Ray Shepherd

Ray Walter Shepherd (1937 to 2005)

Raymond Walter Shepherd was born 23rd May 1937 in Adelaide. 

Ray first worked with the Post Master General Department as a young boy and at the age of 17 joined the Royal Australian Navy as a radio operator. He spent six and a half years with the Navy which included a tour of active service in Malaysia. After the Navy he was employed as a radio traffic controller with the Department of Civil Aviation and remained there until his retirement in 1992.

In 1961 he moved from Adelaide to the Northern Territory with his wife Lynn and his daughter Lisa and was posted to the busy airport at Tennant Creek. 

Three years later and after the birth of their son Glen and daughter Tracy, Ray moved to Oodnadatta as Officer In Charge (OIC) with the family. Four years later Ray was posted to Darwin, arriving on 31st December 1965.

Ray and Lynn soon discovered that their son Glen had special needs and services were not available in Darwin to assist them. Ray gathered a group of parents with similar special needs and formed an association called the Handicapped Persons Association. 

Ray successfully applied for and won grants from the Government which enabled the association to establish a school for children with special needs.

Ray was also instrumental in the forming of the King Cobra Rod and Custom Club. It was hoped that this club would deter young male drivers from using Ross Smith Avenue as a drag strip and creating a disturbance in Parap. The first race meeting for Darwin was held at Sattler’s Airstrip.

Ray’s passions were jazz music, football, cricket and aviation. As a result of the skill and dedication he applied to everything, Ray made an important contribution to the development of the Northern Territory. 

After his retirement Ray spent many hours in the state library of the Northern Territory researching numerous projects, particularly aviation history. His historical research, personal papers and books were donated and are now held in the Northern Territory Library.

Guide to manuscripts of Ray Shepherd

Boxes 1-77 are held off-site. Files 1-A56 are held on-site

File 1, A - Index

Various topics and indexes including a print-out (copyright law), brochure (Dewey Decimal Classification), book extract (Australian Journal of Biography, journal article (A.H.S.A journal - Darwin aviation).

File 2, Abbott, C. L. A.

Newspaper articles (1937) about Northern Territory Administrator C.L.A. Abbott's appointment.

File 3, Acland, Bruce

1992 (50th An. bombing of Darwin) Itinerary for Mr / Mrs Bruce Acland, print-outs, Darwin aerodrome personnel report (19 Feb 1942), Bruce Acland diary (19 Feb 1942), military records, archival records, newspaper and journal articles, oral history (Bruce Acland).

File 4, Aeradio in Australia

Commonwealth Gazette extracts (1939), Book (Aeradio in Australia / Dept. of Aviation) about Aeradio operators in Australia.

File 5, Aeradio story

Personal work - Bombing of Darwin: Aeradio story

File 6, Aero Club - Darwin

Newspaper articles (1930-1970s), personal notes about the Aero Club of Darwin

File 7, Airfields

Flight itinerary (Harry McEvoy 1937), list of Northern Territory airfields, maps (Northern Territory)

File 8, Airspace

Journals: Airspace (1992), Aiming higher (1999)

File 9, Alcock / Brown

Newspaper articles (1919) about Sir John William Alcock and Whitten Brown - aviators.

File 10, Alford, Bob

Newspaper article (1998), about Bob Alford and heritage sites in the Northern Territory

File 11, Allan, G. U. / Crowthers, Bill

Newspaper article, AHSA newsletter about G.U. Allen and Bill Crowther - aviators (1930s).

File 12, Allsopp, M. P.

Newspaper articles and notices (1938) about M.P. Allsopp - aviator.

File 13, Amalgamated Wireless Australasia / Radio

Document (1937) about wireless radio and aviation communication.

File 14, AMTRAK airlines

Magazines: AMTRAK (1990s) about AMTRAK airline and air routes.

File 15, Anderson, Keith

Newspaper articles (1920s & 30s) about Keith Anderson - aviator.

File 16, Ansett, Reginald Miles

Newspaper articles, book extract, print-outs about ANSETT airlines and Reginald Miles Ansett.

File 17, Ashley, Alfred Lyford

Newspaper article (1996) about Alfred Lyford Ashley - aviator

File 18, Astraea (aeroplane)

Newspaper articles (1930s) about Imperial Airways liner Astraea (plane).

File 19, Athena (aeroplane)

Photographs, notes, newspaper articles about Walter Martin O'hara - aviator, and aeroplanes: Klemm Eagle, Athena, Arethusa.

File 20, Augenson, Val. H.

Letters (typed and handwritten versions) from V. H. Augenson and P.T. McCulloch, maps about aviation

File 21, Australian aviation advertisements

Newspaper articles & advertising (1920-40s), certificates (order of the double sunrise H. Fysh), ticket (QANTAS 1922), print-outs about Australian aviators Hudson Fysh, Charles Kinford-Smith, Australian airlines, general aviation.

File 22, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Brochures, print-out, newspaper article (1999), book extract about ABC radio, Fred McCue, Brunette Downs Station.

File 23, Australian Flying Corps

Website prints (Aces of the Australian Flying Corps) about Australian Flying Corp pilots.

File 24, Australian War Memorial

Ephemera about the Australian War Memorial.

File 25, Aviation Historical Society of Australia

Newspaper article (letter to the editor), personal correspondence with Aviation Historical Society of Australia.

File 26, Aviation Historical Society of Northern Territory

Newsletters (2003-2004), minutes and agenda of general meetings, policies, newspaper articles (1999-2002), brochures, strips & FPLs, library catalogue (AHSNT), about the Aviation Historical Society of Northern Territory. Currency from Japanese occupation.

File 27, Aviation retrospect

Book: Aviation Retrospect: from Civil Aviation branch to Department of Aviation.

File 28, B52 Bomber (Aeroplanes)

Ephemera about United States bombers in Darwin 1980s.

File 29, Bathurst Island forced landing

Journal Article (Aircraft 1933) about forced landing on Bathurst Island and Father Gzelle's idea to build an aerodrome.

File 30, Batten, Jean

Newspaper articles (1930s) about aviator Jean Batten.

File 31, Battleships

Ephemera about United States battleships.

File 32, Bednall, Colin

Newspaper articles (1930s) written by Herald Sun correspondent in Darwin about aviation.

File 33, Beinhorn, Elly (Fraulein)

Newspaper articles (1930s) about German aviator Elly Beinhorn

File 34, Bennett, James

Newspaper article (1927), World War I service record about aviator - James Bennett.

File 35, Bennett, James (awards)

Website prints about James Bennett's World War I honours and awards.

File 36, Bertram, Hans / Klauseman Adolph

Newspaper articles (1930s) about German aviators lost flying to Darwin.

File 37, Biondi, Mario Charles Perifano

Ephemera about M. C. P. Biondi - (1930s)

File 38, Birdum

Book: Birdum: an historical and architectural review / Peter & Sheila Forrest, ephemera about Birdum (township located 530 km from Darwin) and the Birdum aerodrome.

File 39, Blake, Jeffrey

Ephemera about May Street, Parap Ludmilla Planning Forum, Sturat Park North - proposed land use objectives Nov 95, Jeffrey Blake property group.

File 40, Bombing of Darwin 1942

Ephemera about the Bombing of Darwin 1942

File 41, Bombing of Darwin (2) 1942

Personal works: Bombing of Darwin: Aeradio story, research notes and ephemera about the bombing.

File 42, Bombing of Darwin (3) 1942

Ephemera and research notes about the bombing.

File 43, Bonney, Maude Rose (Mrs)

Ephemera about Australian female aviator - Mrs M. R. Bonney

File 44, Borella, Albert Chalmers

Webpage prints, newspaper articles about A. C. Borella’s World War I record and of his Victoria Cross award.

File 45, Bowers, J / Smith, F

Newspaper article (1920s) about men who motorcycled around Australia in 78 days.

File 46, Brackles, Herbert George

Work: Memoirs of a pioneer of civil aviation / H. G. Brackley.

File 47, Brain, Lester Joseph

Book extracts about aviator L. J. Brain.

File 48, Briggs, Francis Stewart (Frank) / Birtles, Francis

Newspaper articles (1920s) and personal notes about North Australian aviators and search for pastoral lands, water supplies and minerals in the Top End.

File 49, Brinsmead, Horace Clowes

Ephemera, newspaper articles (1920s) about Australia aviator - H. C. Brinsmead.

File 50, Brisbane line

Book extract about the Brisbane line (World War II).

File 51, British-Australian Telegraph / Overland Telegraph

Newspaper articles (2000) about telegraph communication through the Northern Territory.

File 52, Broadbent, Harry Frank

Newspaper article (1937), ephemera about Australian aviator H. F. Broadbent.

File 53, Brown, Arthur Whitten (sir) / Alcock, (Sir) John

Newspaper article (1920) about aviators Brown and Alcock - focus on Brown.

File 54, Cadets

Newspaper articles, personal notes about James Rowell (1851-1940), Australian Mounted Cadets.

File 55, Calder, Stephen Edward

Book extract and newspaper articles about Stephen Edward (Sam) Calder and Daphne Campbell. World War II and Connellan airline (Alice Springs).

File 56, Camooweal to Daly Waters aerial mail route

Newspaper articles (1930s) about aerial mail route Camooweal to Daly Waters.

File 57, Carriers (Aircraft)

Ephemera about United States aircraft carriers.

File 58, Cassa Collection

Index to a list of files donated to the Civil Aviation Society of South Australia by Eric Kelly.

File 59, Centenary Air Race

Ephemera about Centenary Air Race 1934.

File 60, Centenary of Federation

Ephemera about Centenary of Federation, bombing of Darwin, Centenary Air Race.

File 61, Chichester, F. C.

Newspaper articles (1930s) about aviator F. C. Chichester.

File 62, Chronicle

The Northern Territory Chronicle: Chronology of Port Darwin 1900-1942, list of Mayors Palmerston 1874-1937, Official year book of the Commonwealth of Australia: Population figures1788-1919

File 63, Clarke, Leonard Ernest

Newspaper articles (1930s) about New Zealand aviator L. E. Clarke.

File 64, Clouston, A. E. & Ricketts, Victor Anthony

Newspaper articles (1930s) about aviators Clouston & Ricketts.

File 65, Coastwatch

Brochures, documents, letters about aviation control, coastwatch and mid-air collisions.

File 66, Cobham, Sir Alan (John)

Newspaper articles (1920s) and book extract about aviator Cobram.

File 67, Codes

Personal notes on archives and ICAO aircraft type designators (codes)

File 68, Commonwealth Gazette

References to and extracts from the Commonwealth Gazette relating to aviation, Ross Smith Aerodrome, Aeradio.

File 69, Concorde 2

Newspaper article (2001) about Concorde’s (aircraft) visit to Darwin in 1972.

File 70, Connellan, Eddie

Ephemera about Eddie Connellan, Connellan Airlines (Connair), and aviation in Central Australia.

File 71, Cook, Dr C. E.

Newspaper articles (1939) about Dr C.E. Cook's departure from Darwin 1939.

