Coach development and scholarships

The NTIS Coach Development Program (CDP) is focused on enhancing the quality of coaching by developing, supporting and challenging coaches to improve their knowledge and skills to provide positive and effective sport experiences for all participants and reduce the current high drop-out rates in sport.

The Coach Development Program is tailored to all levels and provides mentoring/coaching by some of Australia’s most influential, experienced and qualified sport personnel who openly engage in observation and practise with coaches and athletes in a highly supportive environment. The program is designed to encourage participants to apply and align their own learning, theories and methods with the program’s 5 pillars of athletic development: Guiding the Journey; Skill Mastery; Mental Toughness; Physical Competence; and Running Technique and Speed. 

Coaches of junior and teenage athletes (6 to 19 years of age) from every sport across the Northern Territory are invited to actively develop their knowledge, skills and experience. Involvement is also open to sports administrators, teachers, parents, and other family members.

Coach Scholarships

NTIS Coach Scholarships are awarded to coaches (or administrators, teachers, parents) by agreement with NTIS staff for continued ongoing learning and engagement in the NTIS Coach Development Program. It requires additional accountabilities and expectations.

To aid the development of the coach an individual coach learning agreement will be prepared.

Note: coach scholarships are not exclusively awarded to those working with academy or state representative level athletes and teams. Scholarships run from July 1 to June 30 and include financial support.

Other programs and services

In addition to the NTIS Coach Development Program and NTIS Coaching Scholarships, the NTIS coordinates a number of programs, and services to:

  • Support NT Peak Sporting Bodies (PSB's) to facilitate the development of NT Coaches through best practice processes & opportunities to perform at all levels of the sport pathway (from beginner to elite)
  • Promote achievement as well as the importance and value of coaching to the greater community
  • Develop coach developers / mentors / coordinators
  • Establish coaching networks across the NT.

Workshops and practical seminars

The NTIS runs workshops to support the development of coaches at all levels (beginner to elite). The workshops cover a variety of topics aligned to five key athlete development pillars within the NTIS Coach Development Program (CDP):

  1. Holistic Athlete Development;
  2. Guiding the Journey;
  3. Skill Mastery; 
  4. Confidence and Resilience; and
  5. Physical Competency.

The 16 workshops are run at multiple times so that interested coaches have a greater choice of dates to attend.

There are also 2 different CDP practical sessions available to interested coaches that are run over 8 week blocks.

Workshops and practical sessions are provided free of charge.

Registration is essential. Use the workshops and practical sessions (152.8 kb) spreadsheet to register.

More information

For more information on how to be involved in the Coach Development and Coach Scholarship programs contact:

NT Top End 

Peter Gahan
Phone: (08) 8922 6826

Alice Springs

Chris Clarke
Phone: (08) 8951 6423

Last updated: 11 October 2017