James Cameron

This page lists the personal papers collection of James Cameron.

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MS 71File Folder Contents description
Box 1CD71/1/1CD Cameron papers Northern Australia 15/8/2011
  1Index to photocopy collection
  2Photocopy collection Allen - Bach
  3Photocopy collection Bassett - Broeze
  4Photocopy collection Broeze - Byrnes
  5Photocopy collection Cameron - Campbell
  6Photocopy collection Che´-Ross - Crowhurst
  7Photocopy collection David - Fredericksen
  8Photocopy collection Fredericksen - Fry
  9Photocopy collection Ganter - Graham
  10Photocopy collection Hainsworth - Hoffman
  11Photocopy collection Hoffman - Holmes
  12Photocopy collection Jones - Marchant
Box 2 13Photocopy collection Marshall - McLaren
  14Photocopy collection McNab - Morris
  15Photocopy collection Morris - Nish
  16Photocopy collection Parsons - Price
  17Photocopy collection Rawling - Richards
  18Photocopy collection Rosengarten - Royle
  19Photocopy collection SarDesai - Shaw
  20Photocopy collection Shephard  - Copy of thesis "The plains of promise 1841-1870: exploration of, and pioneer settlement in, North-west Queensland" by Denis Shephard.
  21Photocopy collection Smith  - Symanski
  22Photocopy collection Tan Chung - Urry
Box 3 23Photocopy collection Warren - Whittell
  24Photocopy collection Wong - Woodroffe
  71/2/1 -10Research notes
Box 4 71/2/11Research notes
  71/3/1-10The National Archives (UK) ADM765/766 Case
Box 5 71/3/11The National Archives (UK) ADM765/766 Case
  71/4/1-7Colonial Office (AJCP)
Box 6 71/4/8-12Colonial Office (AJCP)
  71/5/1State Archives of NSW 4/2545.7
  71/5/2State Archives of NSW 4/2509.2
  71/5/3State Archives of NSW 4/2591.1
  71/5/4State Archives of NSW 4/2629.2
  71/5/5State Archives of NSW 4/2664.2
  71/5/6State Archives of NSW 4/2702.1
  71/5/7State Archives of NSW 4/2745.2
  71/5/8State Archives of NSW 4/2779.2
Box 7 71/5/9State Archives of NSW 4/2815.4
  71/5/9State Archives of NSW 4/2871.1
  71/6/1-2Pelorus Log
  71/7/1-4Illustrations Photographs Mitchell Library
  71/8/1Miscellaneous Archival
  71/9/1-3Photocopied material - personal notes
Box 8 71/9/4Photocopied material - personal notes
  71/10/1-4Photocopied material 
  71/11/1-3Royal Geographical Society
  71/12/1-3Hydrographic Office (UK)
Box 9 71/12/4-7Hydrographic Office (UK)
  71/13/1Miscellaneous maps and drawings
  71/14/1-4Reports on trade
Box 10 71/15/1-8Historical Records, Northern Australia
Box 11  Index Cards
Box 12  Microfilm 1 HM (Sloop) Pelorus, 1839-1841
Box 13  Microfilm 2  ADM7 (765-766)
Box 14  Microfilm 3 State of NSW Records Reel #2974
Box 15  Tube of maps

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