File 72, Cowan, Bruce Walter

Ephemera about B. W. Cowan, Queensland branch of the Early Bird Association and aviation.

File 73, Cowper, Gordon Henry

Ephemera about G. H. Cowper, first Northern Territory overland tour in a motor car, aviation, and World War I.

File 74, Cunningham, Andrew T.

Newspaper articles (1930) about Andrew T. Cunningham, Sydney to London flight.

File 75, Custance, F. C.

Newspaper articles (1910) about F. C. Constance, early Australian aviation.

File 76, Cyster, David

Newspaper articles (1978) about David Cyster, solo commemorative flight London - Darwin.

File 77, Daly Waters

Ephemera on Daly Waters aerodrome, general history of Daly Waters.

File 78, Darwin airport

Plans and statistical data about Darwin airport.

File 79, Darwin Flight Service Centre

Staff list, statements by and about Darwin Flight Service Centre.

File 80, Davis Monthan Air Force Base

Personal notes and brochure about Davis Monthan Air Force Base – Tuscan, Arizona.

File 81, De Pinedo, Marchese Francesco

Newspaper articles (1927-1933) about Italian aviator M. F. De Pinedo.

File 82, De Verneilh, Charles

PictureNT "PH0384/0126" of aeroplane from 1934 and newspaper article (1932) about French aviator Charles De Verneilh.

File 83, Deleuil, L. A.

Letter about aeradio operators and air / ground communication in Darwin 1930s.

File 84, Dept. Civil Aviation history 1

Map on the extent of bombing in Darwin, ephemera about Department of Civil Aviation in Darwin history.

File 85, Dept. Civil Aviation history 2

Ephemera about Department of Civil Aviation history

File 86, DH 86 (aircraft)

Ephemera about (de Havilland) DH 86 aircraft - used by QANTAS in 1930s.

File 87, Douglas, Roger (Leut.) & Ross, J. S. L.

Newspaper articles (1918-1919) about World War I veteran Roger Douglas, aviation and air crash.

File 88, Drayton, Len

Ephemera about Len Drayton, aeradio, aviation.

File 89, Dutch Air Service

Newspaper articles (1934-1941) about Holland - Australia air travel, aviation.

File 90, Dymock, John

Work: Of bows & arrows & monkey men: the nature of culture contact in the Southern Gulf country / John Dymock.

File 91, Earhart Putnam, Amelia
Newspaper articles (1930s & 1999), book extract about Amelia Earhart Putnam, aviation.

File 92, Eaton, Charles

Newspaper article (1979), book extract about Aviator Charles Eaton.

File 93, Edwards, Roy Maxwell

Ephemera about Northern Territory aviator R. M. Edwards.

File 94, Electoral Roll

Various lists of Northern Territory people in the 1930s.

File 95, Empire Airmail Services

Newspaper articles (1930s), personal notes about Empire Airmail Services, aviation.

File 96, Engerman, Ben

Letter, photographs of Darwin Aeradio (1940s-70s).

File 97, Experimental Aircraft Association

Brochures and correspondence from the Experimental Aircraft Assiciation (EAA).

File 98, Fairbairn, G. P.

Newspaper articles (1930s) about Air Minister Fairbiarn, aerial tour of Australia.

File 99, Fairbiarn, G. P. / Shenstone, F.

Newspaper articles (1930s) about aviators Fairbiarn and Shenstone, England – Australia flight, aviation.

File 100, Fanny Bay History & Heritage Society.

Newsletters and brochures about the Fanny Bay History and Heritage Society, section of the PDC street and phone directory.

File 101, Faulkner, John William.

Newspaper article (1920), personal note about John Faulkner an Aeradio operator Darwin, 1941.

File 102, Faulkner, John William.

Newspaper article (1920), personal note about John Faulkner an Aeradio operator Darwin, 1941.

File 103, Faxes - Miscellaneous


File 104, Fenton, Dr Clyde Cornwal.

Ephemera about Dr Fenton, Northern Territory aviator and flying doctor 1930s.

File 106, Fitzer, Eileen Marjory.

Ephemera about Eileen Fitzer, a women who lived in the Northern Territory between 1901-2001.

File 107, Forrest, Peter & Sheila

Communication between Ray Shepherd and P & S Forrest, articles written by P & S Forrest, and other documents exchanged between P & S Forrest and R Shepherd.

File 108, Flight Service and Aeronautical Telecommunications Newsletters

Flight Service and Aeronautical Telecommunications Newsletter (1983), and South Australian / Northern Territory Region Activity Newsletter (1984-85).

File 109, Flight Service units

Documents: The dawn and the dusk: a story of aviation communication at Longreach. ; Closure of Mount Gambier Flight Service unit. ; Closure of Tennant Creek Flight Service unit. ; Closure of Broken Hill Flight Service unit.

File 110, Flying Boat Base - Darwin

Newspaper articles, plans, archival documents, and photographs about and of the Flying Boat Base in Darwin.

File 111, Flying Boat Service

Ephemera about Flying Boat Service and the aeroplanes used by the service.

File 112, Fysh, Hudson

Book extracts, index to personal papers, photographs, newspaper articles and WWI service record of and about Hudson Fysh, Australian aviation, QANTAS airlines.

File 113, Gentle, R. S.

Letter written by R Gentle, sharing his memories of the Aeradio service in Darwin from the late 1940s to 1950s.

File 114, Government House - Darwin

Brochures, newspaper articles (1990s) about Government House.

File 115, Grabowski, Ivan

Archive documents, newspaper article (1937) about I. Grabowski and air freight service, Northern Territory.

File 116, Greene, Crawford

Newspaper articles (1933) about Minister of Parliament Captain C. Greene and chartered flight from Worcester to Australia 1933.

File 117, Grosvenor, Hugh (Captain)

Newspaper articles (1920-30s), journal article (Aircraft 1929), personal notes, and map of and about Hugh Grosvenor, and Australian aviation.

File 118, Guinea Airways

Newspaper articles (1930s), and Journal (Aviation Heritage) about Guinea Airways and aviation.

File 119, Hansard

Extracts of federal parliamentary debates, personal notes, brochures and print-outs about Aviation, and Northern Territory legislative assembly.

File 120, Haslett, John

Personal correspondence, pamphlets, relating to Northern Territory Aviation.

File 121, Hely, W. L. (Flight Lieutenant)

Newspaper articles (1930s) about aviator W. L. Hely and the rescue of North Australia Aerial Survey party members H. Gepp and P.B. Nye.

File 122, Hill, C. (Flight Lieutenant)

Newspaper articles (1928-30) about aviator C. Hill and the 1930 England-Australia Air Race.

File 123, Hinkler, Herbert Jack Louis (Bert)

Ephemera about Australian aviator Bert Hinkler.

File 124, History Awards, (Northern Territory)

Application brochure, web print-out of recipients (1999) and guide to Order of Australia nomination.

File 125, History Grant


File 126, History Society of the Northern Territory Incorporated

Newsletters (1997-98) and brochures of the Historical Society of the Northern Territory.

File 127, Hodder, Ivan

Ephemera about I. Hodder, R.A.A.F, Aviation, Aeradio in Darwin 1924-1942.

File 128, Holden, Leslie (Les) Herbert (Captain)

Newspaper articles (1920s), commonwealth railways document about aviation, and Capt. Holden’s flight to save ill man R. MacDonald.

File 129, Hurley, Frank (Captain), Mior (Flight-Officer)

Newspaper articles (1920s) about aviation and F. Hurley & Moir’s attempted flight in Spirit of Australia (aeroplane) from Sydney to England and back.

File 130, Imperial Airways

Newspaper article, book extracts, journal articles about history of Imperial Airways (British Airways), Australia-England aviation.

File 131, Influenza epidemic 1919

Book extracts, brochures, and indexes about Influenza and the 1919 epidemic.

File 132, International landing grounds

National archive series A705/0 item 21/1/15: Civil Aviation document (1928) listing landing sights and aerodromes for Sourabaya, Singapore, Victoria Point, Calcutta, and Allahabad. Personal note: “see also McEvoy”.

File 133, James, Barbara

Newspaper articles, brochures about Northern Territory historian Barbara James, and personal work: (Aeradio / R Shepherd).

File 134, Jervis Bay (H.M.S.) - no tag

Newspaper articles (1940) about WWII and armed merchant cruiser Jervis bay.

File 135, Johnson, Amy

Ephemera about Amy Johnson, first woman to fly solo from England to Australia in 1930, and the establishment of a memorial plaque in Darwin.

File 136, Junkers diesel engine plane 1937

Newspaper articles (1937-1939) about German built Junkers plane’s arrival in Australia and its abilities.

File 137, Katherine

Ephemera about Katherine during World War 2, death of an aboriginal man during a 1942 bombing raid, Katherine aeradio and aerodrome.

File 138, Kellow, John P.

Newspaper articles (1937 & 1998), pamphlets and personal works: (Out of control in the centre / John P. Kellow), about John Kellow, aviation in the Northern Territory, and Connellan air service.

File 139, Kidby, L.

Ephemera about L Kidby and re-enactments of Keith and Ross Smith’s 1919 and Bert Hinkler’s 1928 England to Australia flights.

File 140, Kindred Service

National Archive, series A705 item 7/36/36: about expedition to Katherine and Darwin to clear land and build air fields 1923.

File 141, Kingsford-Smith, Charles (Wing Commander)

Newspaper articles, print-outs about Charles Kingsford-Smith and his aviation exploits.

File 142, Kirk, Walter Alister - Service Record

World War 1 service record of Walter Kirk.

File 143, K.N.I.L.M. Dutch Air Service

Newspaper articles (1938) about the creation of a Dutch air service to Australia.

File 144, Kookaburra (Aeroplane)

Ephemera (1929-1930) about the aircraft Kookaburra.

File 145, Krait (ship)

Ephemera about Japanese fishing boats, Krait (ship), World War II.

File 146, Lancaster, Bill (Captain)

Newspaper articles (1927-1962), and a book extract about the life of aviator Bill Lancaster.

File 147, Larkin, Herbert Joseph

Newspaper Articles 1934 and 1985 on Herbert Joseph Larkin.

File 148, Larrakia

Library handout - Guide to Larrakia in the Northern Territory Library, Pamphlet, extract from Aboriginal Australia on Larrakia People,

File 149, Lloyd, Reginald

Book extracts, newspaper articles, letters, archives on Reginald Lloyd, Sydney - London Aerial Service, aerial route survey

File 150, Long, Malcolm

Letter, Archive records, photographs on Long, Malcolm, World War II aeroplanes, Lockheed Hudson (aeroplane)

File 151, Long range navigation / Omega

Extracts from a book - Electronic Position Fixing on Long Range Navigation - aid for ocean navigation. Omega - long range navigational aid.

File 152, Lowe Inquiry (Bombing of Darwin)

Copy of Inquiry by Justice Lowe on Inquiry into the bombing of Darwin 19th February 1942,

File 153, MacArthur, Douglas (General)

Letter, newspaper articles 1940s on General Douglas MacArthur, World War II.

File 154, MacRobertson Miller Airline

Newspaper articles, MMA correspondence about Macrobertson Miller Airline services history.

