Officiating development and scholarships

Officiating in sport and active recreation

The Northern Territory Institute of Sport coordinates a number of programs, and services to:

  • Support NT Peak Sporting Bodies (PSB's) to facilitate the development of NT Officials through best practice processes & opportunities to perform at all levels of the sport pathway (from beginner to elite). 
  • Promote achievement as well as the importance and value of coaching to the greater community
  • Develop official developers/mentors/coordinators/coaches
  • Establish officiating and coaching networks across the NT

Officials are an integral part of sports. As the judicator of competition, it is important for officials to develop and increase their sporting knowledge by learning new skills through education, training and mentoring. An official’s sole purpose is to maintain a fair, safe and enjoyable environment for all participants, including spectators.

NTIS officiating development program

The NTIS Officiating Development Program is targeted at NT Peak Sporting Bodies that has an officiating accreditation framework and pathway.

Officiating Development Program Guidelines 2017-18 (2.0 mb)

Grant Categories

The Program has two funding categories:

Category 1: Accreditation Courses and Competitions
Category 2: Officiating Coaches/Educators

Development program objectives

The objectives are:

  • To improve the skills, knowledge and experience of accredited officials participating in the NT
  • To increase the number of higher qualified officials practicing in the NT Strengthen the capability and capacity of sport organisations to asses, coach, and educate other NT officials

Apply Now

2017-18 Round 1 applications are open

Officiating Development Program Guidelines 2017-18 (2.0 mb)

NTIS high performance officiating program

The NTIS High Performance Officiating Program (HPOP) will provide opportunities and encourage officials from the NT to aspire and achieve high level national and international standards of officiating within their sport. By bringing officials and mentors together from the various NT sports it is anticipated they will encourage and engage with each other to stimulate development of themselves and NT officials in general.
The HPOP would provide the opportunity to:

  • Increase the number and quality of Territorians officiating at the highest level through high quality professional development programs; and
  • Encourage and establish best practice official development systems within PSBs.

By providing professional development opportunities to targeted high performance officials and mentors, and building the capacity of PSBs officiating pathways, seven objectives will be achieved:

  1. Frequent practical officiating competition under the guidance of an experienced mentor;
  2. Upgrading officiating accreditation/qualification;
  3. Professional development activities (e.g. attendance at seminars, exposure to high level officiating and related debriefings);
  4. Long term high performance officiating development pathways and initiatives, developed and implemented by participating PSB’s;
  5. Facilitated exchange of information and expertise between officials, through targeted activities and forums, to create an elite network of officials not only within each sport, but across sport;
  6. Assistance to high level competitions; and
  7. Provision of a mentoring program for mentors of officials within the program.

The HPOP guidelines will be distributed to sports in October with nominations closing in November. More information will be posted on the website.


For more information on Officiating contact:

Phone: (08) 8922 6841


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Last updated: 11 October 2017