Sunrize Band

Guide to manuscripts of the Sunrize Band.

Folder numberContents descriptionDate range
107/1/1Various press clippings and photographs1991
107/1/23 copies of 'Sunrize Biography'1991
107/1/3Press clippings1991
107/1/4Sunrize Band itinerary for Kimberly Tour1991
107/1/5Denise Officer's (Manager) assorted documents1991
107/1/6Various Sunrize Band Artwork designs 1990
107/1/7Proposal for funding of performance, workshop and Kimberley tour called 'Scrap metal'1990
107/1/84 x Sunrize Band business cards 1990
107/1/916 x slides of Sunrize Band (March, 1990)1990
107/2/11 x Umatic tape: 'Product Hand-over Ceremony', Perth (11.02.91) dur: 12min 25sec1991
107/2/21 x VHS: 'Maningrida News Show' (27.09.91) dur: 59min1991
107/2/31 x VHS: 'Sunrize Band on Tour - Kimberly Tour' 1991
107/2/41 x VHS: 'Land Rights Views', Number 2, Dec 1991, Northern Land Council, dur: 69min features Sunrize Band song 'Land Rights'1991
107/2/51 x cassette tape: triple J live Band Competition Sept 19911991
107/2/61 x cassette tape: Sunrize Band at Wyndham, Sept 19911991
107/2/71 x cassette tape: Sunrize Band at Barunga, 19911991
107/2/81 x cassette tape: Sunrize Band Compilation1991
107/2/91 x cassette tape: Sunrize Band Allen Murphy [Alan Murphey] workshop, Nov 19911991
107/2/101 x 1/4 inch audio: Sunrize Band, 151PS Master, no noise reduction, 2 tracks: Bugula Gun Bachirra 2min 40sec, SUNRIZE 2min 35sec, Triple J recording, Engineer: Phil McKellar, Producer: Chris Thompson1991
107/2/11/1-22 x cassette tapes: Sunrize Band with Allen Murphy [Alan Murphey]1990
107/2/121 x cassette tape: Sunrize Band interview with Triple J (16.10.90)1990
107/2/131 x cassette tape: Sunrize Band in Batchelor 1990
107/2/141 x cassette tape: Sunrize Thebanron Adelaide (12.10.90)1990
107/2/151 x cassette tape: Sunrize Interview MMM with Ben Pascoe and Adelaide rehearsal1990
107/2/16/1-33 x film canisters: Djuta Point, Lettersticks and unlabelled1990
107/2/171 x cassette tape: Salt Water, Bu-gula-gunbadjirra 1989
107/2/181 x VHS: sound track only of Sunrize Band recorded at Jabiru1987
107/2/191/4 inch audio: Sunrize Band, 8 tracks, recorded by C.A.S.M, engineer: Phil Lovegrove (19.10.90)1990
107/3/1Press clippings from 19921992
107/3/2Various press clippings from 19921992
107/4/1/1-22 x VHS: Maningrida News Show, various dates 1992
107/4/2/1-31 x Betacam & 2 x VHS of 'Balanda Greenhouse Yolongu Business' documentary, features a Sunrize Band song1992
107/4/31 x cassette tape: Interview with Ben Pascoe and ABC (Aug 1992)1992
107/4/41 x cassette tape: 'Sunrize Band at Beswick (with a cold wind)' (12.07.92) 1992
107/4/51 x cassette tape: Sunrize Live at 'The Joint' (23.07.92)1992
107/4/61 x cassette tape: Sunrize Band NT1992
107/4/7/1-54 x cassette tape & 1 x CD of Ben Pascoe interview with Deborah Nesbit, Triple J, ABC1992
107/4/8/1-10Eureka flag containing 10 x cassette tapes: a. live Sunrize Band performances 91-93 (Mowajum Hall WA 1991, b. Beswick, c., Wyndam WA 1991, d., Fitzroy Crossing WA, e., Kununurra WA, f. Balgo & ABC Interview, g. Amphitheatre, h., Burunga Festival, i. Sunrize live at the Wharf 1992, j. Terry Pascoe ABC interview 1993) 1991-1993