File 155, Martin, Clare

Pamphlets, letters, hansard on Clare Martin (Chief Minister), 2001 Labor election campaign

File 156, Matthews, F. J. (Captain)

Photographs, newspaper article 1930 on Captain F.J Matthews, Aviation, Kingford-Smith, Hill.

File 157, Matthews, G. U. / Kay

Newspaper articles 1920s obituary Kay on Captain G.C. Matthews, Sergeant Kay, Aviation

File 158, Matthews, James / Hook, Eric

Newspaper articles from 1930s follows the fortunes of lost airmen, Eric Hook, James Matthews, Aviation, Aircrash.

File 159, McCullogh, Phil

Letters, Reports, personal notes about the history of the Civil Aviation Branch and its successors, and Phil McCullogh.

File 160, McGorey, Cyril

Letters, newspaper articles, photograph on Cyclone Tracy, Mr Cyril McGorey, aviation

File 161, McGuiness, P. J.

Military records of P. J. McGinness, diary extracts of P.J McGinness, book extracts - Challenging horizons, letters about QANTAS Airline, P. J. McGinness, World War I.

File 162, McKerr, Judy

Personal letters, newspaper article, personal notes on Judy McKerr, and her book: And now I want to live,

File 163, McMaster, F. (Sir)

Military records and Autobiography of Sir F McMaster about Sir Fergis McMaster, K.B., World War I

File 164, McNamara, Frank Herbert

Webpage print-outs, book extracts, newspaper articles, 1910s on Frank Hubert McNamara, World War I, Australian Flying Corp, Victoria Cross (Military medal)

File 165, Melrose, Charles James.

Newspaper articles (1930s), personal notes about Australian aviator C. J. Melrose known as “Young Jimmy”.

File 166, Memorials

Plans, letters, newspaper articles, personal notes on Ross Smith Memorial Monument, Smith memorials, Aviation Monument plans

File 167, Metclafe, David

Personal notes, printed sheet on Australian aviation history, plaque - the Great Air race, David Metcalfe - ecosystems

File 168, Meteorology

Notes, newspaper articles, extracts from books about Bureau of Meteorology, Cyclones, Walter A. Dwyer

File 169, Meyer, Roger

Letters, notes on Roger Meyer, Aeradio, Civil Aviation Historical Society

File 170, Mior (Flight Lieutenant) / Owen (Flying Officer)

Newspaper articles 1920s & 30s on Flying Officer Owen, Flight lieutenant Muir, Aviation History, and England to Darwin flight

File 171, Mollison, Jimmy

Newspaper articles 1930s on Jimmy Mollison, Aviation History.

File 172, Morey. Perry

Letter about Perry Morey.

File 173, Mortlock Library of South Australia

Receipts, brochures, personal correspondence relating to Mortlock Library of South Australia, State Library of South Australia

File 174, Morning Glory

Newspaper articles, website printouts on Morning Glory (cloud formation in the Gulf of Carpentaria), Cloud surfers.

File 175, Murphy, Arthur & Neil

Letter, speech notes on first trans-Australia flight, Arthur Murphy, Neil Murphy

File 176, Murray, Lee (Captain)

Newspaper articles 1920s & 30s, Letters, Journal article on Captain Lee Murray, Northern Territory. Australian aviation history,

File 177, Museums - Australian

Personal notes on museums and other services, brochures from museums, list of museums and archive services (mostly aviation museums),

File 178, Museums – United States

Brochures about aviation museums (USA).

File 179, Museums and art galleries of Northern Territory

Newspapers articles, letters, pamphlets, book extract - Caring for collections Australia on Heritage Symposium 2003, Northern Territory Heritage, book and paper preservation.

File 180, National Archives 1

Newsletters, forms, information about the National Archives.

File 181, National Archives 2

Personal notes, correspondence on Aviation History File listing (National Archives),

File 182, National Archives 3

Correspondence (requests for archival information), invoices, archive guides, R & K Smith archive file listing. On Australian archives, Ross & Keith Smith.

File 183, National Archives - Canberra

Correspondence from the National Archives (Canberra) about requests for information and archives.

File 184, National Archives – South Australia

Correspondence from the National Archives (State Records of South Australia) and pamphlet (Newsletter of the state records of SA) about requests for archives and archive services.

File 185, National Archives - Victoria

Personal notes and correspondence on requests for archival records held at the Australian Archives (Victoria)

File 186, National Library of Australia

Pamphlet about legal deposit (National Library), requests and receipts from the National Library of Australia regarding publications by Ray Shepherd.

File 187, National Trust

Brochures, pamphlets on the National Trust Heritage Festival, Wartime Territory, and what is heritage.

File 188, Nauer, Carl

Newspaper article (Adelaide Advertiser, May 18 1933) on Australian aviation history, Swiss aviator Carl Nauer.

File 189, Navy – United States of America

Newspaper articles, brochures, pamphlets, information sheets on Australian Navy, United States Navy, Spirit of Kangaroo Island (catamaran).

File 190, Navy – 1919

National Archives request form, photocopies, personal notes on Australian Navy, HMAS Brisbane, Port Darwin

File 191, Navy AIR30

Personal notes, newspaper articles, book extracts on Australian Navy, British Navy.

File 193, Neale, Frank / McEvoy, Harry

Newspaper articles 1930s, about Australian aviation history, Harry McEvoy, Frank Neale, MCEvoy family.

File 194, Neale, Frank / Oliver, W.

Newspapers articles 1920-30s on Australian aviation history, Mr Frank Neale, W Oliver, Lasconder (aeroplane).

File 195, Northern Territory Administrator reports

Extracts from Northern Territory Administrator reports between 1932 and 1939.

File 196, Northern Territory Aerial Medical Service

Newspaper article, webpage print-out on Northern Territory Aerial Medical Service.

File 197, Northern Territory Archive Service

Personal notes, correspondence, pamphlets, newsletters on Northern Territory Archive service and records

File 198, Northern Territory Library

Pamphlets, brochures, print-outs on the Northern Territory Library and its collections.

File 199, Northern Territory statehood.

Newspaper articles, final draft constitution for the Northern Territory, brochures about Northern Territory statehood, Statehood referendum, Statehood convention, euthanasia.

File 200, Obituaries - Miscellaneous

Personal notes, newspaper articles, hand-outs about obituaries of: Lionel Butler, Ronald Leo Barker, Harold Affleck, Owen Cathcart-Jones, Eric Eugene Johnston, Alexander Kennedy, Cornelis (Kees) Schoolmeester, Edward Macarthur Onslow,

File 201, Oodnadatta

Editor's postscript from Oodnadatta walkabout by F. Shanahan and J. Dallwitz, on Oodnadatta, Horrie Simpson, Australian aviation.

File 202, Osgood, Ossie

Newspaper articles, NT parliament debates, on Mr Ossie Osgood, Joe Fisher, aviation.

File 203, Parer, Ray

Newspaper articles, book extracts, archival records, on aviators Ray Parer, John MacIntosh, Australian aviation history.

File 204, Parliament House - Northern Territory

Brochures, pamphlets on Northern Territory Parliament House.

File 205, Parliamentary Papers

Parliamentary papers (Annual reports of the Auditor-General) 1930s on Civil aviation, Defence Force.

File 206, Passchendaele

Book extracts, about World War I, western front battles at Passchendaele, Ypres, and Australian Army Medical Service.

File 207, Pastoral Maps

Pastoral maps of the Northern Territory 1930-40s

File 208, Patrol boats

Newspaper articles, personal notes on patrol boats: Larrakia [Larrakeah], Vigilant, Karu, Warana, and Captain Parnell, Captain Haultain.

File 209, Peacock, Syd

Newsletter (Northern Territory National Trust), newspaper articles 1920s & 2001 on Syd Peacock, water bores, aviation.

File 210, Petrov Affair

Personal notes, book extract, articles on Petrov Affair, Vladimir and Evodokia Petrov, Australian Politics 1950s.

File 211, Pittendrig

Print-outs on Aboriginal community names.

File 212, Place Names – Northern Territory

Correspondence between Ray Shepherd and Coonawarra Naval Base and Place Names Committee of Northern Territory on names of streets and parks in Darwin area.

File 213, Planning Action Network

Print-outs, newsletters about PLAN (Planning Action Network), an organisation for action groups interested in planning issues.

File 214, PLR

Newspaper article (Sydney Morning Herald 3-1-1934) about Celdon Bay tribe's history, Groote Eylandt.

File 215, Police – Northern Territory

Media bulletin, brochure and newspaper article about Northern Territory Police and history of Police in the Northern Territory.

File 216, Publishing

Print-out, pamphlet about publishing books, International Standard Book Numbers.

File 217, Pulkowski, Horst (Lieutenant)

Newspaper article (Sydney Morning Herald 13-2-1939) about killed German airman (Lieutenant Horst Pulkowski), aviation.

File 218, QANTAS Empire Airways

Print-outs about QANTAS Empire Airways, list of aviation images in PictureNT collection.

File 219, QANTAS Empire Airways – Darwin hangar

Newspaper articles, letters, personal works, pamphlets, print-outs, plans about the QANTAS Empire Airways Hangar (Parap).

File 220, QANTAS Empire Airways - History

Personal notes, book extracts, print-outs, newspaper articles, letters brochures, receipts about the history of QANTAS Empire Airways.

File 221, QANTAS Inland Gazette

Copies of the QANTAS Inland Gazette (1938-1940) about QANTAS Empire Airways.

File 222, QANTAS hangar – conservation plan

Letter, conservation plan 1998 (architects Studio Pty. Ltd.) about the conservation of the Parap Aeroplane Hangar (QANTAS Empire Airways)

File 223, QANTAS hangar - management

Management plan of the Parap Hanger 1998 (architects Studio Pty. Ltd.), QANTAS Empire Airways

File 224, QANTAS Museum

Letter, newspaper article about QANTAS museum. Short statement about Ray Shepherd's background and motivation for becoming an aviation historian.

File 225, RAAF 27SVY

Newspaper articles, book extract about Royal Australian Air Force survey of Australia in 1927.

File 226, RAAF 37/62

Letters, military correspondence, newspaper articles, book extracts, and brochures about Royal Australian Air Force 1940-80s.

File 227, RAAF units

Letters, newspaper articles, print-outs, brochure, personal notes about the Royal Australian Air Force.

File 228, RAF Flying Boats

Newspaper articles, print-outs, personal notes about Royal Air Force (R.A.F.), Flying boats, Dorothy Abbott, Wing Commander Richard Kellett, R.A.F. 1930-40s

File 229, Records

Personal notes, print-outs newspaper article about England - Australia aviation and memorial plaque to acknowledge achievements of aviators.

File 230, Richthofen, Manfried Von (the Red Baron)

Book extract (C.E.W Bean) about the shooting down of Baron Manfried Von Richthofen (the Red Baron).

