publishing local history; 'Cultural survival workshop on Curriculum Development, Tennant Creek'; Various letters
497World War IVarious newspaper clippings and articles; Photographs: 26.04.1915 'Volunteers embarking on Changsha'and 1920s 'Soldiers memorial, Darwin'
498World War II (3 files)Various newspaper clippings; Publication: 'Wartime Territory' ;Publication: 'Pictorial Souvenir from Darwin' Curio Cottage and Joy Studio Series produced by Herschells, Melbourne;Photographs: (two photocopies) 'Limited edition print 'Bombs over Darwin' by James Baines
499WWIIThe London Chartivari October 30 1940 PUNCH -  Federation Frontline, Peter & Sheila Forrest 1901-2001, Official Souvenir, newspaper clippings,  - AWMVICTORY 1945 WAR & PEACE by Alan Fitzgerald, Australia Remembers 50 years ago - THEIR Sacrifice, Australia Remembers 1945-1995, Rob Linn
500WulagiNorthern Territory News article 12.11.2002 pg. 6 'Leafy with a tropical feel'
501Wycliffe WellNorthern Territory News article 25.03.2002 'Silvery aliens' sighted'


502Year of the OutbackA Rural Press Limited Publication - Jan 2006 - news paper clippings



Unsorted - supreme court Reason for Judgement in three sections, Handbook of Instructions

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