Wartime history

On 19 February 1942, mainland Australia came under attack for the first time when Japanese forces mounted two air raids on Darwin. 

No more than 230 people were killed and between 300 and 400 were wounded. Air attacks on Darwin continued until November 1943, by which time Darwin had been bombed 64 times, devastating the city and forming a defining moment in the history of the Northern Territory (NT).

NT Library holds unique and revealing material about the Second World War and also the Top End's role at the front line in World War I. 

Library staff have put together substantial databases and guides to help you learn more about the impact of these wars on the NT, including all of the following: 

Bombing of Darwin Roll of Honour

Military Units in the Northern Territory 1939 to 1945

Northern Territory WWII Exhibition

Darwin Commemorative Wall Quilt WWII Index

HMAS Katoomba (155.3 kb)

Thomas Burstow's rough diary

World War II Units Guide (1.7 mb)

Bombing of Darwin Guide (459.8 kb)

World War I Guide (316.2 kb)

ANZAC Guide (309.1 kb)

Territory ANZACs Database

Territory ANZACs Guide (571.1 kb)

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