File 231, Robiano (Captain)

Printed message about Captain Robiano's crashed plane Noakhail. April 24 1933

File 232, Rooke, Dennis

Newspaper articles about fire on the Rachel Cohen (Ship), Dennis Rooke. 1927

File 233, Ross, D / Da Luz, Pat

Newspaper articles, print-outs book extracts about Captain D. Ross, Pat De Luz, World War II and the bombing of Nanjei Maru at Dili (first Japanese vessel sunk by Australians).

File 234, Rous, W. D. / Beekum, H. J.

Newspaper articles about Dutch Airmen W. D. Rous & H.J Beekum,

File 235, Ross Smith Aerodrome 1

Personal notes & works, book extracts, print-outs about Ross Smith Aerodrome.

File 236, Ross Smith Aerodrome drawings

Maps, plans, drawings of Ross Smith Aerodrome.

File 237, Ross Smith Aerodrome name

National Archive record about naming of aerodromes in Australia, Ross Smith Aerodrome.

File 238, San Antonio, USA

Various articles about people and events in San Antonio, USA.

File 239 , Scott, C. W. A.

Newspaper articles, book extract (Scott's book) about airman C. W. A. Scott, Australian aviation history

File 240, Scully-Power, Paul

Book extract (Oceans to orbit, the story of Paul Scully-Power, Australia's first astronaut.)

File 241, Sea, land and air

Book extract (sea, land and air) about the beginning of air travel between England and Australia.

File 242, Sea watchers

Book extract (Sea watchers - Lawrence Durrant) about Aviation history Australia, World War II, the bombing of Darwin

File 243, Sempill (Lord)

Archive records, newspaper articles about British aviator Lord Sempill.

File 244, Shepherdson, Harold Urquhart

Newspaper articles, book extracts, correspondence about Harold Urquhart Shepherdson, missionaries, and aviation.

File 245, Shiers, Walter Henry

Book extracts, print-outs, personal notes about Australian World War I soldier & airman Walter Henry Shields.

File 246, Shiers, Walter Henry - service record WWI

World War I service record of Walter Henry Shiers.

File 247, Short S 23

Magazine (Airplane), book extracts about Short's flying boats, aviation.

File 248, Slade, Jack & Air Medical Service

Newspaper articles, brochures, journal (Aviation Heritage), personal notes about Jack Slade (Airmed), Air Medical Service (Royal Flying Doctors Service).

File 249, SMITH, Colin MacPherson – WWI Service Record

Newspaper article, WWI service record of Colin Macpherson Smith, about Colin Macpherson Smith, World War I.

File 250, SMITH, David Alfred Bernard

Newspaper articles about David Alfred Bernard (DABS) Smith, Walter Henry (Wally) Shiers, England - Australia aviation,

File 251, Smith family

Newspaper articles, print-outs, correspondence, personal notes, archive records (shipping, births, marriages) about Sir Ross Smith's family.

File 252, Smith, Keith

Newspaper articles about Keith Smith, Aviation.

File 253, Smith, Keith - Service Record

World War 1 service record of aviator Keith Smith.

File 254, Smith, Langford

Personal notes, newspaper articles about Keith Langford Smith, aviation.

File 255, Smith, Ross

Personal notes, print-out, book extract (First aeroplane voyage from England to Australia.), newspaper articles about Ross Macpherson Smith.

File 256, Smith, Ross - 1922 Accident report

Air Ministry accident report, correspondence (NAA), newspaper articles about the fatal crash of Sir Ross Smith and James Bennett's plane 12 April 1922.

File 257, Smith, Ross - WWI Service Record

Brochure, print-out (www.awm.gov.au - honours and awards.), WWI service record, book extract (Australian air aces.), newspaper articles about Ross Macpherson Smith.

File 258, Smith, Staniforth

Newspaper articles, book extract about Miles Staniforth Cater Smith, (ex-Northern Territory Administrator, WWI veteran and Western Australian Senator).

File 259, Smithsonian Institute USA

Brochures, letter to Smithsonian Institute (USA) from Ray Shepherd about the Smithsonian Institute and the relationship between the United States and the Northern Territory.

File 260, Smitt, Harold

Newspaper article, print-outs about World War I British Navy veteran Harold Stiff, Darwin communications Centre during World War II.

File 261, Somers (Lord and Lady)

Newspaper articles about Lord and Lady Somers and their flight to Australia aboard a flying-boat.

File 262, Somerville, Margaret

Newspaper articles about Margaret Somerville (missionary of Croker Island)

File 263, Southern Cross (aeroplane) Inquiry 1935

Copy of 1935 inquiry into aborted Australia-New Zealand Jubilee Mail flight by the aircraft Southern Cross, piloted by Charles Kingsford-Smith.

File 264, Sound of Wings

Personal works (Sound of Wings) and notes, newspaper article and accompanying (Shepherd’s letter to the editor) about Amelia Earhart, aviation and her mysterious disappearance.

File 265, Sound of Wings

5 Copies of personal works (Sound of Wings), journal article (The re-creation and completion of Amelia Earhart's flight around the world / Jack Cox) about Amelia Earhart, aviation and her mysterious disappearance.

File 266, Southport

Journal article (Southport: a gateway to the Pine Creek goldfields \ Gamon and Walsh), newspaper articles, book extract (The Shackle / Kelsey), photos with captions, and maps of and about Southport.

File 267, Space

Book extracts, print-outs (Jane's spaceflight directory), brochures, newspaper article (Rocky Mountain News Jan 28 1986 "Shuttle Explodes") about Space travel, Kennedy Space Center, NASA.

File 268, TAA (airline)

Newspaper article, newspaper advertisement about TAA (Australian Airline).

File 269, Taylor, P. G.

Flight records of P. G. Taylor, Graduation Certificate for Royal Flying Corps for P. G. Taylor.

File 270, Tennant Creek aerodrome

Extract from Australian Gazette 1937 about the allocation of land for Tennant Creek aerodrome.

File 271, Thompson, Frida

Newspaper articles, Journal article (Goggles and God help you) about airwoman, Frida Thompson, and her flight across Australia 1937.

File 272, Time

Book extracts, print-outs and personal notes about Universal Co-ordinated Time (UTO), and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

File 273, Timor

Newspaper articles, personal letters to the editor, personal notes, journal articles, and book extracts about Timor.

File 274, Timor O & G

Brochures about natural gas, Timor Sea - gas and oil fields, Bayu-Undan and the perceived outcomes for Darwin.

File 275, Tindal airport

Print-out, newspaper articles, plans, incident report (air space), about Tindal airport, Tindal airspace trial 1990.

File 277, Unidentified Flying Object 1927 Western Australia

Newspaper articles (1927) about strange planes flying off the North-West Australian coast.

File 278, Unidentified Flying Object 1938

Newspaper articles (1938 & 1961), personal notes about strange “saucer shaped” planes flying above Darwin and other Northern Territory towns in 1938 and 1961.

File 279, United States / Canada

Itinerary, receipts for trip to USA / Canada, newspaper articles, show bag, about the United States, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, and supersonic flight.

File 280, United States Maps

Brochures, pamphlets, about United States tourist destinations, road map of America, local city and state maps of Texas, Seattle, San Diego, map of US Civil War Battlefields 1861-1865, replica currency (Civil War period), and a hand-out on US telephone calling instructions.

File 281, University of the Third Age

University of the Third Age Inc. Newsletters (2002-2004).

File 282, Vickers Vimy (aircraft)

Ephemera about Vickers Vimy, aviation history, Ross and Keith Smith.

File 283, Vickers Vimy (aircraft) 1994

Commemorative articles and brochures about Vickers Vimy’s 1919 flight from England to Australia, Aviation history, Ross and Keith Smith.

File 284, Vickers Wellesley (aircraft)

Newspaper articles (1938-9) about Vickers Wellesley aircraft’s record breaking flight from Ismailia, Egypt to Darwin, Australia.

File 285, VID – Darwin Coastal Radio

Extracts of the Commonwealth Gazette (1929), newspaper articles, personal notes, maps, print-outs about Darwin Coastal Radio (VID), wireless operator Laurence Luscombe’s death and burial.

File 286, Wake, Keith

Correspondence between Ray Shepherd and Keith Wake regarding historical aviation plaques,and letters to Darwin City Council regarding the plaques.

File 287, Waldie, John

Personal work, book extracts, newspaper article, Subdivision of Darwin lists, about John Waldie, Darwin during World War II, bombing of Darwin, British Empire Medal.

File 288, Wapitis (aircraft)

Extract from Aircraft magazine August 31 1929, about Wapitis aeroplanes doing a survey of Central Australia.

File 289, Warren, Herbert (Reverend)

Newspaper articles (1930s & 2000s), about Reverend Herbert Warren, North Australian Aboriginals, and Peace Expedition or Peace Party.

File 290, Watt, Oswald (Colonel)

Article: Memories of Oswald Watt / Lawrence Wackett, about the life of early aviator and World War I pilot Oswald Watt. List of awards received by Oswald Watt, list of recipients of International Harmon Trophy, Ray Shepherd personal notes about Oswald Watt.

File 291, Wie, Bas

Newspaper articles about Bas Wie, Northern Territory resident who stowed away on a Dutch DC-3 aeroplane to arrive in Darwin in 1946

File 292, Woods, Jimmy

Book extracts about Jimmy Woods, a pioneer aviator inn the Northern Territory, MacRobertson Miller Airlines, Woods Airways.

File 293, World Flight 1997

Ephemera about a 1997 re-enactment flight by Linda Finch of the 1937 Amelia Earhart World flight.

File 294, Wrigley (Captain)

Newspaper articles about Captain Wrigley’s 1919 flight from Melbourne to Darwin.

File 295, Young,

Newspaper article (with photograph) about the Young family and their Northern Territory roots.

File 296, Zuccoli, Guido.

Ephemera about Guido Zuccoli, a Northern Territory pilot killed in an air crash in 1997.

File 297, 1928

Australian newspaper articles about aviation between 1919 and 1928.

File 298, 1929

Australian newspaper articles about aviation in 1929.

File 299, 1930

Australian newspaper articles about aviation in 1930.

File 300, 1931

Australian newspaper articles about aviation in 1931.

File 301, 1932

Australian newspaper articles about aviation in 1932.

File 302, 1933

Australian newspaper articles about aviation in 1933.

File 303, 1934

Australian newspaper articles, personal notes, about aviation in 1934.

File 304, 1934 Centenary Air Race

Australian newspaper articles about Centenary Air Race in 1934.

File 305, 1935

Australian newspaper articles, personal notes about aviation in 1935.

File 306, 1936

Australian newspaper articles, accident report about aviation in 1936.

File 307, 1937

Australian newspaper articles about aviation in 1937.

File 308, 1938

Australian newspaper articles about aviation in 1938.

File 309, 1939

Australian newspaper articles about aviation in 1939.

File 310, 1940+

Australian newspaper articles about aviation in 1940 and beyond.

Aircraft Accidents

File A1, A - Accidents Index

Index to Accident files and newspaper articles about air craft accidents 1930s,1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and miscellaneous.

File A2, ACC A3-2

Preliminary report of flying accident. Ray Shepherd Index note:
13 April 1936 F-Nil, DH89 Rapide, Flt Lt W L Hely, 40WNW Murranj1 WH NT, RAAF.

