Berry Springs open for in-water activities

The Department of Tourism and Culture has today re-opened Berry Springs Nature Park for swimming.

Acting District Manager Dean McAdam said the nature park was re-opened following five consecutive nights of surveying indicating the absence of any crocodiles in the recreational pools.

“Rangers have not sighted any crocodiles, and the decision has been made to open Berry Springs Nature Park for swimming following the all-clear,” said Mr McAdam.

“We will continue to be vigilant by conducting a weekly 3-4 hour night survey in the nature park, as well as boosting our on-site trap efforts by introducing another floating trap downstream on top of the current three,” Mr McAdam said.

Berry Springs Nature Park was closed for swimming on Saturday 29 July following the sighting and removal of a 1.6 metre crocodile from the main pool.

“This event illustrates the fact that crocs do move around and should act as a reminder to everyone to BE CROCWISE”.

“It is important that the public report any suspected sightings”.

The Department urges the public to BE CROCWISE and remember that croc danger is real - so don’t risk your life. The Northern Territory Be Crocwise strategy can be viewed online at

For up-to-date information regarding access to parks and reserves administered by the Department visit

To report saltwater crocodile sightings in the Darwin region phone 0419 822 859 or in the Katherine region phone 0407 958 405.

One of the waterfalls at Berry Springs Nature Park, Northern Territory