107/4/9/1-77 x cassette tapes of live Sunrize Band recordings, these were kept with the aim of making a compilation cassette from these recordings1992
107/5/1Various press clippings from 19931993
107/5/2/1Nyoongah Corroboree Program and Poster, Perth 1991-19931993
107/5/2/21 x VHS of Nyoongah Corroboree, 'In Unity and Strength' Perth 19931993
107/5/3Documents and photos related to the Lunggurrma recording which was released 31 January 1994 1993
107/5/4Certificate of the Registration of the Sunrize Band as a Business Name (official document by the NT government, Office of Business Affairs)1993
107/5/5Various posters, photos and biography1993
107/5/62 large photographs of the band1993
107/5/7Poster for the Lunggurrma Tour, 13 x photographs, Sunset to Rize CD, press clippings from 1993 (only 3 photographs present)1993
107/5/8Sunrize Band Bibliography1993
107/5/9Newspaper clippings from 1993 and other press documents1993
107/5/10Various press clippings from 19931993
107/5/11Various press clippings1993
107/5/121 x painting: 16" x 20", entitled Ngallyipi Jukunrpa, Snake Vine Dreaming by artist Biddy Napaljari White, bought at auction by Ben Pascoe at the Wharf in 1992 - an event against pollution1993
107/6/1/1-33 x Umatic tapes: Sunrize Band Live at Sydney, Annandale1993
107/6/21 x Umatic: Sunrize Band Live at the wharf (06.09.93) 1993
107/6/31 x Umatic: Sunrize Band Live at Maningrida (06.09.93)1993
107/6/46 x floppy discs: content unknown1993
107/6/51 x VHS: triple J Interview1993
107/6/61 x VHS: Sunrize Band at Rugby Park (11.07.93)1993
107/6/71 x VHS: Lungurrma Tour Ad (Vic & Qld) (16.11.93)1993
107/6/81 x cassette tape: Sunrize Band at Aurburn RSL Sydney (22.01.93) Desk tape1993
107/6/91 x cassette tape: Sunrize Band at the Wharf '931993
107/6/101 x cassette tape: Sunrize Band at Kyana Festival, Jan 1993, Desk tape1993
107/6/111 x cassette tape: Sunrize Band at Ocean Beach Hotel, Shell Harbour (21.01.93)1993
107/6/12120 x photographs and various negatives 1993
107/6/131/4 inch audio recording by Triple J: content unknown 1993
1. Various press clippings, poster, 2. Sunrize Band Land rights CD, Sunrize Band cassette tape Sunset to Rize, various photos and negatives1994
107/7/33 x Ausmusic News magazines, Nov 1994 & 2 x June 19941994
107/7/4Sunrize Band Land Rights CD, 6 x photographs, various documents, itinerary related to the Lunggurrma tour1994
107/7/5Various press clippings and documents from 19941994
107/7/6Contains variety of documents and press relating to the Lunggurma Tour1994
107/7/71 x VHS: Broadcast  'Off air' copy, B.R.A.C.S. (20.10.94) dur: 104min 1994
107/7/8/1-22 x VHS: Sunrize Band 7:30 report, TV Ad for Lunggurma CD & Tour1994
107/7/91 x VHS: Land Rights Views, No. 4, July 1994, produced by Northern Land Council featuring Sunrize Band song 'Land Rights'1994
107/7/101 x VHS: Vic Arts Council, The Sunrize Band 1 x 30sec (24.01.94)1994
107/7/11/1-31 x Betacam & 2 x VHS: Sunrize Band on Andrew Denton Show, 'Lembana Mani Mani'1994
107/7/121 x 1/4inch audio tape: unknown content (11.01.94)1994
107/7/131 x cassette tape: Ben Pascoe/Alan Murphey 'Warra Dreaming' New Song x 2 (never produced)1994
107/8/1Various documents from 19951995
107/8/2/1-2Various contracts and documents with ABC, POLY, EMI1995
107/8/3Media Release about a performance at Barunga Festival (07.06.95)1995