File A3, ACC A16-8

Newspaper articles (1941) and pamphlet about flying accident. Ray Shepherd Index note: 15 August 1941, F-4 Lockheed Hudson, F/O M C Davies, P W Keely, Dripstone near Darwin NT, RAAF.

File A4, ACC A16-97

Newspaper articles (1940), Senate papers (1940). Ray Shepherd Index note: 13 August 1940 F-10, Lockheed Hudson, Flt Lt R E Hitchcock with J V Fairbairn, Canberra, RAAF.

File A5, ACC A20-5

Newspaper articles (1930s). Ray Shepherd Index note: 5 September 1939 F-2, Wirraway, F/O A V Dolphin, Cpl H W Johnson, Darwin NT, RAAF.

File A6, ACC A65-75

Newspaper articles (1956), 9 photographs of crashed plane, and accident report second proof 2000. Ray Shepherd Index note: 26 October 1956 F-Nil, C47, F/Sgt I R Walker, Daly Waters NT, RAAF.

File A7, ACC ABB

Newspaper articles (1944). Ray Shepherd Index note: 11 October 1944 F-1, Short S 23 Coolangatta, L Brain, Rose Bay NSW, QANTAS Empire Airways.

File A8, ACC ABI

Newspaper articles (1939), Dept. of Defence air crash investigation report. Ray Shepherd Index note: 18 January 1939 F-4, Lockheed Hudson 14 Koranga C R Clarke, Katherine River NT, Guinea Airways.

File A9, ACC AGE

Newspaper articles (1966). Ray Shepherd Index note: 24 September 1966 F-6, Lockheed Hudson, K A Rowlands, Tennant Creek NT, Adastra.


Newspaper articles (1955). Ray Shepherd Index note: 30 August 1955 INC, Auster, pilot less, Sydney, Shot-down by RAN.

File A11, ACC CAC

Report by Dept of Civil Aviation on accident to Lockheed Lodestar Aircraft. Ray Shepherd Index note: 20 January 1944 Lockheed Lodestar J R Groves Tennant Creek NT, Guinea Airways (US Army).

File A12, ACC CR-TAI

Newspaper articles (1960), Civil Aviation documents regarding flight and subsequent search for missing aircraft. Ray Shepherd Index note: 26 January 1960 F-9, DH114 Heron, C Dias, Darwin-Dili (Timor Sea), Transport Aeros de Timor.

File A13, ACC ENA

Newspaper articles (1977). Ray Shepherd Index note: 5 January 1977 F-5, BE58 Baron, C Forman, Alice Springs (Suicide), Ord Air Charter (stolen).

File A14, ACC FKC

Incident report VH-FKC (1971).31 July 1971 INC, Fokker F28 Fellowship, Fitzroy Crossing WA MacRobertson Miller.

File A15, ACC FNI

Book chapter (Hijack at Alice Springs) Ray Shepherd Index note: 15 November 1972 F-1, Fokker F27 Friendship, City of Whyalla, R Young, Hijack Alice Springs NT, Airlines of South Australia.

File A16, ACC G-ABTK

Civil Aviation documents regarding flight and accident. Ray Shepherd Index note: 16 January 1935 F-Nil, Armstrong Whitworth AW-15, Athena V G Wilson, Point Stuart NT, Imperial Airways.


Royal Air Force, Far East, Singapore document regarding search for C Kingsford Smith, Civil Aviation report regarding loss of C Kingsford Smith’s plane. Ray Shepherd Index note: 11 November 1935 F-2, Lockheed 8D Altair, Lady Southern Cross, Bay of Bengal, C E Kingsford Smith.

File A18, ACC G-AECB

Newspaper articles (1936 & 1981), wireless operator’s, pilot’s and inspector’s report of incident, India, Burma & Ceylon Government papers, article about incident. Ray Shepherd Index note: 7 October 1936 F-Nil, Monospar ST-18, Croydon H Wood, Seringapatam Reef, Timor Sea, General aircraft.

File A19, ACC G-AEUF

Newspaper articles (1942), and a Civil Aviation document regarding incident. Ray Shepherd Index note: 22 March 1942 F-2, Short S 23, Corinthian L Ambrose, Darwin Harbour NT, QANTAS.

File A20, ACC G-AEUH

Newspaper articles (1941), Ray Shepherd Index note: 30 January 1942 F-13, Short S 23, Corio A A Koch, Nr Koepang NEI (enemy action), QANTAS empire airways.

File A21, ACC IXA

Newspaper articles (2000). Ray Shepherd Index note: 12 September 2000 F-1, Piper Aerostar, G Perrett, Near Port Keats NT, Air Frontier.


Pamphlet (A Hell of a bang and a cloud of dust). Ray Shepherd Index note: 9 September 1955, Handley Page, Hastings, Darwin.


Newspaper article (Bangkok Times1932), Ray Shepherd Index note: 5 December 1931 F-6, Fokker F VII, Wiersma KLM, Donmuang Bangkok Siam, Passenger Brinsmead.


Ephemera about incident, Ray Shepherd Index note: 17 January 1939 INC, Fokker F.VII, A Snitslaar, bogged Darwin NT, KNILM.

File A25, ACC RMI

Newspaper articles (1966). Ray Shepherd Index note: 22 September 1966, Viscount 700, RMA Quininup B Bayly, Port Hedland WA, MacRobertson Miller.

File A26, ACC RXF

Search report, maps of search area. Ray Shepherd Index note: 29 December 1967 F-6, C206, Limon, Near Daly Waters NT, Flinders Island Airways.


Newspaper articles (1961), Ray Shepherd Index note: 1 November 1961 F-1, CAC Sabre, F/O R D Irvine, Darwin Harbour NT, RAAF.

File A28, ACC TVC

Newspaper articles (1961). Ray Shepherd Index note: 30 November 1961 F-15, Viscount 720, John Oxley, F Lindsay, near Sydney NSW, Charter Ansett-ANA (TAA).

File A29, ACC UEK

Accident report (1931). Ray Shepherd Index note: 11 June 1931 F-nil, DH50A, Bell Bird A L Ashley, Daly Waters NT, LASCo.

File A30, ACC UFT

Accident report (1931). Ray Shepherd Index note: 6 June 1931 F-nil, DH60G, J A Mollison, Darwin NT, Owner.

File A31, ACC UGQ

Accident report (1936), telegram, RS note. Ray Shepherd Index note: 22 November 1936 F-nil, Miles Hawk, H U Shepherdson, Groote Eylandt NT, Owner.

File A32, ACC UGV

Accident report (1933). Ray Shepherd Index note: 11 May 1933 F-nil, DH60G, D H BROWN Alice Springs NT, Brown + 2.

File A33, ACC UGX

Accident report (1930). Ray Shepherd Index note: 20 December 1930 F-nil, DH60G, W L Pittendrigh, near Ilbilba NT, Central Australian Gold Expedition.

File A34, ACC UHE

Newspaper articles (1934), accident investigation report (1934). Ray Shepherd Index note: 3 October 1934 F-3, DH50J, Atlanta N M Chapman, Vindex Station near Longreach QLD, QANTAS.

File A35, ACC UHV

Newspaper article (1972). Ray Shepherd Index note: 27 March 1972 INC, Sikoesky 558-T, J Hart, Darwin Harbour NT, Helicopter Utilities (Airfast).

File A36, ACC UIZ

Newspaper article (1930), search and accident reports, and letter about accident by David B Smith (1930), Ray Shepherd Index note: 29 March 1930 F-nil, Ryan B1 Brougham, City of Sydney, D A B Smith, Ord River WA.

File A37, ACC UJC

Accident report (1935). Ray Shepherd Index note: 16 January 1936 F-Nil, DH61 Giant Moth, Diana H B Hussey, Point Stuart NT, QEA.

File A38, ACC UJN

Telegram (1935). Ray Shepherd Index note: 11 January 1936 F-Nil, DH60G, Magic Carpet C G Fenton, Manbulloo NT, NT Medical Service.

File A39, ACC UJV

Newspaper articles (1933), accident report (1933). Ray Shepherd Index note: 16 April 1933 F-Nil, DH60G, K Langford Smith, Oenpelli NT, Church Missionary Society.

File A40, ACC UMR

Letter reporting accident (1930). Ray Shepherd Index note: 9 August 1930 F-Nil, DH60M, E Coote, Ilbilba NT? Central Australian Gold Expedition.

File A41, ACC UNI

Accident report (1934), book chapter (Ord River crash 1934). Ray Shepherd Index note: 31 May 1934 F-Nil, DH60M, C C Fenton, Victoria River Downs NT, Owner.

File A42, ACC UOI

Incident report (1936). Ray Shepherd Index note: 9 November 1936 F-Nil, DH60M, C C Fenton, Darwin NT, Owner.

File A43, ACC UQV

Search report (1937). Ray Shepherd Index note: 21 September 1937 F-Nil, DH60M, Robin, C C Fenton, Tanumbirini NT, Owner.

File A44, ACC UQW

Accident report (1936). Ray Shepherd Index note: 17 January 1936 F-Nil, Percival Gull, F Neale, Tennant Creek NT, J R Patrick.

File A45, ACC URW

Accident report (1935). Ray Shepherd Index note: 8 March 1935 F-Nil, DH84 Dragon, A H Affleck, Wyndham WA, MacRobertson Miller.

File A46, ACC URX

Accident report and letter about incident (1934). Ray Shepherd Index note: 23 October 1934 F-nil, DH84 Dragon, G McCausland, Ord River WA, MacRobertson Miller.

File A47, ACC URY

Accident report (1934). Ray Shepherd Index note: 7 November 1934 F-nil, DH84 Dragon, G McCausland, Halls Creek WA, MacRobertson Miller.

File A48, ACC USC

Detailed accident report (1936). Ray Shepherd Index note: 11 January 1936 F-Nil, DH86, RMA Canberra, R B Tapp, Singapore, QEA.

File A49, ACC USE

Accident report (1936). Ray Shepherd Index note: 27 April 1936 F-nil, DH86, RAM Sydney, R B Tapp, Sourabaya NEI, QEA.

File A50, ACC USG

Newspaper articles (1934), RS letter, Longreach cemetery records for: F R Charlton, A R Prendergast & W V Creates. Article (Mascot’s early “Oily’ birds). Ray Shepherd Index note: 15 November 1934 F-4, DH86 R A Prendergast, Barsdale Station QLD, QANTA empire Airways.

File A51, ACC US505

Newspaper article (1942), RS Notes. Ray Shepherd Index note: 24 May 1942 F-9, C39, Alice Springs NT, USAAF.

File A52, ACC UTZ 2

Newspaper articles (1930), two accident reports (1935), engine report (1936). 1st Ray Shepherd Index note: 3 September F-Nil, Monospar, M V Mather, Kelly Well NT, Aus Transcontinental Airways. 2nd Ray Shepherd Index note: 6 September F-Nil, Monospar, M V Mather, Woodgreen NT, Aus Transcontinental Airways.

