Hames Sharley appointed to deliver Museums Master Plan

In another step forward for our cultural investment program, consultation will get underway on the 10-Year Museums Master Plan for Darwin and Palmerston.

Tourism and Culture Minister Lauren Moss said the appointment was very important as cultural institutions help create jobs and vibrant communities.

“We promised to focus on creating jobs and this is another way we are doing that - the Museums Master Plan will identify and prioritise our investment in arts and cultural facilities so we get them right and deliver a great product with real economic benefits.

An integral part of this study is to consult directly with relevant members of the Northern Territory community to seek their views on the priorities and future investment in arts and cultural facilities in Darwin and Palmerston.

The aims of the consultation include:

  • Supporting efforts to revitalise the Darwin and Palmerston CBD’s and contribute to lifting the Northern Territory’s tourism product;
  • Reviewing the existing cultural facilities and activities in Darwin and Palmerston to assess future needs; and
  • Providing a framework and direction for the development of cultural infrastructure in Darwin and Palmerston, including museums, galleries, libraries, art centres and keeping places.

Hames Sharley has been appointed to lead a stakeholder engagement program

“Hames Sharley has an extensive record of successful community engagement with experience in museum development, architectural design and town planning/urban design - I look forward to receiving the final report at the end of October,” Ms Moss said

Hames Sharley Northern Territory Practice Manager Adam Prentice said the consultation programme included a range of direct stakeholder meetings commencing next week.

“Our report to Government will capture the aspirations of the Northern Territory community,” he said.

“Our previous experience working on museums and other cultural facilities in WA and NSW has shown us the benefits of communities having direct input into the ideas, aspirations and creation of these important cultural institutions.”

Consultation on the new Museum of the Northern Territory will be conducted through a separate consultation process to be announced in the coming month.