107/8/4Various documents, including Production Specifications, correspondence about Land Rights CD, Poster 
107/8/5Contains song lists and lyrics (mostly from 1995) 
107/8/6Containing list of Sunrize Band activity from 1992-951995
107/8/7Various documents related to Womadelaide, 19951995
107/8/8Various press clippings from 19951995
107/8/91 x VHS: Documentary - 'The Timeless Ten, a decade of Territory Rock' dur: 47min, features the Sunrize Band1995
107/8/10/1-22 x VHS: ABC 7:30 Report on Sunrize Band (21.06.95)1995
107/8/111 x cassette: Demurru Hits, Sunrize Letterstick Mimi1995
107/8/121 x cassette: BBB Live, Triple J1995
107/8/13Letter for funding to support a second Australian tour with Carlos Santana1996
107/9/1Birth Certificates & Passport photos of Band Members  
107/9/2Bound Publication: 'International Trends in Copyright: A report to the Music Industry Advisory Council' by the Australian Copyright Council  
107/9/3Bound Publication: 'Music Publishing: The Real Road to Music Business Riches' by Tim Whitsett1990
107/9/4/1-6Various correspondence regarding the re-release of Sunrize Band music, Demurru Hits Sunrize Letterstick Mimi CD, Sunrize Band Landrights CD, Sunrize Band Lunggurrma CD & 2 other CD (1 is broken)2004
107/9/51 x VHS: "Crocodile Dreaming" Reamont Pty Ltd, dur: 4 mins, (03.02.98) features a Sunrize Band song1998
107/9/6/1-44 x cassette tapes: Various Intro Tapes 
107/9/7/1-55 x cassette tapes: Various music cassettes with new, unproduced songs 
107/9/8/1-22 x cassette tapes: Sing Loud, Play Strong, First Indigenous Rock Festival1986
107/9/9/1-6Floppy Discs (content unkonwn) 
107/9/104 x Sunrize Band t-shirts & 1 x Sunrize Band jumper  
107/9/112 x unknown photo negatives 
107/9/12/1-21 x Betacam & 1 x VHS: Sunrize Band Mimi Man ABC TVDate unknown
107/9/13/1-22 x Betacam: Lembana & Landrights Offline Date unknown
107/9/141 x VHS: 88.9 Radio Redfern, Dur: 54min 26secDate unknown
107/9/151 x VHS: 'Sing it in the Music' Koorie Music, Aboriginal Program Unit, featuring Sunrize Band musicDate unknown
107/9/16/1-22 x VHS: C.A.I.S Talent Quest, Thursday 6th, RAWDate unknown
107/9/17/1-61 x Umatic, 3 x VHS & 2 x Betacam: Sunrize Band Lembana Mani Mix & Land Rights (107/9/17/6 is VHS) 
107/9/181 x VHS: Nomad ep 10Date unknown
107/9/191 x VHS Sunrize Band Kimberley's Tour EDIT MASTERDate unknown
107/9/201 x VHS: Sunrize on Tour - Nightcliff, NT Uni, Barunga EDIT MASTERDate unknown
107/9/211 x VHS: Music Industry, Why Public Buying 60s, 70s & 80sDate unknown
107/9/221 x VHS: Beswick Kids, 'Bust em up', music clipDate unknown
107/9/231 x VHS miscDate unknown
107/9/24/1-1513 x DAT tapes & 2 x cassette tapes for possible releaseDate unknown
107/9/25/1-66 x cassettes: unknown content 
107/9/26/1-55 x cassettes: Sunset to Rize (2nd cassette produced by Sunrize Band), unplayedDate unknown
107/9/27/1-55 x cassettes: assorted ABC cassettesDate unknown
107/9/28/1-33 x cassettes: various mixes, new songsDate unknown
107/9/291 x cassette tape: Sunrize Band LIVE Avalon RLSDate unknown
107/9/301 x cassette tape: Alan Murphey & K SmithDate unknown
107/9/31/1-22 x unknown 1/4 inch audio recordings: content unknownDate unknown

Last updated: 28 November 2017