File A53, ACC UVO

Accident report (1934). Ray Shepherd Index note: 2 November 1934 F-nil, DH60M, H E Nicholls, Myuna QLD, Vacuum Oil Coy.

File A54, ACC UXI

Newspaper articles (1939), detailed accident report (1939), PictureNT of accident: PH0200/0586, PH0200/0588 PH0200/0589, PH0200/0596. Ray Shepherd Index note: 18 December 1939 F-nil, Lockheed 10, Moresby, N S D Buckley, Darwin NT, Guinea Airways.

File A55, ACC UXX

Accident report (1935). Ray Shepherd Index note: 22 August 1935 F-nil, Avro Ten, Faith in Australia, Daly Waters NT, Aus Transcontinental Airways.

File A56, ACC WLC

Aircraft Accident Investigation (1969). Ray Shepherd Index note: 22 December 1969 F-5, C402, A W Scott, Gove NT, Leighton Contractors.

Guide to Ray Shepherd Collection - Boxes

Box 1

  • File: Darwin, N.T. Government Aerodrome, opened 1944, closed 1946

Box 2

  • newspaper pages – NT news 2001
  • various documents regarding Daly Waters Aerodrome 1928-1957.

Box 3

  • miscellaneous articles about aviation.

Box 4

  • miscellaneous aviation documents
  • miscellaneous aviation articles
  • aircraft accident reports

Box 5

  • File: Transmitting station RAAF/DCA (11 mile), opened 1945, closed 1954

Box 6

  • History sheet of 4 Dutch DC-5 aircraft.
  • Map of Darwin Airport
  • Story of the landing of Abel Tasman, in Wyndham 1931.
  • Correspondence Aviation museum.
  • Characteristics of Pan American Aircraft.
  • Accident investigation into Cessna 402 crash Gove airport 1969.
  • Civil Aviation Board correspondence regarding Amelia Earhart, 1937.
  • Photographs Amelia Earhart and aircraft.
  • Report into search and rescue for Cessna VH-RXF missing near Daly Waters - 1968
  • Contour survey plans – Daly Waters and Newcastle Waters Aerodrome.
  • Various aircraft magazine articles

Box 7

  • Early birds – register of Australian aircraft 1932
  • Licensed ground engineers – 1928 Australia
  • Licensed Civil pilots – 1928 Australia
  • Newspaper articles – regarding Keith Anderson lost plane 1929.
  • Newspaper articles – regarding Moir and Owen lost plane 1929.
  • Newspaper articles – regarding first World flight by woman Ms Miller.
  • The coffee royal affair by Col. Keith Hatfield.
  • Report of an inquiry committee in connexion with the flights of aeroplanes “Southern Cross” and “Kookaburra”.

Box 8

  • Archives file: Centenary Air Race: England – Australia 1934, opened 1933, closed 1934.

Box 9

  • File: H. L. Piper, C. E. Kay, G-AATAI, DeSoutter.
  • Aviation accidents reports / files
  • Articles: Famous flights / John Frayn Turner ; History and development of present system of air services with emphasis on Northern Australia ; QANTAS: sixty years on ; The Tiwi Islands / by John Pye ; Imperial Airways (now British) first flew to Australia 50 years ago / by Stanley Brogden.

Box 10

  • Watch over Arnhem Land / by C.T.G. Haultain.
  • Department of Defence (Civil Aviation) Secret files, regarding staffing of Dili, Portuguese Timor. Staff includes George Bryant, F.J.A. Whittaker.
  • Photographs and newspaper clippings of Nobby Buckley (aviator) with a letter from B.B. Buckley donating the items.
  • Ray Shepherd notes regarding F.R. Meere, Inspector of Aerodromes 1939-42
  • Thirty years in Australian Air Transport / an article by Mr Lester Brain.

Box 11

  • Aircraft Year Book - published by Aeronautical Chamber Of Commerce Of America, Inc. New York City . 1921-1925

Box 12

  • Archives file: Mataranka, N.T. Aerodrome file, opened 1947, closed 1972
  • Department Civil Aviation – Mataranka, N.T. E.L.G. (abandoned 14-6-46) opened 1931, closed 1948.

Box 13

  • Northern Territory aircraft accident reports 1920s-30s

Box 14

  • Article: World's Record flight: the planets ‘planed, eleven thousand miles in 135 hours. (Sea, Land, and Air magazine)
  • File: Harry B. Manderson.
  • File: Newspaper articles, notes about Aviation in the Northern Territory .
  • Article: What the air services can do for Australia .
  • RAAF sticker

Box 15

  • File: Daly Waters, N.T. Aerodrome opened 1941, closed 1944

Box 16

  • Camooweal – Daly Waters Air Service, Lasco (Larkin Aircraft Supply Company Limited) contract and correspondence. 1930-1932

Box 17

  • File: Daly Waters – Birdum Air Service. 3-6-1931 – 9-1-1935

Box 18

  • Camooweal – Daly Waters Air Service, Lasco (Larkin Aircraft Supply Company Limited) contract and correspondence.

Box 19

  • Gorrie, N.T. Aerodrome file, opened 1943, closed 1972

Box 20

  • Archive file : Katherine, N.T. Aerodrome file design and development.
  • Various other documents about Katherine Aerodrome.

Box 21

  • Katherine, N.T. : Aerodrome file - opened 1943 ; closed 1946.
  • Contains maps, reports, and other correspondence regarding the Katherine Aerodrome between 1943-1946.

Box 22

  • File: Fuel incident at Darwin aerodrome, October 1948 – Dirt, sugar found in fuel (through an act of sabotage).
  • File: Search for pilot R. Edwards. (1939)
  • File: Colonel Brinsmead – regarding superannuation payment for child after his death (1934) followed by his wife's (1940)
  • File: Brinsmead accident and death reports, newspaper articles, etc.

Box 23

  • Short empire flying boats : part 1 (Part twenty in a series examining the airliners that established civil aviation in Australia / by Eric Allen.
  • Correspondence between Ken Danziel and C. J. McGorey.
  • Correspondence between G.J. Towers and C.J. McGorey.
  • Correspondence between D.J. Laurie and C.J. McGorey.
  • Darwin airport plan.
  • Dept. Civil Aviation file: Darwin N.T. workshop for QANTAS inflammable store 1948.
  • Dept. Civil Aviation file: Darwin N.T. Building Control tower erection – modification + maintenance (old tower) 1948.
  • Dept. Civil Aviation file: Darwin N.T. Hangar H3 existing overseas & interstate terminal building erection, modification and maintenance 1946.
  • Civil air accidents Australia 1936 (list).
  • Electra had a stormy birth here (article).
  • Practical instruction in flying - 1931.
  • Other miscellaneous articles and notes.

Box 24

  • Various documents about the Daly Waters Aerodrome.

Box 25

  • Newspaper clippings (aviation stories)
  • Biography of Edward J. Connellan
  • Personal notes regarding aviation
  • Map of Darwin Airport
  • Calcutta to Port Darwin – route for a sea plane
  • Documents regarding Alice Spring landing ground

Box 26

  • Various documents regarding Groote Eylandt Flying Boat base.

Box 27

  • Memories of Oswald Watt / by Lawrence Wackett.
  • Air accident investigation committee report – Fatal accident to the Douglas D.C.2 aircraft VH-UYC “KYEEMA”, the property of Australian National Airways Pty Ltd,. occurred at Mt Dandenong, Victoria , on Tuesday, 25 th October 1938.
  • Nightcliff camp – map
  • Air court inquiry – Douglas Aircraft type D.C.S. VH-ANK 2/9/1948 crashed into a mountain in the vicinity of Nundle, in NSW. And other correspondence.
  • History of the R.A.A.F. by N.M. Parnell and C.A.Lynch.
  • Aircraft details and diagrams explaining their weight, designed take-off and landing requirements.

Box 27

  • Darwin Transmitter Station site diary June 74 – Feb 75.
  • Airways Operations journal Darwin – engineering log post Tracy .
  • Correspondence relating to aeradio in Darwin during the war.
  • Eric Crome file: containing correspondence.

Box 28

  • File: United States Armed Forces and Bathurst Island during WW2
  • File: Groote Eylandt - Flying Boat Base

Box 29

  • Aeronautical telecommunications record – Flight Service Centre, Darwin 1970-72 and other handwritten notes.

Box 30

  • The men of air traffic control (1945-1975) / Don Charlwood.
  • Damage report after Darwin air raids 19 Feb 1942.
  • C.J. McGorey correspondence regarding photographs and accident reports.
  • Copies of photographs of civil aerodrome Darwin after bombing February 1942.
  • Letters between Ray Meere and C.J. McGorey
  • List of Australian aeroplane owners (ca.1930s).
  • Department of Civil Aviation records for the NT.

Box 32 (folders)

  • Pad: Ross & Keith Smith flight (archive research notes)
  • Pad: Research notes on Ross & Keith Smith
  • Article: Last of the Australian Explorers: the story of Donald Mackey / by Frank Clune.
  • Book extract: Who was who, 1951-1960 – Donald Mackey.
  • Newspaper articles: Aviation 1920s
  • Notes: Commonwealth annexation 1911 of Northern Territory .

Box 33 (folders)

  • Folder: Newspaper clippings of various topics including Gilruth, Ross and Keith Smith.
  • Folder: Harpoon – contemporary naval war game instructions.
  • Folder: List of documents held by the Mortlock Library about Ross & Keith Smith.
  • Folder (Ross Smith 1): Newspaper extracts – articles from Australian newspapers about Ross and Keith Smith and 1919 Air Race.
  • Folder (Ross Smith 2): Newspaper extracts – articles from the London Times newspaper about Ross and Keith Smith and 1919 Air Race.

Box 34 (folders)

  • Folder (Ross Smith 3): sub folders: A man called peacock ; subscript notes ; Biondi & AND ; Peacock & Stretton ; Phone ; Admin reports ; 14,000 miles.
  • Folder (Ross Smith 4): Miscellaneous documents about Ross Smith.
  • Folder (Ross Smith 5): Newspaper extracts – articles from Australian newspapers about Ross and Keith Smith and 1919 Air Race.

Box 35 (folders)

  • Aviation & aerospace almanac 1995 (section)
  • Year book: Ross Smith Secondary inaugural year 1996, and a copy of school newsletter Ross Smith Star.
  • Girls were up there too : Australian women in aviation / Department of Aviation.
  • Aeradio in Australia / Department of Aviation.
  • North of Capricorn : a history of aviation in Australia 's Top End / Department of Aviation.
  • Foundation of the Department of Civil Aviation 1919-1939 / G.A. Shearer.
  • World War II shipwrecks and the first Japanese air raid on Darwin 19 February 1942 / Sophie McCarthy.

