Traditional Land Management

The Northern Territory Government has implemented a new policy initiative “Protecting Country, Creating Jobs”, which seeks to support Aboriginal rangers to protect the environment and create jobs.

A key election commitment under this policy is an initiative to specifically recognise the role of Aboriginal ranger groups in managing natural and cultural assets and enable enforcement powers to increase the ability of groups to effectively manage traditional lands.

The Discussion Paper aims to start the conversation about enforcement priorities and seeks advice on key questions. This information will be used to develop and implement specific models and enforcement outcomes to meet this very important policy initiative.

Discussion paper (1.0 mb)
Discussion paper (1.0 mb) 

Summary fact sheet (25.1 kb)
Summary fact sheet (35.0 kb) 

Discussion questions (20.7 kb)
Discussion questions (35.5 kb) 

Providing submissions

Submissions close 28 February 2018.

You can provide your submission via the online submission form, and written and verbal response can be made to:

Neva McCartney
Director of Northern Australian Parks
Parks and Wildlife Division
Department of Tourism and Culture
PO Box 1448

Phone: 08 8999 4561
Mobile: 0428 102 574

The following staff are also available to meet with interested parties in Katherine and Alice Springs regions.

Alice Springs / Barkly

Chris Day
Director of Central Australian Parks 

Phone: 08 8951 8251
Mobile: 0427 601 237

Katherine / VRD / Gulf

Sarah Kerin
Director Savannah / Gulf Parks 

Phone: 08 8973 8819
Mobile: 0476 815 489

Last updated: 28 November 2017