Official retention

Officiating in Australia and elsewhere, tend to have a high rate of turnover, particularly at the grass-roots level of sports. Several factors are believed, to combine, to cause the high turnover rate, including:

  • Obligations to their full-time career or job take priority over officiating.
  • Poor support mechanisms in place by clubs and sporting associations (i.e. lack of ongoing training, support, recognition).
  • Too much time away from family, friends and social activities.
  • Low pay or insufficient reimbursement for personal expenses.
  • Fear of liability and other legal issues.
  • Lack of opportunities to advance as an official.
  • Mental and physical stress (i.e. injury or too high a workload) that may lead to burnout.
  • Poor sportsmanship exhibited by players (i.e. verbal abuse, etc.).
  • Pressure to perform at a high level of proficiency.

Clubs & regional associations have a strong influence at grassroots levels. Successful clubs and associations have found that the best way to retain is to insure there are resources and strategies in the following:

  • Induct
  • Support
  • Recognise
  • Reward
  • Develop

See below for a few tips that will help to retain officials for your organization;

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Last updated: 18 July 2018