Box 36 (folders)

  • Folder: Early aviation research (sub folders: SA, VIC, Series notes, ACT, AWM, RAAF historical, Agency notes, Biondi, Access forms.)
  • Book extract: Appendix 2 and 9 on flights and people of note in Australian aviation.
  • Book extract: Official history of Australia in the war of 1914-1918 / C.E.W. Bean (sections: Menin Rd , Polygon Wood, Broodseinde.)
  • Folder: Contacts for archives and libraries throughout Australia and correspondence regarding collections.
  • Lockheed era / by G. Goodall.
  • File: Northern Territory Times and Gazette, aviation clippings for years: 1891, 1919, 1920, 1924, 1926.
  • Folder: Ross Smith letters, and other documents relating to aviation 1917-1920.
  • Empire flying boats / Ray Shepherd.
  • Book extracts and notes about: Gilruth, Nelson, Smith K & R, Staniforth Smith.
  • Folder: Letters to and from Ray Shepherd to aviation historians and others.
  • Envelope: Flying start : the history of the first five decades of civil aviation in Australia / C. Arthur Butler.

Box 37 (folders)

  • Folder: Notable flights in Northern Australia prior to 1940 (research notes).
  • Folder: Notable flights in Northern Australia prior to 1940 (research notes / news clippings).

Box 38 (folders)

  • Folder: Court summary of jurisdiction committal proceedings 15-16-17 Feb 1978. Police vs Tait, Bartley, McNamara, Scott.
  • Folder: Donald Roy Tait and ORS (research notes)
  • File: Tait Aero (notes regarding Donald Tait).

Box 39 (folders)

  • First sixty years : civil aviation in Papua New Guinea.
  • Folder: Aeronautical information publication – Australia 1991
  • Folder (Ross Smith 6 Peacock): research notes, newspaper clippings, draft “A man called Peacock”.
  • Folder: Aviation photographs ‘PictureNT' indexing project

Box 40 (folders)

  • Folder: Department of Civil Aviation annual reports 1931-1959.

Box 41 (folders)

  • Folder: Department of Civil Aviation annual reports 1959-1992.

Box 42 (folders)

  • Folder: National Archives of Australia list of files on aviation. Includes ‘Flying Doctor'; Groote Eylandt; Darwin Aerodrome; Wharf areas; Parap; Tenders for overseas and internal air services
  • Folder: Ross Smith Aerodrome naming history

Box 43 (folders)

  • Tainted Tait (draft, research notes) about Donald Tait.

Box 44 (folders)

  • Tainted Tait (research notes, archive documents) about Donald Tait.

Box 45 (folders)

  • Notable flights in Northern Australia prior to 1940 (Miscellaneous Australian aviation research, newspaper clippings and notes).

Box 46 (folders)

  • Notable flights in Northern Australia prior to 1940 (Miscellaneous Australian aviation research, newspaper clippings and notes).

Box 47 (folders)

  • Folder: North Australian Aviation Activities – indexed articles from Northern Territory Times and Gazette 1891, 1919-1921, 1924, 1926-1929.
  • Folder: North Australian Aviation Activities – indexed articles from Northern Territory Times and Gazette 1917; Northern Territory Times 1928-1930.
  • Folder: North Australian Aviation Activities – indexed articles from Northern Territory Times 1931, 1932.

Box 48 (folders)

  • Folder: North Australian Aviation Activities – indexed articles from Northern Standard 1921-1931. (Contains only 1931)
  • Folder: North Australian Aviation Activities – indexed articles from Northern Standard 1932.
  • Folder: North Australian Aviation Activities – articles from Northern Standard 1935. (incomplete)

Box 49 (folders)

  • Folder: Articles from The Sydney Morning Herald 1931, relating to Experimental air mail flights, Christmas mail, “Wings across Timor ”
  • Folder: Hansard 1905 – 1910. Extracts of Commonwealth Hansard relating to military cadet recruitment, training, conduct.
  • Folder: Official year book of the Commonwealth of Australia 1918-1940 (compilation of photocopied yearly extracts about aviation). Handwritten notes, statistics.

Box 50 (folders)

  • Folder: The Times 1928-38 : Articles referring to experimental air mail flights, Empire Air Mail Scheme, 1934 Air race, Imperial Airways Annual Reports 1925-38
  • Folder: Darwin Flight Service Centre history (manuscript)
  • Folder: Notes by year. 1919-1993. Miscellaneous notes referring to Darwin Flight Service, Australian communications authorities, flights
  • Folder: Prisoners of the Japanese in World War II / Van Waterford (book extract)

Box 51 (folders)

  • Folder: FS INTL – GEN. Guide to assist with Rating Training for the International air/ground position. (Includes information about frequencies, air routes, radio communication, maps)

Box 52 (folders)

  • Folder: Correspondence Files B4-B9 relating to Darwin Aerodrome during WW2, including: accommodation for No.12 Squadron 1939; Qantas Flying Boats 1942/3; Wrigley , Ross Smith air flights; Dr Fenton, Health Dept; building construction; war damage

Box 53 (folders)

  • Folder: Correspondence Files B10-B14 relating to Darwin Aerodrome during WW2, including: drainage; radio facilities; extensions and maintenance ca. 1940; land acquisition

Box 54 (folders)

  • Folder: Correspondence Files B15-B17 relating to Darwin Aerodrome and aviation during WW2, including: accommodation of Civil Aviation officers; costs, construction, tenders relating to Flying Boat base in Darwin; Aerodrome radio facilities; Aerodrome extensions and maintenance ca. 1940; Aerodrome land acquisition

Box 55a (folder)

  • Folder: Newspaper articles ca. 1976-90 relating to illegal drug trade: couriering, arrests, organised crime, Donald Tait. Arranged by source- Aust and international newspapers.

Box 55b (folder)

  • Folder: Newspaper articles ca. 1976-90 relating to illegal drug trade: couriering, arrests, organised crime, Donald Tait. Arranged by source. NT News

Box 56 (folder)

  • Folder: A Saga of achievement: the RAAF radio story / E.R. Hall (facsimile)

Box 57 (folder)

  • Folder: Articles, news clippings, including : Aboriginal tribes of Australia , Airmail, Ansett, Ansons and Wellesleys, Anthony Lagoon – police: Biondi, Augenson, Avon Downs, Jean Batten, Beautiful Betsy, Brackles, Bulldog/Wapiti 1932, Cassa Collection index, Clancy round Aus 1937, Connellan, Bruce Cowan, Amelia Earhart

Box 58 (folder)

  • Folder: Articles, news clippings, including : Elsey Station; Fannie Bay; Favenc; John Fisher; Eileen Fitzer; Hamilton & Coupland; ; Health; Flt. Lt Hely air crash and rescue 1936; Maranboy ; Mariners are warned / Beagle (extract); Overland Telegraph ; Carl Nauer ; NT History summary; Parliamentary debates (1935-6 extracts relating to Darwin, Flying boats); Payne Inquiry into Land and land industries of the Northern Territory of Australia (1937)

Box 59

  • De Havilland aircraft since 1909 / A.J. Jackson (book extract);
  • Manuscript appendices re: ‘Kookaburra' aircraft search and recovery
  • Plan : R.A.A.F. Darwin Civil Aerodrome : Extension to runway and taxiways. 1944. K483 (facsimile)
  • Plan: Commonwealth of Australia , Dept of the Interior : Extensions to Ross Smith Airport , Darwin NT ,1939, No. 46B (facsimile, 2 copies)
  • Plan: Lands and Survey Branch, NT Administration. Plan of building area : Civil aerodrome – Darwin NT. Sheet No. 1. Compiled from surveys made by surveyors C.G. Roberts, G.R.L. Rimington & R.G. Walker, 1940 W204 (facsimile, 2 copies)
  • Plan: Civil Aviation. No. 211. Darwin Aerodrome. 1941. W251 (facsimile, 3 copies)
  • Plan with elevation and section: Commonwealth of Australia. Dept of the Interior. Flying Boat Base Darwin NT. BCG Burnett. 1938. A184
  • Plan : Commonwealth of Australia , Dept of the Interior. Plan of suburban sections : Town of Darwin : Hundred of Bagot County of Palmerston. 1940 reprint (facsimile, 3 copies)
  • Manuscript draft history of Darwin Aerodrome
  • File: Station Record - Dept of Transport. Information about Dept for staff. 1969
  • File: Station Record -RAAF Radar Testing – Tindal July 1988 notes and instructions
  • File: Station Record -Marine Search 89/0022 for FV NFT West 1988
  • File: Station Record - Gove Breakdown of Major Airways Facilities 30 December 1988
  • File: Station Record -Air Safari - Royal Newcastle Aero Club August 1988
  • File: Station Record – “Kangaroo 89”` - RAAF exercise 1989
  • File: Station Record - “Pitch Black” Flight service SSR – RAAF exercise 1988
  • File: Station Record - “Pitch Black” Flight service SSR – RAAF exercise 1987
  • File: Dept of Aviation, Civil Aviation Authority corporate administration memorandums, report 1988-89
  • File : Flight plans and examples of AFILs
  • File: Darwin FSC, Airways to the year 2005 – issue 1, Aviation Satellite System

Box 60

  • Loose notes and news clippings related to search for Southern Cross aircraft, Kookaburra airmen death, South Cross inquiry 1929
  • Newsletter: Wartime Territory / National Trust of Australia (N.T.) 1992 : Feb-Apr, Apr-Jul, undated
  • Loose papers : Frontline. The battle of Australia . The War service Memorial Year in the Northern Territory .
  • Loose leaf : Annual report for the year ended 30 th June, 1920 / Northern Territory of Australia. (photocopy)
  • Terminal Australia : Royal Australian Air Force flight information publication. 1999
  • Article: Wings of Peace / John Stroud. Aeroplane Monthly, Nov 1986 about de Havilland D.H. 66 Hercules aircraft 1918-1938

Box 61

  • File : ‘D' Rating. Loose notes relating to Indonesian National SAR Agency, Pacific HT communications
  • File: AHSNT McGorey Collection, misc documents. Includes: news clippings about air craft accidents 1930-40s; Memorandum and articles of association of Aerial Services Ltd, 1919; Air Transport : The Singapore – Sydney flying-boat survey / Hudson Fysh; Map showing RAAF bases in NT WW2;The First Trans-Australia Flight (speech notes by Sergeant Murphy); ‘Help came – 29 years too late' from Aviation's magnificent gamblers/ Terry Gwynn-Jones ; File :Dept of Civil Aviation about 1944 air accident of VH-USC ; Papers relating to air crash of ‘Heron', 1960; Memo to NT Administrator reporting on need of services supplied by Dr Fenton,1934; Sea, Land and Air, 1919, and misc aviation articles; Brief history of aviation in the Northern Territory /E.J. Connellan, 1979; File: Dept of Civil Aviation about 1960 air accident of CRTAI; Papers relating to proposed works on Darwin Aerodrome 1939;
  • File: ASHNT McGorey Collection (handwritten title McGory return). Includes: Articles about air flights around Australia 1924, 1927; Papers relating to registration and airworthiness of Quantas [sic] Empire Airways aircraft 1934; Accident report of VH-USC 1936; Accident report of VH-RAI, 1944; Papers relating to the clearing of Katherine Landing Ground as employment relief program 1923 and clearing of Katherine 1923-1930; paper relating to aviation in Darwin during WW2 – buildings, landings; A brief history up to 1969 – Mac Robertson Miller Airlines Ltd;
  • File: DCA Archives Air Accident Investigation Committee and Air craft accidents 1939 onwards
  • Folder: Dept of Civil Aviation. Flight Service Section. Manual. Ca. 1966. (Technical information)

