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Official recruitment

Is your club in desperate need of more officials? You’re not alone; this is a common problem for many clubs. Being able to recruit enough officials is extremely important for clubs to operate, develop and grow.

Here are a few tips that will help to recruit officials for your organisation;

  • Appoint an officials development officer or manager as a point of contact for officials who could be responsible for recruitment
  • Encourage parents and players to become officials and train them
  • Provide quality training programs and courses to encourage people to become officials
  • Outline officials roles, provide a job description and induction handbook
  • Understand people’s time commitments and be flexible to their needs
  • Before any new person starts in a role make sure that they have all of their questions answered and all relevant information has been made available to them
  • Clubs and associations need to budget a certain amount to services and support officials
  • Identify the roles of officiating that need to be filled prior to nominating teams
  • Club/Association needs to assure there is a risk management plan in place and adequate training is provided to its officials in the areas of safety and risk reduction
  • Clubs/Association needs to ensure that they have adequate insurance coverage and/or advise officials to take out their own insurance
  • Check past and present membership lists for potential volunteers
  • Provide new members with information about ways they can get involved with officiating.
  • Use the local community newspaper
  • Produce posters, pamphlets or flyers that promote officiating
  • Organise community notices on the radio
  • Promote your organisation’s officiating opportunities to schools, TAFEs and universities
  • Offer young playing members the opportunity to take on the role of apprentice officials. Use existing and experienced officials as mentors
  • Advertise for officials on your organisation’s website
  • Try the personal approach…simply ASK!

Ideas and strategies to help you recruit officials

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Last updated: 02 June 2017