Officiating development and scholarships

Officials code of behaviour

All sports have a code of behaviour for the various participants in the sport, including officials. It is important that officials are aware of the code of conduct and endeavour to adhere to it at all times.

Adhering to a code of behaviour affirms the official’s support for the concepts of integrity, trust, honesty, responsibility, respect, safety, professionalism and equity.

Code of behaviour for officials

  • Operate within the rules and spirit of your sport, promoting fait play over winning at any cost.
  • Encourage and support opportunities for people to learn appropriate behaviours and skills.
  • Support opportunities for participants in all aspects of sports.
  • Treat each person as an individual.
  • Display control and courtesy to all involved with the sport.
  • Respect the rights and worth of every person regardless if their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  • Respect the decision of officials, coaches and administrators in the conduct of sport.
  • Whenever practical, avoid unaccompanied and unobserved one-on-one activity (when in a supervisory capacity or where a power imbalance will exist) with people under the age of 18 years.
  • Adopt appropriate and responsible behaviour in all interactions.
  • Adopt responsible behaviour in relation to alcohol and other drugs.
  • Act with integrity and objectivity, and accept responsibility for your decisions and actions.
  • Ensure your decisions and actions contribute to a safe environment
  • Ensure your decisions and actions contribute to a harassment-free environment.
  • Do not tolerate harmful or abusive behaviours.
  • Place the safety and welfare of the athletes above all else.
  • Be consistent and impartial when making decisions.
  • Address unsporting behaviour and promote respect for all people.

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Last updated: 02 June 2017