Box 62

  • File: Australia . Dept of Civil Aviation. Daly Waters N.T. Aerodrome 1944-1946.
  • File: Australia . Dept of Transport. Daly Waters N.T. Aerodrome 1946-1952.
  • File: Australia . Dept of Transport. Darwin Flying Boat Base; Darwin Aerodrome; Groote Eylandt Flying Boat Base
  • File: Dept of Civil Aviation archives. Darwin Flying Boat Base construction. 1941-7
  • File: Dept of Civil Aviation archives. Darwin Flying Boat Base construction. 1947-8
  • File: Dept of Civil Aviation archives. Darwin Flying Boat Base. Closing of. 1944

Box 63

  • Newsletters: Early Birds News / Early Birds Association of Australia 1979-1997 (incomplete); misc articles, correspondence
  • File: Early Birds Membership Aus & Qld

Box 64

  • Book extract: ‘Ansett's Day of reckoning' from Air Crash Vol 2 / Macarthur Job
  • Journal : Aviation Historical Society of Australia , Jan-Feb 1976
  • Papers: Extracts from WW2 nominal roll for soldiers Botterill, Sticpewich, Short, Moxham, Campbell, Braithwaite
  • Manuscript: A man called Peacock / Ray Shepherd 1994 (A historical story-analysis of Ross Smith's Vickers Vimy flight through the Northern Territory of Australia, and in particular the forced landing at Cobb Creek (near Anthony Lagoon) , December 1919.
  • Pad: Listing of misc news clipping title from Australian newspapers relating to air crashes; Elsey station
  • File: Early history (draft of history of Aviation in NT
  • Pamphlets : Information Document / Dept of Transport. Subjects cover aviation history, agencies, technical information
  • Letter: Alan R Collins to Director General, Civil Aviation Dept re: No 12 Air Force Squadron occupying Aerodrome buildings, 1939. (photocopy)
  • Letter: Qantas Empire Airways letter sent with first Empire Flying Boat to carry mail, 1938, (photocopy)
  • Loose leaf: Some significant Darwin flights after 1939
  • File: loose leaf letters, aviation related news clippings, notepad DCA files read in ADL QFA after WWII

Box 65

  • Newspaper: Air Force News : the official newspaper of the Royal Australian Air Force, Vol. 45, No.10, Jun 19, 2003
  • Pad: C of A insignia. Operational Assists F S 2. Log book of ground-air contacts 1971-1981
  • Pad: C of A insignia. Operational Assists and traffic information given to aircraft 1972-1985
  • History of the Darwin Flight Service Centre 1936-1992 (cover page only)
  • File: Aviation related notes, news clippings, Memento: News from the National Archives / National Archives of Australia Summer/Autumn 2005
  • Folder: 14,000 (14,000 Miles through the air/ by Sir Ross Smith)
  • Folder: De Havilland (Book extract: De Havilland Aircraft since 1909/ Jackson, A.J.); Article: ‘The de Havilland DH-86' in Australian Aviation, June 1984; ‘Tale of the Tiger : Group Captain Keith Isaacs AFC' in BHP Journal 1.77 (ca. 1977) ; ‘De Havilland Dragon' in Australian Aviation Dec 1982
  • Folder: NT Dictionary of Biography. Book extract
  • Folder: Qantas at war /Hudson Fish. Book extract
  • Folder: Tapes. Oral history transcript, Percy Peacock interviewed by Yvonne Bourke covering reminiscences of NT travel to drill bores 1919, landing of Ross Smith's party at Cobb Creek, married life with infant in Northern Territory, Walter Henry Shiers autobiographical account of serving with Ross Smith in Air Force, account of Vimy Vickers flight to Darwin, landing and reception in Darwin, Cobb Creek landing, meeting with Peacock ; First across Australia by air / Henry Wrigley; The Diamond Jubilee of Aviation in North Australia / John Haslett 1979
  • Folder: Qantas rising / Hudson Fysh. Book Extract
  • Folder: Barkly: Historical survey of European settlement on the wester Barkly Tableland : for National Trust of Australia ( Northern Territory ) by Robyn Liddle 1990

Box 66 (folders)

  • Folder: Archives MAGNT. Pamphlets and information.
  • Folder: Shorts : Extracts from articles about short monoplanes.
  • Folder: NT Historical Fiche. Contains extracts (most related to Stretton family) from: Northern Territory census 1881, 1901, Occupations list 1896-1905, Lone graves, Overlanders/Drovers arriving in the NT, Marriages/Deaths registered in Palmerston 1871-1902, list of JPs in NT 1936
  • Folder: Vickers aircraft since 1908/ C.F. Andrews pp. 1-129; 298-521
  • National Archive fact sheets ca. 1998-99
  • Folder: Empire Flying Boats. News clippings, listings of articles

Box 67 (folders)

  • Folder: Northern Standard 1935. Contains comprehensive news clippings of aviation related articles for the year arranged by date.
  • Folder: Northern Standard 1936. News clippings of aviation related articles for the year arranged by date
  • Folder: Northern Standard 1937. News clippings of aviation related articles – Qantas Empire Airways flying boat Challenger, flying boat base
  • Folder: Northern Standard 1938. Contains news clippings of aviation related articles – Qantas Empire Airways flying boat Challenger, flying boat base
  • Folder: Northern Standard 1939. News comprehensive clippings of aviation related articles for the year arranged by date
  • Folder: Northern Standard 1933. Contains news clippings of aviation related articles for the year arranged by date.

Box 68 (folders)

  • Folder: ASHNT McGorey collection index
  • Folder: Empire Flying Boats. Extracts. Newsclippings 1936-39
  • Folder: Timor – Sherlock. East Timor WW1 and II. Australia's unknown neighbour, Portuguese Timor / Hudson Fysh in Walkabout, May 1, 1941; Qantas as war/Hudson Fysh (extract) ; Area study if Portuguese Timor / Directorate of Intelligence

Box 69 (folders)

  • Folder: North Australian Aviation Activities – indexed articles from Northern Territory Times and Gazette 1931-1932.
  • Folder: North Australian Aviation Activities – indexed articles from Northern Standard 1931-1932.
  • Folder: North Australian Aviation Activities – articles from Northern Standard 1934

Box 70 (folders)

  • Folder: Extracts 6 to 13. Photocopied extracts from various publications. Kangaroo Route / M Hooper; Civil Aviation Yearbook 1947-48; Eng-Aus air race 1919/ Gwynn-Jones; The Aviators /William Joy; The National Geographic Magazine, Oct 1928 (Kingsford Smith); Beyond the blue horizon (on the track of Imperial Airways) /Alexander Frater;
  • Folder: Extracts 14 to 27. Katherine aerodrome 1919-1978 : History in brief / John Haslett; The Bunker / J.M. Haslett; Aircraft losses in the raid on Broome ; The England-Australia flight : Darwin to Adelaide ; Wings to the world / Hudson-Fysh ; My part in the ‘Petrov Incident' / Joyce Bull ; Flightpath South Pacific (Flying Boats chronology) (Flying boat era 1934-1938)
  • Folder: Extracts 28 to 37. 14,000 miles through the air / Ross Smith; misc articles relating to Sir Ross Smith; Outback policeman / Vic Hall ; You can't make it rain / Margaret Kowold; Newsclippings about Amy Johnson 1930s

Box 71 (folders)

  • Folder: 1913-1919 Argus ( Melbourne ) and Times ( London ) newspaper index extract. Covers entries for A – aeronautics
  • Folder: 1920-1923 Argus ( Melbourne ) and Times ( London ) newspaper index extract. Covers entries for A – aeronautics
  • Folder: 1924-1927 Argus ( Melbourne ) and Times ( London ) newspaper index extract. Covers entries for A – aeronautics

Box 72 (folders)

  • Folder: 1928-1929 Argus ( Melbourne ) and Times ( London ) newspaper index extract. Covers entries for A – aeronautics
  • Folder: 1930-1931 Argus ( Melbourne ) and Times ( London ) newspaper index extract. Covers entries for A – aeronautics
  • Folder: 1932-1933 Argus ( Melbourne ) and Times ( London ) newspaper index extract. Covers entries for A – aeronautics

Box 73 (folders)

  • Folder: 1934-1935 Argus ( Melbourne ) and Times ( London ) newspaper index extract. Covers entries for A – aeronautics
  • Folder: 1936-1937 Argus ( Melbourne ) and Times ( London ) newspaper index extract. Covers entries for A – aeronautics
  • Folder: 1938-1939 Argus ( Melbourne ) and Times ( London ) newspaper index extract. Covers entries for A – aeronautics

Box 74

  • Sport Aviation : EAA's monthly membership magazine. 1996 : Oct-Nov; 1997:Jan-Feb, Apr-Jun
  • AHSNT Constitution Advisory Board Charter

Box 75

  • Air & Space : Smithsonian. 1997: May, Jul, Sep; 1998: Jan, May
  • Kookaburra : the most compelling story in Australia 's aviation history / Research by Dick Smith, story by Pedr Davis (photocopy)
  • Historical and physical assessment of Daly Waters Aerodrome / prepared for the National Trust of Australia (N.T.) by Peter Dermoudy, Darwin Oct 1985

Box 76

  • Aircraft & aviators prior to 1940 : Index and nomenclature. Includes list of ‘C' class flying boats; index to aviators, aircraft, and support crew
  • The North-west aerial frontier, 1919-1934 : some men, women and flying machines seen in north-west Australia in the pioneering period : international flights, round-Australia flights, and the completion of the Darwin air link to the eastern states / by Edward P. Wixted ; foreword by Lady Joy Taylor
  • File : Misc. Newspaper articles, notes on Donald Tait

Box 77

  • Two at Daly Waters / by Elizabeth George. (Photocopy)
  • Airplane : the complete aviation encyclopedia. Parts 25, 59
  • File: Enticements Tait extracts. Newspaper articles about Donald Tait
  • Appendix 4 : Scheduled airline services in Australia and its Territories (Photocopy. Source not noted). Scheduled international services to/from Australia . (Photocopy, Source not noted).
  • Flying High : the story of Hudson Fysh Qantas and the trail blazing day of early aviation / Timothy Hall. Extract, pp. 28-35; 108-265
  • History of Australia 's airlines / Samuel Brimson (photocopy)
  • Folder: Correspondence files relating to Darwin Aerodrome, Qantas Empire Airways and aviation during WW2, including: assessment of airworthiness of aircraft; Disposal of surplus buildings, RAAF station Darwin 1946, Sale of VH-UOI from Qantas to Clyde Fenton; Incident to aircraft PK-AFO, Darwin, 1939; Flying Boat base, 1934; VH-USC - aircraft damage on landing, Singapore, Air worthiness certificate, 1936; VH-RAI forced landing, 1944; Darwin Aerodrome land acquisition [duplicate of items held in Box 61]

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